Meet Metroplex: Exclusive New Trailer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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Meet Metroplex: Exclusive New Trailer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Last time we were here, Tieg (a.k.a. Matt Tieger, Game Director) talked about the epic scale of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, embodied in our riveting story, variety of gameplay, monster bots, and the walking city known as Metroplex. In this exclusive new trailer, you’ll get to see Metroplex in action!

This is a treat for me personally, as I was a big Metroplex fan growing up. I recently visited my parents and even found my original Metroplex toy, which sadly looked like it had endured too many (mostly) imaginary battles, Minnesota winters and stress tests with fireworks.

Luckily, in Fall of Cybertron, the yellowing of aging plastic never comes into play. Instead, I get to control Metroplex through Optimus Prime, and make him do all the crazy stuff I used to imagine — like blowing away entire squadrons of Decepticons with an endless stream of rockets! Toppling skyscrapers onto unsuspecting enemies (my sister’s dolls)! Stomping on tanks and bad guys! Let’s face it, pretty much anything Metroplex does ranks pretty high on the awesome scale, due to his incredible size alone. Just be careful if the big guy loses his balance.

I don’t want to spoil any surprises for you, so I’d better quit now. Give the new trailer a look and stay posted for more!

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for PS3

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  • mavericknrt

    sony when the heck are you releasing the rest of the ps vita apps along with crackle and hulu plus

  • Yay! I very much enjoyed the last Transformers game from HM, looking forward to this one as well. Love that it’s all transformers and not lame movies actors :P

  • jimmyfoxhound

    awww yeah def looking forward to this!!!

  • imaginary toy battles FTW, good times..

  • I would love a note app with it’s own passcode lock

  • Hooligantuan

    Everything about this looks awesome except for that awful Megatron design. Cannot believe that actually made it past the concept stage.

  • Already pre-ordered, and been on the site everyday, add me if you are good on war for cybertron!

  • The game looks great… will there be a demo? I really liked War for Cybertron, but I passed on the next game that was a movie tie-in game.

  • michaelochs

    1080p right?

  • Where’s the ‘Happy 4th of July” post?

  • Motion_Blue

    I’ve had it preordered since the first announcement. So hyped!

  • Wasn’t this video at E3 2012 ?

  • Anttonn if you want add me I’ve been told I’m really good. I don’t hack and I know I’m at least decent. with every class 2

  • michaelochs

    does it come out the 21st or the 28th? cause the website says 28th, but this video said the 28th.

  • michaelochs

    my bad i meant to type this, the video said the 21st not the 28th my bad, i just want to know if its the 28th or the 21st.

  • Amersonjr2YAHOO

    sony why do you guys take so long to put stuff on the ps vita. I been ban for 5 weeks and the ps vita psn still the same. the only thing we got is youtube. we need more demos and games

  • s-8-o-2-c-4-sjgm

    Is there gonna be a PS Vita version of this game???

  • theres gonna be move support, split screen for scalation, collector edition whith bruticus a teaser for the next game Far from Cybertron.

    Amazing desing good luck i can´t wait for agust.

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  • Viewtiful_Josh

    “Me no bozo, me KING!” I can’t wait to play as a dinobot.

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