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Jul 31

Jul 31

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Note: Due to an unforeseen complication, the Grand Theft Auto III PS2 Classic is not publishing with today’s Store post. We will update you when a new release date has been identified. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PlayStation Store Update

PS3 Full Games

RIDGE RACER Unbounded ($44.99)
RIDGE RACER Unbounded gears up to carve its own destructive path on a spectacular collision course! RIDGE RACER is on its way back into the eager hands of gamers and RIDGE RACER Unbounded is coming to add an unexpected dimension to the series and deliver an original blast of ferocious racing adrenaline. Easily create thousands of tracks and share them online.
File Size: 1.46 GB

PSN Games

The Expendables 2 Videogame ($14.99) (Demo Also Available)
The Expendables videogame is a way for fans to experience all of their favorite explosive moments, as their favorite stars, in 4-Player Co-op action.
File Size: 1.15 GB

PS2 Classics

War of the Monsters ($9.99)
Topple buildings and terrorize civilians as a giant creature wreaking havoc. Defeat rival monsters to be the strongest in the world.
File Size: 1.2 GB

PSP Games

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time ($29.99)
Unravel the mystery in this legendary RPG from ATLUS!
Join the enigmatic Crevanille on his journey through Noyeval as he tries to discover why mankind is being targeted for destruction. What power do the mysterious Angels possess? Who holds the key to preventing another tragedy? And how will your choices affect the outcome of world-shaking events? Discover the answers to these questions and more as you experience the legend of Growlanser!
File Size: 919 MB


Crunchyroll (FREE)
Watch the latest Japanese Anime & Asian Drama! Now you can watch new episodes 1 hour after airing in Japan on your PlayStation 3. Watch the latest anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Shugo Chara!, Blue Exorcist, Gintama, The World God Only Knows, Bodacious Space Pirates, Nisemonogatari, Eyeshield 21, Skip Beat!, Beelzebub, Gosick, and more.

PlayStation Store Highlights

This week, make sure to check out the first game to release in this year’s PSN PLAY promotion! The Expendables 2 is a co-op arcade-style shoot ‘em up, and takes place just before the events of the upcoming movie of the same name, so make sure to play it before you catch it in theaters. Up to four players can join up to take part in an action-packed rescue mission spanning a number of exotic locales. It’s 20% off for PlayStation Plus members as well.

PSN PLAY is also offering up Sound Shapes this week for pre-order. It’s also 20% of for PlayStation Plus members, and pre-ordering nets you an exclusive static theme for your PS3.

We’re also seeing the release of a great PS2 Classic in the cult favorite War of the Monsters. If you missed this one the first time around, be sure to check it out.


Anime fans across the nation will be excited to see the new Video Services app Crucnhyroll debut as well! In addition, you’ll also get access to the best in Japanese drama, with new content coming online all the time.

Make sure to check out great Add-Ons for new release Risen 2: Dark Waters, and also adorable new Disney princess costumes for Little Big Planet 2! The rest of this week’s update is below; check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus

Click here to learn more and purchase online or go to the PlayStation Store to activate instantly.

Free Content Warriors Orochi 3 – Orochi X Avatar
Mad Riders Game The Daredevil Map Pack
Discounts Sound Shapes Pre-Order (20% Off) – Plus price: $11.99
The Expendables 2: The Videogame Game (20% Off) – Plus price: $11.99
Mad Riders (10% Off) – Plus Price: $8.99
Last Chance (Leaving Plus This Week) PSN Play – Week #1 – The Expendables 2: The Videogame Pre Order


Sound Shapes Preorder Offer (Static Theme Gift With Purchase) ($14.99)
Releases 8/7 as part of PSN PLAY. Play, Compose and Share in a unique take on the classic sidescrolling platformer where your actions make the music. Equal parts instrument and game, Sound Shapes gives everyone the ability to make music. Play through a unique campaign that fuses music and artwork into a classic 2D platformer featuring artwork by Pixeljam, Capy, Superbrothers and more, with music by I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie and Deadmau5. Additionally, Sound Shapes comes to the PLAY program as a cross-platform title, allowing players to play at home on their PS3, or take it on the go with PlayStation Vita. Create and upload your levels on either platform for others to download and remix on their own.

Game Demos (Free)

Expendables 2 Demo (PS3)
The Expendables 2 Videogame demo is a taste of all your favorite explosive moments, as your favorite stars, in four-player co-op action.
File Size: 1.15 GB

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron (PS3)
Experience two single player levels and two multiplayer modes in the TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron demo!
File Size: 2.1 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 brings the perfect balance of the beautiful game home.
File Size: 997 MB


Cuboid (PS3) (now $4.99, original price $9.99)

PS3 Add-ons

Record of Agarest War 2

Right to the Blacksmith Pack 8 ($0.00) – Here is some good news for those too spineless or too lethargic to Convert! Take the following items and get your bad self to Gordon’s place! Cuprum x 3, Argentum x 3, Stannum x 3, Breunnerite x 3, Galena x 3, Aurum x 3, Iron Roze x 3, Hideralzentum x 3, Shining Fang x 2.
Bonus Point Pack 5 ($4.49) – Thank you for your insatiable appetite for our goods and services. We have put together a package of useful points and cold cash. Included within: 100,000,000G, 1,500PP.
Bonus Point Pack 6 ($3.99) – Thank you for your insatiable appetite for our goods and services. We have put together a package of useful points. Included within: 400,000TP, 1,500PP.
Frensberge Specialty Pack 4 ($1.49) – A collection of items made in the image of Frensberge’s most colorful citizens! If you want to be accepted as a TRUE Frensberger, you’ll need all of this stuff! What’s this? A note from Chloe: I’m making stew tonight. If you come home late, expect the -Queen of Iron Fist Matrimony- Banana Sword x 1, Chickapede Alert x 1, Red Thrusting Hell x 1, Le Crusher x 1, Chloe’s Incense x 1, Merchant’s Charm x 1.
2nd Extra Character ($2.49) – Hark! Allies that will share in your joys and sorrows have come in droves! Now, it is time to overcome adversity together!
Additional Massage Costumes ($2.99) – Here is some truly titillating attire for a lovely lady to wear while receiving a sensuous massage! Get someone to put this on…NOW!
Shaldie Mail Order 2 Pack ($2.99) – One of my experiments went sideways on me and I ended up conjuring up a pile of useless cra– I mean a treasure trove of wonderful items. I owe you a favor or two, so I’ll let you have it all…at a very reasonable price. It’s not like I’m ever going to use it, anyway. Alfa Beld Spear x 1, Rod of Omniscience x 1, Rebellion x 1, Core Elemental x 1, Avian Lapband x 1, Chickapede Charm x 1.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Swap Costumes Note – The following Swap Costumes DLC add-ons are exclusive content for STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN. These add-on contents can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
Sakura (Swap Costume)($0.99) – In order to attend a cultural festival at Asuka’s school, Sakura borrows one of their uniforms.
Blanka (Swap Costume)($0.99) – After a fight with Hwoarang, the two become friends. Rumor has it that Blanka decided to get some matching clothes as a token of appreciation.
Guy (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that Guy disguised himself as Kazuya in order to infiltrate the G Corporation.
Cody (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that Cody beat Paul in a money match, but after Paul came up short on funds he was forced to pay with the shirt off his back.
Elena (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that Elena met Julia during the latter’s reforestation activities. The two became good friends, and Julia gave Elena these clothes as a present.
Dudley (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that this was a present from a certain dancing Tiger. Dudley was reluctant, but it would be rude not to accept such a thoughtful gift.
Lars (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that after defeating a ninja named Geki who had come to take his life, Lars decided to don his outfit and try to infiltrate his organization.
Alisa (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that after hearing that Juri is working together with M.Bison, Alisa disguised herself as Juri in the hopes of getting to the bottom of Shadaloo’s recent activities.
JACK-X (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that to gain more information about the sumo style of fighting, JACK-X decides to enter the sumo world. He tries to dress for the part, but somehow this makes him even more conspicuous!
Bryan (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that with his powers and abilities being recognized by Urien, the second in command of a mysterious organization, Bryan is brought into their ranks.
Christie (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Brainwashed by M.Bison, the leader of Shadaloo, Christie becomes a member of Bison’s special bodyguard unit, The Dolls…
Lei (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Upon hearing about the activities of a suspicious individual, apparently Lei disguised himself as that man in order to sneak into his Hong Kong dojo. …The pink unexpectedly suits him.
SF DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack($3.99) – A pack featuring the swap costumes for the 6 Street Fighter DLC characters. The SF cast take on the look of Tekken characters with these new outfits. Characters Included: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley Note: Please be careful not to purchase the same costume twice. This add-on content can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
TK DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack($3.99) – A pack featuring the swap costumes for the 6 Tekken DLC characters. The TK cast takes on the look of the Street Fighter characters with these new outfits. Characters Included: Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei Note: Please be careful not to purchase the same costume twice. This add-on content can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack($5.99) – This pack features the swap costumes for the Street Fighter and Tekken DLC characters. Characters Included: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei Note: Please be careful not to purchase the same costume twice. This add-on content can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
Additional Characters Pack (12 Chars)($19.99) – 12 new Street Fighter and Tekken characters join the battle! Characters Included: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei MEGA MAN and PAC-MAN are also included! Note: This add-on is exclusive content for STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN.

LittleBigPlanet 2

Snow White Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Snow White! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Jasmine Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Jasmine! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Aurora Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Aurora! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Cinderella Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Cinderella! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Disney Princesses Costume Pack ($5.99) – Download the Disney Princesses Costume Pack to dress your Sackgirl as a lovely princess! This pack includes: -Cinderella Costume -Aurora Costume -Snow White Costume -Jasmine Costume -Disney Princesses Sticker Pack

The Expendables 2 Videogame

Barney Ross Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Barney Ross skills and weapons.
Hale Caesar Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Hale Caesar skills and weapons.
Gunner Jensen Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Gunner Jensen skills and weapons.
Yin Yang Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Yin Yang skills and weapons.
All Characters Full Upgrade ($2.99) – All characters fully upgraded skills and weapons.

Bellator MMA Onslaught

Scouting Report ($0.99) – Gain the competitive advantage by increasing your insights into your opponents stats before every online match begins with the Scouting Report!

Max Payne 3

Special Edition Pack ($1.99) – The Special Edition Pack includes the Hammerhead shotgun, G9 grenade launcher, Molotov Cocktail and classic characters like Max Payne, Mona Sax and Jack Lupino. Please Note: The Special Edition of Max Payne 3 includes this content. Add-on content, Max Payne 3 required to play. This content is part of the Rockstar Pass and will be available to Rockstar Pass purchasers in game upon release.

Risen 2 Dark Waters

A Pirate’s Clothes ($2.99) – A set of stylish items for the player including a hat, boots, trousers, a pistol and a special ring which increases the rate the player accumulates experience by 5%.
Risen 2 Dark Waters – Treasure Isle ($9.99) – Journey to an unknown island in a story quest that offers new environments to explore with many puzzles to solve, treasures to loot and mysteries to unravel.
Risen 2 Dark Waters – Air Temple ($9.99) – Uncover the mysteries of the Air Temple in this exclusive story quest line. Explore an additional island with new characters, quests and enemies.

Spec Ops: The Line

FUBAR Pack ($3.99) – Get immediate access to the Officer Class and AK47 weapon for multiplayer, as well as the FUBAR Pack of exclusive character accessories for each class. The Officer Class assists your teammates by giving you gameplay bonuses including the ability to create ammo drops, increased firepower, and increased armor.

Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing song game tracks. For music credits, visit www.RockBand.com.

  • “The End of Heartache” ($1.99) – Killswitch Engage.
  • “The End of Heartache” – Pro Guitar (In Game Only) ($0.99) – Killswitch Engage.
  • “The Arms of Sorrow” ($1.99) – Killswitch Engage.
  • “Starting Over” ($1.99) – Killswitch Engage
  • Killswitch Engage Pack 01 ($5.49) – This pack includes “Starting Over,” “The Arms of Sorrow,” and “The End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.

Rock Band Network – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing song game tracks made available through Rock Band Network

  • “Until I Feel Nothing” ($1.99) – Carnifex. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “Come Now Follow” ($1.99) – Amberian Dawn. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “ Collide” ($1.99) – Anarchy Club. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “Coming Undone” ($1.99) – Shatterglass. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “Reson-8-R (Pts. I & II)” ($0.99) – Christopher J. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.

PS Vita Add-ons

Escape Plan

Underground Pack ($1.99) – Free from the Asylum and delivered fresh from crazy town, Lil and Laarg discover an underground railway. Could this be their ticket home? Pick up this treacherous new DLC pack to discover an entirely new labyrinth of 19 puzzles and death traps, but beware—Bakuki will stop at nothing to prevent your escape! The Underground Pack also delivers even more Challenge Modes, four new costumes, and four additional Trophies. Download it today! To use this download, you will need the Escape Plan Full Game.

Available In-Game Only (Not on PlayStation Store)

Bellator MMA Onslaught

Bellator Mma Onslaught Advanced Xp Boost ($1.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Attack Boost ($0.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Defense Boost ($0.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Stamina Boost ($0.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Xp Boost ($0.99)

DC Universe

DC Universe Butterfly Wings ($1.99)
DC Universe Online Runed Gargoyle Wings ($1.99)
DC Universe Online Turbine Jets ($1.99)


Pure Chess Black & White Knights Avatar ($0.49)
Pure Chess Golden Knight Avatar ($0.49)
Pure Chess King Motif Avatar ($0.49)
Pure Chess Staunton Pawn Avatar ($0.49)
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode Ii Avatar Bundle ($1.49)

Game Videos (Free)

Counter Strike Global Offensive Trailer (PSN Play 2012)
Dead Space 3 E3 Announce Trailer
Journey Collector’s Edition Official Trailer (720, 1080)
Persona 4 Arena E3 Trailer
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Aigis
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Akihiko Sanada
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Chie Satonaka
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Elizabeth
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Kanji Tatsumi
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Labrys
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Mitsuru Kirijo
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Naoto Shirogane
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Shadow Labrys
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Teddie
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Yosuke Hanamura
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Yu Narukami
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Yukiko Amagi
Persona 4 Arena Tutorial 1
Persona 4 Arena Tutorial 2
Rainbow Moon Dev Diary 6: Conclusion
Red Johnson’S Chronicles – One Against All Trailer
Sorcery Launch Trailer (720, 1080)
Sorcery Story Trailer (720, 1080)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part I – The Magical Technology of Move (720, 1080)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part II – A Hero’s Journey (720)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part III – The Music Behind the Myth (720, 1080)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part IV – The Creatures of Sorcery (720)

PS3 Themes

1970’s Germany Static Theme ($1.49)
Abstract Dragons Static Theme ($1.49)
Abstract Summer Static Theme ($1.49)
Cowgirl Bath Time w/ Rosa Acosta Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
Little Holland Static Theme ($1.49)
Old Mine Shaft Static Theme ($1.49)
Spring Petals Static Theme ($1.49)
Summer Music Static Theme ($1.49)
Magical Toadstools Theme ($1.49)
Neon Lights Theme ($0.99)

PS3 Wallpapers

Counter Strike: GO Wallpaper 2

Add Your Own

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Einhander19 said:

July 31st, 6:15 pm

Hey, you forgot to list that The Warriors and Grand theft Auto Chinatown Wars are now on PlayStation Vita. :)

DemonSlayer1224 said:

July 31st, 6:24 pm

In the store it says that vs and co-op mode are not included in war of the monsters is that really true?

IIL0YDII said:

July 31st, 6:33 pm

While we get this,EU store gets Summer Sales.

id_juniorBR said:

July 31st, 6:39 pm


sagake said:

July 31st, 6:45 pm

can we have the damn beta of playstation all star battle royale piz

SpooNManX said:

July 31st, 6:46 pm

@203: REALLY?!
What would be the point of taking out the 2 best modes of the game?
I wish someone would answer these questions. It’s like they answer about 20 questions and abandon the rest.

To summarize my questions that were ignored:




Please answer one or all of these. Thanks.

SpooNManX said:

July 31st, 6:48 pm

@206 Exactly..

Isn’t this the stuff we are paying for PLUS for? You would think we could at least all get the LittleBigKarting game that even non-Plus members seem to have.

This would have been a great week to release it too since the rest of the stuff is very lackluster.

BrianC6234 said:

July 31st, 6:48 pm

How can there be a problem with a music track in GTA III? That makes no sense. It’s in the game, isn’t that all the rights needed? Someone better just get it approved and add GTA III to the store right away. Don’t let one song hold the game up.

sagake said:

July 31st, 6:51 pm

i can not have the damn beta code 4 playstation all star battle royale piz give us the beta 4 usa why hong-kong why not usa

eccentrik said:

July 31st, 6:52 pm

Hey PlayStation… I bought Spec Ops The Line the other day and it worked fine a day or two now I get “invalid copyright” errors or something like that. How do I fix this?? I paid $60 for this!!

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 31st, 7:02 pm

Gotta fix my typo in my last comment above…. Repost lol

Wow and here I was thinking that I complain the most on here and get attacked the most for venting my constructive criticism and wow its a lot of pissed off gamers today in this post. Morgan I feel for ya man. Not only have you had to deal with my constructive criticism in the past but today they top my rants and make me look like a rookie lol.

chasez671 said:

July 31st, 7:08 pm

Will Crunchyroll come to vita?

WaveLightning777 said:

July 31st, 7:10 pm

The Sonic Avatars! FINALLY! Now as soon as PSN will let me use my PSN card… ^^

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

July 31st, 7:21 pm

@ Morgan..

Can you please fix it where I can post a comment on these blogs from my main psn account. Its been years since I have been able to post a comment that will go straight through on my main plus paying psn account names SLICK _ T .

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

July 31st, 7:23 pm

You have to put the SLICK _ T all together. For some reason on here when I type my psn account together right the comment will bever post. Anyways, cause you please explain to me why my main psn account is blocked from commenting. I have never recieved a email explaining why. I would really love to be able to just comment from my paying psn account on here and not have to make bogus accounts just to be able to post a comment. Its getting annoying now.
Thank you Morgan!

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

July 31st, 7:27 pm

I think the least you guys at the blog can do is explain in a email why I am blocked from commenting. I have spent over a thousand bucks on my main psn account SLICK _ T. I am a plus member and been a plus member on there since it began and yet I can’t ever post on here with it and haven’t been able to in years. Please fix it so I don’t have to keep posting from different psn accounts. Thanks!

Arootbeer6 said:

July 31st, 7:35 pm

When will we get the Mickey PS1 game? Also, I’d like to see the Incredibles as a

Arootbeer6 said:

July 31st, 7:36 pm

PS2 Classic, and more Disney and Pixar games as PS1/2 Classics.

blackgreensoul said:

July 31st, 7:45 pm

Any info on Mickey Mania?

Also, I love my ps plus. I use to be a Xbox Gold member but I only got discounts on games and dlc. On ps3 not only do I already get free internet and online play but with plus I get an awesome rotating collection of diverse games for free on a monthly basis and a discount on games and dlc!

Adelflame said:

July 31st, 7:50 pm

Can somebody on sony tell KONAMI im still waiting for my MGS4 PSN AVATARS, a trophy patch is coming, give us avatars already too! D:

Squiggle55 said:

July 31st, 7:51 pm

Mickey is not coming out at all anymore. They already told us it was a mistake and it will never come out.

blackgreensoul said:

July 31st, 7:52 pm

@Squiggle55: Thanks, I must have missed it.

sagake said:

July 31st, 7:54 pm

can u upload kh 1 and 2

CaptainJames99 said:

July 31st, 8:16 pm

I agree another extremely weak update. Looks and smells like it was phoned in. And the whiners who defend the company like its some kind of relgion only server to make the situation worse. Its not a one off occurance either, its consistantly mediocre. It’s not like someone from the board suddenly comes in at the end of the day saying “hey lets update the store”, its supposed to be a regular thing every week. Not to mention the insiders who only reply to a handful of suckups. It’s an all around lack of professionalism. PSN as a whole could be mountains better than the competition with a bit more solid effort and have much better sales figures to show for it.

Squiggle55 said:

July 31st, 8:18 pm

At least Sound Shapes comes out next week. And hopefully that is followed quickly by Retro City Rampage and Zen Pinball 2 — I’m really looking forward to the announcements for those 2. Then I’ll be more than set until LBP Vita comes out. Of course I’m also anticipating the PS1 classics patch, and better backlog compatibility for minis and PSP games, and unlocking remote play would be nice. But there’s some good stuff coming that will definitely keep me entertained.

Niko-Blue said:

July 31st, 8:20 pm

why is it that alot of psp games are still $20??it has been over 3 years and MORE,it’s still $20 SMH….GTA chinatown wars is $20 on psn but on itunes its $10.so when GTA 3 come out we gotta PAY $20 instead of $5 SMFH

luvtoseek said:

July 31st, 8:22 pm

@106, Curtisio, there is a perk for the PSN Play program- the more of the selected titles you preorder, you’ll recieve PSN credit sent to you by mid Sept. Look for the blog post for more info. Great deal, IMO.

sagake said:

July 31st, 8:24 pm

can we playstation plus have the beta of playstation all star battle royale come on hong-kong have it n not us

CaptainJames99 said:

July 31st, 8:34 pm

Y’know niko-blue is right, digital pricing on psn is foolish. I can have sympathy for vita owners who get hosed on prices on the few games they can use out of the psp selection right now. Anyone who still has their psp & umd’s would be wise to hang on to them for now.

MuramasaEdge said:

July 31st, 8:54 pm

Guys, you’re doing a terrific job, but please, for the love of all that is shiny and nostalgic, can we Europeans finally see Legend of Dragoon on the EU PSN? If it’s on the US version, I’m really at a loss as to why it could possibly be witheld from the Euro market. Please, please PLEASE. :)

Cheers guys and gals.

Destiny89 said:

July 31st, 9:01 pm

Anyone know if Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time works on the Vita?

xxnike629xx said:

July 31st, 9:02 pm

Aw come on SCEA!

Well, how about Grand Theft Auto HD Collection (GTA3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas) released on 1 BluRay for the PS3 and exclusive to PS3?

I think more people would want that over a regular PS2 Classic GTA3 put up on the PS Store.

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

July 31st, 9:05 pm

Well I just tryed the new expendables 2 demo and didn’t play it more than 2 minutes after seeing SCREEN TEARING I said forget this and exited it and DELETE from hard drive and NO BUY. I’m tired of developers getting lazy and not taking care of that rubbish screen tear crap. I won’t waste my money on games that do that junk and I know about it. Thanks for demo so I could save 11 bucks.

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

July 31st, 9:11 pm

Oh and to all the people mad about the ps2 grand theft 3 game not on ps3 yet um just go play saints 3. Its way better than grand theft 4 anyways.

truongtantai said:

July 31st, 9:12 pm

cant wait to next week . I love Instant Game

Niko-Blue said:

July 31st, 9:16 pm

if i was sony i make all psn minis games FREE.ALL PSP GAMES PRICE WILL BE FROM $3 to $10 and VITA games from $10 to $40.

SpooNManX said:

July 31st, 9:24 pm

“Crunchyroll (FREE)”
Well, you may want to mention the $7/Month fee to use it though.
Sure it’s free to have the icon show on your XMB though.

I’m not sure why everyone was so excited about it anyway. Netflix has a ton of Anime AND most of it is HD unlike CR.

On another note. I am so glad I didn’t pre-order Expendables 2… Wow… Just wow.

Sevyne said:

July 31st, 9:43 pm

@SpooNManX: Because most of the Anime on Netflix sucks. It has a few good ones, but it’s overall a really terrible selection.

DaSwampDogg said:

July 31st, 9:49 pm

Awesomenauts for the PS Vita would be great if we can get that

yayday said:

July 31st, 10:18 pm

Sony, why arent you listening to us? Just read the comments! I am a Vita user and you guys are doing nothing new for the Vita. I love the Vita. I play MGS for hours and hours and I love it. And I love Uncharted but thats it. 2 games. There are a few others but I dont like them as much as the ones I mentioned. There are no good racing games for it. Except for WipEout but thats it. Modnation is fun but its too cartoony. Why not remake Gran Turismo 4 for the Vita since I know you can remake PS2 on it because of MGS. That would be amazing. And maybe make a real Motorstorm for it. And where is that Call of Duty you guys promised?Havent heard anything about it. And NBA? Why cant you make an NBA game for it since there are already 2 fifas, an MLB game and an NFL game. But no NBA which is my favorite sport. Can you please listen to your customers? I kinda figured after the big PS hack you guys would treat us better since all of our info including credit card numbers were hacked. Oh, and the Vita is overpriced anyway, l got mine from ebay for $212.00 because they are so expencive new. Sony, we, your customers, are what keep you in buisness, now wouldent it make sense to listen to us? Yes, it would. Get your act together, Sony.

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

July 31st, 10:45 pm

For the people saying where is all the bundles for vita consoles at and where is a football game for vita at well good news. Of course you already know a white vita bundle is on the way but look on bestbuy.com and you will see that a NFL 13 vita bundle is coming to. So for you wanting a football vita game and a bundle its on the way I just don’t know when. No date ever on the release on bestbuys website but it shows the bundles on there right now.

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

July 31st, 10:48 pm

Correction…. The PS Vita NFL 13 vita wifi bundle will be 249.99 and it suppose to release August 28th. A month away still but its coming. Too bad they don’t have Gt game for vita and a bundle coming for it to cause I don’t like football but for you that like it that bundle sounds good. Take a look at bestbuy.com.

PrinceofXIII said:

July 31st, 10:50 pm

yay Growlanser!!!!

iTofuMan said:

July 31st, 10:54 pm

I somewhat knew GTA 3 wasnt going to be released. i just had a feeling it was too good to be true. Oh well. All in all this update is just as dull as the rest. While granted War of the Monster seems interesting, and that new rpg for the psp looks great, everything else isnt worth it in my eyes.

One while the crunchyroll app is nice, i dislike the fact that it has no HD setting. if i can use that on my ipad there is no reason why i cant use it on my ps3. Two no Vita? seriously? if anything i really wanted it on my Vita so i can watch videos on the go, but i guess that isnt happening any time soon. Thanks for (not) giving us Vita Users the app.

Elric_X said:

July 31st, 10:55 pm

Sony, I’m a loyal fan but it REALLY feels like you have just flat out given up on the Vita.

thundercat17 said:

July 31st, 11:19 pm

good thing i didnt bought a vita, i would probably play reality fighters within 5 min and then sell it back on ebay

ccrogers15 said:

July 31st, 11:53 pm

My brother asked me to post on his behaf about his decision on his VITA.
He had decided to trade it in at gamestop. I dont exactly support this decision, but i dont blame him. Sony your doing a VERY bad job with getting VITA owners some stuff. People went out and spent money they HARD EARNED to get this system that is gonna fail just like the Nokia NGAGE did. Come on sony. Get your act together, put PSone classics on it AS PROMISED, just add EMULATION for psp games instead of re converting them all, and unlock remote play fully. How come hacker communities can do it, but you guys cant?

ccrogers15 said:

July 31st, 11:56 pm

@ Sevyne

Do you remember the Anime CASE CLOSED?
Awesome anime. Too bad its not on there or netflix.


July 31st, 11:56 pm

nothing good for Vita in a while. I’m starting to think Vita support is non existent.

SWITCH_00599 said:

August 1st, 12:40 am

Maybe GTA3 wil be re-released in HD or something

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