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Jun 05

Jun 05

PlayStation Plus E3 2012 – June Update: Your Instant Game Collection Is Here

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Starting with today’s PlayStation Store update, PlayStation Plus will deliver an instant game collection to all members!


Starting with 12 blockbuster titles worth over $260 – including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Saints Row 2, Just Cause 2, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – PlayStation Plus members will now have a library of games to play in addition to exclusive features like online game saves, automatic updates, priority access to betas, and the best discounts on games, DLC, and other content on the PlayStation Store – all for less than $5 a month. New games will be introduced all the time, so you’ll never run out of awesome titles to play!


Purchase PlayStation Plus in the PlayStation Store on your PS3, or purchase online and get a redeemable voucher code instantly. Click HERE to join PlayStation Plus today!

Below is the full list of games that will be available free to all PlayStation Plus members beginning today. Let us know your thoughts on the PlayStation Plus powered instant game collection in the comments below as we’ll be continuing to listen to your thoughts on the best value in gaming! As always, it’s only going to get better.

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Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Click here to purchase your membership today!

Free Games: Virtua Fighter 5 – June 5th
inFAMOUS 2 – June 5th
Little Big Planet 2 – June 5th
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One – June 5th
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – June 5th
Just Cause 2 – June 5th
Saints Row 2 – June 5th
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – June 5th
Hard Corp: Uprising – June 5th
Choplifter HD – June 5th
Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone – June 5th
Sideway NY – June 5th

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saab01 said:

June 6th, 4:51 pm

I just bought another year of plus and in the services list it says next renewal 6/12/2013 but all my games say they expire in 5 days whats going on here ?

DrcRcp said:

June 6th, 4:52 pm

When is the latest time or last day I can download these 12 games? Moderator please respond.

QPCloudy said:

June 6th, 4:56 pm

@DrnRcp, they will be available at least for one month. I have heard some say 16 weeks.

DelMurice said:

June 6th, 5:02 pm

Sigh… downloading 24 hours straight and I managed to only get 132megs…. Comcast is garbage as far as being an internet provider. At this rate, it will take two weeks just to get the smallest game up there.

I wonder how comcast defines Broadband?

I know they ripped people off selling digital set top boxes, and it turned out figital doesn’t mean HD, but they woudln’t elaborate on that. It could be just crummy service for us people out in the country. But they should live up to what they are claiming to sell.

vmks1 said:

June 6th, 5:03 pm

When my subscription runs out and I renew it, will I get to still use them

JUELZ_753 said:

June 6th, 5:03 pm

Need a new hard drive to fit all those games. I was always on the fence on PS plus but this swayed me.

DelMurice said:

June 6th, 7:18 pm

yeah as long as you had “purchased it” (you click download or at to your basket without downloading it) you can use it again when you get plus established again. You just can’t access games you missed while not with plus.

Senjutsu_Dav said:

June 6th, 7:43 pm

WHAAAATTTT???? All of that for free? How is that even possible? Really, I wonder I you do your money…

Well, I’m already PS+ member (and I already bought it till end of 2013) so I’m simply getting those as a bonus, a really big bonus!! My god, I think I’ll have to check if I can download all of them under my bandwidh cap haha. In the worst case scenario I’ll have to start and stop the download to finish it next month. I also wonder about the space left in my HDD, ouch!

Now I’m happy I have 250GB! My god, so much free stuff. I can’t understand those who don’t wanna be PS+ members at all.

Senjutsu_Dav said:

June 6th, 7:47 pm

@551: Ouch, I download 1.8MB/s, so around a gig in 9 minutes, for about 50$/month. My friends got 60MB/s for around 70$/month.

Find another ISP.

WhiteCurtis said:

June 6th, 7:57 pm

I assume I will have to actually download all these games. How much memory is this gonna leave me after I download even half the games?

DelMurice said:

June 6th, 8:03 pm


I’m supposed to get 1.6mb/s but you know these small town ISP’s never can come close to what they promise. The other ISP is a wireless service that’s 265kb/s which won’t do at all, there’s no G3, or G4 out here.

But supposedly I’m paying for broadband, I should at least get something that lives up to that .I need to move, that’s what I need to do .

TheUnknownFaith said:

June 6th, 8:09 pm

So if we download these games today with our playstation membership and our Playstation plus runs out next week, we wont be able to have the full game anymore?

VitamiN-PP said:

June 6th, 8:19 pm

#3 #17 # 19 # 27 just to name a few. But I bet there are a lot more people like us who just brought those games the day before they went for free! I’ve been a plus member for about 3 months, and I do like plus members’ free deal every month, and this ultimate free game deal could the best ever. BUT why did SONY charge us something which would be free in no time? Does SONY really want to win E3 soooooo bad that some guy figured out this ‘SMART’ idea? Or does SONY just wanna steal some money!

Diablosbomb said:

June 6th, 9:04 pm

So, if I “buy” Saints Row 2 with this collection thing. I download it, play it and remove it to make room for something else. Then it gets taken out of the collection, will I still have access to re-download it and continue playing it since I was a PS+ member when it was in the collection or is it, too bad shouldn’t have uninstalled it. Basically what I am asking is, should I get a much much bigger HDD for my PS3 so I don’t have to remove games?

joeyrpger said:

June 6th, 10:00 pm

I have to admit, I really like this, I was never quite as excited about a Playstation update like this since the days classic SquareEnix games were being put up. I downloaded some of these Free game for us PS+ users and some of the things that bother me is the fact the some of these games have the word Digital put after their title. Like “Little Big Planet 2 Digital Version” or “Infamous 2 Digital”. Makes it feel quite inferior when digital games are much more reliable. I would rather this be changed, it’s something that is a bit of a nuisance to me. Otherwise, I am enjoying the games and can’t wait to see what else is in store, just make sure you give us some hidden gems among the blockbuster games, ok?

DelMurice said:

June 6th, 11:18 pm


All “Full digital download” means is that it was previously a disc based game. Sony has never offered stripped down versions of the games to plus members. All the content and trophies are all there. Actually we see more as plus members, like early releases and closed beta’s (and even gifts at release time for beta testing).
Something that just blows my mind, is Sony gave out about 5500 one year subscriptions to people who attended the press conference on Monday. And free games just this month alone totalled up to be about $200. That’s over a million dollars totaled up, and that’s just for this month, they all got 1 year of free plus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company promotion in the history of gaming even come close to this. What makes it more amazing, is it comes during a reccession when people could appreciate it even more.

thatguyrome said:

June 6th, 11:49 pm

Well, this just gave me 12 FANTASTIC reasons to re-subscribe to Playstation Plus. Bravo Sony. THAT’S how you pull in an audience!

lX_XScorpionX_Xl said:

June 7th, 12:58 am

how many days away those games?

viceforce said:

June 7th, 1:35 am

I just downloaded 10 of these games(All ready have retail inFAMOUS 2 and Ultimate Edition Just Cause 2). Now correct me if I’m wrong but are you saying we’re going to get even more games next week!? Will some of them be free?

usboynevs said:

June 7th, 7:14 am

This is the first time I’ll comment here just because you’ve made the PS Plus subscription worth it. I actually just own 1 of these 12 games.

intrigue169 said:

June 7th, 7:32 am

these games are not free for life. Every free game that I have downloaded has an experation date usually about a year later. am I the only one who has noticed that. Not that I’m complaining, because very few games I will not play a year after buying with some exceptions like, Max Payne, Halo, and Supper Mario Brothers which are all games I play at least every other year.

msmont said:

June 7th, 8:01 am

@ viceforce. The rotation of PS+ games was mostly monthly previous to this E3. Every week they might have a new mini and every two weeks they would sometimes add another psn game, but, mostly the new content came on the first Tuesday of every month. From what I understand in the post E3 world, 2 of these games are going to be rotating in every month. Every quarter they are going to rotate in some others as well and even more yearly.

windsr said:

June 7th, 9:17 am

Glad I was able to install a 500GB drive in my PS3. This definitely makes PLUS worth every penny.

guglikMIX said:

June 7th, 10:39 am

Nice….so many cool free games to download !! Thanks alot :)

guglikMIX said:

June 7th, 10:45 am

At least i must say i love you Sony !

freakma- said:

June 7th, 3:42 pm

Currently downloading :D Very Very NICE !!!

KillzoneXZR said:

June 7th, 7:33 pm

$60 subscription on Xbox: You get to play online and talk to friends
$50 PS3 subscription, you get $260 worth of free games.

Thanks for this!

marfox said:

June 7th, 7:52 pm

Not sure why but when I try to Download Infamous 2 it stops at 84% I tried Ratchet and Clank but it did the same. I have enough room on my PS3 (120gb) idk if this has happen to anyone else or is it just me. Help? Plz?

pipeline100 said:

June 7th, 8:05 pm

Don’t forget your faithful PSP or PSP Vita members. I don’t see much as far as free games or add ons for us!

pipeline100 said:

June 7th, 9:47 pm

I noticed that Playstation plus is mainly for PS3 users as I joined because I own 2 psps and a PSP vita. So far this isn’t worth as much. I posted a comment to “not forget your loyal psp and PSP vita owners” and for some reason it disappeared? Again please don’t forget us or I may not renew next time. Just FYI.

owits said:

June 7th, 9:57 pm

How come we don’t have these games for Asia?

pipeline100 said:

June 7th, 10:00 pm

disregard the comment about ‘it disappearing” apparently it is posted as comment 575 the oldest comments get posted on the main page. However my other comments still stand. Please make Playstation Plus a plus for all members. PSP, PSP Vita and PS3 owners.

NuBiXx said:

June 8th, 1:03 am

cool ……

PICK34 said:

June 8th, 3:05 am

Playstation plus is awesome, is there a list anywhere that has everything offered since the beginning?

l-sham3on said:

June 8th, 3:49 am

QUESTION! sooo is there only 12 free ps3 games each month? are the psone games for free or not?

WitchyRein said:

June 8th, 5:22 am

this is sooo awesome!!! i’m definitely getting the 1 year subscription , tank you SONY :)

WitchyRein said:

June 8th, 5:23 am

may i also suggest you give more free avatars? that would be great :P

GoDroidxx1790 said:

June 8th, 7:51 am

Im going to suscribe to playstation plus today!!!!!

GoDroidxx1790 said:

June 8th, 7:52 am

playstatin plus here i come!!!!!

XSGranted said:

June 8th, 10:18 am

So wait until what date are these available cuz i can’t renew my PSPlus right away! T__T I DUN WANNA MISS OUT!!

Kojima-Yoshiyuki said:

June 8th, 10:20 am

Ok Ive decided to give it a whirl, hopefully the games will include something I really want next month like chime, crystal defenders, journey, and some of the awesome psone classics like metal gear or the final fantasies.

only thing im not sure of so far is the 150 mb limit on the cloud saves and it seems like there is no simple way to back up all of your saves, and that was one of the things Ive wanted.

XSGranted said:

June 8th, 10:43 am

Are these like the European ones and will be available till July or is this like a 2 week thing??

jfv31929 said:

June 8th, 10:58 am

I Was Wondering if i get PS+ and download these games will i have them forever or just until my PS+ Expires?

leonardolimaog said:

June 8th, 11:01 am

quanto tempo fica os jogos grátis?

DCGMoo said:

June 8th, 12:56 pm


Any games that you spend any money on at all (even if it’s a discount, as long as you spend at least a penny) will be yours forever.

Any games that you get totally FREE (like these) can only be played while you’re a PS+ member. If your membership expires, the games won’t load until you resubscribe.

It’s a fair hook for Sony, since you can’t watch Netflix movies or Hulu+ shows without a membership either. But I’ll be honest… PS+ was worth keeping for me, even before these new games hit. I downloaded multiple games that I was interested in per month for free in the last few months.

lordsofhoth said:

June 8th, 6:04 pm

Curious to see if anyone else had this problem. I downloaded the Infamous 2 game, but the game says its only the 60 minute trial and expires at the end of the month. I am a PS+ member and my membership doesnt expire for a year and a half. Is there an error somewhere or is this correct? Thanks

Bell-21- said:

June 8th, 6:21 pm

Just bought Ps Plus this is what im talking about thanks Sony Playstation!

RainbowFace26 said:

June 8th, 6:44 pm

Kind of messed up hoe infamous has an experation date while space marine doesn’t.

Wickemic said:

June 8th, 7:20 pm

Words can’t express how awesome this is. You have made a lifelong customer even more happy than you could possible imagine.

lonewhitewolf1 said:

June 8th, 8:06 pm

question, i got the three month subscription for the games (and a few other things) so that means that if i dont pay the next time i will have to pay for the games if i want to continue to have them? also thank you sony for giving me a reason to actually pay for a plus membership, free games and discounts? im so in. better than microsoft, just watch movies and stuff lol

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