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Aug 09

Aug 09

Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita is a Giant-Smashing Good Time

Brittany Avery's Avatar Posted by Production Coordinator, XSEED

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

Hey guys! How are you? You’re doing awesome, you say? That’s pretty awesome, I’m doing awesome myself. And you know why? Because I’ve been playing Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita. In English.

[Insert gasps of excitement here]

Are you ready to stand taller than giants? You should be, because that’s what this game is all about. One day, a passage along the Millennium Peaks gives humans access to the long-sealed off Sundered Land, and because they’re really lucky, it’s filled to the brim with mighty beasts that seem to want nothing more than to destroy mankind’s territory — Trogdor-style. Only they’re not dragons with handsomely chiseled arms, they’re ugly Giants. Giants who like to smash things.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

That’s where you come in. You’re a mercenary on the front lines, and once you choose your sex, job class, and how cute you are (by way of hair style/color, skin color and voice type), you’re ready to drop in on Fort Farthest like a bat out of hell. And don’t worry, you’re only restricted to your default job class for a short time — you’ll soon be able to go from hacking and slashing as a Sword Warrior to creating miniature explosions as a Mage with a mere wardrobe change. And even that won’t be a limitation soon enough, because I’m sure some of you would prefer to be dressed like you just walked out of a western while whacking things upside the head as a Hammersmith, right?

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

There are myriad lands with different environmental themes to discover in the Sundered Land, each with their own badass brand of monsters and Giants waiting to put their jaws (or slime — actually, that sounds kind of wrong, just go back to jaws) around your pretty little head. Accompanying these landscapes is a combat system that’s fast-paced and all-over-the-screen in the best kinds of ways. Battle your enemies using an arsenal of weapons at your disposal depending on your class, building what the title calls “tension” — the more tension you build, the more powerful, flashier and just all-around more awesome your specialized attacks will be. Thrust your enemies into the air, leaving them defenseless to your blows, or use the knockback ability to drive them clear off the screen.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

What else does this game have? Well, there’s certainly more. Way more than I could possibly explain in one blog entry. But for now, I’ll leave you with one more fun fact: remember the beloved Porings in Ragnarok Online? They’re back. And you can wear them. On your head. So now that that little gem’s been unveiled, be patient girls and boys and we’ll talk again soon, okay?

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chowder_07 said:

August 10th, 9:35 am

Hmmmmm….Lets see whats on my list
LBP+Ragnarok Odyssey+ACL+Black ops+PS Allstar=Bankrupt

Elvick_ said:

August 10th, 9:55 am

Thanks for answering my question, glad that the patches will be included in the release.

WilburMonkey said:

August 10th, 12:35 pm

Can’t wait to find out more! Can you say anything about play time? Can we expect the usual dozens/hundreds of hours delivered by other games in this genre?

BlueBl1zzard said:

August 10th, 1:17 pm

This game kinda reminds me of Monster Hunter, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it

GOD_ICE said:

August 10th, 11:51 pm

definitely a must buy! now I have a question. Though it might be obvious, I still like an official answer.
1. If my PSN account is US, and I buy the Asian version (as it comes out earlier and the trans are made by Xseed too), in the future, if there are any new DLCs from the store, would it be compatible to my copy of the game?
2. Given the previous scenario that I mentioned, will I be able to play online with a US account? Will I also be able to play with someone with a different version of the game over Ad-hoc (ex. local co-op with my asian version and a friend that have a US version.

Hope you can answer those :D

Oisterboy said:

August 11th, 4:43 am

Yessssssss I’m very excited for this. I remember playing ragnarok online when I was like 11 years old, but never got to keep it because of the subscription cost. I remember really liking it. I’m excited to dust off my vita, between this and littlebigplanet I’m not as nervous about my decision to buy it anymore.

txknight9 said:

August 11th, 9:47 pm

So…any release news now? Please! I need Ragnarok Odyssey!

DenshaOtoko52 said:

August 12th, 6:50 am

will it there be specific ones for each region? or can i connect to other regions as well?

Crystalchild said:

August 12th, 9:45 am

i am from europe, and since i am A.) looking forward to this game and B.) there isnt a any info for us about it, i simply want to import it.
one question though: if i buy the game, can i play online with americans, or can’t i due to the fact that i only own a german(/European) Vita?


capt_fodder said:

August 12th, 6:40 pm

Hopefully they are just being coy about the release date because they are going to announce it at Gamescom this week… I need this game yesterday! Or sooner!

Jassyn84 said:

August 13th, 1:47 am

i dont have vita yet but will get it soon..this game,ac creed liberation and many more are the reason i’m gonna get it

Regor91 said:

August 14th, 1:04 am

SUPER excited about a multiplayer RPG on Vita. I’m loving everything I see about this game.

gabrielh said:

August 14th, 11:12 am

XSEEDS are saying that there should be a demo AFTER that the game comes out and a big online retailer (newegg) have a release date of 09/11/2012 and they recently took thousands of pre-orders when they had a $10off pre-order promo so me think release date is in fact 09/11 :)

MysteryEvans said:

August 14th, 11:13 am


Srsly, we need the game now…i dont want to know the release date.I just want the game NOW.
The vita lacks games…every other game is boring and all they are doing is releasing the same game over and over (disgaea 3, Wipeout, etc)

Tsaeth said:

August 14th, 8:37 pm

I think the release date would be 8/21 considering that the Playstation site games list for the Vita, Ragnarok Odyssey had the release date labelled as “Fall 2012” until yesterday it was changed to 8.21.2012.

x-TAH-z said:

August 16th, 7:36 pm

cant wait!! i might even import this from japan!! but one problem.. does the japan version has a english subtitles/menu?!? :D

ImPaCTxX- said:

August 18th, 1:43 pm


MysteryEvans said:

August 18th, 1:51 pm

All you guys waiting, the release date for the US version is October 16th SADLY. The Asia version comes on the 21st of this month. It might have English in it, not sure.

kingkun880705 said:

August 19th, 9:58 am

This game is out in Singapore 16/8/12.. not bad :)

GrandMastrBR1AN said:

August 20th, 12:38 am

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IVE BEEN TRICKED! it was supposed to come out on august 21st on amazon but now it has changed to october16th?!?!? WHAT?!?! a whole nother month?!?!?!?!

pschodog23 said:

August 20th, 2:20 pm

Will this also have a digital copy to download straight from the ps store

Final_Fantasy_CH said:

August 21st, 5:46 am

Hey Britanny,

1. Summer ends September 23… So can you give us a hint related to the release date in the US..or your perpnal opinion? 2. Will i be able to play multiplayer with an US-Account in Europe?

Thanks a bunch for answering ;=)

jlacey92 said:

August 21st, 10:48 am

Looks Great ! I hope there will be an Demo soon!

ShroomBoy7 said:

August 30th, 1:39 pm

Ok so i heard its comming out on sept. 11 is this true or another fanfic, i have been waiting on this game since the jap. trailers! ~*shiver*~ i cant wait! Btw im blogging via psvita

adcddews23 said:

September 7th, 12:24 am

Man i cant wait!!! Add me for coop anybody:)

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