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Jun 30

Jun 30

The PlayStation Recap – This and That Edition

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Director, SIEA Social Media

This week saw several key announcements for PlayStation, including the PSN Summer Sale, the Journey Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, the launch of The Walking Dead: Episode Two – Starved for Help, and confirmation of a LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta. Behind the scenes, Rey and I also paid a visit to SuperBot Entertainment, creators of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and chatted with the team about the studio’s creation, the game’s surprisingly deep combat system, and winning strategies. Look for the results later this summer right here on PlayStation.Blog.

In other news this week, PS3 update 4.20 added new features and resolved an issue for the Wireless Stereo Headset, LittleBigPlanet releases a free new Summer Creator’s Pack for one week only, Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection brought two high-quality lightgun shooters to PSN, the DUST 514 Mercenary Pack brought full Beta access, The Amazing Spider-Man released on both Blu-ray and PSN ahead of the blockbuster film, Gran Turismo 5 got new DLC with the Twin Ring Motegi Pack and Scion FR-S 12, PS3 RPG Rainbow Moon confirmed a July 10th release date and with new trailers, PlayStation Home launched Fourth of July and Canada Day celebrations, Housemarque released a free new mode for Dead Nation, and the creator of Dungeon Twister explained the inner workings of the digital board game ahead of its Tuesday, July 3rd release date on PSN. Oh, and the Everybody Dance mobile app launched to facilitate easy watch, rating, and sharing of your favorite performances.

What are you playing this weekend?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Most-Watched Video of the Week: Journey Collector’s Edition Official Trailer

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection, UNCHARTED and UNCHARTED 2, The Amazing Spider-Man, Jeremy Mcgrath’S Offroad and more.
  • GT Academy National Finals: Racer X Challenge, Win a HumanRacing GT Chassis — A must read, even if just to see photos of the slick HumanRacing GT Chassis.
  • Download YouTube for PS Vita Today — The pent-up demand for this indispensable PS Vita app was manifest on the Blog this week.
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Coming Soon — The link to register for the beta is now live.
  • Coming This Friday to PSN: The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Starved For Help — It’s live now in the US, who’s playing?
  • Pre-Order LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, Get Knights and BioShock Costumes — Big Daddy and Little Sister: you’ve changed.
  • Unchained Blades Hits PSN Today, Is it the PSP RPG for You? — An in-depth analysis of the new PSP JRPG from XSeed Games.
  • PSN Summer Sale Starts Tuesday, Bonus Discounts for Plus Members — Get 30 percent off Shadow of the Colossus, Closure, Crysis, NBA Jam, Gotham City Impostors, inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood and more. Plus users get 50 percent off!
  • Best of E3 2012: PlayStation Sweeps the Game Critics Awards — A note from Scott Rodhe, SVP of Product Development for PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios America.
  • Journey Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Coming to Stores August 28th — This is no mere re-release. Thatgamecompany has loaded this Blu-ray collection with a host of exclusive extras, including new playable minigames!
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    Gildino2 said:

    June 30th, 4:54 pm

    I’m just watching for the announcement of Uncharted 3’s 1.13 patch! :)

    Gildino2 said:

    June 30th, 4:54 pm


    ccrogers15 said:

    June 30th, 5:00 pm

    •I’m playing: Little Big Planet 2, Primal PS2 Classic
    •I’m watching: Nothing
    •I’m reading: Nothing
    •I’m listening to: Maybe some music

    Can someone tell me when THE DROP will be posted. Im DYING to see plus free games…

    Skrawney said:

    June 30th, 5:06 pm

    @3 I’m pretty sure The Drop is a Sunday only thing, but I could be wrong.

    Butters360 said:

    June 30th, 5:24 pm

    I’m Playing: God of War, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, God of War II, God of War III.

    I’m Watching: 21Jump Street, X-Men 90’s animated series and Ted.

    I’m Reading: Claymore manga volume 20 and various The Dark Knight Rises magazine spreads.

    I’m Listening to: Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 031: PSN sales and The Walking Dead Tales and Linkin Park’s new album “Living Things.”

    Canada Day tomorrow!!!

    ccrogers15 said:

    June 30th, 5:29 pm

    I seen it come on a saturday. There are 2 different ones. The Drop comes saturday and THIS WEEK ON PSN comes sunday, since Sunday is the real start of the week.

    daphintosh said:

    June 30th, 5:33 pm

    The drop comes on Sunday evenings.

    CrashSpyro said:

    June 30th, 6:16 pm

    @3 They don’t post the PS+ schedule on The Drop.

    rabidninjamonky said:

    June 30th, 6:31 pm

    The drop is 6 pm central sunday, and they don’t announce free games only new releases. You have to wait til tuesday for the ps store update. I’m playing re chronicles hd collection and dead space. watching true blood and olympic trials.

    KingDubin said:

    June 30th, 7:13 pm

    I’m Playing: Gran Turismo 5 (But no Twin Ring Motegi…….yet.)
    I’m Watching: ESPN, mostly
    I’m Reading: Nothing of importance, still
    I’m Listening To: Various Modern Rock Music.

    If I’m not mistaken, this is the week that Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is supposed to come out, right? Or has it been delayed again? I’m only asking B/C I have had the game pre-ordered and fully paid off for just over a month now and I have read on YouTube that the is supposed to come out in the US this upcoming week (I think I saw either the 2nd or 3rd, I may have to go back to that video and see…….).

    Sonicfan11589 said:

    June 30th, 7:25 pm

    If u are able to answer, any updates on PSone Classics for Vita?

    blu_ranger said:

    June 30th, 7:48 pm

    Sid that is the scariest book I have read. Ever. Mark Z is twisted. And Only Revolutions is ….. I can’t believe someone actually published that book.

    blu_ranger said:

    June 30th, 7:53 pm

    Playing – Dust 514 and Fallout 3 Goty
    Watching – Season 5 of Friday Night Lights
    Reading – Poke the Box by Seth Godin
    Listening – The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens

    CyPhErLoUs said:

    June 30th, 10:32 pm

    @3 & @6

    First off, there has never been a PS+ posting about what each month’s releases are for on The Drop.
    Second, The Drop happens on a Sunday night (Eastern).
    And finally, each month’s PS+ updates happens a day before the PS Store update. Monday.

    Oh, and go take a look at the first red response under the PSN Summer Sale Start post if you really want to know when the monthly PS+ update post is coming.

    CyPhErLoUs said:

    June 30th, 10:38 pm

    Playing: Twisted Metal, SSX, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan, and Ridge Racer Vita
    Watching: 21 Jump Street and Jeff Who Lives at Home
    Reading: Nothing
    Listening to: The XX by XX and Food & Liquor by Lupe Fiasco


    June 30th, 11:51 pm

    im playing uncharted 3, uncharted golden abyss, gravity rush vita, mortal kombat vita, the walking dead episode 2, amazing spiderman.


    June 30th, 11:54 pm

    bring mortal kombat 4 to psn please and also bring mk mytholgies sub zero and mk shaolin monks. please ill buy each 1

    DZORMAGEN said:

    July 1st, 12:43 am

    What happened to Sony’s promise of exclusive betas? I registered for the latest beta (LBP Karting), but I thought signing up to PS Plus gets you those “exclusive’ offers. I will be very ticked off if I don’t get into the beta. Sony keeps lying to their consumers. I don’t remember the last beta I’ve got from PS Plus.

    Christian399 said:

    July 1st, 2:28 am

    Playing: The Secret World!

    I’ve abandoned every other form of media. Only posting as they’re doing a server patch :) Its VERY console friendly. Playing it with a controller mapping program atm and it works beautifully.

    A truly incredible game and a real breath of fresh air in the stale, WoW clone era.

    Sony can continue to mismanage their Vita and PS profiles all they want, I really couldn’t care less at this point. Let’s just get the stock back up over $15 so I can sell, $12/ share is atrocious.

    Electromagnus said:

    July 1st, 3:28 am

    Playing Infamous 2

    Reading warrior cats new moon

    Watching house of Anubis season 2

    Listening to 10 hour hardcore techno on YouTube

    I really can’t wait for this Tuesday I want to see the new plus goodies….

    TnxForTheMemorie said:

    July 1st, 5:28 am

    madonna mia quanto fa schifo la playtation, un sito di merda che per creare un’account non si capisce niente, proprio cagare meglio xbox di brutto porco dio

    WaR_StOr1eS said:

    July 1st, 6:07 am

    Im just hoping to god they release the ps classics update for the Vita hecause im back home on leave with nothing to play on my Vita.

    Reading: Gears of War the Slab

    Watching: Not sure yet.

    Listening to: Halestorm

    gm914 said:

    July 1st, 6:30 am

    The free PS+ games for this week won’t be announced til Monday early afternoon.

    But if you really want to know what they are I can tell you:

    Pac-Man DX
    Renegade Ops
    And one other, possibly Motorstorm Apocolypse.

    DeathGazer said:

    July 1st, 6:40 am

    Playing: Wii, because my PS3 got the yellow light of death on Friday D:

    I could be playing Walking Dead Episode 2 :(

    adray69 said:

    July 1st, 10:07 am

    Hey Sid I was wondering if you guys had any plans to introduce anymore ps1 imports to the store. I for one loved the idea and would love to be able to play some of them when vita gets ps1 support. Can you let us know either way. I think I might know the answer to it never hurts to ask. (^_^’)

    ABRipperXX said:

    July 1st, 1:14 pm

    I’m playing: Tales of Graces F, Uncharted 3, Gravity Rush.
    I’m watching: Nikita Season 1, Chuck Season 5, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.
    I’m reading: Playstation Blog and Anime Expo news
    I’m listening to: Maroon 5: Overexposed

    I really hope there gonna start releasing a lot of digital Vita games this summer. Its the perfect time to when there’s no big releases and there been not a lot on vita come out…

    shinygemrock said:

    July 4th, 6:04 am

    I signed up for Little Big Planet Karting Beta, Hopefully make it in… I also signed up for LBP Vita beta and didn’t have a vita at the time but I told them I would be getting one within the month… And I did. I hear there is a slight chance of getting it… I’ve been with LBP since the beginning and have all of them.

    I’m playing: Minecraft (lol), LittleBigPlanet 2, Motorstorm RC (Ps vita),
    I’m watching: Naruto Shippuden… That’s it… sadly…
    I’m reading: Playstation Blog and Stuff on us.playstation.com
    I’m listening to: Nothing… :)

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