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Download YouTube for PS Vita Today
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YouTube for PS Vita

Hi everyone! Recently, we announced that YouTube would be coming to PS Vita. It’s the latest application to be added to PS Vita’s growing portfolio of applications and one that takes full advantage of PS Vita’s high-definition and 3G capabilities. Starting later today, the YouTube application will be available as a free download via the PS Vita Store on PSN.

With the YouTube application on PS Vita, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on PS Vita’s stunning 5” OLED screen. And with 3G, you can watch your favorite content – from comedy to gaming tips to viral videos – while you’re at home or on-the-go. The application itself is straightforward and easy to use. Key features include:

  • Recommended Videos: Displays videos recommended from YouTube
  • Search: Search for videos by typing a keyword
  • Viewing History : Displays the most recent videos you’ve viewed
  • Add to Favorites: Displays a list of videos you’ve added to your Favorites list. You must be signed into your account to add a video to your Favorites.

YouTube for PS Vita

Videos will be viewable in two modes – full screen and small screen. In Full Screen mode, a control panel will be displayed on the screen, which will allow you to easily expand or minimize videos. Additionally, an HD button will appear when playing high definition (up to 720p) videos. Simply tap on the HD button to switch from HD to SD.

YouTube for PS Vita

In Small Screen mode, you’ll be able to view a video, while having access to the Like or Dislike buttons, Suggested Videos, Comments and Information.

PS Vita was designed to deliver the best high-resolution portable entertainment experience possible. We’re very excited to be able to offer the content and applications that are compelling to you, and we looking forward to bringing you more as we move further into 2012.

How will you use YouTube on your PS Vita? Let us know in the comments!

Youtube’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guideline will apply when using this application. These terms can be viewed on Youtube’s website or from “Option” > “Settings” > “Terms and Privacy Policy” in the application.

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58 Author Replies

  • hope there will be phone function on 3g/wifi set later lol

  • Will the other apps be updated so that Youtube links will open the Youtube app instead of the Web Browser app?

  • Thanks a lot,but you can’t go to people’s/community accounts to see if there’s a new videos,not sure if you can see channels you subscribed too,and does youtube app release means browser won’t get html5 support?because browser needs to be fixed,its not in best shape for portable device.
    Is there a way to leave feedback except this blog?

    • Don Mesa

      We hear ya. Improving the browser is a priority for us. We’re hard at work on it…hope to have an update soon.

  • I’m really surprised by just how well this works. Videos load quickly, and run in 720p. They look FANTASTIC on the Vita. I will definitely be using this app alot. THANK YOU!

  • mavericknrt

    sony you need to do some major improvements with the youtube app the search results doesnt give you exaclty what you are looking for

  • we can’t watch HD music videos from VEVO :( maybe VITA is having a VEVO app soon :P *please*

  • and i want to see my playlists and subscriptions on youtube app ,please

  • Having spend a bit more time with it. Here are my requests for future updates.

    *Ability to subscribe
    *Ability to view user profiles, or a way to view only their videos specifically instead of just general recommended.
    *Rename recommend tab, to reflect that it shows subscriptions. Or add a separate, new tab, for subscriptions (or recommendations).

    That’s all I really want. I’m pretty happy with it overall. Works a lot better than my iPod.

  • Oh, and @152 suggestion please. I’d love for any youtube link to open up through the YouTube app if it’s installed.

  • thunderbear

    Love the app but I miss the ability to browse Youtube channels… unless there’s an option for that that I can’t find.

  • EnobmahChoas

    Finally! Now I can watch YouTube Poop: Flatts the Rapist video on the go. I guess that video has….. over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao! XD

  • Sony THANK YOU! Finally!

  • Crazy_Lunatic463

    Oh my god :) Thank you so much! :D

  • SakuraXMartinez

    I’m happy that we have the YouTube app now for the VITA, but I kinda hoped that we would have had the ability to browse our subscriptions and our own channels, as well as upload videos straight from our VITA…or can we actually do that with this app and I am just missing something?

    Anyways, I guess I–no, we–can always hope for these features coming in a future update.

    Still, thanks Sony and Google for giving us this app.

    • Don Mesa

      The need for subscriptions and uploads are echoed by the fellow posters. I’ll see what the team can do about them.

  • race2winnet

    Is anyone else having issues when trying to install this app? Every time I try to install it, I get the following error… “YouTube Could not install. An error has occurred. (E-8010100c)” I have tried deleting it and downloading it again, I even tried downloading it to the PS3 and transferred it to the vita, but I still get the same error no matter what. I also had the same issues with the Escape Plan demo. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  • thanks a lot now the only thing we need is for the facebook app to link with the youtube app when we press a youtube link it opens the youtube app instead of the internet browser :) make it happen guys

  • @phinnv8

    Youtube is already supported in the browser and any video can be downloaded.

    You’re a joke -_-


  • Failed i meant VITA HA HA

  • Sadly, no sign of this in the New Zealand store (which I think is the European one) – yet. Mind you, we’re still waiting for The Pinball Arcade. It’s a shame that Sony chooses to stagger releases across their stores by long periods (months, and sometimes never). The YouTube app is the one that I’ve been looking forward to more than anything else, as it’ll finally let me get some value from my Vita.

  • cybar23tygar

    1st thank the youtube app., but why not just update and make the web browser able to html5, java, and, flash adobe flash.
    Plus if you are going to put app. on the psvita how about the rss player from the psp, and a app 4 the psn blog.

    • Don Mesa

      Some folks like to have an optimized experience on the device through the app. We are working hard to update the browser regardless. I like your app suggestions — I’ll check them out.

  • Adasolsson97

    Waked up and i cant see the youtube app in the eu playstation store whats up!!!!?

  • Adasolsson97

    Can someone help me downloading the youtube app in the eu playstation store is someone having the same problem as me??


    now…. good

  • Adasolsson97

    when is it coming out for europe????

  • It’s cool, don’t regret selling my iPhone 4S months ago with everyday I own my Vita. I really did not need a phone but something so I can use Facebook and Tweet on the go.

    Small problems though that don’t really bother me. When you’re signed in, the Recommended Videos seems more like your Subscription videos. Secondly, I can understand not having YouTube and a game not running at once…but YouTube and the Internet Browser not running at once? Well, there must be some reason for it.

    • Don Mesa

      Recommended videos are not quite the same as subscriptions though they are somewhat interlinked. Memory caching is the likely reason why the YouTube app and browser can’t run at the same time. That said I’ll check into it further.

  • The app is ok, still need some improvements but it’s doing it’s job. Got the problem fix, now it works like a charm.

  • kill4aliving420

    For future youtube updates on the psvita, add the option to go to other peoples channel to see what they recently posted. Thanks

  • Cheking my PsVita’s apps:

    Skype app -> OK
    Youtube app -> OK
    Facebook app -> OK
    eBooks app -> Waiting
    Emails app -> Waiting
    Better Internet Browser app -> Waiting
    Widgets -> Dreaming
    Weather app -> Dreaming

  • Azmael_Sunblaze

    Aw man this is awesome. Just the other day i was greatly dissapointed when i couldnt go on YouTube to check a video on my Vita. Now my Vita is even more awesome!
    Great work Sony <3

  • tsrtrueskill

    does any one know when the app is out in uk

  • to all the people who dont get the youtube app for their vita… create a new account with preferred country.

  • The YouTube app has now appeared in the New Zealand (in the “Social” section). The information under our apps says “Sony Computer Entertainment Europe”, so I suspect people with European and Australian accounts will now be able to get this app.

  • not sure if this has been answered yet, but i thought the reason that netflix could only be used with wi-fi was because of the download limits imposed by at&t, then why are we able to use the you tube app with the 3-g service and stream to our hearts content short, or long video’s? does this mean we might see a netflix update to allow 3g use as well, or is there a cap on the length of a you tube video that we can stream and watch while on the go?

  • s-8-o-2-c-4-sjgm

    All i need is remote play fully functioning cause, i’m always out side or at work and i don’t use my ps3 much time when i get home

  • That’s why we must have patience,I new it was coming soon.

  • i hope this makes to PS3 as well. Every time i load Youtube in PS3 browser, it keep freezing.

  • iiONyKz-_MaQuIrO

    Wach espn
    Google voice app’s next!
    And some sore of multitasking SONY!
    LOVIN’ my Vita!

  • tsrtrueskill

    got it working an hour ago in uk and it is amazing

  • erico316ecw

    flash player 11 and a e book reader is what i want on vita

  • BoltWiz1973

    It might have been asked before, but will we upload video from the Vita?

  • Been testing the Youtube app and it works quite nice. My wish for the future of the app is to add sharing options (facebook, Twitter, etc). As far as other apps that I would like to see make their way to the Vita… Well, I’d like to see Vivo and Pandora (although I know you guys have music unlimiteed, but I my wallet cannot afford a subscription based music service). I noticed the map app take a bit to load compared to smartphones. Can that improve? Oh, and finally, an ereader, amazon and ebay apps :)

  • Laviathan19

    I’ll start by off with my thanks and praise at the YouTube app. Works great on both wi-fi and 3G connection, and streams very well. Haven’t had to deal with any buffering, either (yet), which I’m very happy with.
    I know it was already asked about a couple of times; this time is for added effect, and possibly clarity on what’s exactly being requested. Cross-functionality with other web-enabled Vita apps. I’d love to record game videos and post them to YouTube, Facebook, Skype, etc. using our YouTube/Google acct. Sort of how a screenshot currently works, but video. Secondly, for friends who post YouTube vids on their Facebook page, or even YouTube videos that are embedded on websites other than YouTube itself, to be able to view them somehow. I don’t care if the Web Browser/Facebook goes into standby and brings up the YouTube app itself to play the video – almost how Facebook does when you click on a weblink. It will automatically go to the destination URL.

    I think that about sums up my personal wants for the future of the YouTube app. Still, an awesome debut, and I hope much more to come. Thanks

  • Thanks for the Youtube App Sony! Now, complete the HTML5 browser by adding video tag H.264 and WebM support!

  • I don’t know if theres a difference between the EU and US version but I find it Loads videos very slow

  • disasterhead

    where can i download this youtube app? i’m from indonesia and the app hasnt appeared yet in ps store. thanks.

  • I’m very happy with the YouTube app on my wifi Vita. I’ve been using my 4th generation (most recent) iPod to watch videos for a long time, and the Vita experience is far better. Nicer and bigger screen, and more importantly it appears to be streaming the videos better. It’s not getting “stuck” in the middle of a video like the iPod does, and it’s also handling HD video without much stuttering. I’ll now be using my Vita every day (I’m not much of a gamer, so it was gathering dust). Thanks Sony for delivering the goods.

  • CommandingTiger

    I’d love to get this in facebook:
    -The ability to save picture. (Not just pressing PS button + Start)
    -Have a search list/engine.
    -Be able to visit personality or business accounts (Like PlayStation)
    At least have thoses basic functions.
    But, you can still access the full version of Facebook on your browser.
    Unless you get a bug from the Facebook server’s saved cookies and automatically transfers you to the cheap @$$ mobile version, then you’re screwed.
    Oh, Btw, is there a way to not be directed to the mobile version?

    • Don Mesa

      Thanks for the Facebook suggestions. Will discuss with the team responsible for that app.

  • CommandingTiger

    My Vita used to have full version of Facebook and mobile touch screen of Gmail.
    That was awesome, until I forgot my Facebook password and allowed Facebook to share information with my Gmail account. WROST MISTAKE EVER!!!
    Now Gmail has the Full PC version, that simply doesn’t work, and Facebook transfers me to the mobile version….
    Ahh hell..
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Elvick_ The star is not subscriptions so it should not be renamed to it. The star is in fact what is advertised (recommendations). You will find some videos from your subs in there because it recommends videos with similar tags to videos in your subs which would also means some videos from your subs also appear in it. That said, it is not mislabeled at all, that’s how it also is on the PC Youtube sidebar.

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