Watch PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference Live Right Here

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Watch PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference Live Right Here
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UPDATE: Watch the archived E3 2012 PlayStation Press Conference and our live game demos here.

This is it: the 2012 PlayStation E3 Press Conference! News, trailers, reveals, and live demos are coming your way, and you can watch it any way you want: On the web, through Facebook, on the PS3 XMB (Look in the What’s New section), anywhere you take your PS Vita via the free Nico Nico app, or RIGHT HERE:

(If you just see a white space above this sentence, please refresh the page to load the video player.)

UPDATE: Watch the archived E3 2012 PlayStation Press Conference and our live game demos here.

Festivities start at 5.30pm Pacific/8.30pm Eastern/1.30am London/9.30am Tokyo. We’ll lead off with a live pre-show featuring new, exclusive gameplay demos, interviews, and previews of the press conference. We’ll wrap up with a sneak peek of the PlayStation E3 booth, which you won’t want to miss.

The press conference is just the beginning of the packed live E3 programming! SPOILER! We’re loading the schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with over 30 live gameplay demos for PS3 and PS Vita, featuring brand new and unannounced titles from Sony Computer Entertainment’s vast Worldwide Studios team, as well as publishing partners such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, NamcoBandai, and Atlus. We’ll drop in Tuesday’s schedule after the show.

OK, I’ll shut up now. Watch and enjoy!

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2 Author Replies

  • davionwalker22

    sony sony sony sony sony i know you guys will own e3 2012!! we sony fun watching so don,t let us down sony!!

  • quirowekjefhgekr

    i hope i can download this from playstation store like last year. i wont be able to watch all of it :(

  • Can’t wait! :D

  • Can’t wait..
    Surprise me Sony.

  • show me the games sony ( specially psvita games)

  • userchris296

    It’s 6:54pm over here in minnesota. However, the video is not playing, what is wrong? Seems like playstation channel appears to be offline meaning not on the air.

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  • that did say SONY in the comment box

  • residentevil500

    i have my hdtv connected to my computer to watch this in hd quality.Sine the stream on ps3 isn’t full screen

  • Can’t wait to see what Sony has up their sleeves.
    Ubisoft killed it with the announcement of their new IP “Watch_Dogs.”
    I hope Sony still has at least 1 secret new IP to reveal (that hasn’t already been announced this past month.)

  • userchris296

    Am i’m missing something here? Is minnesota is eastern zone? If yes, then the video will not play yet till 8:30pm.

  • quirowekjefhgekr

    for the ones wondering, we have 30 mins till it goes live.

  • go go go Vita Power :)

  • I hope they start off with a bang! Last of us?!! cant wait!

  • people complaining about video not showing is because we are 30 minutes away from the pre E3 show

  • i second 63 comment , GO VITA, GO

  • Azura_The_Fallen

    I am so excited! All-Star Battle Royale is one of the few things I’m excited about. Hoping that you’ll blow everyone away.

  • jimmyfoxhound

    relaxing music :)

  • jimmyfoxhound

    Oh man now it’s butt rock.. come on go back to the nice music! XD


    Dont F*$# up SONY

  • EnobmahChoas

    Hopefully this press conference will knock out the MS one right out of the ballpark!

    Here’s to a wonderful announcements of both the PS3 and PS Vita games.

    Can’t wait for the show! =]

  • I just want to see games like god of war and playstation allstars yes yes

  • Well…I’m hoping for SOCOM HD, but I know SONY doesn’t care what the customer thinks….especially when the game that is being demanded in the highest voted game on the Blog Share.

    It’s a game that was the staple of online play for the PS2 and has been “kicked to the curb, thrown to the woods like some naked sheep”. If no SOCOM gets announced, I’m done supporting SONY and retire as a gamer on 8/31/12

  • PainOfSarrow

    i hear music, im ready for the vid.

  • deCarvalho7

    when does it start?


    WE LOVE YOU SONY I CANT WAIT FOR (THE LAST OF US) GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!!! who else agrees!

  • Dragonzblaze

    sony 4life ps plus update leggo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PainOfSarrow

    ALIEN-GAMER-123 i aggree, that game looks so Gangsterrrrr.

  • i hope you guys amaze us this year I had to watch microsoft press just for the tomb raider demo and resident evil 6 demo everything else meh

  • PainOfSarrow

    Commodore , awwww we will all miss you, NOTTT.

  • Dragonzblaze

    uncharted 4 leggoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think I am a little too excited…
    I will be falling asleep in school tomorrow because I am planning to stay up all night for this! (It is almost 11:00 where I am now)

  • BlkLightning2K

    Bring it hard or go home. Microsoft should have just gone home. Halo and Forza. Ooh, what shockers. Their first party games suck. I want some BIG news from you, Sony. I’m talking Metal Gear 5 or the second trailer for GTA V.

  • Looks like G4 has their troll face on. Guess I’ll stick to the blog.

  • Robbie_G_lrish

    Here’s a tip for people watching it on their PS3. You can zoom in to full screen by pressing triangle and finding zoom in the menu. Then hit R2 to zoom in. For some reason R3 doesn’t work.

  • PainOfSarrow

    Jounrney Music

  • Only 10 mins left until pre show!

  • PainOfSarrow

    Robbie_G_lrish R3 works for me.

  • Sereal_Killer

    i wanna see last guardian please just so i know its still alive

  • Sereal_Killer

    countdown clock

    htt p://

  • Street_Killaz

    Can’t wait for this!New God Of War,Killzone for vita,Dust 514,Quantic Dreams new game ,PS PLUS overhaul,Playstation going to stream games demos ps2 games etc…hmmm cant wait for this year E3

  • If only I was in that building now,,,

  • Street_Killaz

    and what Sereal_Killer said last guardian

  • Street_Killaz

    here WE GO wooooo

  • audio is a bit low for me. anyone else having this problem?

  • The xmb version looks like crap :( guess I’ll stick it here

  • Sereal_Killer

    xmb really choppy it seems

  • jimmyfoxhound

    oh this banter is painfully awkward…

  • davionwalker22

    sony i know you will own this e3 kill them off sony!

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