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May 31

May 31

YouTube Coming Soon to PS Vita

Don Mesa's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA

YouTube for PS Vita

Hi everyone! PS Vita was developed with the idea of creating and delivering compelling content for gamers. With the recent announcements of applications such as nico nico, Treasure Park, Wake-up Club, and Skype, we’re continuing to build out PS Vita’s portfolio of applications. Today, we’re very excited to announce the latest application addition to PS Vita – YouTube!

Coming at the end of June, YouTube will be available as a free downloadable application for PS Vita via the PS Vita Store. With the YouTube application on PS Vita, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on the stunning 5” OLED screen, from comedy to gaming tips to today’s viral trends. The YouTube application features many of the functions you’re already familiar with – you can easily search for videos, choose favorites and make comments, and your personal YouTube account is available right on your PS Vita.

As we move further into 2012, we look forward to introducing you to more unique, social and immersive experiences only available on PS Vita. How will you use YouTube on PS Vita?

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Nintendo451 said:

May 31st, 10:05 pm

Fantastic news! The screen is fantastic so I’d love to take advantage of watching video on the go. Plus, we’ll finally get people to stop complaining about it in every single Blog post!

Darig0n said:

May 31st, 10:05 pm


Firestorm205 said:

May 31st, 10:05 pm

First!!!!! OH Yea Youtube on Vita Baby!!!!!

DaMann22 said:

May 31st, 10:05 pm

Just when I was going to sleep I discover that im already dreaming. Thanks for this one finally

nickyd-lish said:

May 31st, 10:05 pm


Joshuats said:

May 31st, 10:05 pm

Maybe one of the best apps yet!

LilBru said:

May 31st, 10:06 pm

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Now, for the PS3.. (I hope PS3 gets the app as well)

WastelandDan said:

May 31st, 10:06 pm

I’ll use this.


Myke-Myke said:

May 31st, 10:06 pm


Hopefully, PSOne Classics compatibly is next!!


May 31st, 10:07 pm


Thank you so much!!

Now we need Instagram!! Please bring Instagram ASAP!!

massimodo said:

May 31st, 10:07 pm

Bomba announcement. Very cool. Can’t wait, end of June, keep those apps coming, sony.

DeadKillersRevng said:

May 31st, 10:07 pm

I hope people stop complaining.


May 31st, 10:08 pm


Neku915 said:

May 31st, 10:10 pm

This is going to seem like a dumb question, but I also thought it was a dumb question to ask about netflix and the answer surprised me.

Will this app work over 3G? Because, seriously, the fact that netflix didn’t work over 3G made it completely irrelevant to me.

shrimpdude said:

May 31st, 10:11 pm

They made an app that is expected to be on every platform on launch and made it into a highly anticipated incoming release…well played.

remanutd5 said:

May 31st, 10:11 pm

wow what does sony have for E3? you guys have been announcing games, apps before E3 , please don’t waste too much time talking about sales, hopefully the psvita gets a lot of new games , out of those 20 new game experiences i’m expecting to see at least 10 new games for the psvita ( even more)

HardCorrFan said:

May 31st, 10:14 pm

Excellent news! Thanks for finally bringing YouTube to the Vita, Sony. That portable is not just for gaming. It’s now a full-pledged social machine too. Looking forward to what else is in store for us this coming E3!

Brandon1596 said:

May 31st, 10:14 pm

That is GREAT NEWS. Everyone hates the waiting the waiting game. Now if we could play ps3 games on remote play I really think a whole nother age group will pick-up the vita!! Just hope at E3 we can get a update?

v8hotrod2 said:

May 31st, 10:15 pm

YAY… do more like this sony.. please and thank you :P

CyPhErLoUs said:

May 31st, 10:15 pm

lol @ the troll that mentioned instagram for vita. go buy an up to date phone if you want it.

androvsky said:

May 31st, 10:18 pm

This is great news! Still have to say that should’ve been there at launch, and there needs to be a proper PS3 app too (or at least make the browser support HTML5 video).

S-L-I-C-K-T said:

May 31st, 10:18 pm

Now were talking Sony. But, my worry is, will we be able to post the videos made from vita straight to out youtube channel all from the vita over wifi like I can on my ipod touch? If not and all it is, is to be able to watch youtube stuff then that blows.

JumpMan33 said:

May 31st, 10:19 pm

Nice! I Hope a App is Next :D

Morfi79 said:

May 31st, 10:19 pm

SkyPe and Youtube are applications we would love too on PS3, with some other heavily requested futures like more video codec support and cross game chat. But as I see Sony is giving up on PS3 fw development. Maybe the PS4 rumors on E3 aren’t as wild as we thought?

S-L-I-C-K-T said:

May 31st, 10:23 pm

Again my question is, I have a ipod touch and can record HD video on it and edit the video all from my ipod and then upload my videos straight to my youtube channel all from my ipod touch over wifi. Will we be able to do that as well from vita with this youtube app? Or, is it just a youtube app on vita that allows us to view our channel and view youtube videos but not upload our vita videos straight to our youtube from the app? If we can;t upload our videos from vita to youtube like a ipod does and can do then this app will be a semi waste of time if people like using the vita to make videos and want to upload those to youtube without having to go through the trouble of having to use a computer like you DON’T have to have with a ipod touch.

juanjocrema said:

May 31st, 10:28 pm

now i can throw away my iphone hehe. ps vita rule them all

iBOCK_ said:

May 31st, 10:28 pm

Yes! I love you, Sony. This is awesome. I spend a lot of time on YouTube so this will be incredibly convenient! Can hardly wait until the end of June.

allwasgood said:

May 31st, 10:30 pm

Excellent!!! Thank you so much. This was something I never thought would see the light of day. Can’t wait for Monday’s conference. I am gaining faith that you’ll wow me.

jds07 said:

May 31st, 10:33 pm

I wonder. Since a mobile flash player couldn’t be possible on the Vita, was NicoNico a test stunt to see if the YouTube app would actually work? Hmmmm. Oh well, at least we got it. Nice work, Sony! I knew the Vita was going to grow in time. Just like the PS3.

ptgkchris said:

May 31st, 10:35 pm

The Question is, Can the Vita be able play Youtube Videos using 3G. It already failed on the Netflix part.

angelspawn77 said:

May 31st, 10:35 pm

Awesome, now please make this app for ps3 as well because its ridiculous that youtube on ps3 barely works and when it does its via youtube xl (which sucks) and videos are only available at a low resolution. Seriously how is that possible? Ps3 is an HD console, what is this low quality video for youtube. I have my ps3 hooked up via HDMI to a 1080p 52′ Plasma and I can’t get HD videos……..

lisatsunami said:

May 31st, 10:36 pm

What will I use it for? I use YouTube to learn how to do things. Anything you can think of, somebody or a thousand somebodies, made a tutorial for it on YT. I used it to learn how to upgrade my hard drive on my PS3, I use it to help me when I can’t figure something out in games, like Dark Souls.

I’m pretty sure this will work over 3G. My iPADDS can play YT over 3G, not well, but can, depending of course on your cel signal strength. So, a cr*p shoot, in other words.

Great news. Now the complainers can turn to new complaints.

Busca-Cabezas said:

May 31st, 10:37 pm

#3 said 1st!!! LMAO!! xD


May 31st, 10:38 pm


Who are you calling a troll? How is asking for Instagram being a troll? I actually have one of the latest phones Apple has on the market sooooo…… yeah

Darnell0216 said:

May 31st, 10:42 pm

I’ll be using it most to view videos posted by the blog and PlayStation. My question is will blog video links be able to launch the YouTube app or will there be some sort of browser integration to allow it to play from there?

theaceof11 said:

May 31st, 10:43 pm

oh hell yeah!! finally, youtube on the awesomeness

S-L-I-C-K-T said:

May 31st, 10:45 pm

@ Dzormagen… Don’t feel bad man cause you will soon learn that these sony fanboy’s that are preteens will attack you if you mention anything outside of sony. If apple anything or their apps is mentioned on here they will attack you full force and all a sudden your questions turn into trolling and your a 360 troll and trader lmao. They make me laugh so hard. Most of them are kids and their parents buy everything for them and they think they carry so much weight in telling people off lol. The sad truth is you and I probably spent more money on sony ps3’s, handhelds their games and on psn than they will see in a lifetime without mommy and daddy helping buy it for them lol.

Wakefulness said:

May 31st, 10:45 pm


Yeah, man! Seriously a app would be awesome! API could be used by a developer making a VITA game so their games can be streamed.

As for the Youtube app . . .

An ability to record direct feed gameplay for a VITA game and upload said footage would be sick.

Not enough unbiased VITA gameplay is out there because 100% of all (public/user side) VITA gameplay is off screen captured and much of the footage is flawed (people breathing heavily and balancing a camera since they don’t have a tripod). An ability to capture and upload direct feed VITA gameplay would really help the users to grow their youtube channel and for a VITA game to get the representation it deserves.

KosmoCrisis said:

May 31st, 10:45 pm

Someone needs to add text chat to Skype. Better yet, just bring Google+ and Gmail. That solves email, text chat, video chat, social networking and local searches with Zagat ratings!

Ricen-Beans said:

May 31st, 10:49 pm

Awesome news!!!

Does this mean html5 support for the browser???

SasukeY6JUchiha said:

May 31st, 10:52 pm

FINALLYY!!! BOUT TIME!! been waiting for this AWHILE :D


May 31st, 10:53 pm

@37 S-L-I-C-K-T

LOL thanks for backing me up. Instagram is has been bought by Facebook, and it came be used with Android phones also. Yes there are a lot of little kids on this blog. I am a Sony fanboy and to say I am trolling about an App is just dumb. Oh well LOL

ixnine said:

May 31st, 10:54 pm

This is great news, thanks Sony! I gotta say, I find myself using my iPhone 4S less often than my PS Vita and this announcement only means it’ll get used even less. lol.

Surging_killer said:

May 31st, 10:56 pm

HOLY SMACKERS !!!!. I am officially the happiest Playstation VITA owner on the planet :) GREAT MOVE SONY, THIS WILL BE SURE TOO BRING SALES UP ONCE PEOPLE START TOO HEAR.

Laporta said:

May 31st, 11:01 pm

Well, it seems I will now start to use my Vita.

Surging_killer said:

May 31st, 11:03 pm

+ Morfi79 I am afraid your wish for ( crossgame chat ) cannot be accomplished,

Reason being, When you start the game it automatically uses all available memory for game support with little left too support the xmb when you check your messages during play, that is why some of the times it is sluggish. There is just not enough memory !.

iTofuMan said:

May 31st, 11:06 pm

Well in all honesty im not a big fan of Youtube. ill use it when i see someone on my subscriber list, but all in all Youtube has just gone down these past few years. Nothing is original/funny to watch anymore on that site. But people have been calling for it so whatever makes them happy. i know people were asking for this so they’ll be happy.

juanjocrema said:

May 31st, 11:07 pm

best day ever, tetris & galaga games next will be perfect.

dmM-Rh said:

May 31st, 11:09 pm


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