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Jul 02

Jul 02

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Last month we gave all PlayStation Plus members an Instant Game Collection that included 12 full PS3 and PSN games, and it’s been a resounding hit with gamers everywhere! This month, we’re continuing the free game goodness by bringing three new titles to your collection in PlayStation Plus.

Break out the fireworks for the July 3rd PlayStation Store update, where PlayStation Plus members will be able to download Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops for FREE!

PS Plus July 2012

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July 3rd PlayStation Plus Update

Gotham City Impostors: Previously announced as 50% off in Plus as part of the PSN Summer Sale, we’ve got a surprise for Plus members as Gotham City Impostors will be free for the month of July! Hatched from the twisted minds at Monolith Productions, Gotham City Impostors is a download-only multiplayer FPS that pits violent vigilantes (dressed up like Batman) against craven criminals (dressed up as the Joker) in open warfare on the streets of Gotham City. Since its release, there have been a ton of new additions to the game, including more customization options, thousands of player unlocks and upgrades, and more. Check out Giant Bomb’s review praising its gameplay and outstanding humor. Add this phenomenal multiplayer FPS to your collection this July – free with your PlayStation Plus membership.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX: This edition of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises takes the series in a bold, and incredibly addictive direction. With fast-paced gameplay, countless twists on the classic Pac-Man experience, awesome head-bumping music, and crazy-good leaderboard integration, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is a title that no gamer should miss — IGN gave it a 10 out 10! And now, with your PlayStation Plus membership, you won’t have to!

Renegade Ops: Last year’s PSN PLAY promotion introduced 4 amazing PSN games to heat up the last days of summer. Renegade Ops was one of those titles and deservedly so. The critically-acclaimed PSN game boasts 4 player co-op, destructible environments (using the Just Cause 2 engine), addictive gameplay, and lots of fun add-ons. This title will spice up your PlayStation Plus game collection with firepower on the back of co-op gameplay, and is a true must-download for all members. Check out’s Renegade Ops review, where it scored a perfect “A” grade.

PS Plus July 2012

Click here to visit the Official PSN Summer Sale page

PSN Summer Sale: If you saw the PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale news this morning, you know that you’ll be able to heat up your PSN games collection by taking advantage of some deep discounts on major PS3 Full Game titles: Shadow of the Colossus, Killzone 3 Multiplayer, and more are all on sale this week with 50% off deals for PlayStation Plus members!

July 10th PlayStation Plus Update

Rainbow Moon: This PSN exclusive strategy role-playing game comes packed with strong emphasis on exploration, character development and turn-based battles. And the best part is that PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% discount when it releases on July 10th! With a classic isometric open world, six playable main characters, more than 20 dungeons, around 100 special skills, fully customizable weapons, armor and accessories; Rainbow Moon is a massive game that offers all the features that you want from a traditional RPG… and a lot more!

That’s it for now! We’ll have another update for you midway through the month with more great Plus content, including offers on a psychedelic racing game, exclusive access to an action-packed beta, and amazing deals on anticipated new PSN releases. Keep an eye on the PlayStation Store Update posts every Tuesday to stay current with all the offerings made available to PlayStation Plus members.

Also, please share your feedback regarding this month’s PlayStation Plus update in the comments. Some of the burning questions we have for you include: Do you prefer monthly Plus free games updates all at once, or more of a steady feed of content arriving through the month? On a scale of 1-10, what would you score the current Instant Game Collection lineup?

PS Plus July 2012
PS Plus July 2012
PS Plus July 2012

Want Plus? Click here to purchase online, or activate on the PlayStation Store.

(Please note that Virtua Fighter 5, Hard Corp: Uprising, and Zombie Apocalypse will be rotated out of the PlayStation Plus catalog on 7/3. However, you can still download them prior to the 7/3 PlayStation Store Update hits, and will be able to keep them in your collection as long as you are a PlayStation Plus member – so if you haven’t added these awesome games to your queue then we suggest you do so now! )

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JayBizzle311 said:

July 3rd, 2:34 pm

gonna grab up Gotham City imposters.. i played the beta it was pretty fun and different.. also from the ratings on PSN it has around 2600 rates… so it has somewhat of a community…

but by far on xbox as like 69,000 + ratings on live.

and both ratings system only allow you to rate if you’ve purchased… I know PSN is that way.. and I’m pretty sure Live is the same…

but either way I’m grabbing it…. keep up the PS+ updates… way ahead of MS on all levels.

DragonWolfJD said:

July 3rd, 2:40 pm

Have two of the games and hate online FPS games with a passion. So this is a junk month from the looks of things hopefully there will be a discount that’s worth something.

jezuzboy97 said:

July 3rd, 4:32 pm

Is this the only game update for July? If so, this is disappointing….I mean these three games are great, but I was hoping you guys would rotate out one of the full ps3 games every month. I’m also hoping for these games: motorstorm apocalypse, gow 3, and Heavy Rain

joeyrpger said:

July 3rd, 4:58 pm

I prefer monthly free games all at once. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will score the current game collection a 4/10. There’s not a lot there to appeal to gamers of all tastes. Little Big Planet 2 is probably the winning title on the lineup and inFamous 2 is good to have. The little games, like infinity Sideway and PacMan Champion are good. Everything else appeals to fans of shooters, or has had bad reception from reviewers. Where are the RPGs, fighters, adventure, and out-of-print games? You got Just Cause 2 and Lara Craft and The Guardian of Light, two SquareEnix titles, but switching one with a non Final Fantasy RPG would be nice. Might make people say, hey SquareEnix still makes good RPGs without them having to be Final Fantasy!

You know what I’d like to see and won’t be such a hard deal to get? Need for Speed Carbon, or a modified edition of Buzz! Quiz World that doesn’t require buzzers. Quiz World might sell some DLC for the people who like it enough, and it might stop people from trying to sell it for $140 online for the game and the four buzzers.

diaeresis said:

July 3rd, 8:02 pm

I had read that there was a Playstation Plus promo that included Virtua Fighter 5 and ran between June 5 and July 3. (It’s still posted elsewhere here.) I don’t have time to play games during most of summer semester but I /really like/ Virtua Fighter and made a mental note. My projects wrapped up and I got out of class tonight (7/3), came home, finally updated my PS3’s firmware past 3.15, and logged into the Playstation network for the first time in years. I buy the $50 plus membership sight unseen and there’s Pac Man and Choplifter and whatever but no VF5: FS.

It would be nice if Playstation Plus announcements followed the common convention of using inclusive date boundaries for sales, e.g. up to and including such-and-such a day through midnight, whether local time or PST/PDT.

FORMIK said:

July 3rd, 9:40 pm

* A few suggestion for Plus:

– Allow ALL players’ PS3 and VIta PSN accounts to work together as one PSN, as in Vita trophies visible on the PS3, and Vita players’ actions visible on the PS3. Increase the comment section just a little, maybe to 25 characters (make room for it – 21 is just weird!). Let others see a player’s comment even when offline.

– For PLUS users, let the Vita PSN profile panels be used on the PS3 by all Plus members. Allow the PS3 comment bar to be seen on Vita PSN profiles when viewing a profile.

– Let PLUS users add tags to games (hit triangle on game) so they appear in multiple folders based on tags. The same function that syncs trophies and saves could be used to keep them all organized by assigned tags.

KingFrak said:

July 3rd, 10:14 pm

Hey PlayStation guys, Imposters is all good but Europe got Deus EX revolution.So…..Anyways I am getting PS Plus tonight or tomorrow via a prepaid card.Would love to see Dragon Age 1 and 2 as free PS Plus games

sohli1234 said:

July 4th, 12:21 am

these free games are available to PS+ members worldwide or just for the US?????

telus69 said:

July 4th, 12:51 am


Knightedrik said:

July 4th, 1:51 am


If you actually paid money for the discounted PS+ title.. then yes, you will get to keep it. But, if you got it for free.. then no, it will not work.. and you will no longer be able to access that content.

Nflamel said:

July 4th, 8:22 am

Ok, i am not complaining about free games, i think the new 3 games are all right. But what i sees here wrong its the localization, i mean really ¿why the EU are getting Deus EX and why we dont? seriusly i dont get it. The internet its a marvelous thing, you know its a global thing and its give us access right away no matter the distance. The other day i saw the metal gear collection on HD was in the JP store, i really wish this game in my country its very overpriced on disc, so i just wish to buy it in the store and download it, but again its localized.

I wish sony was more smart on this, if the games where the same in all the regions there will be not so much complanaing. And apersonal petition: i whish eventualy they give us Deus Ex also, i wish i can try this game.

Russian-JUNKEE said:

July 4th, 8:35 am

Not to complain but i am disappointed and scared to buy anything from psn. I bought Shank 2 and it was the free games for ps+ few weeks later , same goes with renegade ops now. I almost bought pac-man Dx last week but bought bionic commando rearmed 2. I want to get closure(sale) but something tells me its going to be a free game soon and i will end up wasting my money.

DelMurice said:

July 4th, 1:17 pm

Did Sony upgrade their server/network? Tuesday was probably the first time I had no trouble using the store, there wasn’t even any lag. I’m impressed. I expected it to be worse with the huge influx of new plus subscribers.

Great Job Sony.


DelMurice said:

July 4th, 1:26 pm

to #362

Yeah happened to me a couple times too. That’s why I think Sony should let us have a preview sooner than a day or two before the store updates. Something tells me that the people who organize sales and the people who manage plus releases aren’t the same group of people. Think of it this way, though, the more stuff they give away to plus members the more chances of seeing something you already bought. With that in mind, the only fix would be is to not offer so much for free. So just be happy with what you can get. Remember, too, to keep playing the “free” games you have to continue to pay for Plus. The games you bought you can play whether or not you have plus.

SugahJoy said:

July 4th, 1:47 pm

Too sad that it’s not Deus Ex: Human Revolution which is in my wishlist. This game went to EU plus members…
However these are cool too!

proquota001 said:

July 4th, 4:21 pm

poxa gente tomara que esse ano passe mais rapido para novos lançamento em 2013 e assim vai

eu vou ser plus galera ainda nesse mês. PS PLUS a melhor com free games. e ainda tem gente falndo
q o xbosta e melhor do q o PLAYSTATION 3…..]


thebmxer94 said:

July 4th, 5:33 pm

i thought USA would be way much better EU regarding PS+ content but it didnt, EU instant game collection its way much better than USA, now this month USA sucked, its a lame, any game with platinum? not even a full blueray game? come on, not even a ps1 classic since last month? i hope this upcoming sale its good, but after all ive said i cant complain, ive got a lot of good stuff via PS+ but it seems like it is going backwards on the content, some times they just give super amazing stuff and then the lamest stuff they could find. this ups and downs are no good for us.

jezuzboy97 said:

July 4th, 10:11 pm

One thing that I like about the European version is that they list until when each game will be available, and replaced by a new game. As for the rating of the current lineup, I would rate it a 9/10! It’s a great collection, and I’ve been addicted to Pac-Man. Also, I read that although they only get 10 games a month, they will only stick around for a maximum of 12 weeks, while ours will stay for 16 weeks before being replaced. In that case, I would much rather only have 10 games, if it means we’ll get more games in the long run. Also, I would like to suggest that if you only rotate out 3 a month, have at least one of them be a PS3 game. For future titles, I’d like to suggest:

Motorstorm Apocalypse
God of War 3

I’d also love to see free games leading up right to their sequel. For example, it would be awesome if you made Assassins Creed 2 free in September, leading up to Assassins Creed 3 in October!

raju21 said:

July 4th, 10:16 pm

I have a question but it’s not relating to PlayStation plus

I want to know why can’t we change our PSN name?

Personally I want to change my PSN but I have a lot of trophies and don’t want to get rid of these and my saved data since we need our PSN account to play the saved data.

Gekkoton said:

July 5th, 1:34 am

I just want to say that Multiplayer only games shouldn’t be part of the IGC or at least not the “Game of the Month”

MrsLadyA said:

July 5th, 1:50 am

Just a thought…. i think all PLUS MEMBERS!!! Should also get at least 1 free movie rental a month what y’all think?

Skeetlejuice said:

July 5th, 2:33 am

I just wish there was more variety and better individual quality in the games. Half of the games in the current queue are old and in the low 70’s on metacritic, the truly great games ie high 80’s low 90’s LBP2 and Pacman I already own. there are certainly some games in the 80’s in there I own TombRaider from a plus sale but it is old despite being great. Since the big E3 anounce I have not bothered to download or play a single list in the new IGC.

Overall I would give the content a 7/10 and for my purposes 5/10. Variety in genre and Quality over Quantity is my wish. As for how you deliver them over the month that is really not as critical unless it spills into sales.

I appreciate it is a juggling act to balance different interests with the content and companies available. That being said it is clearly possible to get high quality software with a larger variety of genre like other markets, the EU store in particular. Sony needs to respect that there are a large group of consumers that have no interest in online first person shooters, and they are being overtly favored for people that favor COD or BF over 90% of the offers.

Skeetlejuice said:

July 5th, 2:36 am

Hello Morgan,

There could be more games in the plus service for people that like sports, adventure, rpgs, racing. Myself and many others are getting shortchanged at the expense of providing in all honesty mediocre second string shooters and action titles. You have offered a few good puzzle and adventure games but more would be nice.

I do not like FPS it does not excite me. I do like third person shooters like the uncharted series and action adventures like god of war, and racing games like gt 5 and sports games like mlb the show. But these categories have been poorly represented in plus. Where as EU where the shooter genre isn’t the be all and end all has much content I would enjoy.

Can I please have Deus Ex (RPG eu’s update) how about chime? what about Motorstorm Apocalypse? Darksiders?

gtping said:

July 5th, 4:41 am

i need to know the full free games for ps plus this july so far i only saw 3 and im curious to now what is the complete list of your games for july or are you gona reuse the games from june since im making up my mind if i should buy ps plus

RampageDeluxe said:

July 5th, 12:15 pm

I think this weeks Plus is pretty sad. If the rest of the months offerings are awesome, then I wont consider this bad at all.
I prefer a one and done method to Plus. I read that you want to keep PS3 on the lips of people continually, but I don’t see Playstation Plus being the way to do that. PS Plus is mocked by those outside of the Playstation Network. Its not rightfully mocked, but its still mocked. I bought my PS3 a couple weeks ago because Microsoft was really giving users the shaft in terms of deals and specials, so I talked to a lot of friends and only 1 guy had anything good to say about Plus. The others were only speaking out of ignorance.

RampageDeluxe said:

July 5th, 12:23 pm

I’m with MrsLadyA about the free movie rental. That would really convince me to renew my membership this month, because I’m really on the fence about it.

whenwemeet said:

July 5th, 7:40 pm

1. Had Playstation plus loved it all the free stuff you guys give away was awesome.
But one thing i noticed was after a certain amount of time the content was null and void and could not be used any longer my themes and avatars were fine but game content would no longer work after a period of time.

Not sure if it was an isolated incident but that made me cancel my sub. Is this still the case?

pers1m0ny said:

July 6th, 12:35 pm

Decided to put some feedback, hopefully someone actually reads these :-)

Just signed up to PS+. I’ve been checking out what was on offer now and then for a while. And to be honest it has not seemed worth the price up to last month. But last month list of games, for the first time ever, actually had some games I was interested in:

Just cause 2, Infamous 2, Saints Row 2
Space Marines was also interesting though I’d never heard of it before. I’ve enjoyed playing that game as well.

I really don’t care much for the discounts, online storage, minis, themes, avatars etc.

So in June… you’ve got my attention, and so far I think its worth it. Waiting to see if it is just a one off or some more good stuff is coming down the line soon.

ThefockinMonarch said:

July 6th, 2:34 pm

Just wanted to thank you guys for the sweet games last month (and this month so far.) PacMan is so addicting and I plan on trying Gotham City Imposters today too. Can’t wait to see what’s next in line for Ps+

nuwaus said:

July 6th, 10:02 pm

Already got them all, including 3 new games.

charleypk222 said:

July 7th, 10:03 am

i just buy a ps3 for Virtua Fighter™ 5 Final Showdown on PlayStation Plus ,but is look gone ,and i look other title is offer this month a just have any interest, just hope for next month , 345$ and dont have a single game a love :(

kj8463 said:

July 7th, 10:48 am

Just became a plus+ member yesterday. When I found out that all those sweet ps3 games were available and I hadn’t played any of them yet I had to join. Hoping that more cool full ps3 games get added soon, thank you sony.

kj8463 said:

July 7th, 11:01 am

Would like to also say to all the people complaining that games are old bla bla bla … They are all great games that are being offered for no extra cost. People need to stop having the mentality that if a game is 2 years old its not worthy anymore . I honestly enjoy some of the old school games way more than most new games. So my advice would be to not look at the release date but the content, thank you again sony for the awesome games.

tiygar76 said:

July 7th, 11:35 am

Hey….free games are great! BUT HOW ABOUT ADDING GAMES THAT ACTUALLY WORK? Gotham City Imposters is crap and does not work. For three days I have been trying to get it to work and it won’t get past the startup screen. “Authentication Error”. Have done extensive searching for a fix and discovered that the game is completely filled with bugs. A buggy game is tolerable, but, heck, I don’t even get the chance to experience the bugs….because this simply doesn’t work. My PS Plus Perk has amounted to nothing more than frustration. How is this a perk?

jgrangervikings1 said:

July 7th, 2:20 pm

Very cool update. I’ve been playing a bit of Renegade Ops–very under-rated game! it’s a lot of fun. I like the fact that the games aren’t all “M” rated, so my daughter can play, too. It’s been a good mix. Keep up the good work.

There are so many under-rated, under-appreciated gems out there for the PS3 that I’d love to see available for PS3+ subscribers, just to get more attention to these gems. Here’s my “short” list of games to consider:

–Tornado Outbreak
–Dante’s Inferno
–Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
–Heavenly Sword
–Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds
–Katamari Forever
–Mercenaries 2
–Rayman Origins
–Red Faction Guerrilla
–Sega Superstars Tennis
–Shadows of the Damned

I8I_SiN_I8I said:

July 7th, 8:00 pm

Am I the only one that realizes that we’ve had mostly the same games for two months? Poppycock

cadel523 said:

July 7th, 11:19 pm

i might resubscribe myself dunno for fact though my free time has gotten a bit limited

moon4567 said:

July 8th, 6:36 am

I have a question, I downloaded Just Cause 2, and it says in the time limit that the game is available for 209 days, I’m confused, can anyone explain that to me?

hartbrek310 said:

July 8th, 7:22 am

Replay to #387

The time limit is how long till your PS+ expires. Mine showed a few hours to go last week, till I renewed and now it’s back to 90 days. So basically in 209 days you + expires and you need to renew if you want to keep playing JC2. :-) Hope that helped.

hartbrek310 said:

July 8th, 7:24 am

I’d love to see the Playstation 1 games go dirt cheap for plus, or even make those free for plus users. I mean I can go to the used game shops in the area and get the PS1 games for 2$ or less, even Spyro and others. The only moderately expensive ones are the Final Fantasy games, which I don’t care about, are 5$ each. That and any chance of the Galaga game going free soon? Thanks for Pac-Man it rocks, been playing all week!

SwagBear8 said:

July 8th, 7:47 am

for the next update i would love to see marvel ultimate alliance 2 or atleast 1 full ps3 game other than that this update is ok

moon4567 said:

July 8th, 10:49 am

Disregard my last post, I found out what it meant lol

moon4567 said:

July 8th, 10:50 am

thanks hartbrek, I had already figured it out while checking how long I had left on my plus, be breezy, keep on gaming

truongtantai said:

July 8th, 11:45 pm

i was download-play and del it because i didnt see anyone on deathmatch list except me .I dont know why

FTom11 said:

July 9th, 4:42 am

In response to the question about rollout (for some reason today was the first time my login didn’t timeout when I tried to reply. I don’t have a problem with gradually rolling games out but this only works if you can tell us what is going to happen for the rest of the month. for example back in February I had no problem waiting til the third week of the month for Farcry 2 because you told me 2 weeks earlier it was coming. However updates like this one where Arkham Imposters was slated to be on sale a day before the monthly update kicked in gives us the impression you are doing plus games at the last minute

raju21 said:

July 9th, 10:16 am

I was really hoping if you could put Assassins Creed 2 for free on the next update.

also i got a message on my psn sayin that it is playstations birthday and that were giving away $50 on our psn account all we have to do is forward that message to all our friends and recently met player and the sender. I want to know are these messages real or fake.

Samanosuke_JJ said:

July 9th, 3:09 pm

A message to whoever may it concern

For August you guys to seriously consider doing this, and this is me being fair for both the business and for the customer.

August Playstation Plus 2012

Announce Music Unlimited will be FREE for Playstation Plus, this will also benefit PS+ users in Playstation Home as well by giving Playstation Plus users the ability to stream Music from their Music unlimited Account playlist. This is an excellent replacement for QORE and a move that will make everyone happy and guaranteed a reason to subscribe. This is also the solution for bypassing copyright.

Game Collection 2012 August release.

1:Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition (PS3)
2:Jak and Dexter HD Collection (PS3)
3:ICO (PS3)
4:Jet Set Radio HD (PSN Game)
5:BulletStorm (PS3)
6: Sonic Generation (PS3)
7:Okabu (PSN)
8:Thexder NEO (PSN)
9: Dante’s Inferno Bundle (PS3)
10: Harvest Moon Save The HomeLand (PS2)
11-12: Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger (PS1)

In total we have 6 PS3 Games, out of those 6 two HD remakes. 2 PSn Games. 1 PS2 game. Two VERY GOOD PS1 Games.

Samanosuke_JJ said:

July 9th, 3:10 pm

I’ve been a subscriber for two years now with another two years to ready to go (I’m aiming to be a Platinum Sub which is 10 years total), and so far this whole reconstruction can either make or break depending on who handles the selection of games that is rotated for Playstation Plus subscribers. To make things worse QORE ended which is a huge let down for many of us including myself that looked forward to seeing Veronica and her silly adventure around the country and the world. If you want to make a profit by making money of this PS+ service while also benefiting the customers at the same time then you need to give them more of a reason to stay a Subscriber then just giving us Games. You can’t just suddenly get lazy in the middle of the hype and decide 3 games is going to please the many Vet Subs + the FREE subs that signed up for PS+ that attended Sony’s E3 2012 Conference with all of them being bloggers. Please consider my suggestion.

Justdawg08 said:

July 10th, 11:20 am

Got PS Plus last week, guess I missed out on Zombie Apocalpse. Still was happy to get Just Cause 2 back after I sold it years ago. Gotham City is a great game to add to my collection as well, ill get some good use out of it. Got the sweet dog avatar to fit me. Ratchet and Clank is a good deal.


July 10th, 12:51 pm

I preferred when they gave the games slowly, so at least had something to gain in other weeks. But soon announce that we will receive, I am afraid to buy a game and end up earning him a few days of grace.

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