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Jul 25

Jul 25

New PSP SRPG Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Out Next Week

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

Nation of PlayStation(.Blog),

We’re way-fairly convinced you’re going to find this post way-fairly awesome, and no, not just because it’s about Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, the upcoming PSP strategy RPG from, well… us.

As for why we’re so convinced, it’s becau—wait, what? Oh, no, you heard right; we said “PSP.”

Look, folks, it’s still an immensely popular system with a huge user base and an amazing library of RPGs and SRPGs. Also, with a game as ridiculously lengthy as Growlanser: WoT (and this PSP remaster is significantly meatier than the original release from way-back-when), it does take a while to localize things from Japanese to English, so it’s not as though we’re eagerly planning PSP games for 2025. Unless, of course, the PSP becomes sentient and takes over the world, in which case we welcome our new PSP overlords and commit to supporting the system for all eternity.

Growlanser for PSP

Anyhoo, the reason you should be am excite for this post is because:

  1. It is to celebrate the debut of the game’s full trailer (above), which shows tons of gameplay footage from the imminent North American release.
  2. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time is the fourth chapter in a long-running, highly beloved series of tactical RPGs. Despite being one of the most popular entries, it also happens to suffer from “Never-before-released-in-North-America-itis,” making this a rather exciting launch for fans of SRPGs, anime, things from Japan, and shininess. (check out the art and you’ll get what I mean about “shininess”)

PS Vita owners, don’t fret! Our last PSP release, Gungnir, may not have supported PS Vita at launch (we greatly appreciate the patience of PS Vita fans hoping for that compatibility), but we’re happy to proclaim that it does now (and should be accessible through the PS Vita PS Store as of August 7th). We’ll cooperate with the right folks as much as possible to make Growlanser: WoT playable on those sexy screens as close to launch as possible.

Growlanser for PSPGrowlanser for PSP

Our own Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita (coming this fall, pre-order today!), the enhanced and expanded handheld version of one of the highest rated RPGs of all time, is proof enough that we’re proud and excited to support those five diagonal inches of OLED goodness.

PS Vita: Persona 4 Golden

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time launches in stores — and digitally via PlayStation Network — on July 31, 2012. Check it out, won’t you?

ATLUS says: when your Growlanser lasts longer than four hours, please remember to get up and stretch or something.

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LIZZ1ER0SE said:

July 25th, 7:56 pm

thank you atlus for this fine SRPG. Please localize more JRPG and JSRPG in the future…

LionFranco said:

July 25th, 7:56 pm

Honestly, how stupid are some of you people? This game came out in Japan before the Vita ever released, this is a PSP game. And also, are you just so stupid that you cannot read the comments in red that indicate that this game WILL be playable on the Vita, but they cannot be sure if that will be when the game releases or a short while after.
And those of you asking about Crisis Core or Type 0 on the store, perhaps you should ask Square Enix, and not Atlus or Sony, as they dont have any control over the release of those games.

Seriously, you want these games but you are too stupid to understand how this stuff works? Seems like any semblance of intelligence has been siphoned out of some gamers nowadays, even the supposedly smart ones that like S/RPG’s.

We should just be happy that Atlus, Aksys Games, and XSeed are bringing such awesome stuff to us, and we can only help to get more games released by supporting the Vita and its games as well.

Now get a clue and stop asking about things that you are too uninformed to understand well.

KiseiKain00 said:

July 25th, 8:33 pm

oh boy oh boy, i cant hardly wait for P4 *____* thx a lot guys i know i always can count on you xD

ddphilly said:

July 25th, 8:56 pm

I’m glad to hear so many Vita owners want some Growlanser, but please be patient. It’s not that Atlus doesn’t care about the Vita- they are localizing P4G on Vita, but *this* game was developed on the PSP before Vita was out. From what I’ve heard, once a publisher requests that their PSP title be put up in the Vita store, it is in Sony’s hands. Atlus can kindly ask them to hurry up, but Sony must give it the green-light (the delays we’ve seen for Gungnir may be so Sony could check it for hacking exploits).

Revannefarious said:

July 25th, 9:49 pm

I’m glad that I read the news on the playstation blog. You’ve made another Vita user happy with this news. Seriously, ever since I gave my PSP to my friend, I had somewhat regretted that. Now that I’ll be able to get my hands on Gungnir (and maybe Unchained Blades?) as well as Wayfarer of Time, I don’t need to buy a whole new PSP.

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 26th, 9:36 am


    And to clarify, Gungnir should be Vita-compatible right now, it simply won’t appear in the PS Store when accessed through the Vita. Purchasing a PSP game another way (i.e. via PS3 or PSP) and then transferring to the system (again, via PS3) is said to work at this time.

    That said, it should be 100% good to go, including visible in the PS Store via Vita, come August 7th.

Shadow_Raskolnik said:

July 25th, 10:00 pm

It’s so nice to have a solid date for seeing Gungnir on the PSVita PS Store, even though I have the UMD copy my PSP’s drive has been acting funny and it’s been difficult playing it without some minor problems. As for Growlanser I already have the UMD version preordered and I’ll be purchasing a digital copy as well once it’s compatible with the PSVita.

Thanks for the updates Aram, and hopefully this won’t be the last PSP release we see just yet (c’mon Persona 2: EP…).

tonyinthenight said:

July 25th, 10:24 pm

While more PSP games are always good, specially when Atlus publishes them, i also get this dreary feeling that they may be the last thing the console will get. I hope you keep releasing things for the PSP.
Oh and your current sale on PSN? Technically it doesn’t have the full PSP Persona collection… am i right? ;D

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 25th, 11:12 pm

Who cares about these. Bring more racing games like Nascar 2011 and all the dirt games and GT5 to psn already. No one but geeks wants this junk.


July 26th, 12:24 am

@ Aram Jabbari: OMG this has to be compatible with the Vita! I’m getting the UMD version and will also get the DL version if it does not take 5 years to make it compatible with the Vita… I AM DYEING TO PLAY RPG’S ON MY VITA!… There what i LIVE for dood!

punkmusic2009 said:

July 26th, 7:47 am

why just 1 free avater for plus i need more free stuff

Squiggle55 said:

July 26th, 4:56 pm

I completely agree with WastelandDan. The vita is struggling with sales because of this very problem in my opinion. It is in no way Atlus’ fault, all of the blame is on Sony. I completely agree with Aram that there’s no reason not to keep releasing PSP games – especially games that have been in development for a while and situations like this where we are getting a localization. That is amazingly awesome of them to do for the fans. The problem is that the game isn’t available for the Vita on day one. The Vita is capable of playing PSP games, but devs and the fans are forced to wait while Sony drags their feet deciding that there aren’t any hacking exploits or whatever they’re doing. Then they flag it as transferable.


Squiggle55 said:

July 26th, 4:56 pm


This is a lose-lose situation for everyone involved. If Sony insists on keeping this ridiculous system for flagging certain games as transferable, they seriously need to expedite this process so that all new minis and PSP games are flagged on day 1 — as well as new PS1 classics when that day comes. The DS isn’t outselling the 3DS because Nintendo transitioned the right way. The 3DS does everything the DS does and more — a clear cut simple reason to choose the 3DS over the DS. It’s absolutely absurd that the PSP is outselling the Vita in Japan, but it’s because Sony can’t make the same claim about their new handheld that Nintendo can. I love my Vita but I say all of this because the problem is so clear and the solution so simple.

lisatsunami said:

July 26th, 5:20 pm

Did anybody see a blog post warning us there would be maintenance today? And, even if there’s maintenance, there are still new blog posts. I haven’t seen a silent day like this since the Great Outage.

Gokuhan_Z said:

July 26th, 6:37 pm

Getting this one right away, and I am uber stoked for P4 (my first Persona game, hooked from the start).

One question though: I’ve heard P4 on the Vita has additional voice compared to the PS2 version, and I am wondering if the same voice actors were used or were there changed made?

meFreeman said:

July 26th, 6:58 pm

Its great to see those games like Persona on PSN, but will “Devil Summoner” be avaliable as well?

Bloodios said:

July 26th, 7:15 pm

Alright! I’m going to get both the physical and digital copy of the game so that I can have the physical one safely locked away in my treasure vault while still able enjoy the game via the digital copy (it’ll load faster than the physical version running off the UMD anyway.) I don’t usually do this but this is a Growlanser title after all, it wouldn’t make any sense to hold myself back.

DarkSandStorms said:

July 26th, 9:56 pm

Wait, a release date!!? What a concept! I have a GREAT IDEA! Why doesn’t Sony give as a release date for the Vita PSX compatibility upgrade!! That would be great!

Elvick_ said:

July 26th, 10:58 pm

I agree. They should be day and date on PSN for PSP and PS Vita. There should be no wait at all for new content to get to the PS Vita’s store. Old content should move faster too, but NEW stuff? There shouldn’t be any wait at all. There’s no excuse.

I know it’s probably to avoid opening exploits and what not, but they should do whatever they need to faster. Or ask for the game from publishers sooner, or work with publishers/developers to figure something out so they can get it day 1.

SOMETHING. No excuse for needing to wait for new stuff on PS Vita. If a DS game comes out, I don’t have to wait 5 months for it to work on the 3DS. >_> If the PS Vita was getting everything the PSP was (digitally) at the same time, then it’d be a no brainer to go for the PS Vita. Unless you want UMDs. Which were necessary to do away with for the quality of the Vita.

purse317 said:

July 27th, 12:05 am

Atlas always gets my $$$$

Deekman said:

July 27th, 6:48 am

Great to see more Japanese PSP games. Any chance we’ll see Conception or a new Kenka Bancho?

ElektroDragon said:

July 27th, 9:15 am

Atlus, how about you do what’s right instead of just being greedy, and send those Japanese developers a message that you will NOT be translating and publishing any of their future games unless they switch development to the Vita? Because I for one, WILL NOT be buying ANY PSP games anymore, EVER. Only Vita games. And I’m a big Atlus customer. Thank you.

Squiggle55 said:

July 27th, 10:35 am

@ElektroDragon You are misdirecting your anger. The problem is Sony, not Atlus. Aram explained it very well. There is no reason for Atlus not to localize an old PSP game, it’s actually very cool of them to do that for the fans. The problem is that Sony drags their feet flagging it as transferable to the Vita.

Elvick_ said:

July 28th, 2:27 am

@81: Um, he’s talking about not wanting PSP games. At all. Meaning, he doesn’t care if they’re compatible with PS Vita. He wants Japanese developers to move over to the PS Vita.

And expecting Japanese developers to move away from an insanely popular platform, when they can reach it and the PS Vita at the same time with digital b/c… is foolish.

Sony just needs to get enough solid content from 3rd parties (Monster Hunter would do it) that will push the Japanese audience into buying a PS Vita. After the consumers make the shift, most developers will make it too.

Alucard-XII said:

July 28th, 6:48 am

I would like to thank Atlus for their efforts on this release.

I was wondering if there are any plans to pick up and publish Grand Knight History, now that it’s been dropped by XSeed.

PlatinumAura said:

July 28th, 8:03 am

Anywhoo I think it’s cool that PSP titles are still coming out but come one I’d buy this day \ if it was Vita compatible the same went for Gungnir. But hey I still love you Atlus (and Aksys, and Nis America and any localization co. that I forgot here)

I think at this point every psp titles should be compatible with Vita. I admit I know nothing of developing video games on any medium but come on!.. there is a little thing called “priorities” and if that doesn’t do it than maybe “adapting to a new market?” but that’s just my 2 cents I’ll still check it out when it’s Vita compatible I love Atlus too much not to!

ddphilly said:

July 28th, 9:12 am


As mentioned in earlier comments, it isn’t so much that new PSP titles aren’t compatible with the Vita, but that Sony must “approve” them before they will work on the Vita / appear on the Vita store. One a publisher requests that Sony approve it for the Vita it’s basically out of their hands. The reason for the delay is probably because Sony is concerned about recent discoveries that some downloadable PSP games contained various hacking exploits.

@Alucard-XII Atlus staff have flat-out stated on their forums that they won’t localize GKH. The reason that GKH was canceled in the first place was that the developer Vanillaware was reportedly too busy working on Dragon’s Crown (which Atlus USA will be localizing) to finish coding for the NA release of GKH. Therefore, it isn’t feasible since Atlus would run into the same problem XSEED did.

PlatinumAura said:

July 28th, 10:50 am

@ Renegade-Xx-xX : Dude I love you!

@ddphilly: “there is a little thing called “priorities” and if that doesn’t do it than maybe “adapting to a new market?” Please don’t respond if you aren’t gonna read my whole post. Only respond if you love me man because I love you.

FilooGaroo said:

July 28th, 12:04 pm

THIS IS AN AMAZING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Growlanser series is one of the best S RPG EVER………………

Idea for you guys : PLEASE MAKE A COMPILATION of all those great games in a vita version with TROPHY…. !!!!

Alucard-XII said:

July 28th, 12:37 pm


Uh thanks for answering that. It’s a real shame. Seems like this game has no hope for a full US release at this point. Let’s hope it gets localized in one form or another at some point (digital PSP release, PSVita port, or even fan translated).

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 28th, 1:52 pm

Anyways can’t talk right now I’m at the Indy racetrack and the nationwide race has just started. I’ll tell ya off later. Iphone rocks it still makes a vita look stupid lol.

Etharius said:

July 28th, 4:16 pm

Hi Atlus – I absolutely love your releases, keep them coming! I’ll be importing Growlanser (little chance of it making its way to the UK) and will continue to pick up every PSP game you release. Please keep them coming as long as it’s viable, many of us still use our PSP’s and, unbelievably, pay for our games too.

You guys rock, from the head honcho to the guy in the mailroom. Thanks team Atlus :)

Vegeta1345 said:

July 29th, 6:29 am

Growlanser one heck of a good series. I still have the ones made for ps2. This one should be a great addon to the series. Lets hope it makes it to the Vita.

Joniviv said:

July 29th, 11:29 am

Ok I just have one question…what is happening in the first picture. I mean seriously. Is that guy/girl/…kid really trying to block that sword with a bow? and it looks like the sword is going to chop his/her/…it’s fingers off. Is that hair coming out of the end of the scarf?? Plus that sword guy looks pretty calm and almost a little sad.

ddphilly said:

July 29th, 8:24 pm

@Joniviv I think that scene will make more sense once you see it in the game… The kid is a boy, his name is Remus (and he often teased for looking feminine). It’s just a scarf. And the guy with the sword (the protagonist)’s name is Crevanille. Can’t tell you any more than that because I haven’t played the game yet but I’m sure it will all make sense in context.

NeoWizard01 said:

July 31st, 10:11 am

Still waiting!

kentez1019 said:

July 31st, 12:44 pm

Downloaded the game an hour ago via ps3 then transferred it to the vita. Works perfect. Good job this time Atlus!

kentez1019 said:

July 31st, 12:47 pm

Day one compatible on vita,hell yea. Thanks a bunch Atlus.

CWA94 said:

August 2nd, 3:02 am

Can somebody just answer me this….what are the chances of any of the growlanser games being playable on the ps3? I enjoyed growlanser generations for the ps2 and it would be great if it could be available for the ps3 via psn…..

christian115 said:

August 10th, 12:37 pm

To Aram :

Thank you so much for creating this post . I thought sony gave up on the psp system . I currently own a pspGO (Piano Black) and was thinking about companies releasing more psp games . Some people dont want the vita for various reasons so im glad to see a psp title is releasing . Also i want to see Final Fantasy Type 0 release on psp as well since it launched in japan a while back for the psp system . I dont want to see psp titles japan has already released for the psp system release in north america on the psvita . That will dissapoint me so much and it clearly isnt fair . I brought the pspGo for a reason and i actually love it . With a hardrive that has over 12GB internal memory it has really came in handy all these months. I need new psp games and glad i saw this post . Thanks aram !

lifeat30fps said:

August 20th, 12:51 pm

Almost three weeks…any idea how much longer before this is Vita-compatible? :D If it helps, I bought it already…just waiting for you to let me play it!

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