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Jun 12

Jun 12

Escape Plan: The Asylum DLC Hits PSN Today for Just 25 Cents

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CEO, Fun Bits Interactive

Update: An earlier version of this post cited incorrect pricing information. We regret the error.


It’s an insane time for Escape Plan, as we have a ton of new content launching for everyone this week: The Asylum DLC arrives for just 2 25 cents, Patch 1.02 goes live, five free Avatars are coming for PS Plus members and the Escape Plan Demo will be available for all PS Vita players – all with today’s PS Store publish!


Since launch, our fans have chipped in to provide feedback and thoughts on Escape Plan. All of these little nuggets of advice and tips have helped us to improve and change the overall experience, and so for a limited time, we’re giving back to fans by dropping The Asylum DLC from $4.99 to a just a handful of change — $0.25, to be exact.


The gameplay of The Asylum picks up right where Lil and Laarg left off at the end of Escape Plan. Lil and Laarg travel through a sewer pipe, only to find themselves in Bakuki’s Asylum. This latest conundrum is filled with padded walls, shocking minions, gruesome blades of mass destruction and even more helpless sheep.


The Asylum delivers a ton of crazy content, including the Lil and Laarg Dressing Room where fans can check out the God and Luchadore Super Pack costumes, with the Poindexter and Super Hero costumes unlockable by playing through all of the 18 Asylum levels.

We are also introducing seven new Challenge Modes and four more Trophies!


Everyone will receive patch 1.02, which will give them the first two Dressing Room costumes for Lil and Laarg and a handful of gameplay improvements, but only The Asylum DLC will open up the new levels, trophies and remaining costumes.

After the limited two-week 25-cent promotion, Escape Plan The Asylum will be available in the PSN Store for $4.99 on June 26th, 2012.

For those who have yet to pick up Escape Plan, we are happy to announce the release of the official Escape Plan Demo! This teaser gives fans a taste of 16 puzzling levels from the original game. Be sure to give it a try and, as always, we’d love to get your feedback in the comments below.

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USCCM said:

June 12th, 7:13 pm

I love Escape Plan, but sucks at it. I want to blame it on the control, but they’ve already updated the control. I want to blame the design, but that’s not the problem. It’s just I have slow reflexes. I still can’t escape the Warehouse. I haven’t reached Bakuki’s Lair, and now I need to go to the Asylum?

Someone help me please!!!

I keep going back to Super Stardust Delta. That’s the most worthwhile launch title that I have bought, but the DLC for Escape Plan just keeps coming, which is always a good sign. And a 25 cents, how can I not love Laarg a Lil more?

Anddo said:

June 12th, 7:42 pm

Still a great deal.

Heavenly_king said:

June 12th, 7:57 pm


DeathDealers_77 said:

June 12th, 8:29 pm

i would love to buy this DLC but since Sony has a total loser running the psn store i cant. its almost midnight east coast and still no store update. WTFF GRACE LAZY @$$ CHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

DarkOne_PR said:

June 12th, 8:42 pm

cant find the dlc!!! Guys im in love with lil and larg… such amazing cute chars! AND LOVING UR DEDICATION! keep it going like that!

massimodo said:

June 12th, 9:37 pm

+ DarkOne_PR on June 12th, 2012 at 8:42 pm said:
cant find the dlc!!! Guys im in love with lil and larg… such amazing cute chars! AND LOVING UR DEDICATION! keep it going like that!

Do a search on your vita for escape plan and you’ll find the dlc there.

massimodo said:

June 12th, 10:03 pm

Just so people know, especially if you’ve got a small memory card, Escape Plan has grown to 1.8gigs in size.

Venom1976 said:

June 12th, 10:16 pm

hate to say it but it’s Officially Wednesday on the east coast and still no update. I guess i’ll give up and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

tusunami said:

June 13th, 9:13 am

This is another stellar idea from developers supporting there game for the Ps Vita. I hope other developers take note this is how it’s done!!!!!!!!!!

flameguy21 said:

June 13th, 1:03 pm

I don’t think you can play the demo if you updated your vita yesterday, which I did. Sad face…

kill3rqw said:

June 13th, 4:02 pm

cool dlcs. stop complaining . its 25 cents. not the end of the world. and if you complain for the price, im sorry to say, but you are cheap then.

Elvick_ said:

June 14th, 12:02 am

Can’t install it, because the update is as big as the game itself. If not bigger. No room. Lovely~

PureVenum said:

June 14th, 4:06 am

Just wanted to point out that your actually incorrect on this.
Escape Plan patches actually do add new content when there this big in size.

Because with each update the size of Escape Plan game on Memory card increases.

When you download any download content that is only 100kb..
Those actually ARE just unlocks for the content that is already present in games and is simply locked to make more money.

So people think there getting new content but there really paying for an unlock to content already in the game.
It’s like paying for a cheat code.

No digital content containing massive code can be only 100kb.
So all they are are codes containing unlock paths that are made once there bough.

SilencedCricket said:

June 15th, 9:41 pm

Anybody else getting an error message every time they try to load up the Escape Plan demo? I’ve tried redownloading it three times but every time I tell it to launch it shows the logo for awhile then I get the same error message again. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really want to try this game before buying it and its DLC.

LegacyofAngel said:

June 22nd, 5:13 am

OMG looks like I have to buy a vita now lol

B66_butterfly said:

July 12th, 7:31 am

more rooms r missed <3
Such a fun game but over so fast

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