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Jun 04

Jun 04

E3 2012: Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us Gameplay

Eric Monacelli's Avatar Posted by Community Strategist, Naughty Dog

Did you catch the PlayStation press conference livestream? Notice when it went all black? We wanted to set a proper mood, tone, and stage for our debut of The Last of Us gameplay. The venue, as well as the hard work of the press conference production crew, afforded us a fantastic setup. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase our blood, sweat, and pixels on the massive video screen in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena this Monday night. We’re amped by the response we’ve received so far and looking forward to a very busy, very fun E3.

If you didn’t catch the livestream or would like to see unadulterated, pure images of the gameplay watch this video. At this point in the story Joel and Ellie are attempting to get to the bridge and out of the city. They are tourists in an area that’s controlled by hunters. They are hunted and yet they too are hunters. Everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to survive. What you’ll see is something that we’re calling Balance of Power AI. Enemies will react realistically to whatever situation your combat style forces them into. Playing as Joel, Ellie’s help and whatever weapons you can scavenge are your best shot at progressing in this brutal, violent world. Check it out:

The Last of Us is a game like no other. We’ve just begun to show you what’s in store for Joel and Ellie as they travel across the post-pandemic United States. The drive to preserve humanity against the infection creates tension that pushes the limits of what constitutes being human. The story will explore the bond that forms between Joel and Ellie, and themes of loyalty, love, and redemption in ways never before experienced in entertainment. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that plunges and twists into the depths of what it means to be human and what it takes to survive. So buckle up and brace yourself. Our ride is just getting started.

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redkandi said:

June 4th, 7:35 pm

That was amazing. Naughty Dog has never disappointed us.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 5th, 1:27 am

    Awesome! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

NotoriousGamer said:

June 4th, 7:36 pm

Excellent job Sony and naughty dog with the last of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! The e3 demo please put it on psn store please have some mercy!!!

phatmillips said:

June 4th, 7:38 pm

Shut Up And Take My Money!

KILLSON13 said:

June 4th, 7:38 pm

<—- that was the expression of amazement on my face, absolutely awesome!

explosive78 said:

June 4th, 7:41 pm

You guys knocked it out of the park!!!!!!! WOW. My interest level is through the roof. To follow a great god of war performance and blow me away. Playstation did there thing.

Heavenly_king said:

June 4th, 7:42 pm


rabidninjamonky said:

June 4th, 7:48 pm

Wow! This game is gonna be amazing. Loving the brutal combat! This went from a small blip on my radar to my most anticipated game. Can’t wait!!

Matrix_Lion said:

June 4th, 7:50 pm

Out of all the games shown this is the one I’m looking forward to the most.

Tailsnakes said:

June 4th, 7:51 pm

BRB, changing pants

Shin-Ra said:

June 4th, 7:52 pm

Can’t wait to dig into that backpack some more! Loved the atmosphere, amazing sound and brutality with an impact that makes you cringe, as it should!

zingakun said:

June 4th, 7:53 pm

Can you help me, please? I keep throwing money on my television, but nothing happens!! xD

Thank you guys, an amazing conference!! Thank you for making my free time plenty of fun.

subadictos said:

June 4th, 7:53 pm

You are awesome guys. I missed a date because I CAN’T WAIT!!!

First day buy!!!

Congratulations and thanks for all your efforts.

PatriotEyez27 said:

June 4th, 7:53 pm

Downloaded it and kept it on repeat :D

renatabls said:

June 4th, 7:56 pm

Loved it? But when will it release? This year? 2013?

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 5th, 1:29 am

    We are not ready to announce a release date yet. We are focused on making it as awesome as possible.

Elvick_ said:

June 4th, 8:03 pm

Loved it. I can’t wait to play it.

Kchow23 said:

June 4th, 8:08 pm

I want this games soo bad!!!!!

jocha39 said:

June 4th, 8:08 pm

im just gonna give naughty dog my credit card so i can get this as soon as it comes out

IRISHJOE13 said:

June 4th, 8:10 pm

OMG that was amazing.. i’m calling it right now, GOTY!!!!!


June 4th, 8:10 pm

So no release date announced? Sony this E3 was not that good.

xXG-U-D-UXx said:

June 4th, 8:12 pm

Holy shotguns! that makes me want this game!

Shin-Ra said:

June 4th, 8:22 pm

One of the survivors mentions having not seen a “Clicker” for weeks. Remember the extended Cordyceps ant teaser video with the clicking sounds in darkness… :)

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 5th, 1:30 am

    Great catch! It’s a bit of The Last of Us slang for the Infected.

Berae said:

June 4th, 8:28 pm

It looks phenomenal!!! I hope its coming in 2012!

luvtoseek said:

June 4th, 8:29 pm

Demo was not a 10. It was an 11!! Moving & terrible, TLoU is the new survivl horror! Thank you Naughty Dog!

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 5th, 1:30 am

    Ha. Happy it went to 11 for you. Thanks!

massimodo said:

June 4th, 8:29 pm

Shotgun to the face always gets my attention. Definitely, my most anticipated title.

vettes_4-ever said:

June 4th, 8:29 pm

When can we expect a release date Naughty Dog? Do you know the torture you are putting us all(gamers in general) through, of not knowing when we’ll be able to play this sure to be amazing game?

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 5th, 1:31 am

    We’re not ready to announce a release date yet but we will stamp it down hard once we are!

technole said:

June 4th, 8:30 pm

Totally GOTY material here. I want it!

FJ1100_rider said:

June 4th, 8:31 pm

I am going to be so broke when these new games release . last of us is another on my must buy list along with god of war ascension and Beyond .

Heatseeker125 said:

June 4th, 8:33 pm

No release date yet because Naughty Dog said they really regret announcing the Uncharted 3 release date so far in advance and that they won’t make the same mistake with The Last of Us. So just be patience, guys. Let them work at their own pace and instead of rushing to make a certain date. Uncharted 3 did feel a bit rushed at the end…

DaNTi3L said:

June 4th, 8:34 pm

naughty dog shows once again why they are the top dogs in the industry


June 4th, 8:41 pm

This game looks AMAZING! It feels so real! It’s hard to get enough money to buy a Vita when games like these are announced! I’m in love with Naughty Dog since Uncharted!!!

Agent_Duk said:

June 4th, 8:47 pm

Wow. Just… wow. So psyched for this game right now, I just about flew out of my shorts!

HorrorGod said:

June 4th, 8:53 pm

Loved it, guys. My brother and I spoke on the phone about it for 20 minutes, after the Sony P.C.
I was hoping for some gameplay, and boy did you deliver.

My ONLY grown moment was… No release date :(
I know you guys are taking your time with it and want to deliver the best product you can, so no rush.
But, I would be happy with just an “early/mid/late 2013” announcement. ;-)

angelspawn77 said:

June 4th, 8:56 pm

This and GOW:A blew my socks off the most. Can’t wait for both these games. But why you no give us release date!?

lisatsunami said:

June 4th, 8:56 pm

The 2 bookend game showcases, with Last of Us closing the show, was superb. This game looks more astounding every clip we see. Sony exclusives are still the best.

heedthevil said:

June 4th, 8:59 pm

I was laughing when Ellie threw the brick. Amazing characters, stunning graphics and suspenseful atmosphere. Can’t wait.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 5th, 1:33 am

    Ellie is a very capable, tough girl. Glad you are into the world already. Lots more to show over the coming months!

drock_42 said:

June 4th, 9:02 pm

Was I the only one who bounced in their chair while slapping their desk and laughing maniacally when they saw the ending?

lotso05 said:

June 4th, 9:06 pm

THANK YOU NAUGHTY DOG AND SONY for this E3 exclusive footage of The Last of us. this and all of the ps3 exclusive was why i watch e3… YOU GUYS ROCK : D

Blondie_Von_Doom said:

June 4th, 9:09 pm

How do you keep making each game better then before Naught Dog, Magic?

Jayman777 said:

June 4th, 9:27 pm

It was dead silence in the Sports arena when everything went dark. I knew right away what game was going to be shown next. I screamed like a little girl, in excitement. The E3 trailer left us wanting more with that final Shotgun shot. Thanks Jeff for an amazing day you, and Sony put on one hell of a show.

D-Squad3 said:

June 4th, 9:35 pm


SearCam01 said:

June 4th, 10:01 pm

I want this game so bad right now that I would sell my soul for it. Can’t wait!

RurouniSaiya-jin said:

June 4th, 10:06 pm

Naughty Dog delivering like always. Amazing gameplay demo. Can’t wait to see more.


June 4th, 10:07 pm

Amazing,This makes Playstation Proud.

Enigma777 said:

June 4th, 10:43 pm

I think it’s safe to say that this demo stole the show. I mean… Jesus Christ! I was speechless.

starBlinky01 said:

June 4th, 11:46 pm

I liked this demo. It seems though you can’t shoot through things like walls or wooden tables or fabric couches. In a game that seems to ultra realistic, it seems very very odd that you can’t do something like this. I think making the game look so realistic may result in some inconsistencies in the gameplay side, which worries me a bit.

overkills said:

June 5th, 12:27 am

ND just raises the bar again !!

Gildino2 said:

June 5th, 12:54 am

Naughty Dog does it again.


Iteration7294531 said:

June 5th, 1:11 am

As I peruse the internets this fine evening (morning), I think the adjective I’ve seen used the most in conjunction with the The Last of Us gameplay footage is “amazing.” I’ve used this adjective myself a few times tonight as well.

Zeplas said:

June 5th, 2:11 am

Amazing !!!!

Kchow23 said:

June 5th, 2:14 am

Can always count on Naughty Dog to blow some minds and raise the bar for everyone!

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