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Jul 01

Jul 01

The Drop: Week of July 2nd 2012 New Releases

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PSN dominates this week’s releases on PlayStation with full PS3 digital downloads of Spec Ops: The Line, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, Sonic Generations and Ferrari Racing Legends. Take on the ultimate challenge with our supernatural anti-heroine, in her most personal battle yet with Bloodrayne 2 as a PlayStation 2 classic.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation Network

Spec Ops: The Line — Spec Ops: The Line unfolds within the destroyed opulence of Dubai. Once the playground for the world’s wealthiest elite, Dubai has fallen victim to a series of cataclysmic sandstorms. The city’s ultramodern architecture lies half-buried under millions of tons of sand. The very sand that blankets the city plays a marquee role in altering combat situations and serves as a powerful but unpredictable force that will both help and hinder players throughout the course of the game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 — The world’s number one selling golf video game franchise returns with an array of exciting new features, including an original feature that gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand Tiger’s golf legacy! Relive Tiger Woods’ most memorable golf moments from child prodigy to golfing legend! Also, through unique online and social features, create your own country club, and use coins earned through game play or team up with country club members to play exclusive golf courses.

Sonic Generations — Celebrate 20 years of Sonic with Sonic Generations! Delivering the definitive gaming experience for Sonic fans old and new, Sonic Generations sees Sonic the Hedgehog playable as both the much loved classic 1991 character, and the modern day video game hero he has become in this exciting new fast paced adventure.

The Adventures of Tintin — The Adventures of Tintin: The Game is an action-packed adventure that takes gamers on a nonstop journey through the world of Tintin; the hero and intrepid reporter from Herge’s original comic books. Players will rediscover the movie’s enchanting environs including Captain Archibald Haddock’s ship the Karaboudjan, Omar Ben Salaad’s Palace and the exotic city of Bagghar and experience many of Tintin’s exciting adventures.

Brave — Since ancient times, stories of epic battles and mystical legends have been passed through the generations across the rugged and mysterious Highlands. Brave tells one such tale, one of the courageous Merida, who confronted tradition and challenged destiny to change her fate. Inspired by the Disney/Pixar animated fantasy movie, Brave invites players to run, jump and battle their way through the rugged landscape of mythical and mysterious Scotland. By using wits and bravery, players are able to wield a sword and bow to defeat fierce enemies, break a magical curse and save a kingdom.

Dungeon Twister — In a fantastic and steampunk world dominated by magic and machines, a powerful mage has captured random adventurers during his travels, and thrown them into his mechanical maze. He is cruel and deceitful, and bored to death. For amusement, he watches his prisoners fight their way through his infernal mechanical maze, the Dungeon Twister.

Ferrari Racing Legends — Race some of the sexiest cars ever made in this Ferrari-licensed entry in the famed Test Drive racing franchise. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends brings over 70 years of the world’s most recognizable performance cars to gamers. Developed by world-class developer Slightly Mad Studios, Ferrari Racing Legends explores the legacy of Ferrari Racing. It recreates Ferrari’s most beloved and coveted performance racers, from today’s latest models to the legendary vehicles that have dominated racing history.

Bellator: MMA Onslaught! — Tape up for a fight to the title in Bellator: MMA Onslaught! Designed specifically to emphasize the organization’s philosophy that, “Title shots are earned, not given,” this game lets players go toe to toe with some of the top Bellator fighters as they compete in authentic Bellator events. Fight for the title shot through eight-fighter elimination tournaments within your weight class. In-depth customization systems let you design your fighter from his technique style and move set down to his tattoos and look, while a robust leveling system replicates the path of a fighter with class and experience gained through matches both offline and online.

PS3 Demos

  • Bellator MMA Onslaught
  • Dungeon Twister
  • Summer Stars 2012

PlayStation 2 Classic

Bloodrayne 2 — Born from the unnatural union of vampire and human, BloodRayne is blessed with the powers of a vampire but cursed with the unquenchable thirst for blood and a weakness to sunlight. BloodRayne 2 challenges the supernatural anti-heroine with her most personal battle yet as she hunts down each of her wicked siblings who are carrying on the legacy of their dead father. Expanding on the predecessor,BloodRayne 2 includes new in-game dynamics such as pole combat, rail sliding and advanced melee fighting with fatality moves. Built upon a modified version of the Infernal Engine, BloodRayne 2 introduces threatening new bosses, all new environments set within a huge modern day city, a range of new supernatural powers and new motion-captured movements complete with soft-body physics.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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WilHiteWarrior said:

July 1st, 6:26 pm

But Im more wanting to see the MGS HD collection than 4 anyway. It shouldve been on there already… It already is in Japan. I dont know what theyre waiting for

luvtoseek said:

July 1st, 6:41 pm

@46, there’s just Madden, I think. On the PSN side, Zen Pinball & hopefully, Retro City. Not sure about Dr. Who though.

Squiggle55 said:

July 1st, 6:57 pm

Dungeon Twister looks like the most interesting thing this week. Looking forward to that July PS+ preview tomorrow.

ferraro007 said:

July 1st, 7:10 pm

Come on already, every freaking week the Vita gets NOTHING. Oh, correction, we got a long overdue YouTube app last week, that changes everything. Not.

murben7 said:

July 1st, 7:23 pm

o rainbow moon hopefully soon i can play with you

dominiumundi said:

July 1st, 7:37 pm

GUYS please read our comments, page 1 and 2 are full of good sugestions. HEAR US!!!!!!! SONY!!!!!!

NeoMahi said:

July 1st, 7:37 pm

Hm… Has anyone gotten a Beta Invite to Dust 514? I have PlayStation Plus or priority Beta Invites and signed up for it through Registering but, I haven’t seen anything. So, everyone that uses twitter got beta invites before those of us with Priority Beta through PlayStation Plus. How does that help market PlayStation Plus? I was among the first to adopt PS Plus as well. Grrrr.

massimodo said:

July 1st, 7:58 pm

To all the complainers and whiners about nothing for the vita, what did the 3ds have going for it the first year. Well, how about a whole pile of nothing. Take away Mario Kart and Super Mario Land and that was about as dire a first year for a system that I’ve ever seen. Wow, I get to replay a 12 year old game for four times the price of the VC version. Yippee!! Nintendo’s idea of a sale on the eshop is one dollar off one game for one weekend. Be still my beating heart.

Sony can’t force developers into making games for the psvita. They either will or they won’t. There are games incoming, it would be nice to have dates, but basically they’ll come when they come, especially true for the download titles. Madden for the vita hasn’t been shown according to a recent article because the framerate simply wasn’t there, explaining its absence at E3.

It is what it is, I’m not getting bent out of shape fuming over stuff that simply will have to run its course. Sony hasn’t done the best job of marketing and they need a spokesman for the device. Right now, who do you address at sony with respect to the vita. This is how first years for a system can be. Either live with it, or sell your vita and move on.

tello2323 said:

July 1st, 7:58 pm

A real PS2 classic would be GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS

DuoMaxwell007 said:

July 1st, 8:05 pm

@55 rainbow moon comes out in the US on the 10th so one more week :p

AwRy108 said:

July 1st, 8:08 pm

…and yet another week with zero new content for Vita. Why do I own this device?

Ice21 said:

July 1st, 8:30 pm

eh nothing for me this week.

mosolman said:

July 1st, 9:07 pm

@58 Massimodo,

I do get what you saying… but i did own a psp before. traded it in for the vita just because i thought I could play my previously downloaded games (as promised by Sony) PSP and PSone alike. What do I have to show for. Nothing

Same when the PS3 came out. Got it day one. Play my ps2 games. Two year later i had some issue with it, sent it back to Sony, they fixed it and took out the backward compatibility in the process….. Called them back and they say that I should buy a PS2 in order to play those games that I had, or wait for them to be downloadable. Again Nothing to show for but a shelf full of useless PS2 games.

Now how would u feel if u were in my shoes MASSIMODo… Please tell me… Is it too much to ask Sony to just keep their marketing promises.

ucsmjc97 said:

July 1st, 9:11 pm

what about PS plus ????????????????????

WhatDaHeoBruh said:

July 1st, 9:19 pm

Not bad , Bloodrayne 2 :)
But for some reason, I had a hunch that Persona 4 was going to come out for the PS2 Classics…

BEHUMAN14 said:

July 1st, 9:21 pm

going to love this week thanx Sony

PiLa_ said:

July 1st, 9:25 pm

Hi Rey.
Wondering if there is any chance to see any Megaman X games, anytime soon.

I’m starting a petition to bring Megaman X games to PSN store, please help to reach this goal.

1 – copy the petition of the person that has signed before you.
2 – paste on the comment area.
3 – sign it.
4 – hit “post comment” .
5 – cross your fingers and hope to see Megaman X collection on PSN store.



1 – PiLa_
2 –

TheJuggla17 said:

July 1st, 9:47 pm

Nice, I bought BloodRayne two weeks ago and I’ve been waiting for the second to come out. With the PSN title I can have the entire series on my PS3. :)

modernDAYaltair said:

July 1st, 9:48 pm

i left a comment on the last playstation home update pertaining to a very important subject…. id love a response… just saying…

modernDAYaltair said:

July 1st, 9:51 pm

+ PiLa_ on July 1st, 2012 at 9:25 pm said:

Hi Rey.
Wondering if there is any chance to see any Megaman X games, anytime soon.

I’m starting a petition to bring Megaman X games to PSN store, please help to reach this goal.

1 – copy the petition of the person that has signed before you.
2 – paste on the comment area.
3 – sign it.
4 – hit “post comment” .
5 – cross your fingers and hope to see Megaman X collection on PSN store.



1 – PiLa_
2 – modernDAYaltair


July 1st, 9:56 pm

I bought a Vita on day one and I sold it 2 days ago. Sony is completely unable to support it, it’s sad. Anyway, just saying, I’m buying an Ipad with a made from the sell. That would teach you something Sony, one psone classics(barely), no ps2 classics, no support from 3rd parties, no show at e3…I want to be positive here, but I can’t. How come I have an Iphone with infinity blade, speedball, worms, out of this world, max payne, GTA 3 but not on a gaming focus device? Just an idea, expand your digital offering, re-launch the VITA and bundle it with a good amount of memory and it should get you in the right direction. BTW, I had pre-order the 3g model in canada but it seems nobody knows what happen to it. (yes the 3g model is still not offered in Canada)…..

WaveLightning777 said:

July 1st, 9:58 pm

Sonic Generations on the digital market, eh? Please say we’ll be getting some Sonic avatars with it! I know EU’s had them since Sonic 4 Episode 2!

iTofuMan said:

July 1st, 10:07 pm

@ massimodo

That only works as to why Vita titles arent released. So whats your excuse for no psp, or ps1 support? dont get me wrong i understand not every update can having something for up, but considering how much psp titles are missing on the PSN, and little to no information as to when ps1 is coming (aside from summer) there really is no excuse as to why we get nothing with all these updates. as i said time and time again if they cant give us Vita content, then can give us psp, or ps1 titles, or heck give us sale/deal on any of the three.

Just saying you and everyone else keep making excuse for Sony when you have no reason too. I mean what if this keeps up? say a year or two from now and we still get little to nothing content wise? would you still sit on Sony shoulder telling others to give it time? when you know deep down inside Sony can be doing so much better.

furlowguy134 said:

July 1st, 10:47 pm

this really sucks sony my girl dont even want the vita she want her cool boarders from psones yall really yall customer over this really is poor of yall i use to hold yall dear playstation made me love game and the psp just made things great for me girl use to get mad at me for gaming so much didnt want to put it down and now but now with the vita it just really sucks asphalt and its crazy one would think the vita would take yall to a whole new level of awesomeness but its a disappointment sony stop wasting our time yall gone lose alot of business i know psvita has psone support yall just want to make people wait yall lose not our we can allways find a new gaming system as a matter of fact theres a site called .!!!!!!!!!!!will goo !!!!!!!!!! and they have something just like the vita maybe better an android system get all kinda games on them Just dont have dual rotation sticks im just sale my vita and get one its my best bet still have browse on it and alot more apps just like my fone and if yall r smart u would do the same its the next best thing so sony best of luck to yall with this sucky as. Vita wish i would have never got it

Ericho316 said:

July 1st, 11:09 pm

Still waiting on that Resistance Retribution game to come back to the store. Also, PS1 games for Vita would be nice sooner rather then later.

PsychoSploosh69 said:

July 1st, 11:26 pm

1 PS2 classic? wtf? this is getting pathetic. I contacted esrb and GTA III and VC are being finalized for psn as of june 24, but when is it getting released? I mean who cares about Bloodrayne! Bring on GTA we’ve waited long enough.

darksithantwan said:

July 1st, 11:38 pm

Why does everybody keep saying the VITA has nothing? Really? I’ve got 13 damn good VITA games on mine, and waiting on LBP, CoD, AC3L, SFxTK, KZ, etc. SONY has to get the approval from the dev companies to release these games you guys want available digitally. Stop whining and complaining to SONY about not having a game on PSN digital when it’s possible that the developer said no. Everyone that whines and complains about SONY not having the PS1, PS2, or PSP games – here is an idea: how about buying a PS1, PS2, and PSP and buy the friggin’ games yourself?! I have EVERY system – a PSone with the screen attached doesn’t cost anymore than $20 nowadays with games ranging from $2 – $10 each, PS2 systems are $40 now with games ranging from $1 – $20, PSP 2000’s are $60 now with games ranging from $5 – $25. I assume since you shelled out $300 for the VITA and/or the PS3 in the 1st place, you guys can afford these systems and games. That said, I still don’t see the fascination on wasting an absolutely beautiful OLED screen with playing crappy PS1 graphic games…

darksithantwan said:

July 1st, 11:46 pm

I’m positive SONY will come out with the previously mentioned perks (PS1 support, actual PS3 remote play, PSN plus availability, etc.) What they’ve brought out so far (Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Resistance: Burning Skies, LBP beta, Unit 13, UMVC3, NGS+, Mortal Kombat, Netflix app, and others) should keep you busy while they build on the PlayStation interface (with the new PlayStation mobile coming out, possible PlayStation 4, rumored backwards compatible Cloud support). Enjoy what we have (which is a lot), and get excited for the future phases to come.

tom40qrs said:

July 1st, 11:50 pm

Do you guys complaining that you can’t play psp games on your vita even know how to use it? There are only a handful of psp games NOT supported on the vita.

perrox5000 said:

July 2nd, 12:02 am

:( sniff,sniff. No ps vita Ps one classics support. when sony when!!!!!!!

PsychoSploosh69 said:

July 2nd, 12:04 am

I don’t see sony’s problem like a lot of you have said. Lack of vita games? I get that, it takes time. Their slogan is long live play or never stop playing? Give us something to play then. No vita games yet? fine! Your options are simple. Remote play, ps1/ps2/psp classics on psn. How hard is that? There’s 52 weeks in a year. And we get 1 ps2 game a week and vita won’t play none of them. At least some ps1 games work on it. I personally would rather have ps2 support on vita, but why not have both and make everyone happy? I downloaded mox payne 1 on psn and the picture quality was crap, but at least it’s on psn. I’d rather have it on there than not at all, although remastered in hd would be nice. All I can say iswhat’s the problem Sony? It’s not that hard. I’ve been a loyal sony fan for over 10 years. It’s not complaining when you wanna put your hardearned money into Sony’s pocket.

PsychoSploosh69 said:

July 2nd, 12:13 am

Most people realize SOME ps1 titles work on vita. They’re not stupid, but try looking on the store on vita. There’s maybe 10 or 20 ps1 games and the selection is pretty crappy. I still can’t play any Crash Bandicoot or GTA psp titles. It sucks!

furlowguy134 said:

July 2nd, 12:21 am

have some as kisser in here everybody not into wat u into ahole people have different taste for different things in this case a game u like .not everybody like jerk i have every game system i mean every one every made and over 2000 games in all for every system combined when u have ur heart set on something and promises r made they should meet them and not bs around with things that should b and that being said talk wat u know play wat u like and we stick to wat we know and thats our psone games psp games not running on here that should ps2 if u into it and watever games u can cram into

massimodo said:

July 2nd, 12:37 am

Mosolman, psp and psone b/c were both big question marks prior to launch of the system. This is from the ultimate faq guide dated feb. 16, 2012.

Q: Is PS Vita compatible with other PlayStation platform games like PS3, PS2, or PSP? Do you have any plan to support other PlayStation platforms in the future?
A: Users can play supported digital PSP titles and supported minis. In regard to PSone classics titles, we will announce further details when they are ready. PlayStation does not have plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point.

I don’t care what promises you think sony did or didn’t make, they clearly do not indicate here that you would be able to play all psp titles or that you would be able to play psone games, at least not, initially.

Crying about broken promises might work with old mom and dad, but what good does it do here. Yoshida has tweeted concerning psone b/c and requested patience on our part. It was announced as coming at E3 this summer, but no specific date.

I had completely forgotten about the “promised” dlc for wipeout 2048, I bet a lot had, and then, bang it showed up.

massimodo said:

July 2nd, 12:51 am


“Just saying you and everyone else keep making excuse for Sony when you have no reason too. I mean what if this keeps up? say a year or two from now and we still get little to nothing content wise? would you still sit on Sony shoulder telling others to give it time?”

Dude, its nowhere close to a year yet. If it was, I’d be more firmly in your camp. Things have gotten better on both the psp and mini front. Are they where they should be? No. We have seen select psp titles go down in price. I’m not pleased that Europe gets vita sales and we get bupkis.

We’ve gotten various apps from music unlimited which I use a lot and is a killer app for me to youtube which has become my go to bathroom app. Take a dump and watch youtube. Psone b/c is coming, its not like they’ve forgotten. Why the delay, hell, I’m no engineer.

I’m not making excuses for sony, but the vita is coming along a lot faster and a lot farther than the ps3 ever did in its first year or the psp. Those are simply facts. How long did people wait for cross game chat on the ps3 before sony pulled the plug on that one.

Isanity said:

July 2nd, 1:15 am

i heard that war of the monsters was coming out wen blood rayne 2 comes out :/

massimodo said:

July 2nd, 1:50 am

In other late breaking drop news, Sony has acquired Gaikai. Interesting that this was one of the most prominent pre-E3 rumors that later was denied by Dave Perry himself and now its come true. Cloud gaming.

Arikado-7 said:

July 2nd, 2:36 am

you guys at playstation are so incompetent, the ps3 needs a few upgrades like alphabetical order for games, more colors for the classic and original themes, or the ability to create the color you Want for the background. you also lied to us, like always, about the ps vita, i’m still waiting for a good game for the vita, because so far everything sucks, we need big titles like final fantasy, resident evil, castlevania, kingdom hearts, gran turismo, god of war, sonic the hedgehog. Oh and by the way, why don’t you release an hd version of medievil resurrection for ps vita? Or at least another sequel, i like sir daniel fortesque, i think he’s a great character, i hope he appears on playstation all stars. Also waiting for the ps1 classics… Which will be released summer 2014, can’t wait.! Ps: i didn’t wanted to offend anyone with my comments, but you guys at playstation make me so mad, apologies.

F1rsTag said:

July 2nd, 2:37 am


ItaChu said:

July 2nd, 3:51 am

@LovesJapanManga Metal Gear Solid 4 is too big for the PSN just like Uncharted 3 lol or do you want to download 40GB for one game?

pablobonzo said:

July 2nd, 3:53 am

What about the second episode of The Walking Dead? I paid for a season pass and I’m still waiting. As far as I can tell it’s been released in america and on xbox but still no info for the UK release, what’s going on? I’m dissapointed in Telltale games but I’m really dissapointed in Playstation, I’ve never bought a season pass from psnetwork before and after this I don’t think I will again and will gladly tell my friends to do the same.

Please resolve this asap

ItaChu said:

July 2nd, 4:01 am

@massimodo *COUGH* *COUGH* Remote Play was hyped and never talked about again after the Vitas release ;) lol respond to that one with praise for sony LOL

TheMarkopoloShow said:

July 2nd, 4:15 am

Please add the James bond 007 PS2 Classics!!!
Especially James bond 007 Nightfire!!! Probably best First Person Shooter of all time! :)

ItaChu said:

July 2nd, 4:34 am

@darksithantwan you da man! tell’em more lol

fester420 said:

July 2nd, 5:20 am

People are finally starting to say something about the unorganization of downloaded games. I’ve been suggesting this for years and yet to see an update about it. I have a bunch of folders with games sorted by genre but within those folders is just no organization (and I have over 250 games on my ps3). At least give us more sorting options when it comes to games or allow us to have subfolders. I guess people are just now starting to build a massive library of games and realize the xmb just isn’t made for such a high quantity.

BernalGarcia said:

July 2nd, 6:09 am


No Vita Stuff! Great! Thanks for selling me into buying a Vita, Sony… I’m disappointed with you. I think I am not going to be a early adopter for your technology anymore…

New XBOX?…. That I may adopt early. They have a better track record of online, and security; and server downtime!

Very Disappointed, your stock is crap right now and I see nothing that shows you are working on being #1 again… Just that you try to make us buy the stuff you think we want…

WAke UP!!1

sk8allday25 said:

July 2nd, 6:10 am

@57 ya i got a beta invite in the mail like 4 days ago, the game is awesome.

Kuriseru said:

July 2nd, 6:54 am

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I don’t get it… It’s like Gamers these days just aren’t satisfied by anything that comes out.. they always want more, more, more, more, more. “Great this is out! Now give me this!” … “This is great, but where’s this?” … Back in 1990 (or so, give or take a few years.) The Gameboy Launched at $189.99… Do you all know what that system could do? Do you?? It played games.Whoooaaaa, right? In black and white, Witih no backlight, no Rechargeable batteries… That’s it. No touch controls, no HD screen, No browser, no backwards compatability… No Dual analog, No online play, No trophies, No apps.. No online store… No social Networking.. No party chat, No friends list.. No Music player, no Video player.. No front/ backside camera.. No cross play.. And it was $189.99!! … All it did was play games!! People nowadays are so freakin spoiled.. It’s so sad seeing complaints about content, when the Vita offers so freakin’ much.. It’s sickening really.. Just be patient and be appreciative… You don’t know how good you have it.

Deekman said:

July 2nd, 6:58 am

I don’t think there is a single thing that interests me on PSN this year. The sales I already have or don’t find interesting and this game selection is horrible.

Soy30028175 said:

July 2nd, 7:01 am

We need Bloody Roar 2 on PSN! why oh why do America have these titles but we don’t? Sony really need to pull their finger out -_-

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