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Jun 05

Jun 05

PlayStation Plus E3 2012 – June Update: Your Instant Game Collection Is Here

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Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Starting with today’s PlayStation Store update, PlayStation Plus will deliver an instant game collection to all members!


Starting with 12 blockbuster titles worth over $260 – including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Saints Row 2, Just Cause 2, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – PlayStation Plus members will now have a library of games to play in addition to exclusive features like online game saves, automatic updates, priority access to betas, and the best discounts on games, DLC, and other content on the PlayStation Store – all for less than $5 a month. New games will be introduced all the time, so you’ll never run out of awesome titles to play!


Purchase PlayStation Plus in the PlayStation Store on your PS3, or purchase online and get a redeemable voucher code instantly. Click HERE to join PlayStation Plus today!

Below is the full list of games that will be available free to all PlayStation Plus members beginning today. Let us know your thoughts on the PlayStation Plus powered instant game collection in the comments below as we’ll be continuing to listen to your thoughts on the best value in gaming! As always, it’s only going to get better.

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Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Click here to purchase your membership today!

Free Games: Virtua Fighter 5 – June 5th
inFAMOUS 2 – June 5th
Little Big Planet 2 – June 5th
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One – June 5th
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – June 5th
Just Cause 2 – June 5th
Saints Row 2 – June 5th
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – June 5th
Hard Corp: Uprising – June 5th
Choplifter HD – June 5th
Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone – June 5th
Sideway NY – June 5th

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camel-zombie said:

June 5th, 9:08 am

i know what i need, a bigger HDD for sure, right now i only have 29GB free space and its going to run out pretty soon for sure!

theaveragegatsby said:

June 5th, 9:10 am

That’s a really good question. I would imagine we have to have them on our hard drive before the month is up. but it would be sweet if they somehow kept track so you could uninstall/reinstall. I only have a 80 gig hd, so I’m going to run out of space quick.

FranklynStreet said:

June 5th, 9:10 am

Is there any way to get wallet credit for recent purchases? I bought Imfamous 2 and Just Cause 2 last week when the Ultimate deals went up, and this definitely seems like a slap in the face to Plus subscribers who are taking timely advantage of PS+’s deals. I’ve seen this happen before, and it’s going to teach me NOT to buy deals when they go up, but to wait for an even better deal down the line. I think it’s great that PS+ is offering some free games, but to do it with multiple games undercutting a deal from only a week ago, makes it obvious that those games are only there to help support a headline, because Sony knows that most people who wanted the game already spent their money on it a week ago. In essence, there’s fewer free games than actually advertised.

x1Raziel said:

June 5th, 9:14 am

i was excited about E3 and was looking foward to hearing about playstation plus. till they said that infamous 2 was going to be free then i was ticked off what a slap to the face i felt riped off. you put some games on sale days before you plan on giving it for free, that’s messed up. and to the fanboys that say hey you still get all the dlc when you bought the ultimate edition did you even see the dlc that came with infamous 2 it’s a bunch of crap.

TriDawg said:

June 5th, 9:16 am

Holy, holy, holy!! OMG!!!!! More free games than ever before!!! WOW!!! OK….From this day forward I’ll proudly admit to everyone…

I’M A FANBOY!! PS3 RULES!! Xbox…?!! Do they call it X because it’s like an old, tired girlfriend you don’t want anymore? We know why they call it PS, because they’re always telling you there’s a little more.

P.S. Oh yeah, here’s some more freebies!

P.S.2 Oh yeah , here’s some more, in case that wasn’t enough!

PS3…Oh yeah, it’s the greatest machine ever and it includes a Blu-Ray player instead of boring old HD disc, AND HERE’S MORE FREEBIES THAN YOU CAN EVER PLAY IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!

I shall now humbly bow down before the best game system EVER, and NEVER STOP PLAYING!!

snakeman07 said:

June 5th, 9:18 am

This is amazing. LBP2, Inf2 and JC2! So glad I waited on buying LBP2 and Inf2 :) I bought JC2 a while back but sold it because Batman was coming out, so I can’t wait to start up that one again. Thank you Sony!!!!

PlatinumAura said:

June 5th, 9:18 am

At first I saw Infamous 2 and I was like FUUUUUU then I saw aLL the others!! Yes I own some of them but damn can’t complain at all CANT WAIT!!! :)

DaSlideshow said:

June 5th, 9:20 am

when does this go live? ive been waiting and it hasn’t updated the store yet

narek_18 said:

June 5th, 9:20 am

Are these games free for life or when my 1 year plus length time out these games run out?

kusa246 said:

June 5th, 9:21 am

when will this be updated to the store???

androvsky said:

June 5th, 9:22 am

I had a near-launch PS3 with perfect PS2 BC, and it was great for playing PS2 games on. I have a PS2, but it doesn’t like HDTVs much. The PS2 BC situation is pretty messed up; for all the ways Sony could help people who already own a bunch of PS2 games, they’ve chosen none of them.

Please add PS2 titles as free games for PS+. It’s not ideal (it’s not even a good BC solution), but it’s better than nothing. I’m not repurchasing my collection at $10 each.

KwietStorm said:

June 5th, 9:23 am

So can we get that sign in invisible feature and a categorized download history? Thanks

JayLC2008 said:

June 5th, 9:26 am

Ok so I have a PS+ but I dont know how to access the 12 feee games can someone help me out please?

StarFoxMania said:

June 5th, 9:26 am

I feel for the author of post # 3. Agreed! You can’t put a game advertised as a big bright icon on sale with like 30% off – 50% off and then within the same week, offer it for free… it’s a nasty kick in the stomach for ppl like him.

LDMonty said:

June 5th, 9:27 am

Wow….I just paid for infamous 2., and now it’s free?

Sephir007 said:

June 5th, 9:28 am

This is awesome! thank you, this is really a PLUS service unlike others that charge for nothing, I’m glad to be part of the PS Nation!

Sephir007 said:

June 5th, 9:31 am

The games offered for free are limited to your PS PLUS service, if you buyed them at discount they are yours even if you don’t keep plus, so I don’t know why people keep complaining..

Yohmaru_EX said:

June 5th, 9:33 am

Hey Morgan, I have something to say

First thanks for the plus content!!! This update will be epic!!

Second thing:

Please, make a filter system in our download list in the store. I can’t find anything that i downloaded 1 year ago, i have 600 item in my download list but no way to manage all!!! My ps3 has a 120gb hd, and now with this 12 new games, i will have to delete some of my games U_U

and finaly, i have a friend who wants to get the plus, this “instant collection” is valid just for this week? or for the entire month??

thanks again :)

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    June 12th, 3:38 pm

    the instant game collection is the new Plus free game philosophy moving forward. It will be there for the foreseeable future with new content coming in all the time.

sparksumadizm said:

June 5th, 9:33 am

Pro-tip: never buy anything from a company before a keynote presentation like E3.


June 5th, 9:34 am

@ 163
the store will update sometime in the next 5 hours. Once it does login to the store and go to PLAYSTATION PLUS.

babyjor10 said:

June 5th, 9:34 am

While this is awesome, I literally bought Just Cause 2 less then 12 hours ago. Any chance of a refund?

PlayEvoinsec21 said:

June 5th, 9:35 am

Hey Morgan and PS+ Team Thanks a LOT for this AWESOME update !! But i really need u to answer me this question:

Can we play the games throughout our entire Plus subscription? Or do they stop being playable once they are taken off the list of 10 games?

Thanks and please answer me !!!

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    June 12th, 3:34 pm

    just download them all (or start the download) and they’re yours as long as you have a plus sub. if you haven’t redeemd the download by the time the game rotates off, then you will not be able to access it.

ajwilson55 said:

June 5th, 9:35 am

Absolutely spectacular. I can’t see how anyone who is a semi-serious gamer would not pick this up. Thank you very much!

H1megami said:

June 5th, 9:35 am

I just checked my PlayStation 3 and them are not available yet. When can i get them?

Rikith said:

June 5th, 9:35 am

Nice looks like its time to go buy another year

Roberts2100 said:

June 5th, 9:36 am

How do you download the free games? I just became a member.

MushThePainter said:

June 5th, 9:37 am

LBP2, VF5, R&C-A4O, SM, SR2, LC-GoL, and HCU for me! thank you!!! this made my month

Kojima-Yoshiyuki said:

June 5th, 9:38 am

I just still cant see myself getting the bang for my buck out of this, especially considering everything goes away once you leave plus. While you do keep the stuff you purchase at a discounted rate I feel like I wouldnt save $50 a year becuase I normally dont buy $50 a year worth of stuff off of psn.

Hooligantuan said:

June 5th, 9:38 am

Huh. That’s actually a good spread.

How nice, considering I just bought 3 months of Plus yesterday to ease the ridiculous hassle of backing up my data to format my PS3 so that it might start working properly again.


June 5th, 9:38 am

This is the PLUS line for the entire month all games will be available until next month. Though they will be released in blocks like normal PLUS content. so today we will get four games and the rest will release in the coming weeks. Not 100% sure, but i’ll put money on it.

DelMurice said:

June 5th, 9:39 am

Holy cow!! Now I have to figure out what to delete to make room! I have LBP planet already, but really excited about it being up there for free, because it’s all about the community. Same for Ratchet and Clank. I’ll just say this, you gotta be nets if you don’t run out and get a $17.99 playstation plus card!


June 5th, 9:40 am

These titles function as normal PS PLUS content, for as long as your a member there yours to play!

TDgam3r99 said:

June 5th, 9:40 am

SOMEONE PLEASE ANWER THIS! Is those games that you have listed staying on ps+ for a week ( till next tuesday) or till the end of the month?

TDgam3r99 said:

June 5th, 9:40 am


DelMurice said:

June 5th, 9:41 am

Nets? lol Nuts!!! Boy I hate typos.

BrownChiKaNo said:

June 5th, 9:43 am


SHOR73RM said:

June 5th, 9:43 am



June 5th, 9:45 am

@ 183
answered on 180

TDgam3r99 said:

June 5th, 9:47 am

Thanks JONGREY didnt see it at first.

GGCAN said:

June 5th, 9:48 am

Thanks Morgan.

Very nice !

Been a PSN + member since day one and it’s been worth every penny !


June 5th, 9:49 am

Well, looks like I will have to get myself a larger HDD after all, been fighting with my 120GB HDD for awhile now to free up space. This is probably going to convince a few people I know to sign up for PS+ as well when I tell them.

Yohmaru_EX said:

June 5th, 9:49 am

@188 sorry pal, but thats was what you said. I want Morgan’s answer xD

Hey Morgan look to my question in #168

macrocosmTHEend said:

June 5th, 9:50 am

I don’t see these games for free on the USA PlayStation store why aren’t they thr? Yes I do have PlayStation Plus

KingTygerVII said:

June 5th, 9:52 am

Hey, question, I have PSN+, but, i am low on cash since i got fired from my job, budget cuts, if my subscription ends, and i pay it back the month later, do i lose all games i had before?

Satnamji said:

June 5th, 9:54 am

I signed up for Plus last Friday, partly to take advantage of the inFamous 2 sale. I specifically recall thinking to myself just before I hit the “confirm purchase” button, “Now there’s no way this game will be offered for free next month.”

I now see why Sony waited so long to announced June’s Plus offerings.

glassmusic said:

June 5th, 9:55 am

I’ve been a Plus member for a long time now, and I’ve got to say–the service has always been amazing, but is definitely getting better with each passing month. Thanks guys!

I’m wishing I hadn’t have purchased the inFamous 2 bundle the other day, but with all the DLC that was thrown in, I only paid an extra three dollars and change. Not too shabby!

Thanks again!


June 5th, 9:56 am

Just signed up for playstation plus 3 month term and I don’t have the free games available. I thought this was available right away. What gives?

glassmusic said:

June 5th, 9:56 am

To Satnamji — I bought that deal as well, but it comes with so much DLC that at the end of the day you’re only ‘out’ less than four dollars. The DLC alone is twenty bucks. :)

KindaFresh said:

June 5th, 9:57 am

PS+ is the best.


June 5th, 9:58 am

@ 194
you will get to keep all previously downloaded content as soon as you resubscribe. The only thing you will miss is any content that was available while you where out.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    June 12th, 3:40 pm

    Thanks very much Jongrey for answering these questions! =) being at E3 all week, I didn’t have much time to get to everyone.

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