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May 24

May 24

PlayStation Blogcast 026: Sly Cooper, KickBeat, the Latest on The Last of Us

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

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Urge to kill…rising. That’s sign #236 that E3 2012 is almost here! While Jeff, Rey and I slash and burn our email inboxes, sit in endless planning meetings, and prepare for PlayStation.Blog’s ambitious all-access E3 game demo livestream (details soon!), we found a couple of minutes to talk about important stuff. You know, games.

Today’s episode shows a distinct PS Vita slant, starting with the latest details on the PS Vita version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time straight from Sanzaru Games President and CEO Glen Egan and Lead Designer Matt Kraemer. Then, Zen Studios Creative Director Neil Sorens stops by to discuss his goals for KickBeat, the kung-fu-flavored rhythm game coming to PS Vita later this year. Then Jeff serves up late-breaking impressions of The Last of Us and When Vikings Attack.

We top it off with first details on the PSN game lineup for next Tuesday, 5/29, plus a farm-fresh crop of new user questions and user tips. Listen in!

Stuff We Talked About

Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff Rubenstein

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey Gutierrez

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    yourworldonfire said:

    May 24th, 6:17 pm

    Is next week going to be sort of an E3 preview maybe???? pls!

    IzoGray said:

    May 24th, 6:43 pm

    Only listening to this because you linked Greg Miller.
    Maybe this will be the start a weekly thing though!

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      May 24th, 10:53 pm

      I’m of the opinion that Greg doesn’t get enough attention. Surely that’s the case.

    camiwaits_us said:

    May 24th, 6:56 pm

    Is the Harley Quinn DLC for Arkham City coming out this Tuesday to PSN?

    AsiaQatar said:

    May 24th, 7:03 pm

    I like the fact I can download this straight to my PS3’s Music Folder on the HDD, just by clicking on the mp3 link above.

    I don’t know why you guys have never promoted that.
    At least add a “You Can Download This Awesome Blogcast To Your Awesome PS3 By Clicking this here mp3 link!”.

    Or something…

    I mean (right click/save)? Who we all workin’ for here?

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      May 24th, 10:54 pm

      Maybe that’s our Tip of the Week next week?

    AsiaQatar said:

    May 24th, 7:13 pm


    foxman420 said:

    May 24th, 7:45 pm

    the music u played at the end of todays blocast was from darkcloud.

    StealthReborn-- said:

    May 24th, 7:57 pm

    Nothing better than listening to the blogcast on my PSPgo in the baking sun while I cut the grass tomorrow afternoon. Although I should probably remember to use sunscreen because listening to you guys and (gals?) distract me with an always fun and informative blogcast. =)

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      May 24th, 10:55 pm

      Thanks! Use the sunscreen. I’m getting over a crappy burn from the beach in San Diego.

    DarkOne_PR said:

    May 24th, 7:59 pm


    Guys now that u have a good relation with greg listen to what he said about PS ALL STAR BR! The game MUST HAVE a Knock off the ring Mode like SMASH! thats what we wanted! dont do that crap about filling specials so u can actually score! ARRGGG! dont like that idea! still love the game and that sony listened to us but keep hearing us and greg miller too…. WE WANT SMASH OUT OF THE RING! thats what give the game tactics and good teamwork when fighting 2 vs 2! Love u all

    chaoszero14 said:

    May 24th, 8:23 pm

    LOL! I’ll be there with my JEFF, R3Y, and SID sign! This sounds awesome though, thank you guys for doing this! I will be there for sure.

    DZORMAGEN said:

    May 24th, 9:04 pm

    I really hope I can meet the PS Blog crew again this year!

    DeadKillersRevng said:

    May 24th, 9:09 pm

    LOL #$%^! Greg Miller!

    tbm0987 said:

    May 24th, 9:41 pm

    umm so my buddy just downloaded NFSMW and i got old data on my ps2 card. witch is on my ps3 and when we went to load it we found out that the game installs another save data utility for ps2 game. ergo rendering my old data useless. so my questions is what is the point in being able to save my old ps2 card data if i cant use it for ur classic games? please answer. ty

    etur0 said:

    May 24th, 9:48 pm

    @AsiaQatar I use media go I subscribe to the show and it automatically downloads since I have media go running at all times(wish it would auto start when I turn on my pc) then I either listen to it on my pc or on my psp go (don’t have a vita yet low on money right now) depending if I’m busy or not

    etur0 said:

    May 24th, 9:54 pm

    here is an idea put up this shows email address in the post to make it easier for people to send in questions tips and the answer to this weeks song

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      May 24th, 10:57 pm

      We don’t for spam reasons – you throw an email address in a page and your inbox magically fills with crap!

    Emerald_Swords said:

    May 24th, 10:59 pm

    As always, a great blogcast.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:38 pm

      Glad you liked it! (^_^)

    redbeanrice said:

    May 24th, 11:12 pm

    Hey guys, great blogcast. I’ve only just started listening to some podcasts, and this is one of my favorites. Keep it up.

    That said, Atelier is pronounced atl-yey :-).

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:38 pm

      Thanks! Where were you when I needed you? ::sob::

    etur0 said:

    May 25th, 12:28 am

    @Jeff Rubenstein yeah that is true but it would still be nice if it was easier then having to try to remember the email from listing to the show

    Richard919 said:

    May 25th, 12:43 am

    i think it was Jeff who said The Walking Dead was on A&E buuuut its not, its on AMC. haha :P

    great blogcast like usual ! cant wait for next week

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:02 pm

      I told Jeff about that just now and he went “Oooooohh!” :)

    cjmc18 said:

    May 25th, 3:22 am

    its so easy to download this from my vita. one touch and there. btw im also commenting from my vita lol

    Elvick_ said:

    May 25th, 5:34 am

    NIS America fan here~ Looking forward to Atelier Meruru LE getting here. Barrel shirt ftw~

    Still listening… but loving it so far. (as usual)

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:39 pm

      Thanks for the kind words! (^_^)

    Xer0Signal said:

    May 25th, 7:02 am

    YES! That’s 2 more uses of “poo-poo” from Sid.

    I’m loving it.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:01 pm

      Well, Scooby Doo can doo-doo! But Jimmy Carter is smarter

    PainOfSarrow said:

    May 25th, 8:25 am

    what exactly is Blogcast abouttt ??????????

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:00 pm

      All kinds of stuff! Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

    hotandserious said:

    May 25th, 8:55 am

    Hi Guys

    Great show!

    I wanted to let you know that A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks is listed as Vita compatible on psn when signed on via ps3, but it won’t transfer over using the content manager or download via my Vita download list on the Vita Store.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:39 pm

      Good to know, we’ll pass this along.

    The_Dukenator said:

    May 25th, 9:10 am

    camiwaits_us on May 24th, 2012 at 6:56 pm said:

    Is the Harley Quinn DLC for Arkham City coming out this Tuesday to PSN?

    Yes it is.

    From: http://community.batmanarkhamcity.com/forums/showthread.php/16317-Game-of-the-Year-and-Harley-Quinn-s-Revenge-FAQ


    How much will it cost?
    800 points on Xbox Live and $9.99 on Playstation Network

    Do I need to buy the Game of the Year edition to play it?

    Do I need to own Arkham City to play it?

    When can I buy it on its own?
    From May 29th onwards (both Xbox Live and Playstation Network)

    Is it coming to PC?
    Yes, we will be announcing more details soon

    Are there new achievements?
    Oh yes!

    Who do I play as?
    You will switch between Robin and Batman within the DLC.

    Do I need the Robin DLC to play Harley Quinn’s Revenge?

    How long is the content?
    Over 2 hours and all new environments

    Are there any Easter eggs?Is this the last DLC?What are you doing next?
    You will have to wait and see!

    krae_man said:

    May 25th, 10:11 am

    Will listen for Sly Cooper.

    Side question, Why do you need to be connected to the internet to transfer photos to and from the Vita? I can understand the requirement for PSN content, but non copy protected content? that makes absolutely no sense. You can combat piracy in ways that doesn’t have stupid restrictions like this.

    TwinDad said:

    May 25th, 11:36 am

    Any thoughts on doing a live or something type of live BlogCast at this years PAX Prime?

    TwinDad said:

    May 25th, 11:45 am


    I’m only up to April so far (backlog) but I don’t recall there being a PS Mini as the Gem of the week, are the mini’s excluded or has it just not chosen yet?

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      May 25th, 12:00 pm

      We’ve chosen a Mini or two, but you’re right that most of our selections have been “full” PSN games. I can think of several Minis that I’d recommend, though :-)

    Airwalkinman17 said:

    May 25th, 2:00 pm

    Another great episode guys! Great great work. I was so stoked when Jeff announced the E3 opportunity for me to go. Can’t wait to hear more. I SO WANT TO GO. I only live a couple hours north of LA. I will be there :D

    IceSamurai said:

    May 26th, 12:10 am

    Off topic, whats the name of that old tv show with old kung fu movies with rappers?

    Kchow23 said:

    May 26th, 12:10 am

    Great episode and I can’t wait for E3 and the live Blogcast! Would be great if you guys brought over some of the guys from Giantbomb once in a while.

    Kchow23 said:

    May 26th, 12:51 am

    Also, you guys do give us some insight into the game industry, but there are always great sources out there that people may not know about!

    adray69 said:

    May 26th, 11:03 am

    are there any plans to release anymore psone imports. It was my favorite section on the store and made it both easy and affordable to play great japanese games that never made it over here. Since I’m asking for more games I actually put my money were my mouth is and purchased most of the psone imports. I hope it isnt dead since the ps3 is region locked on ps1 games.

    krae_man said:

    May 26th, 2:09 pm

    Hi Blogcast,

    Why do I have to be connected to the internet to transfer photos from my PC to Vita or Vice Versa? I can understand requiring it for PSN content, but it doesn’t make any sense for non copy protected content.

    Valde_zerocool said:

    May 26th, 5:33 pm

    I’ve been reading the blog for a long time now but i’ve never listened to the podcast until this week, its very informative and well done, I can’t wait for the weeks upcoming, including E3, thanks!

    jacob_w_18 said:

    May 27th, 2:06 am

    @23 the mini i must run! has the same problem not transfering but being available on vita store. i really wish tetris angrybirds monopoly and pac man championship would transfer as well…oh well..cough psone cough….but still absolutely LOVING the vita. cant put it away….and ive tried for weeks now!!

    megamanzx said:

    May 28th, 10:48 am

    hey guys i just have one question is when are Ps1 game without remoto play will by available.

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