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Aug 02

Aug 02

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Public Beta This Fall

Chan Park's Avatar Posted by President, SuperBot Entertainment

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Hey everyone! Last week, SuperBot Entertainment and PlayStation invited a small group of players to get a hands-on preview of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as part of our early development beta. We’re beginning to test our servers and connectivity issues and this is just the beginning as we work toward rolling out a public beta to the entire PlayStation nation this Fall. As part of this exclusive access, players were able to take control of characters such as Kratos, Sweet Tooth, PaRappa the Rapper, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, and Fat Princess and battle in environments such as Dreamscape, Metropolis, Sandover Village, and Hades. The feedback we’re receiving from beta testers has been highly encouraging and valuable, helping us craft the best online multiplayer fighting experience possible.

In addition, there was an unexpected and unintended leak in our beta that allowed fans to be able to see some additional content. We’ve enjoyed reading all of the fan reaction and are thrilled that so many of you are excited to learn more about our character roster and level mash-ups, however we are still in development and the leaked content does not fully represent the final product nor the incredible efforts that were made to make these elements truly spectacular. This will be evident in the coming weeks as this content is officially revealed, beginning with our next character announcement at Gamescom in a couple of weeks.

While just a small group now, in the coming weeks we will continue to send out batches of codes as we gradually expand the beta; so keep your eyes open. You just might receive an invitation to join! Keep checking back with the blog for more information around the public beta, starting with early access to PlayStation Plus members.

If you’re having this much fun with the game now, we think you’re going to be thrilled with all the great stuff coming in the final product!

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sethman17 said:

August 6th, 4:21 pm

Sweet! I absolutely can not wait to start playing this game! Hoping for a beta code, but will wait for this to release. Definitely getting this game the day it comes out. Thanks Superbot for creating something like this!

mtjjrstccw1 said:

August 6th, 9:09 pm

I’ve been following this game ever since its initial leak back in November, and it was a dream come true to me, since I have always hoped someone would take on a project like this. I haven’t been this excited for a game in like…EVER! I just can’t stop myself from searching for and watching gameplay videos, the reveals, and learning every bit of new info on this game. so Please can you please give me a beta code? It would make me absolutely ecstatic! This game is all I think about, it looks AMAZING and I wish so much I could play it. I’m on the forums everyday not only looking for new info, but also defending it from any haters. Thank you very much, words will not be able to describe how grateful I will be If you could give me a PASBR beta code. Thank you very much Superbot, keep up the AWESOME work!


Midgus1990 said:

August 7th, 2:49 am

drake and kratos definitely .

jds07 said:

August 7th, 8:27 am

I hope there’s a beta for Vita version too to test out the cross platform online play. Either way, I’m still stoked for this beta coming out soon.

myPSismyfriend said:

August 7th, 10:19 am

do you need playstation plus to get into the beta?

eddiecraigandpup said:

August 7th, 11:11 am

yo i can’t wait 4 this game i hope its better thn tht SSBB & I REALLY HOPE THEY ADD sora or patapon

jackwhitefoot said:

August 7th, 8:27 pm

I cannot wait. Also, stop with Crash and Spyro complaining. I know they were part of your childhood, but stop! It’s annoying!

spartan117no said:

August 8th, 10:39 am

mmm in the beta i will use Big Daddy,Cole (INFAMOUS) and Radec

Ricky9384 said:

August 8th, 10:59 am


X-ay00ANT said:

August 8th, 11:52 am

When is gamecon12 is it today

Lucky13X said:

August 8th, 2:38 pm

Love the response on page 40. I really do hope the art team could make it where the individual characters look like the All Stars promo pic above, with the different texture of Parappa the Rapper & Sly compared to Nathan Drake & Big Daddy.

onewayforfreedom said:

August 8th, 3:39 pm

OMG! crazy & fun @(*_*)@ THANKS.

Omare92 said:

August 8th, 4:08 pm

Im definately considering buying this game, great job guys at superbot entertainment. i’ve been watching all the vids posted and im pretty excited. Hope you dont mind a few character suggestions:-

1. Lightning (FF13)
2. Snake (Dont mind if it’s Old Snake)
3. Crash Bandicoot (even though it might not be possible)

these probably wont happen but…

4. Warrior of Light (FF1/Dissidia)
5. Rikku (FF10)

I just really appreciate the hard work and commitment into creating a game like this, so on behalf of Playstation fans, you have my thanks.

mejo1023 said:

August 9th, 1:55 pm

Cant wait But also can you please add Lora Croft to Playstation all stars battle royal

DonRodie said:

August 9th, 2:18 pm

Dear Sony,

Add MAG to playstation plus. Its one of my favorite games ever.

Thank you,

sices4ever said:

August 9th, 11:18 pm

well i just got my invite now gonna download it hope it still works


August 10th, 12:54 am

Man i need this beta

SuNnYBoI said:

August 10th, 1:58 am

Just tried out the Beta today, the game is fun but it needs A LOT of work. A few suggestions:
1. Visual Representation of Scores (Real-Time Scoreboard):
Some visual feedback of where everyone in the match is at would be nice.

2. Multiple Versions of Supers:
Okay, I gotta admit that the whole “winning via supers” is awesomely fun, but it gets old REALLLYYY fast. If I see Sweet Tooth turn into a giant ice cream truck robot thingy one more time, Wayne Brady’s gonna have to somethin to a somethin. Why not develop Supers that change based off of a variety of contexts [jumping supers (lvl 1-3), blocking supers (lvl 1-3) etc.?

3. Tighter Animation:
The backdrops are AMAZING but the animation of the playable characters looks very rushed and in all honesty..bad. Yeah you can’t really have a Uber-Hi-Res model of Kratos jumping around in there, but at least it should look like characters are actually feeling the hit vs flying 50 feet in the same pose.

4. GUI: The GUI needs to look more FUN, not bland.

Other than that the Beta was really fun and the game is looking like a great party game!

SuNnYBoI said:

August 10th, 2:03 am

Also, Radec, Kratos, and Sweet Tooth are EXTREMELY overpowered. Parappa, Sly, and the ever so annoying Fat-Princess got the short end of the stick [although Sly’s finishers are AMAZING, they’re chump change when it comes to Kratos and Radec’s finishers]

sayan19 said:

August 10th, 9:05 am

can anyone tell me if the beta will be for the vita? and how did people get into the beta? did they get invited or is there a secret sign up page?

Bebo6PR said:

August 10th, 9:23 am

how can i fet invited to the beta early?

Bebo6PR said:

August 10th, 9:24 am



August 10th, 11:42 am

me too!

thekidmaravilla said:

August 10th, 8:28 pm

You guys need to put Crash and Spyro in this game im dying here and some other characters. Plz invite me to the beta i jioned playstation plus for that reason to get into betas and the great deals on games.

trum3n1 said:

August 11th, 6:42 am

Why didn’t I get beta invite if I am a + member? That was also a reason I joined it.

Cinuous said:

August 11th, 5:48 pm

Betas alotta fun!!!!! Kinda cant wait for the game to see what the rest of the characters can do, so far Sly’s the best tho!!!!!!!!

alpharedblade said:

August 11th, 6:16 pm

I read D-Crash63’s comment and I agree with her/his comment. I would flip is they put sora, cloud, lightning, spyro, crash, or snake in. And I can’t believe their putting in the new Dante and Raiden. Lets wait for people to start crying about it not being the white haired Dante. And since I’m a Playstation Plus Subscriber MY BODY IS READY FOR THE PASSWORD.

Dirty_NJ said:

August 12th, 10:03 pm

Pardon me if this has already been asked, but has there been any explanation given as to what the criteria is for getting a beta code from one of these earlier batches? I see that there are non-PS+ subscribers getting in on this, while plenty of PS+ subscribers have not received a beta code. I find this confusing as I was under the impression that PS+ subscribers got first crack at these sort of things.
Yes, I understand that these first batches are very limited, and yes, I understand that the larger fall beta will be for PS+ subscribers, but that doesn’t answer the question in my mind.

Dookieinthebath said:

August 14th, 5:34 am

When is the BETA coming out in Europe? :3

Thanks for making such and awesome game!

(Get Crash and Rayman!!!)

Dookieinthebath said:

August 14th, 5:36 am

Also make it in the game that you can listen to the music on your console. I hate it when I cant listen to music when playing a game. Thanks!

gabef12 said:

August 17th, 3:04 pm

will this beta be on the vita

shadwayne said:

August 17th, 3:25 pm

it wont be as fun as smash….but its a nice alliterative

Evan2113 said:

August 19th, 1:44 pm

oh man can’t wait to finally get to play this. really hoping i get a beat key at some point soon, cause i really wanna play this game!

mikethehedgehog said:

August 19th, 6:21 pm

Awesome! I’m looking foward to play as SLY! Sadly… i was hoping to play as a big daddy in this upcoming beta :(

minkikitty said:

August 20th, 3:31 pm

So i watched a youtube video of all the playable people in the game and 60% Crash,Spyro,Cloud,Sora There is other people i can name but yeah, not quite sure if i can trust the video. The video name is called “PlayStation All-Stars Character & Stage Selection Concept”

Also, how do i sign up for beta o.O

Shatgan said:

August 21st, 5:14 pm

Oww man, I hope I receive a code! :D

fishhook8 said:

August 24th, 8:29 pm

Kudos to superbot so far with adding spike dante rachet and sackboy i remeber ape ascape from when i was young and i just wanted to know two thing are u realesing more charecters at pax and if u are how many

LordDust said:

August 27th, 6:43 pm

I cant wait for this to come out im going to become a PS plus subscriber for this game

Tatsuha said:

August 29th, 7:40 pm

I’ve really been enjoying the beta. It was really awesome. It showed how different it really is from the comments of it being a Super Smash Bros rip off. I was wary at first, but playing it was really fun. I was sad that the beta was only online and I couldn’t do anything offline, but I understand it’s still under development; although I was really surprised (and happy) when there was an update that changed/added poses and even a weapon. Is the beta currently closed right now? Everytime I go on, it never finds opponents and instead of just “Network Error” there’s message and a website, which takes me to a 404 not found. I guess it’s holding off until the more public beta?

Tatsuha said:

August 29th, 9:23 pm

Also, I don’t think there will be a Vita beta. As for ideas for the game, I agree with SuNnYBoI (#318)

Supers are the meat of the game. You need them to win, although I’m wondering if there will be other modes of fighting, or what the story mode will be like. I can’t complain about seeing the supers 1000+ times, because that’s how you win.

But since there ARE 3 levels of supers, I think it would be a great idea if you could access the kind of super you’d like to use. Like if I have 3 full bars, I’d like the option of using my number one, or number two super instead of being forced to use THAT super.

Also, some supers should be allowed to be done in the air. For example: Sly’s 2nd super with the Jetpack.. it IS an air move, as in hovering through the air, so why not be allowed to activate it mid-air?

I think the backgrounds wonderful. I love that each stage is a combination of 2 different sony games. I especially like what they did with LBP stage and Buzz. But sometimes the background gets so distractingly hectic, and the game zooms out it’s hard to see what’s going on

I think you all did an amazing job on the game, it’s visually stunning and it’s very fun.

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