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Jun 01

Jun 01

Introducing the Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, Coming This Fall

Richard Ho's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager

Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite EditionPulse Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition

E3 is just around the corner, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about all of the games that will be unveiled and the upcoming announcements we have in store for you.

Before we get to the big week, we’ve decided to curb your appetite by giving you a sneak peak at the newest addition to the PlayStation accessories family. Last year we introduced the Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset, and this year we’re amplifying your audio experience with the brand new Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, featuring “BassImpact” technology.

BassImpact technology translates bass sounds into ‘pulses’ around the earpads of the headset. Pulse – Elite Edition combines 7.1 virtual surround sound with BassImpact to deliver an unprecedented level of immersion, while sharpening your perception on the battlefield or anywhere else you play. This is truly the ultimate audio advantage. Additionally, Pulse – Elite Edition incorporates all the great features of the Wireless Stereo Headset and these new features:

  • Higher fidelity speaker drivers for dynamic sound
  • Preset Modes to optimize your audio experience for select gaming genres, movies, and music
  • Hidden noise-cancelling microphones deliver crystal clear voice chat and allow for a more streamlined design
  • Compatible with your PS3, PS Vita, favorite mobile device or MP3 player (connects via built-in 3.5mm audio jack and included auxiliary cable)

Available this fall for $149.99 (MSRP), this headset is an incredible value, giving you a great sound experience for gaming at home on PS3, or on the go using your PS Vita or mobile device.

As promised, we will be releasing a new PS3 firmware update to address the unintended effects in certain games that were created by the “Sidetone” feature introduced with the PS3 system software update (v4.10). Thanks for your continued patience.

Stay tuned for more updates on “PULSE” headsets, right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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inFAMOUS-787 said:

June 2nd, 5:09 pm

Dang it!!!! LOL just bought the Ver.1 headset like 2 months ago! ah well guess ima have to use the hell outta them and scoop these up in the fall!!

Jose_Briseno said:

June 2nd, 5:13 pm

Man i wish play station would reply to my comment. PS3 IS THE BEST GAME CONSOLE

capice2003 said:

June 2nd, 8:57 pm

Hey, obliged and routed. I didn’t intend to defame or take away from the new playstation headset. I was only trying to get the message out on quality as well as assurance. If that made any of the gurus in the administrator seat hot. My apologies. We are all excited about the gear but, some of us want that assurance that we can bet on in a bad situation. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a weapons / hazard free zone to listen to music in and. That was just one of the ways to mitigate it. I support you guys and I am a part of the home team but, chopping my dialogue was just cold LOL. No worries though water under the bridge.

Apeman24 said:

June 2nd, 9:38 pm

This is bull I just bought the other ones like six months ago, and now I see this, as a true ps gamer this pisses me off, its like the Iphone came out and then the new one comes out like three monthes later so the old one becomes obsolete. You will probally announce one like nine months after this one. I HATE THIS

moose_338 said:

June 3rd, 3:20 am

So what you guys are saying is that I pretty much just wasted my money on the first version of the Sony headset, nice.

jjh42 said:

June 3rd, 4:26 am

would be nice if there was some customer loyalty program, like a trade-in credit – especially for those who JUST bought the original headset. or, at least give us the option to use these wireless headsets simultaneously so it would give us another reason to buy the newest model.

also, will this new headset (and other ps3 peripherals such keypads/boards, controllers, remotes) be compatible with the ps4? or will we have to re-purchase everything? seems weird to toss this thing out just a year or so before the newest console is coming out, just to have it be incompatible.

colorlessness said:

June 3rd, 9:03 am

Don’t you mean whet our appetite, not curb it?

lordmanguito said:

June 3rd, 10:09 am

basura, simplemente basura todo esta bien y todo se va directo a la basura siendo con tecnologia pasada, wireless, tiene que ser bluetooth, para que quiero una porqueria que se conecta a un dispositivo usb, robandome un puerto del playstation, si fue directamente creado para el ps3 deberia ser bluetooth y conectarse de forma directa, asi me serviria mas y no necesitaria ningun aditamento para cualquier otro dispositivo,

este headset apesta,

ArchAngelMai said:

June 3rd, 1:28 pm

I’m happy with my Official Sony Headset. I tor it for $59 new from Amazon and its been working great these last 8 nmonths. Glad that I can use it for my PC too when I play Diablo III. Not liking that the price is so much higher, though I guess once I get a Vita I’ll snag one…hopefully it will ne under $100 by then. Too bad no PC support unless your sound cars has a headphone jack, mine does, but most don’t.

miaztexas said:

June 3rd, 3:53 pm

I Luvv The Wireless Headset . Definetely Gonna Get It XD

Veridis_Quo said:

June 3rd, 3:57 pm

I really love the original wireless headset that Sony released and continue to use it to this day. I’ll think I’ll get this as well, hopefully amazon has a great preorder deal for this one.

supermariofan101 said:

June 3rd, 6:31 pm

Will the headset have bluetooth support? The already existing headphones require a dongle, which is pitty sad considering that it could have easily had Bluetooth support.

zech678 said:

June 3rd, 7:10 pm


Buckis2002 said:

June 3rd, 7:12 pm

These really look good so hopefully I can get these but I just got the stereo headset on christmas, it is going to be hard trying to get them

Fivestarkill1 said:

June 3rd, 7:28 pm

Omg i brought the 1st ones and now i see this coming out -_-. All well i still think the 1st one is still great and it fells good and everything.

WaLrUs_pUb3z said:

June 3rd, 11:55 pm

Damn, looks fresh. Better than ghetto ass beats

maximilianoo said:

June 4th, 7:50 am

Ok guys, help me out here. I was just wrapping my mind around buying the Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset, and now this is announced, pretty cool!

But my problem is, I’ll buy the original one (price is more accessible for me now), and then I read this here: “Compatible with your PS3, PS Vita, favorite mobile device or MP3 player (connects via built-in 3.5mm audio jack and included auxiliary cable”

It got me wondering if the original has this feature (a pretty basic one in my opinion), so I searched on the web, watched the tour ( and nowhere says if the original headset has or hasn’t this feature (wich because of the omission I’m assuming it haven’t).

So, it has or not built-in 3.5mm audio jack support?

Thank you very much!

regentpark said:

June 4th, 11:08 am

I love the new sleek design! Question though – Will this really be louder than the first wireless ps3 headset? I do have them on Day 1 Release ofcourse and still am using it. I just want it to be a little more louder and how is the mic chat on this one? I really didn’t like the mic set on the first wireless headset actually. but overall i am loving it and cannot wait to grab this one as well = ) #alwayssupportingsony

TheWalkingDude19 said:

June 4th, 11:24 am

I highly doubt they’re better then my Astro a40 headset.

Hooligantuan said:

June 4th, 1:15 pm

Oh neat, a headset that costs half the price of a console.


Transient said:

June 4th, 2:53 pm

At first I was like :D when I read the details and then I was D: when I watched the video and realized it wasn’t bluetooth. I really don’t get why they thought connecting a wire to your Vita or tying up a USB port on your PS3 is a good idea. With bluetooth there’d be no need to plug anything in ever. Set it up once and away you go. Oh well, maybe next years model they will come out with something better. :(

auskye said:

June 4th, 7:37 pm

Can you confirm 7.1/5.1 with Blu-rays and HDD Video?

thetruecappiman said:

June 4th, 10:24 pm

$149.99……eh not bad. But I might just fork out 99.99 for playstation’s other headset. I will have to see if the reviews are good for this headset. Looks nice but I’m more of a futuristic approach to designs but I might get this one since it is only $60 more but like I said I am probably going to wait to see what people are saying about this product.

auskye said:

June 5th, 8:28 am

@jjh42 I doubt you’ll get that answer as the ps4 is nothing more than a rumor really.

Lara-Croft said:

June 5th, 8:39 am

What is the Release date of these headsets? And seriously can we PLEASE change the leather ear covers I hate it. Your ears sweat more with leather than the fabric covers. Why I never bought the other Sony headsets, give us an option to change the ear covers. *sigh*

auskye said:

June 5th, 10:44 am

October 1 according to

gsr1379 said:

June 5th, 1:40 pm

This Looks nice. But it looks like the Chat will not work on the vita. I hope i am wrong

auskye said:

June 5th, 4:29 pm

Doesn’t the Vita have one built in?

OBond007 said:

June 12th, 8:50 am

i had to sell my [original-model] PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset because the game-sound, even at the lowest “Master Volume” volume-level, was UNBEARABLY loud. loud enough as a matter of fact, that if i kept on using it, i would have gone deaf! (there was already a ringing in my ears developing because of it). i prefer to not mess with the “game audio” levels and sounds on the games themselves but even modifying and/or tweaking with that [in the games] didn’t help [lower the “Master Volume” on the headset].

can you please fix this SERIOUS [health] [and] [hearing] issue with the new version of the PS3 Wireless Headset, Sony?

OBond007 said:

June 12th, 8:53 am

i agree with @Lara-Croft. (regarding her comment “What is the Release date of these headsets? And seriously can we PLEASE change the leather ear covers I hate it. Your ears sweat more with leather than the fabric covers. Why I never bought the other Sony headsets, give us an option to change the ear covers. *sigh* “).

the leather covers and pads in the original PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset WERE comfortable, but my ears sweated like crazy (especially the parts that can be called “just behind the ears and earlobes”) and eventually grew intolerable. and as you know, water and electronics don’t mix; and i always had to be taking off my Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset to try off the ear-pads, lest some water [from my sweat] get in the ear-cups [and ruin the electronics] and THEN we’d have an even WORSE problem :-S

OBond007 said:

June 12th, 9:08 am

also, Sony, Turtle Beach has some BOOM-limiting technology on their headsets (they call it “Blast-Limiter” technology) that (in their own words, verbatim) “decreases the intensity of loud [game] sounds like gunfire, rockets, explosions, and other things, so that you can hear the chat-with-your-friends better” (to be honest, i also think this would be handy so people don’t go deaf).

is there ANY possible way WHATSOEVER that you can add a [limiting] feature or something to the new version of PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset (ie. the “Pulse”) so that loud game sounds (like gunfire. rockets. booms. explosions. sonic-booms. etc. etc. etc.) AREN’T so dang loud, and/or intense, and/or explosive (or basically: any other kind of level that isn’t safe for your ear-drums and/or ears), and therefore, you don’t go deaf [because of you wearing these things for a long time and/or an “extended period of time” (because you’re gaming, obviously) and you’re hearing DEAFENINGLY-loud game sounds incessantly and continuously, further endangering your ears, hearing, and ear-drums] ??

OBond007 said:

June 12th, 9:14 am

@Elsa (and anyone else saying and/or claiming that the previous-version Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset, and this one (ie. the “Pulse”), are Bluetooth-based [in its wireless technology]): the previous-version Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset and this one (ie. the “Pulse”) are NOT Bluetooth-technology based. ie. the wireless technology used to connect this thing (ie. the headset) to the PS3 gaming-console is NOT Bluetooth. that’s why, you need the freaking wireless-adapter (ie. [what some people call] the “dongle”).

if it (ie. the headset) was Bluetooth-technology based, we wouldn’t NEED the wireless-dongle. but, we do. therefore, it’s NOT Bluetooth-wireless-technology based.

HOWEVER, only SONY knows the SPECIFICS as to what kind of wireless technology (WiFi, Bluetooth, RF (ie. Radio Frequency), Line-of-Sight, Infrared, etc.) the previous-model Wireless Stereo Headset and this-current-model the-“Pulse” use to connect to the PS3. [but] i highly doubt they’re going to be releasing the details of that. :-S

OBond007 said:

June 12th, 9:48 am

another thing they need to fix is the fact that (at least to some people) (i have this issue and have googled my ass off looking for it on the Internet to see if other people have the same issue, and, quite a number of other people do. not a “50% of all PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset users” do but still a significant number) the Wireless Stereo Headsets are DEAFENINGLY loud.

when i have the “master volume” slider slid down to the lowest it can be at before the game-sound turns completely off, and the “game/voice”-balancer slider set to the middle “notch”, the game-sound’s volume is STILL too loud (unfortunately: dangerously loud. DEAF-MAKING loud). and unfortunately the only way to lower the volume further is by moving the “game/voice”-balancer slider more into the “voice” position, until it’s at the point “just before” it “clicks” to the middle position (ie. the “middle ‘notch’ “). this is pretty much the only way i can use it; the only way it’s not DEAFENINGLY loud (but still too loud to be tolerable, and/or acceptable, and/or “safe [for a person’s hearing]“) (not to mention eardrums, hammer, anvil, and stirrup, inner-ear, etc).

**comments continued in another post**

OBond007 said:

June 12th, 9:49 am

(continuation of previous comment) (i got a automated reply saying the “comment was too long”, so i had to shorten it. however, all this information is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, so i’m posting it all).

unfortunately, moving the “game/voice”-balancer slider to the “voice” territory means (and makes) that the voice-chat audio takes precedence, and obviously, this pretty much defeats the purpose of having the Wireless Stereo Headset (at least this is what i use it for): to hear the enemies’ positions better, and be able to know where they’re coming from, etc etc.

OBond007 said:

June 12th, 9:51 am

**(continuation of previous comment)**

i have already contacted Sony about this issue but i knew what the Customer Service guys were going to say (having been in 6 call-center jobs myself. all involving either Customer Service, Tech Support, and/or TeleSales): [they were going to provide the only ‘solution’ they had available (which unfortunately, wasn’t going to fix the problem anyway, because the problem had nothing to do with the connection of the wireless headset to the PS3)]: “reset” the PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset, and pair it again to the PS3 console. (needless to say, this did not fix the “volume being too loud even at the lowest-possible “master-volume”-slider setting” problem).

Sony, please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND HUMANITY, fix this issue!!!

i love the headset, i love how light it is, and how comfortable it is on your ears, but seriously, i (and other people that have this issue) can’t use it if it’s so damn loud [, even at the lowest master-volume setting,] that it will make you go deaf [if you keep using it]!

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 15th, 3:30 am

I personally wouldnt mind seeing discounts for current PS3 customers who purchased the original headset. I’m more interested in when IPv6 is going to be supported by the PS3

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 15th, 1:30 pm

So from what I understand, there IS going to be quite a few software updates from 4.11 to 4.19 since on the products webpage it mentions requiring version 4.20 or later or will it just jump from 4.11 to 4.20?

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 16th, 12:41 pm

@ + Apocwhen it has a hidden mic built into the headset there is no retractable boom

your other question is a good one, i’d like to hear about how it functions in a wired enviornment, if it acts as a pass thru device or if it requires battery power for all use. I’m going to guess it is going to require battery power for all to drive though massive drivers.

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 16th, 12:54 pm

@+ CrusaderForever Unless the PS Vita has a full size USB port on it, i really dont think there is a way to get the original headset to work with it :(

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 16th, 1:04 pm

@+ that-acmilan-guy The sidetone issue that everyone is having issue with is basically the microphone is passing through ambient sounds, the wearers own voice, and other unwanted sounds through the headset instead of it not happening. It can be disorienting when it occurs and it is not expected or wanted. It is sort of like talking to someone when there is a two second delay and your earing yourself. I personally find when that occurs I end up unable to get a sentence out without sounding like Captain Kirk haltingly.

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 16th, 1:09 pm

+ PEANUTBONE Thats a hard question to answer if you should stick with what you have or get these, because most likely no one here has used it yet to be able to give a good comparison. Only you can do that. Thats why return policies exist. :)

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 16th, 2:31 pm

@+ ArchAngelMai who says no PC support? it uses a USB dongle just as the first model did.

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 16th, 2:32 pm

@+ supermariofan101 USB dongle using 2.4Ghz

ReBeLxKiD said:

June 16th, 8:33 pm

Looks awesome but I still might not end up buying it because I think the price is about 25 dollars too high and its not bluetooth, it just takes up half of my usb ports! I’m loving the BassImpact though! Also, how you can connect it to a mp3 player is just awesome, ive been waiting for something like that from sony! Still, would really love bluetooth. I would pay 175 for this same product if it had bluetooth.

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 16th, 11:10 pm

I do wish Richard Ho would respond to peoples questions instead of repeating what is already in the blog post. Such as “can the bass impact feature be turned off”

julian_480 said:

June 18th, 8:49 pm

This headset looks great, the only problem is that the microphone is hidden so i can already see a problem regarding communication do to the fact that i would have to yell into this headset, i just hope that there is a design change where there is a hidden retractable mic that you can pull in or out like the steel series headsets, or that the hidden noise cancelling mic is uber sensitive so it can pick up my every breath.

If you can Richard, please reply back on my question because im anxious to know if i will have to shout into my headset like on the blutooth, or if i cant hear myself talk thus making me have to yell like in the wireless stereo headset, thanks

Cheynne-Stoking said:

June 19th, 8:08 am

“ItaChu on June 1st, 2012 at 7:32 am said:
so im guessing your releasing this new one cuz you arent going to fix the update that messed up the last headset? lol ….thats a low blow to people who bought that 1st headset man”

Totally agree, still waiting on a fix for this headset, surely an update should have been sorted out by now?

SsurferR said:

June 22nd, 9:57 am

Still waiting (for months now) for that “soon” on the “firmware update for the side-tone issue will “soon” come out”.
Starting to get really frustrated with the way sony acts in respect of fixing a issue they created.
I guess the only way we can get a firmare update fix from them is if someone “jailbreak” there system again, and even soo, i’m still doubt the FIX for the side-tone will ever come.

BigCee_N_TX1 said:

June 26th, 9:04 am

@+ SsurferR……Poof…..your wish is my command. Fixed :)

MlKE_W0LF said:

June 26th, 4:13 pm

well its official software update 4.20 was released on the 25th and all is well in the PlayStation Universe. The Sidetone option is located under [Settings] then [Accessory Settings] then selecting the Wireless Stereo Headset Press the Triangle and select [Sidetone].

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