Watch PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference Live Right Here

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Watch PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference Live Right Here

UPDATE: Watch the archived E3 2012 PlayStation Press Conference and our live game demos here.

This is it: the 2012 PlayStation E3 Press Conference! News, trailers, reveals, and live demos are coming your way, and you can watch it any way you want: On the web, through Facebook, on the PS3 XMB (Look in the What’s New section), anywhere you take your PS Vita via the free Nico Nico app, or RIGHT HERE:

(If you just see a white space above this sentence, please refresh the page to load the video player.)

UPDATE: Watch the archived E3 2012 PlayStation Press Conference and our live game demos here.

Festivities start at 5.30pm Pacific/8.30pm Eastern/1.30am London/9.30am Tokyo. We’ll lead off with a live pre-show featuring new, exclusive gameplay demos, interviews, and previews of the press conference. We’ll wrap up with a sneak peek of the PlayStation E3 booth, which you won’t want to miss.

The press conference is just the beginning of the packed live E3 programming! SPOILER! We’re loading the schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with over 30 live gameplay demos for PS3 and PS Vita, featuring brand new and unannounced titles from Sony Computer Entertainment’s vast Worldwide Studios team, as well as publishing partners such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, NamcoBandai, and Atlus. We’ll drop in Tuesday’s schedule after the show.

OK, I’ll shut up now. Watch and enjoy!

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  • a real man deals with his problems only one way and thats using a shotgun blast to it in the face

  • where are the psvita games?


    the last of us will be the most realistic game ever made!!!!!!

  • where is Killzone vita? no new games?

  • It was even worse than Microsoft. Where is big annoncement for Vita? I can say that I’m absolutly dissapointed Sony.

  • The Vita news was disappointing.

  • ^they got the new AC3 liberation for vita. That is a new game. As well as Black ops: Classified. I was so sure there would be a vita price drop! Why wasn’t there one?

  • Yeah nothing actually new but Beyond, which will be amazing! where the hell are the new games? new vita games too? what the hell?

    This was also a shorter conference, last year it was 2 hours.


    I mean I love my ps3’s and all and love sony games on my ps3 but what a slap in all of our faces that are plus members on our MAIN accounts, anyways what a slap in our face that you put infamous 2 on sale for plus members last week and then you release today that we will be getting it free on plus later this month. I mean what kind of crap is that? How did we as plus members benefit from this logic? We already pay for plus for the free games and discounts and tha’s fine but why would you put a game on sale on plus and then a week later say it will end up free for us plus members. That’s why I’m always in a bad mood half the time in these blogs. Now I wasted that money on a game I’d of got free anyways later this month and could’ve used it towards other stuff in the store. I mean who makes up these deals for us cause you need to be replaced. Do you even pay attention to what you are doing? You just ripped me and many others off and slapped us in the face there.

  • @157 You bought it with all the DLC. This one’s just the base game and nothing more, as far as I can tell.

  • not bad but expected more

  • I retract my “sony already won” statement. The ps3 had a great showing while Vita was underwhelming. I dont see Sony selling the project 11million vitas after that conference.

    Still All Stars Vita, CoD:Blackops Declassified, and ACIII: Liberation makes it worth it for exciting vita owners.

  • man they should have cut that wonderbook crap and show vita games instead , why does Sony London keep making that casual garbage? they should get back to The Getaway 3 and Eight Days not that casual crap

  • Where are the surprises SONY? what an absolute disappointing show. all the games other then QUANTIC DREAMS new IP. spending 15 mins on a book is not what I call exciting. We want games!!! where is FF VERSUS? where is the last guardian!!!???? where is AGENT!!!!

    shakes head….

  • This isn’t the best conference I’ve seen in life, but The Last of Us seems so great! In fact, that’s the only thing I’m excited about. I think Wonderbook is cool, but I don’t have any kid and I don’t plan to have any.

    I think I’m more excited about The Last of Us than I’m excited about Watch Dogs, which is quite a lot to say.

  • So boring, nothing we already didn’t know in terms of announcements…. Almost fell asleep during the Wonder Book crap that , complete waste of time though now the employees/shills treating it as if this was the greatest stuff ever with phony enthusiasm..

    Good thing there’s several days to go still.

  • That’s it? Where are the Vita games?

    You spent 20 minutes on Wonderbook but 5 seconds on the Vita?

  • Awesome suprises!

  • The Last of US…..WHOA :O

    Decent show but I wished they showed more Vita games

  • WOW JUST WOW, I’m speechless, great job Sony! :)

  • And yeah…. Barely anything Vita related? Vita needs some huge bombs NOW dropped before it becomes a huge bomb.

    Again, still three more days but the first day sets the tone and this completely fell flat….

  • that woderbookcrap took too much time in the conference and it was an embarrassment to watch the controllers not responding accordingly , why sony didnt show new psvita games instead? or at least giving us a little big planet vita release date

  • They didn’t even show vita gameplay Lol wtf Sony

  • No Diablo III announcement, gaddamit

  • the rest of E3 are just recaps- trailers we’ve already seen… why not add more announceents instead of this crap

  • Mum is the word at Sony about “The Last Guardian” looks like the last hope will be TGS. If nothing by then… it looks like this title is vaporware.

    Weak press conference overall, attendees got a sweet present with a full year of PSN Plus. There were a few highlights like gameplay of “God of War: Ascension”, “The Last of Us” and “Beyond.”

    Speaking of “God of War: Ascension” I rather play this than that clone that will appear on Microsoft’s box.

  • Sadly, I can’t help but feel very disappointed in what seemed like a lackluster conference from Sony. No real major surprises, presentations that went on far too long (Yep, that’s God of War), Wonderbook looked kinda cool, but was clunky and slow…And what about the Vita?? Sony really needed to come out guns blazing with Vita announcements to turn around sales numbers but we get another year with nothing but a Call of Duty logo and not much else. I was hoping for so much more.

  • sony killed it…i loved the show…Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal looked so sick what am i saying they all did

  • One of the worst conferences that Sony’s ever done. If Kaz wants to sell ten million Playstation Vita’s by the end of this FY he’s on the wrong track. I thought you guys wanted to sell the Playstation Vita, not Wonderbooks.

  • Okay I’ll give the stuff that leaked in the last day though still, yawn. Beyond could be interesting I guess.

  • looked sick”


    That white vita bundle looks cool though and at least they included a memory stick even though 4 gigs is no where enough lol. Still a cool vita though I mean I was wondering that when the vita was white when the video of that creed game was playing and then BAM white vita was revealed lol. Yeah I agree with you guys in here complaining over a vita price drop cause its so much needed. Maybe it will still pop up tomorrow. Who knows but that last of us looks freaking awesome man. Can’t wait to play that game!

  • Great show. While the interactive Book demo had some issues, it wasn’t dull. I’m on board for interactive reading w/ my cousins. Great content all around. Sorely missing Japanese support for the PS3 & Vita. Ubisoft looks like it’s going to have a great lineup.

    I think Sony gamers & fans should be happy. Fantastic exclusives & Jack did an amazing job. He’s a bloody natural on stage. He knows & loves the Sony brand & makes a great connection to every PS gamer. E3 should be bi-annual. ;D

  • Wow, never realized Shoe was so short… Or you’re a giant.

  • @175 they had Assassin’s Creed: Lberation, one title that will most likely top call of duty in handheld sells

  • Excited about ps plus this month but i would like to see a full list of the junes content please!!!

  • Hopefully there will be some new Vita stuff in the coming days. Doubt it but still hoping

  • Sony want to kill Vita just like it did with Move.

  • Great conference! Not sure how people wouldn’t think using Vita as a PS3 controller with the extra screen isn’t a killer new announcement. Made me want to buy one that much more :)

  • Where the @$^@ is The Last Guardian?!?!?


    @ PHISHMANIAC…. Dude that’s cool avatar where do I find that one? I like that dragon and fire avatar that’s pretty sweet.


    @186 Because we want to use the Vita to play Vita games that’s why

  • They started strong, but I had expected sooooooo much more. Warrior’s Lair (Ruin), Gravity Rush, LBP Vita, FFVXIII, FFXIII-3. FFXIV, FFX-HD, THe Last Guardian, Soul Sacrifice, The AGent, Monster Hunter Vita, Time Travelers…..AND NO BIG SURPRISES!!! It’s so unlike Sony to not have at least 1 big surprise that no one knew about….unless it was the Wonderbook thing. Which was interesting, but not “big Surprise” Worthy. They did spend too much time on the Wonderbook thing, and it didn’t go well. I thought if they had 20+ new games to show off, that they’d run 2-3min game clips of all these games mentioned above, back to back to back. Then maybe even show more unannounced games for PS3 and Vita, but no. We saw NOTHING new, (except Wonderbook, and that barely counts) Very disappointed, had really high hopes for this E3 and just got the wind taken outta my sales :(

  • Hey defeater_man
    to make $17,800 in a few hours at $64 an hour.. that means “a few hours” is more than 278. No wonder you spam comments, you can’t even do 4th grade math, I certainly wouldn’t hire you.

    Anywho… Glad to have a PS3, even though I complain quite a bit :P it’s still my console of choice. It was well worth the wait to see what they had for E3… sorta been coolin’ on the bench waiting to see what they had in store for plus members. Anyone who isn’t a Plus member now will really be missing out. The 3 out of the 12 games they announced alone will more than pay for 9 months of plus!

    Good job, Sony, I was wondering what could be better than free games…. and yup, it’s EVEN MORE FREE GAMES. lol Good call.

  • Overall the E3 press conference for Sony was lame, but a few good things came out of it.
    1. 3EYOND
    2. The Last of Us Gameplay
    3. Mr.Bubbles(Big Daddy) announced for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
    4. Free PS+ Games tomorrow:
    –Infamous 2
    –Little Big Planet 2
    –Saints Row 2.

  • 15 minutes on a gorram interactive book.

  • It was better game wise then that dreaded MS showing. So far Sony Ubisoft and EA had the goods.

  • No GTAV but plenty of super awesome games anyway! But GTAVVVVVVVV PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Rubenstein and Sony you did not disappoint. You guys put on a show and the news I was hoping for the white PS VITA. YES! YES! YES!

  • It was very disappointing to see so few vita games. It seemed like a fourth of the show was that book. =(

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