Experience the 2012 E3 Show Live in PlayStation Home

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Experience the 2012 E3 Show Live in PlayStation Home

It’s that time of the year: Next week, hordes of gamers will descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2012 E3 Expo, and if you don’t have your plane tickets booked, hotel room reserved, and show passes in-hand, chances are you are half a pint of ice cream deep into a deep, dark depression, resigned to a fate where you will once again be left scouring sites for a glance into the biggest games event in North America.

Don’t despair, my friends – the PlayStation team has your back.

PlayStation Home and get your daily fix with our virtual E3 experience. Begin by watching the PlayStation E3 Press Conference LIVE in our special E3 Theater on Monday, June 4th at 6:00pm Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern (that’s 7:00pm MDT and 8:00pm CDT, BTW). Then on Tuesday, June 5th at 12:00pm Pacific/3:00pm Eastern, we will open the doors to the virtual E3 booth and let millions of players into a gaming event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Embark upon a quest hosted by Christina Lee where you will check out the newest PlayStation games, unlocking tons of exclusive content from the top titles that we will be showing on the floor. Collect them all to gain access to the VIP area, where you can get hands-on with an unreleased game and get access to even more PlayStation content. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your couch – the 2012 virtual E3 experience in PlayStation Home is 100% free to all PlayStation gamers and delivered to you from the comfort of your PS3.

See you there!

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  • E3 BABBBYYY!!!!

  • gostei

  • jamaicasensation

    So I work that night. When’s the stream archive going up in psn?

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    E3 , what a big joke, and you know why is a big joke, because i cant even stay for more than 1 minute logged in Home before getting some Network error D4512 , M-24 , F13 etc , how me or anyone else is suppose to enjoy this ” awesome ” E3 event ?
    If whoever is in charge of making sure that Home works fine, not up to part, because that someone is so Inept , maybe should try and hire someone else .

  • Yeah, so im definitely NOT going to attempt to watch the press conference through home again after last years fiasco lol. But I will definitely check out the E3 space on monday. Matthew, will we be able to watch the press conference live through the playstation blog site at all?

  • force_unleasher

    I’m from Bulgaria, so what you basically mean is that I can launch Home in 3 A.M. in the morning and watch the press conference LIVE? WOW, can just somebody explain when is the E3 booth going to become available, how to access it?

  • What’s the playstation home E3 experience like, is it like the demos from the thing or is it just like walk around and watch videos?

  • @harley2947 I have no idea. Possibly a virtual version of the actual E3.

  • I’ve got a vita. Any way to stream from it?

    And unless Twisted Metal comes to Vita, I may never play it :(

  • yo does any got battlefield 3 from playstation store or any full games

  • @harley and dukenator

    It’s an exact virtual replica of the Playstation booth. You just mainly walk around and watch videos.

  • What part of FIX HOME dont you people understand, all day i have been getting those damm Network Error messages, M-24, F13 , D4512 and more,

  • sony give US THE BEST E3 EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!

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    The connection to the server was lost

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  • im new to home, can someone tell me how to get to the right theatre playing the e3?

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  • Another Network Error yet again

  • Too bad this ain’t happening on Mexico! It would’ve been great, ‘tho they don’t care about us (even when they already have the spanish translation done)… And nope, it’s not the same if you create an american account, you don’t have your saved games there nor your trophies.

  • Yep, another massive failure. Video refuses to load, rebuffers, freezes, tiles, or plays at half speed with the audio unintelligible or missing. For the brief moment last night when it did work, the quality was worse than Youtube 240 resolution. This was streaming to a 50 mbps connection with no signs of increased latency & nothing else using my line. Same today thing plugged into gig ethernet at work with 10 GE transit to the internet.

    They placed the audio source too far from the screen. By the time you go up to where you can zoom the screen, it’s so quiet you must turn the volume up so far the text entry blip noise is painfully loud. Stand on the balcony over the door if you want to hear anything well.

    Rewards glitches. I got both theatre rewards, but the booth space activity board only shows the 60-minute. I have two friends who can’t make them trigger no matter how long they wait, zoomed or not.

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