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Jun 19

Jun 19

Okami HD Coming Exclusively to PS3 With PlayStation Move Support This Fall

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Marketing Manager, Capcom

Okami HD for PS3

Grab your Celestial Brush! I’m pleased to confirm that this fall, gamers will be able to return to the land of Nippon in Okami HD, exclusively on the PS3 with PlayStation Move support. Initially released to critical acclaim on the PS2, Okami HD has the player take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, who inhabits the form of a wolf. After a tyrannical monster, Orochi, turns the world into a ruined, colorless wasteland, Amaterasu must use her magical abilities to restore the land to its previous glory and defeat the demon in charge of the destruction.

Okami HD brings Amaterasu’s epic tale to the PS3 with fully integrated HD graphics and widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. I did not think it was possible to make the game look even better, but when I saw it for myself, I was a believer. The trademark sumi-e ink art style lends itself perfectly to HD, allowing players to experience more of the awe-inspiring world displayed in more detail than ever before. Check out the trailer above to see what I’m talking about!

To create an even more immersive experience, you can take your PlayStation Move motion controller and use it as your own Celestial Brush and naturally make brush strokes to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. That said, if you’re just in the mood to relive Okami in HD with the same controls as you had on your PS2, you can also play with your traditional PS3 controllers.

To top things off, we know everyone loves Trophies, so Okami HD will support PS3 Trophies, (including a Platinum) giving you new challenges to face and feats to complete. Okami HD will be available for download exclusively on PS3 in North America and Europe this fall.

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lisatsunami said:

June 19th, 8:23 pm

Yes, yes, yes!! This is the older gen game I’ve been waiting, hoping, wishing for although I don’t whine about it every day. Day 1 purchase, no matter the price. I couldn’t bear to play this on the “whee” after 20 minutes of wraggling. But oh, such a beautiful and creative game. Will play this and maybe use the Move until I get exhausted. I didn’t read the fine print so I hope it’s Move optional.

Yay, thank you!!!

    Tristan Corbett's Avatar

    Tristan Corbett said:

    June 20th, 2:42 pm

    Move is optional so if you aren’t in the mood to waggle you can stick with just a Dualshock. :)

jimmyfoxhound said:

June 19th, 8:24 pm


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this game like no other on the PS2. I cannot wait to play it again in HD!!!!! Oh yes yes yesssss

zedcat said:

June 19th, 8:26 pm

Awesome. I generally don’t get excited over hd re-releases, but this was my favorite ps2 game. Would prefer a physical disc, but will purchase either way. Beautiful game.

Zookey said:

June 19th, 8:29 pm

OK this is awesome! Any word on a Vita version? Please let there be a Vita version! A game about painting just SCREAMS for touchscreen support!! Plus, with Vita’s ability to take screen shots on the fly, this is fodder for some great HD beauty shots!


    Tristan Corbett's Avatar

    Tristan Corbett said:

    June 20th, 2:44 pm

    No news on a Vita version at this point, but we’re hearing the requests loud and clear.

LarryFabulous said:

June 19th, 8:34 pm

This is the best PlayStation news I’ve heard this month. I’m so excited I can barely contain it. This game really means a lot to me <3

Sponge-worthy said:

June 19th, 8:57 pm

Thank you Capcom!

Now I just need a Psychonauts HD, then I won’t need to worry about keeping my old, backward-compatible 60GB unit from dying.

luvtoseek said:

June 19th, 9:01 pm

Vita + touch controls + PS3 + Move support = I will buy it all.

darthirish08 said:

June 19th, 9:36 pm

Yes! I am so pumped!

Vinland_Krauser said:

June 19th, 9:44 pm

Given the massive content this game offers and these improvements, it could’ve been sold by $60 on retail, easily.
But for $20? Really? I could buy it twice, just to motivate the creation of masterpieces such as this one.
Yeah, I could buy it twice… but not on the same console…
*wink* *wink*

starscreamerx31 said:

June 19th, 9:51 pm

Sony and capcom thank you so much. Now all you guys gotta do is make this come out for the vita and you will give me no choice buy to buy this game twice. Make it happen.

RandomReduX said:

June 19th, 10:12 pm

Oh god, no retail release? Digital only? DON’T DO THIS TO US, PLEASE!

kdiep said:

June 19th, 10:36 pm

Please consider a Vita port. I got plenty of games to play on my PS3 that I would play before Okami but not so much on Vita. I do love the Move support though.

ElektroDragon said:

June 19th, 10:40 pm

WOW!!! Thank you!!! So glad I did not buy the PS2 and Wii versions and waited for the BEST version on PS3 with Move! Woohoo!!

Now please fix the Escape Plan demo!

comicfan007 said:

June 19th, 10:40 pm


Gorvi said:

June 19th, 10:46 pm

Fantastic news! Any plans for a Vita version?

timedragon1 said:

June 19th, 10:48 pm

YES! I still have my PS2 copy of Okami. It’s such a great game. Replaying in HD will be an even greater experience. :D

Hell_Awaits16 said:

June 19th, 11:18 pm

WOW just epic,one of the best PS2 games now in HD!

Ethereal said:

June 19th, 11:19 pm

This is amazing! I loved it on PS2 but never finished it and it look gorgeous on the PS3. Although I am disappointed to see that this is only a digital release. Please release a retail copy as well. I am willing to pay more to have it on a disc…..Despite that keep the good news coming and thank you!

finaler said:

June 19th, 11:47 pm

I am very glad to see this game coming to PSN in HD. I played the PS2 version and it easily became one of my favorite games of all time. Still have my disk version but I’ll be sure to purchase this.

finaler said:

June 19th, 11:48 pm

Oh yeah, will this be PSN or disk? (I’m hoping PSN)

supvic said:

June 19th, 11:51 pm

CAPCOM! Why don’t you EVER make any of your HD remakes in 3D?! ALL the other devs add 3D to their HD remakes, ALL EXCEPT CAPCOM! Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell etc. ALL add 3D to their remakes, why can’t you do the same?! What a waste of potential!

Ohshtdude said:

June 19th, 11:53 pm

Such great news, please consider bringing over a Vita port for it as well!

yunyoe25 said:

June 19th, 11:55 pm

wish this was coming to the vita as well but o’well ill just get it for my ps3. great game

arturfbt said:

June 20th, 12:06 am

Great News but i will buy it just if it comes to PS Vita !!! Come On Capcom !!!

nanaki85 said:

June 20th, 12:19 am

< very excited about this! ^.^

Onna76_NL said:

June 20th, 12:44 am

OMG, OMG, going absolutely, totally, completely, mentally insane here!!! After I played the Wii version (I also own the PS2 version) I was hoping soooooo much for a HD remake for on the PS3. Was hinting Shu-san a few times about this… now a wish is coming true, doumo arigatou gozaimasu, Capcom!!!!

You couldn’t have made my day any happier!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!

SPC-AR said:

June 20th, 12:50 am

I haven’t heard news of this game in a while and watching the trailer, the PS Vita popped into my head. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks a game like this would be perfect for the PS Vita after reading all these comments. Yes, a game like this and Monster Hunter should come out for the PS Vita.

GeneJacket said:

June 20th, 1:30 am

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please tell me it’s playable on Vita and you can have all my money, forever.

He-Man_Owns_You said:

June 20th, 1:40 am

If this is digital only, then no thank you. I already have this on PS2 anyways.

EggySong85 said:

June 20th, 1:42 am

Man, if this was out for vita I seriously wouldn’t be able to decide which version to opt for. I’d probably prefer the mobile version because my vita needs loving and I’d rather get lost in Nippon while on a train than anything else, but I’m stoked for move support!

Elvick_ said:

June 20th, 1:44 am

@45: I doubt it. Kamiya *HAS* a story for Okami 2, but he no longer works for Capcom. And I can’t imagine Capcom doing anywhere near close to what he could do with Okami 2. So I’d rather they shell out the money in outsourcing the development to Platinum Games.

Where the development of any future sequels to Clover IPs should be. Not that they’d want to work with Capcom, I wouldn’t know, but they’re the only ones I trust to do justice to their IPs.

Elvick_ said:

June 20th, 1:45 am

You win this round Capcom. You’ll get my money for this.

Elvick_ said:

June 20th, 1:45 am

Oh, and another Vita request here. I’d buy it twice. (I know most wouldn’t, but meh~)

megaman069 said:

June 20th, 2:37 am

Would buy on Vita. PS Move doesn’t really make sense, you’ll win a bit for drawing stuff, but you’ll lose the precious camera control with the lack of second stick. The drawings are extremely simple and designed to be drawned with an analog stick anyway (circles, straight lines, etc…), the game was designed with a dual shock after all. But on the Vita touch screen, now it makes tons of sense.

Elvick_ said:

June 20th, 2:53 am

@133: How so? :/ Just use the Move for the camera controls. Which would be BETTER than the right stick. *points to inFamous 2 and inFamous: Festival of Blood Move controls* And both those require far more active camera movement than Okami ever will.

You only draw when you press a button. So the Move would, I assume, be used for the camera until then. Unless it’s based on the Wii controls, and the Wii controls are different than that. I don’t know, I didn’t play it on the Wii.

Burmecian_Rat said:

June 20th, 3:26 am

This is great news. But this had better be an up-res remastering of the PS2 original, which had the correct watercolour aesthetic (not overly bright cartoon visuals of the Wii) and the proper, full end credits. Knowing Capcom though, we’ll just get a lame Wii port.

Korbei83 said:

June 20th, 3:38 am

Sold. I’ve wanted this for over 5 years.

bladesonic2005 said:

June 20th, 4:01 am

My jaw just hit the floor.

JeffsonP_US said:

June 20th, 4:13 am

It NEEDS to be on PS Vita too! I mean, that gorgeous 5″ OLED screen IS a TOUCHSCREEN! I mean using our fingers for Celestial Brush! You MUST bring a PS Vita version! Okami HD for PSVita, PLEASE!

GMFCO311 said:

June 20th, 4:15 am

WOW! Thank you Sony. You definitely are the place to be with the drought of games on the other 2 consoles! PS3 is THE BEST! :)

IcedDice777 said:

June 20th, 4:22 am

Cool…i still own this Lil’ Gem for my PS2. I’ll will seriously consider plucking $20 for a remastered version with trophies and move support. NOW…with that said my dear Capcom, Give us a MEGA MAN collection (ALL of them) on a single BluRay Disc remastered with trophies Then, All of your, Quick cashin’ Super Duper Ultra Hyper Xtreme version 3.5-1 with sprinkles on top, content held hostage, Sins and indiscretions will be forgiven! MEGAN MAN collection REMASTERED with trophies. Pass the word to the Capcom’s OverLords of their ticket for redemption! 8) Thank You

NatoOph said:

June 20th, 5:24 am

Praise Ammy! My prayers have been answered!

Demonysh said:

June 20th, 5:29 am

Will buy the Move for this! Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! I concur about a Vita release, too, but heck, I’m just happy that this game finally gets a chance in the HD remake spotlight! It’s about time! Thank you!

le_silva said:

June 20th, 5:41 am

Is this the first masterpiece for Move? I hope so :)

MrDaBucket said:

June 20th, 5:59 am

You basically ignored Move.
This would have definitely made you guys look better….even just a little bit.

Monterossa said:

June 20th, 6:05 am

Samurai Warriors 3 Z needs to localize!!

kerrykerrykerry said:

June 20th, 6:11 am

I’d blow many loads knowing that this is also compatible with the vita. MANY LOADS!!!

Endlesscrowd said:

June 20th, 6:19 am

It would be cool if it came out on both PS3 AND Ps Vita. Finger brush swiping would work! :)

Endlesscrowd said:

June 20th, 6:19 am

Still waiting on my Kindgom Hearts collection.

Heavenly_king said:

June 20th, 6:39 am

Capcom are you reading the comments??? You can sell even more copies if you bring a PSVITA version!!!




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