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May 30

May 30

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Coming to PSN This Fall

Ted Price's Avatar Posted by CEO, Insomniac Games

The good people of Insomniac Games are preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ratchet & Clank, which is coming up later this year. An HD remaster of our classic PS2 Ratchet & Clank games is something our fans have requested for a long time, and we’re looking forward to granting their wishes this summer with the Ratchet & Clank Collection.

But we’ve also heard a lot of community requests to develop a new Ratchet & Clank game, one that returns to the classic third-person Ratchet & Clank camera. We listened to your requests, and this holiday season Insomniac will release our new Ratchet & Clank game as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration.

I’d like to officially announce that Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will be coming soon to a PS3 near you.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault for PS3

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault is a fun-sized Ratchet adventure which will be available for download exclusively on the PlayStation Store. We’ve returned to the series’ classic feel, camera, controls and weapons, while innovating and giving you a whole new way to play. Even better, the addition of online features means you can experience Full Frontal Assault with your friends, so stay tuned! We’re really excited about this game, and we hope even these small tidbits about it get you excited too.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault for PS3

We’ve been hard at work on Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault and now we’re giving you a sneak peek at this first piece of art to give you a taste of what we have in store for you when the game launches later this year. In the meantime, we hope you pick up the Ratchet & Clank Collection when it comes out this summer. We’ll have some more news on the Collection’s release date and a special surprise for North American fans coming in the next couple of weeks.

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ACAJLE said:

May 30th, 2:56 pm

@ my friend Victoryismine52 my 4 year old son also loves R&C series also, we are currently all playing All 4 one and loving it! He just started playing ACIT by himself the other day. See you online.

Thane_of_Fife said:

May 30th, 2:58 pm

The only thing disappointing is the fact that this isn’t a fully fledged ps3 retail game. However with retail online portion (I’m speculating) being competitive multiplayer, I can only assume, that the next game will be a fully fledged game with multiplayer, this serving as a tester. This would be a dream come true since the glory days of UYA. You guys should’ve not made all41, and should’ve been finishing on this ratchet and clank game as a full retail game. However, I can’t wait for this, but unfortunately I don’t buy via online, neither do I live in Europe, I got my hands on Quest for Booty for free, so it’ll be a while before I can play this. Still fingers crossed for another full retail, epic single player, multiplayer game.

retro25 said:

May 30th, 3:08 pm

Sweet I can’t wait for the Ratchet & Clank Collection to come out this summer, I have all those R&C PS2 games (exept for Size Matters) and beat them all. Will there be any special features in the R&C collection?

Zaike said:

May 30th, 3:12 pm


All I wanna know is by online features, do you mean COMPETITIVE online play just like UYA & Deadlocked? I’ve been waiting so long for a R&C game this gen with some COMPETITIVE play that reminds me of the old days. 5v5 team juggernaut on Deadlocked was the best!!!!

colonel005 said:

May 30th, 3:18 pm

@ James:

To be honest, there should be a law somewhere stating that is obligatory to do things the old-fashioned way to release a game. Although allowing patches into a game allows developers to provide us with more content, it is mostly used (and abused) to release incomplete games. The thing you wrote in a comment above about how TOD is impossible to patch because it wasn’t built that way, it’s supposed to be like that for every game. Console makers and publishers should state a rule about having a COMPLETE game, and have it documents and proven before it is authorized to be manufactured and shipped. We would not have this “one-day” patches that are mostly because they preferred to meet a deadline, than to release a complete, full-tested game.

Patches should only be released if completely necessary and with authorization of the publisher or console maker, so it doesn’t get abused. Too bad that even nintendo got rid of their Quality Seal. That says a lot about how the gaming industry is, and how they don’t care anymore.

And don’t get me started on DLC…

Beattie_theBeast said:

May 30th, 3:42 pm

@ Guitarded77

First off you dont need trophies, games can be just as good without trophies and are actually most of the time better.

Second you complain that IG is worst with their community probably just because you are mad at them. If it was another developer you would said the same thing about them i bet. And you said yourself you buy all the games just to support them, but why would you support a bad developer?

Third yes LBI is a good developer with their community but if you think Zipper is good with their community just take a look at where Zipper is now. Now Zipper is one of the worst developers with their community and look at what happened.

Ratchetti said:

May 30th, 4:09 pm

I was just about to go to bed (it’s 2:02 am in Finland), but now I probably won’t even sleep tonight because of this…. Insomniac Games, you are, have always been and always will be my #1 game developers EVER! It’s INSANE that you’re actually releasing 3(!!!!) games this year O.O… Also the Ratchet and Clank HD-collection is coming soon to Europe, so I’m most likely going to have the best Insomniac-year EVER. I’ve been a fan since the year 2000 when Spyro: Year of the Dragon came out, and no game company has come even close to the number one spot.
Thanks, Insomniac Games!
PS: James, I know you may not have anything to talk about yet, but PLEASE we want more Full Moon Show episoded :P!!!

Cck17 said:

May 30th, 4:39 pm

It’s nice to see Ratchet getting his old look and the gameplay going back to normal.

I am a huge R&C fan but I just couldn’t make myself by R&C A41. Maybe I’ll pick it up soon.

Online is said to happen. Is this online as in co-op? Or online as in multiplayer? I really hope multiplayer. I loved 3’s and Deadlocks mutliplayer.

NeoMahi said:

May 30th, 4:55 pm

Insomniac Games are still making Exclusives? I thought Resistance 3 was the end of it? NICE! Someone at Insomniac deserves a raise. I can’t imagine any other developer trying to make a Ratchet & Clank game just as nobody else could make a Crash Bandicoot game quite like Naughty Dog. Ratchet & Clank is comedy that’s stylish and not the cheap Adam Sandler humor. Writing and designing clever comedy is a tough thing and Insomniac have it down with Ratchet & Clank. Man, I hope I have the HDD space this fall and Insomniac, its good to see you still with that good relationship with Sony and your fans. Your home away from home has always been PlayStation and hopefully you still see it that way because we wouldn’t really want to play it any other way. You’ve helped make PlayStation.

lewis1992 said:

May 30th, 4:59 pm


I have an e-mail from Playstation (in the EU) stating that in this game you “drop into an intergalactic conflict and get trigger happy”… Does that mean it’ll be like R&C 3 where you drop in with the troopers and fight battles? Sounds like a modern version of that! :D

WellSeeYouLater said:

May 30th, 5:17 pm

I hope they set it up with 3rd person shooter controls and have a jump button on one of the shoulder buttons, and have a challenge mode with online leaderboards!

CellBit said:

May 30th, 5:38 pm

Awesome news! I always love some more Ratchet goodness, and as excited I am for the collection, it’s going to be twice as nice with some original fare to go along with it!

Thank you, Insomniac. You guys have so much going on right now, not just with game development but also with internal developments, and for you guys to still have a clear and concise focus on your original franchises is nothing short of outstanding. Bravo, guys!

/end of fandom freak out

agentcowninja said:

May 30th, 6:37 pm

i hope this wont be another flop like all 4 one

Behonkiss said:

May 30th, 6:53 pm

I’m very excited to hear about a return to traditional R&C gameplay, even if it will apparently be a shorter one. I’m interested to see what you mean about additional replay value, innovations, and online features.

Also curious about what the special news is regarding the collection’s North American release. Looking forward to whatever it is!

sekaniy said:

May 30th, 7:47 pm

I hope you guys are setting up Ratchets gameplay for AllStar Battleroyal game! He can be close combat with wrench and long distance with guns. His ultimate move should be RYNO!!!!!!

NinjaMicWZ said:

May 30th, 8:13 pm

we want the original trilogy, HD collection on Vita. *drool*

good to see R&C back in fine form.

DarkOne_PR said:

May 30th, 8:39 pm

if u can download it and u can play it on ps3 and vita ill buy it day one

D34DL1N3R said:

May 30th, 8:54 pm

Is the HD collection going to include any new textures? Or is it simply another one of these upscale jobs that I can do easily (and with better results) with the leading PS2 emulator for PC.

greyghost5992 said:

May 30th, 9:14 pm

im so excited for this :D

you know what would be cool if you did a chimera hybrid skin in the art style of R&C

thakash said:

May 30th, 9:15 pm

This is amazing, can’t wait to hear more on this.

KGH said:

May 30th, 10:55 pm

AAAWWWW YEAH! Good old fashioned R&C gameplay is back! Now what would make my day even better: News on a R&C PS Vita game.

Permafry_42 said:

May 31st, 1:02 am

Will the R.Y.N.O. be making a return in this new micro-game? It is still my favourite weapon ever since I spent so much time in the first game when I used the skate track infinite bolts glitch to get enough bolts for it. Also will all the glitches including the skate track Infinite bolts glitch and the (to put it as work-appropriate as possible) Planet Rilgar’s “inflation” easter egg from the first game still be in the collection like the flight glitch in Jak 3 was for the Jak and Daxter HD collection? I really enjoyed playing with the glitches in Ratchet and Clank 1, and I would be a little disappointed if the glitches didn’t work anymore for the HD collection. I have 100% every game in the Ratchet and Clank series excluding All-4-one (I played the beta and din’t enjoy the new gameplay mechanics) as well as all the original Spyro games several times over, so I am very much looking forward to both the collection for reliving some of my oldest memories and the new game for making new memories! Thank you for what you do insomniac!

supvic said:

May 31st, 1:04 am

PLEASE add more TIME PUZZLES! I hated them at first, but once I figured it out it felt EXTREMELY rewarding to complete the additional puzzles. I’m not usually into puzzles of any kind, but these time puzzles were really fun once I learned how they work. You should make a stand-alone puzzle game for us, there’s plenty of us who’d pay for that, check the forums.

salah75020 said:

May 31st, 1:16 am

hello can t we go from planet to planet like the old épisode ??

Katzii_Yataki said:

May 31st, 1:17 am

Sooo… Since Europe’s release of the Ratchet and Clank collection has been delayed by six weeks now… Does that mean that we will get a “make-good” surprise for having to wait?

Europe ALWAYS has to wait for games, and they never get given anything to “make up for it”, so I don’t really see that as being very fair. Unless you can guarantee that Europe will be able to obtain whatever the “make-good” surprise for the US, that is.

flying-bacon-69 said:

May 31st, 2:37 am

Thank you so much for not dying out!
Ratchet and clank is one of the only game series that I know that has a continuous streak of games. I remember playing gladiator, and having the distinct feel that this was the conclusive game. Six games later with two more pending games..? Awesome. Love you guys at insomniac!

And a question:

If the surprise for the Release in North America of the HD classics collection is reeeaaallly huge, like the release of another ratchet and clank hd remake, do the europeans get the same treatment? Because it would suck to miss out on something really really awesome related to the ratchet and clank franchise.

(and you guys should totally make another collection with secret agent clank, size matters, and gladiator/deadlocked) what?


Daimomaru said:

May 31st, 2:51 am

People needs to understand that not every game can be down scaled to run on the Vita. They took the portable PS3 part of the deal way too seriously.

flying-bacon-69 said:

May 31st, 2:58 am

And a huge THANK YOU to insomniac, you guys are all AWESOME and deserve pay rises. Loyal fan, insomniac is by far my favorite producer (spyro, ratchet, resistance etc..). Thanks for replying to these comments as well, definately a day one buy for ANY ratchet and clank game. I loved all 4 one, can’t get sick of any ratchet game. Shot guys, you’re the best!


May 31st, 7:43 am


You have done an amazing job and you have come so far with the series. R&C is my favorite series ever!

Ted you are truly amazing! long with all the other Insomniacs and i Thank you for making my childhood space dream of being in another world come true.

Just one thing i thought you guys were going back to the ratchet look from the other PS3 games as he looked amazingly real in CiT i thought this design was only for A4O so he could be seen better on the screen. Thanks

angibri2000 said:

May 31st, 7:55 am

Can’t wait for this! Now I know you guys can’t “technically” answer this but I think it’s obvious…Will we be seeing R&C and Resistance characters on PS All-Stars? Come on…Eric Ladin didn’t mind slipping a bit of info. ;) On another note, we love your games. Keep up the good work and good luck when you release Overstrike X-platform! =)

Keitaro004 said:

May 31st, 10:29 am

And here I thought you guys have stopped using innuendo in Ratchet & Clank titles. It’s a joy to see you continue with it, that gives us even more of that classic R&C feel of the PS2 games. I’ll be looking forward to it!

Hooligantuan said:

May 31st, 11:09 am

I enjoyed A Crack in Time and such, but I don’t feel like the whole time travelly thing was a very good fit for the series, so it’s good to see this heading back to less stretchy territory.

robdawg1001 said:

May 31st, 11:14 am

Any word on walking dead episode 2 starved for help game was supposed to release episodes monthly its been over a month where is it?

WeHugPandas said:

May 31st, 11:36 am

Here’s to hoping Full Frontal Assault is gonna play like Up Your Arsenal. I miss and looooooved playing that game O:

Mr-Masculine said:

May 31st, 12:27 pm

When it means by friends does it mean by playing online co-op or only split screen co-op?

If it’s planned like Deadlocked then I sure am gonna have some fun even though I barely catched up with the PS3 series of R&C

timuk1 said:

May 31st, 12:44 pm

This is great, I thought you betray the ps3 by thinking of making a multiplatform game called overstrike. It was sad, such a talented developer who knows the ps3’s hardware and knows how to develop for it going multiplatform to fill their pockets for a game they know will fail. Luckily they are still making ps3 exclusives. Don’t go to the xbox, that console has been keeping the industry down with it’s weak hardware. Devs make it so both consoles can handle it and the xbox is the limit. They don’t bother using all the ps3’s hardware.

denisgr8 said:

May 31st, 12:57 pm

Will be something shown from the new Ratchet on E3 ?

denisgr8 said:

May 31st, 1:58 pm

how many characters will be playable in the game ?

jeuslovesus78 said:

May 31st, 2:20 pm


Enigma777 said:

May 31st, 5:02 pm

I really hope this one is better than All4One. As a big R&C fan, that one was so disappointing.

Also please bring back the jetboots!

furrynote said:

May 31st, 8:23 pm

Insomniac please make ratchet and clank on ps vita please reply. ”dont have ps3”

furrynote said:

May 31st, 8:24 pm

Insomniac please make ratchet and clank on ps vita please reply. ”dont have ps3”

gameman15 said:

May 31st, 8:44 pm

I’ve been a fan of the Ratchet and Clank series since my brother and I played the demo of Up Your Arsenal on the PS2 demo disc we got from Pizza Hut, when I played Tools of Destruction back when I got my first PS3 back in late 2008 (when I first joined PSN), and when I played Size Matters when I got my first PSP back with my Christmas money back in 2009. I haven’t played any of the PS2 Ratchet and Clank games, but a week or 2 ago, I got the first Ratchet and Clank game on the PS2 disc and started playing it. Maybe once I beat the first game I might get Ratchet and Clank Going Commando either on a PS2 disc or from the PlayStation Store, Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal from the PlayStation Store (since the servers went down on the PS2 version), and Ratchet Deadlocked on the PS2 disc (as long as the servers are still up) or from the PlayStation Store (in case the PS2 version’s servers will be shut down).

LoveMonky said:

May 31st, 9:37 pm

Love me som R&C! Will be fun starting over on the PS 2 titles. Just don’t make them over priced. If I wanted to really play them I would. Still have them for PS2. Keep up the good work!!


May 31st, 10:03 pm

These are awesome,but i got a question,what is your favorite ratchet and clank game?

DrRockzo1987 said:

May 31st, 10:46 pm

Hell friggin’ yes!! This plus the four HD Ratchet & Clank games coming (I read Ratchet: Deadlocked HD is coming to PSN) so that makes five games I absolutely have to play this Fall. Can’t wait.

Since it’s seeing a release on disc for Europe, any chance it’ll have a platinum trophy then?

jds07 said:

May 31st, 10:46 pm

Nice, but I wish it was coming to the Vita as well (like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection). I’m about 5000 miles away from PS3, and the Vita is the only thing I have close to it.

Jadehope said:

June 1st, 12:33 am

Awesome! I’m always in the mood for anything Ratchet and anything Full Frontal, so it’s a match made in heaven. lolz.

I’m in the middle of “All 4 One” with my roommate at the moment so I’m so glad to hear that the soft and fluffy Ratchet will live on. Ratchet and Clank never sells huge numbers but the stories are always fun, memorable and often touching so I’d be a very sad if the series were to end.

“All 4 One”, by the way, is a solid entry in the series and the story is awesome. The couch multi-player fits the series really well (I’m having a blast laughing at all the jokes with my mate), and the weapons are as fun as ever. Sadly, the camera can be really problematic at times with crazy angles during platforming moments but overall it doesn’t ruin the experience and I highly recommend it to anyone with family or friends that are looking for something to play together.

PS: PLEASE put Full Frontal Assault on the Vita with Cross-Play!

supermariofan101 said:

June 1st, 6:12 pm

Will the remastered games have multiplayer support?

szm123 said:

June 2nd, 12:57 pm

love this getting collection but whats the story going to be in FFA is there goin to be a new villian or is it a start to a new series

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