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Jun 01

Jun 01

Introducing the Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, Coming This Fall

Richard Ho's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager

Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite EditionPulse Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition

E3 is just around the corner, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about all of the games that will be unveiled and the upcoming announcements we have in store for you.

Before we get to the big week, we’ve decided to curb your appetite by giving you a sneak peak at the newest addition to the PlayStation accessories family. Last year we introduced the Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset, and this year we’re amplifying your audio experience with the brand new Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, featuring “BassImpact” technology.

BassImpact technology translates bass sounds into ‘pulses’ around the earpads of the headset. Pulse – Elite Edition combines 7.1 virtual surround sound with BassImpact to deliver an unprecedented level of immersion, while sharpening your perception on the battlefield or anywhere else you play. This is truly the ultimate audio advantage. Additionally, Pulse – Elite Edition incorporates all the great features of the Wireless Stereo Headset and these new features:

  • Higher fidelity speaker drivers for dynamic sound
  • Preset Modes to optimize your audio experience for select gaming genres, movies, and music
  • Hidden noise-cancelling microphones deliver crystal clear voice chat and allow for a more streamlined design
  • Compatible with your PS3, PS Vita, favorite mobile device or MP3 player (connects via built-in 3.5mm audio jack and included auxiliary cable)

Available this fall for $149.99 (MSRP), this headset is an incredible value, giving you a great sound experience for gaming at home on PS3, or on the go using your PS Vita or mobile device.

As promised, we will be releasing a new PS3 firmware update to address the unintended effects in certain games that were created by the “Sidetone” feature introduced with the PS3 system software update (v4.10). Thanks for your continued patience.

Stay tuned for more updates on “PULSE” headsets, right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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tusunami said:

June 1st, 1:37 pm

These headsets are incredible compared to the 1st ones, can’t wait for these & there compatible with the Ps Vita touche!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ownagecat said:

June 1st, 1:49 pm

I kinda wish they got rid of the usb dongle, I mean I know that it is better then to connect through bluetooth but it’s extremely easy to lose. It literally made my original headset unusable.

brolol07 said:

June 1st, 1:51 pm

To me, it doesn’t sound like it is wireless to the Vita because it said 3.5 headphone jack and axillary cable included. I would buy these in a heartbeat if they were wireless to the Vita. I wonder how the battery is on these also.

D-Squad3 said:

June 1st, 1:53 pm

No bluetooth :(


June 1st, 2:27 pm

Ugh! Why did you guys wait so late into this generation before developing the good peripherals for the PS3?

Philaroni said:

June 1st, 2:35 pm

Question, how does this stack up to the Astro A30’s and A40’s. Is this a competitive grade headset? The last one I was very disappointed in as there where many other headsets that were cheaper and sounded better. Also, will this work on PC as well?

Freducken said:

June 1st, 2:57 pm

I see that it comes with 7.1 Virtual Surround. Does this mean that 5.1 will be physical or will it also be virtual like the previous headset?

BTW, I use the previous headset every day! I just this new one has more speakers in it.

Mazaru said:

June 1st, 3:00 pm

Is the PS3 wireless keyboard going to make it’s way to N. America?

Elsa said:

June 1st, 3:20 pm

@mazaru… you can use any bluetooth keyboard with the PS3. I picked up a decent bluetooth keyboard at a local electronic’s store for $40 and it works with both my iPad and also my PS3. It’s pretty awesome and MUCH faster for typing lots of messages.

bigblackjoe1 said:

June 1st, 3:30 pm

amazing yo just amazing

Enforcer_X said:

June 1st, 3:31 pm


Not getting anyone started, also virtual surround can’t offer positional imaging of a true surround sound system either, I was only saying they do exist.

That’s why I opted for the Sony DR-GA500 for my PC I’d rather have 2 really nice drivers generating sound than a bunch of little ones. I also have a true component surround sound system as well for those times when headphones just aren’t good enough.

I hope I can get some more info on these pulse ones though I hope they are not taking a stereo signal and making virtual 7.1 out of it I would rather it take the 5.1/7.1 signal and generate a virtual surround stereo signal from it like the DR-GA500

CrusaderForever said:

June 1st, 3:32 pm

So, there is no way to get our current Sony 7.1 Wireless Headset to work with the Vita?

Enforcer_X said:

June 1st, 3:35 pm


What keyboard are you talking about?
Is there an official full size keyboard somewhere?

I have only ever seen the Logitech MediaBoard Pro and the official Sony Wireless Keypad that goes on the DualShock 3/SIXAXIS

modernprokiller said:

June 1st, 3:38 pm

Awesome. although i dont really like the circles on the side. hey guys could you check out my blog real quick? i’d really appreciate it. i post gaming news and stuff.

Enforcer_X said:

June 1st, 3:41 pm


I found it, model #: CECH-ZKB1JP
That looks nice, I would be interested in buying a North American version as well Sony.

NoGodsOnlyMan said:

June 1st, 4:21 pm

This set is one sweeeeet deal. $150 for a multi purpose high fidelity headphone is awesome. I just want to sell my current ps headphones and pony up to this beast

Besides the bass, how will other sounds like mids and highs be improved on the speakers??????
and this coming from a a40, hd 595, pc 360 owner, so I know how low quality the actual ps official headphone sounds ( no offense just side by side observation)

JEC94 said:

June 1st, 4:38 pm

No thanks, I already paid $100 for the last year head set and now you guys pretend to sell us a another one? screw you! If I knew you guys were going to do this I wouldn’t had bought the old one!

TurismoM3 said:

June 1st, 4:47 pm

I hope these are better than the Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset. I bought them & they had a low hiss / static sound coming out of them all the time. Gave me a headache using them. Returned them after a week.

I have a pair of Sony Studio wired headphones that cost me $150 dollars 10 years ago, they sound amazing still.

I have high hopes for your new Pulse Wireless Headphones.

shadysaiyanz said:

June 1st, 4:57 pm

These headphones look good and not all stiff and robotic looking like the first one. It would have just been better to replace the old ones with these. There really aren’t any huge differences here to justify $50 more, especially since it’s not even Bluetooth. I’d love to get these but I’m definitely not for $150. Thanks for making an impressive product though.

supvic said:

June 1st, 4:58 pm

Turismo, just turn off the mic. Plus the next firmware update will fix the issue anyway.

PLEASE tell me the battery life will be longer this time! If it’s got better bass that’s probably only going to drain the battery faster.

MarinoBrea said:

June 1st, 5:31 pm

Abby should do some Voice-Over work for JRPGs, she has that kind of cute anime tone quality.

xBlackBloodx said:

June 1st, 5:42 pm

How is the sound this headset makes compared to the previous PS3 Headset released last year?

DeadSpider said:

June 1st, 6:13 pm

Any plans for a wired headset? Not only would it be cheaper but I really dislike constantly having to charge wireless devices along with their degrading battery lifespan.

explosive78 said:

June 1st, 6:22 pm

Already have a great headset, nice looking ladies though.

JM_Slabs said:

June 1st, 6:34 pm

Are you able to use this on the PS3 and simultaneously use it on the PC?

that-acmilan-guy said:

June 1st, 7:09 pm

Can anyone please tell me what exactly is the sidetone feature? I have the 7.1 headset, just don’t noticed this sidetone.

nathanuc1988 said:

June 1st, 7:25 pm

This is slightly disappointing. I just purchased the current edition a week or two ago :( while I like it a lot, this one seems like it’s better in every way.

mikedo2007 said:

June 1st, 8:23 pm

This is nice and all, but I like my wireless headphone/microphone from you guys, It hasn’t gone wrong with me. So I have to pass up on this.

Matrix_Lion said:

June 1st, 8:51 pm

Sony that is a beautiful headset, but my current headset is working perfectly and it hasn’t been out a year yet.

iTofuMan said:

June 1st, 9:14 pm

The fact its capable with not only the Ps3, but the Vita, and mp3 players just makes me want to buy it. im in need of a headset for the Ps3 and since i can use it for my Vita when games that need a headset start coming in ill be all set. Will be buying this!

capice2003 said:

June 1st, 10:57 pm

LMAO @ all of you all mannnnn. I think all the Audiophiles come out the woodwork on this one. I am a Music Production major @ Full Sail University. I really had to sign in on this one from a PC as, my damn PS3 wont do it well from the blog on there. Any way I got a 411 tab on this….I believe that this has the potential to be an awesome product. The thing that get me though is the warranty of said product. I like the safety of buying a product with the insurance that I can get full service without having to worry about having to basically buy a new one all together with what it would cost due to repairs 2 or even 3 years down the line. Now I don’t know if this is the intent of Sony awesome product but, how many of you have broke nice headphones and basically had to buy new ones all over again at regular retail. I found out a way to mitigate that even the Beats were on the radar initially for me but with the year warranty your’e out on your own after that. (Addendum below) word count maxxedd

BoD_GodlessGOD said:

June 1st, 11:21 pm

To Richard Ho or whoever else is listening at Sony…This new headset looks great but I had a major issue with your last headset and I’m wondering if you’ll be able to remedy with this new one. Let me explain my problem…

I record footage off my PS3 with a HD PVR and the only way for me to record chat and game sound with the current “Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset” is to change the audio output to “default” but the problem is when the headset is on it doesn’t allow me to change the output. The multi-audio out option doesn’t remedy this either. The only way it will let me change the output is if I toggle the setting to separate chat and game audio so only the chat audio gets sent to the headset, but game audio doesn’t. The problem with doing that is it will record game audio but not chat audio.

(My Long Post Continued In Part 2)

BoD_GodlessGOD said:

June 1st, 11:21 pm

(Part 2 Of My Long Post)

I tried using the Sony Bluetooth as an alternative but in order to talk to people while capturing footage I have to use the Bluetooth for the voice input and listen to game and chat audio through my TV… But the problem with that is I have to change all the game sound options to adjust the game to chat volume ratio and still have to turn my TV way up and then have to keep it on mute and listen to that incessant beeping or else everyone will get the echo effect from having to turn my TV up to hear them. As you can see, my options are limited and the ones I’m left with are very uncomfortable and inconvenient.

If this new headset of yours will let me record my voice, game audio, and chat audio at the same time, while still hearing it all in my headset then I will be buying this on day one. Also, if it can do all of that I just named except record my own voice then I guess that will work too, I’ll just record my voice externally. Can you confirm if what I’m explaining is going to be possible with your new headset? Please reply so I don’t have to find another headset. Thanks for your time.

Gildino2 said:

June 2nd, 1:13 am

Definitely gotta get me one!

SlyCooperFan100 said:

June 2nd, 4:47 am

Hah, I already have the original Wireless Stereo Headset. It’s serving me extremely well. The only feature that Pulse – Elite has to offer to me is the noise-cancelling hidden mics, but since I don’t even use the mic all that often, not worth putting down another $150 on top of the $100 I paid for mine.

I suppose the PS3 firmware update includes the option to turn Sidetone on or off, which will be compatible with Pulse – Elite, otherwise they wouldn’t have waited until after they showed off Pulse – Elite to release it. :P Really excited to stop hearing myself, can’t wait for that update.

smthng said:

June 2nd, 4:56 am

Sorry, but I gotta say it… Maya is completely unconvincing with the queue card reading. It very much seems like she has no idea what any of her lines actually mean. :S

Glad the headset doesn’t have the “stick” mic of the previous set. Need to hear the voice quality before I decide to make a switch.

x0xave said:

June 2nd, 8:04 am

Okay wait, they announce this! But we who have had the First Wireless Stereo Headset, still don’t get our update to fix the “Sidestone” issue. I will get these for Christmas 99%, but I still want my other Sony Stereo Set to be fixed, I’d like to play Uncharted 3 and Assassins Creed without hearing my family, or my voice in the Headset…. Thanks!

comatosevessel said:

June 2nd, 10:19 am

Really Sony? Why didn’t you guys just hold off to release this instead of the previous wireless headset? The only way I’ll consider buying this is if it was wired and wasn’t pumping microwaves through my skull giving me headaches and making me feel out of it after I use it.

Mazaru said:

June 2nd, 10:22 am

@Elsa and Enforcer_X

Yeah, I already have a bluetooth keyboard too. It works well, but I want something more compact. The official wireless PS3 Keyboard is about the same size as Apple’s wireless keyboard, but should be less costly. Also, it is not as flashy looking (I prefer the stealth look), but has still won design awards.

Pericynthion said:

June 2nd, 12:19 pm

Agreed with most people – this is a definite buy.
I have the original headset, but that’s going on ebay in the next day or two. According to a popular online retail website, these bad boys are available for pre-order, available October 1st (but I wouldnt mind if it was sooner!)

Also would it hurt to sell or build in some mechanism for using this as a wired PS3 headset? I dont mind paying for a USB or optical –>audiojack adapter if it gets the PS3 accessories team interested in that area of the market.

cbrown2000 said:

June 2nd, 12:47 pm

What do you mean by pulse?

poisonedsodapop said:

June 2nd, 12:55 pm

I’d possibly be tempted if these did not interfere with wifi. Heard that was a problem with the original. That and my turtle beach p11’s are still holding up on me.

Tbonetwigletturt said:

June 2nd, 1:09 pm

any idea on a uk eu release date ?


June 2nd, 1:58 pm

Was this one made cause the last one was trash? Also logging into this site is trash as well, nothing but glitches.

DarklingVladd said:

June 2nd, 3:01 pm

YAY!!!! VITA support!


June 2nd, 3:10 pm

these really look great but should i stick with my turtle beach PX5 or buy these anyone tell me

Naustradamus said:

June 2nd, 3:36 pm

Does this mean it’ll be 7.1 for Blu-Ray movie as well? The only reason I never picked up the current headset is because it’s only for games, no movies so I passed it by =/

The accessory site doesn’t tell me specifically one way or the other.

RXL209 said:

June 2nd, 3:47 pm

sony swore they were aware of the issues with the wireless 7.1 and were resolvind the mic monitoring issue, its been months and still no fix and now youre trying to sell a newer more expensive set? the playstation brand is turning into complete garbage

CyPhErLoUs said:

June 2nd, 3:51 pm

Ugh why does it have to have a fingerprint magnet glossy finish? Why can’t it be flat like the slim PS3? It would be understandable if you guys did this to match the original PS3, but you guys don’t sell it anymore. It’s bad enough that I have to constantly wipe my Vita of fingerprints so this is going to be somewhat a nightmare to keep clean too. I might get it based on feedback from others and use it just for my PS3 and stick with my iBeats for my Vita and 4S.

BTW, the female on the left is beautiful.

Ricopitote said:

June 2nd, 4:31 pm

Will these become useless too with a firmware upadate as it happened to the Ps3 official HS too? I have a very expensive doorstop with no fixing in sight.

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