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Aug 14

Aug 14

PlayStation All-Stars Gamescom Reveal: Dante, Sackboy, Spike, Ratchet and Clank

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Yo PlayStation.Blog readers! Gamescom is finally upon us, and you know what that means: time for some highly anticipated Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale reveals!

We’re thrilled to announce the inclusion of Insomniac’s Ratchet and Clank in PlayStation All-Stars! Given the wealth of tools and gadgets at their disposal, it made perfect sense to us to include them in our roster. This duo is strongest at mid-range, and they can cut off many points of entry with varied angles of attack. We made sure that iconic Ratchet and Clank weapons such as the Combusto Pistol, the R.Y.N.O., and Tesla Spikes are available for players to utilize on the battlefield. Clank joins in on the fight wielding his powerful Chronoscepter, and even Mr. Zurkon can be summoned to lend a hand!

Also joining the cast is Spike from Sony Computer Entertainment’s franchise Ape Escape — a character that was on our radar from early on. We here at the studio have fond memories of the original Ape Escape on the PlayStation, which was revolutionary at the time for introducing unique gameplay elements facilitated by the first Dual Shock controller. The Ape Escape series has cemented itself in PlayStation’s history, and it’s our pleasure to have Spike as part of our roster. He’s a well-rounded character that can compete at close range, or from a distance with traps and projectiles, including the classic R.C. Car. He comes brandishing not only his signature stun clubs, but also peculiar gadgets, crazy weapons, and, of course, apes!

Dante from Capcom’s Devil May Cry has also made his way into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! It was imperative that a character with such a rich history and dazzling play style was part of the cast, and Dante fans can finally pit their favorite demon hunter against heavy hitters like Kratos and Heihachi. Dante’s offensive capabilities and mobility allow players to be creative in their assault, ensuring Devil May Cry fans will feel right at home hacking, slashing, and shooting their rivals into oblivion with devastating weaponry and stylish combos.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that Media Molecule’s Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet is joining the rumble! Fans have been clamoring for his inclusion in our roster, and we’re more than happy to oblige. We had a panoply of items and gadgets to draw inspiration from in forming Sackboy’s moves for our game, so we eventually decided we’d give him a quirky and curious moveset that makes him stand out from the rest of the cast. He can produce various objects, gadgets, and tools that have varying effects when in play, affording him a distinct playstyle that is likely to catch foes off guard. Sackboy can pester enemies from a distance with his Cakeinator, and bounce them back to a non-threatening distance with a bounce pad!

We are also excited to show you our newest level, Stowaways, taken straight from one of the more frantic sequences in Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Stowaways is a unique stage that forces players to adapt to both long-range and close-quarters combat. The environment is constantly moving and changing, benefiting those who can quickly adapt. As usual, players can expect this Uncharted-themed level to be mashed up with elements from another franchise — which will it be this time?

PlayStation All-Stars: UNCHARTED - Stowaways

We’re also really excited about the promotional pricing announcement for PlayStation All-Stars that was made at today’s press conference. For all of you that purchase the PlayStation 3 version of PlayStation All-Stars – at retail or digitally through the PlayStation Network – you will be able to download the PS Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars from the PS Network at no additional cost. How awesome is that?!? Now you’ll be able to experience all of the great cross-save and cross-play features that PlayStation All-Stars has to offer on both the PS3 and PS Vita at one great price. So if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, perhaps this news will pique your interest.

That’s all for now! We appreciate the continued support for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from the fans. We still have plenty more surprises in store for everyone between now and our November 20 release date, so keep checking back for more news!

PlayStation All-Stars: SpikePlayStation All-Stars: Sackboy

PlayStation All-Stars: DanteRatchet_Heroic

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Chrisobsession said:

August 15th, 9:04 pm

i understand that Dead space isn’t a PS exclusive but i think ISSAC CLARK would be an amazing addition to the cast of awesome characters !

ellet0nic said:

August 15th, 9:13 pm

can we get one thing straight? that’s not Dante. and he has no business being in this game.

that’s a totally new character introduced under the guise of a known and loved character because that’s the easy thing to do and a total cope out.

“let’s just call him Dante because people know him! yeah, that’ll fly real well.”

it’s not a different “version” of him, it’s not him with a brand-spanking-new look. quite frankly, it’s BS.

by the way, what sense does it even make to have new “Dante,” actually.. let’s call him Bryce, he looks more like a Bryce, in this game? he’s not at all exclusive to Play Station- last i checked, he’s available for xBox, while Devil May Cry originally (with the real Dante, not this crummy impostor that Capcom and Ninja Theory think we’re idiotic enough to accept as the same damn person) was exclusive to Play Station. not grease haired, ‘my mommy didn’t hug me enough and i stole daddy’s dirty magazines’ disgrace of a reproduction.

this is just another ploy to advertise what is already shaping up to be a failure.

blazingkite said:

August 15th, 9:42 pm

You guy seem to forget the DLC potenial FOR Dante. You guys can show your appreciation by buying DMC3 or maybe DMC4 Dante Skin and Rating the DLC Pack that includes Dante 3 or 4 Skin. When it releases that is.

Raffymundo said:

August 16th, 8:34 am

ratchet and clank need a new lvl 3 the current one looks boring :/
and also add more female characters we only got fat prinnces what about lightning or lara croft ?

biocross said:

August 16th, 12:44 pm

You said Dante, but there is no Dante in this trailer, what gives?

If you are gonna talk about a rich history etc, you should at least use the right character.

Protip: Its not the one you seem to be including.

DRAQ-520 said:

August 17th, 12:11 am

YAY for sackboy, but that dante isn’t the one fans wanted, are you really listening to us? if you are include crash, snake, cloud, spyro and at least an alt. that is the classic dante, this is starting to look like forced promotion bioshock infinite and the new DmC aren’t even out yet.

TaskyX21 said:

August 17th, 12:20 am


jackwhitefoot said:

August 17th, 8:52 pm

I’m super stoked for the game. Sackboy and Ratchet will be fun to play as. Free vita verison? I may not have a Vita, but I might get one come Christmas, so OH YEAH!

Drone17 said:

August 17th, 9:40 pm

All this game needs is ISSAC CLARKE and i still have my fingers crossed on getting the beta!!!!!!!!!!

Hush-kun said:

August 17th, 10:02 pm

Please, please, please bring some babes to this game! SSB only had three female characters, I know you can do better. Playstation has a plethora of awesome chicks to choose from!!

KAT from Gravity Rush!

Controls gravity, kickass combos and specials!

ELLEN from Folklore!

Kinda like a trainer character, she’d have folks mapped to wicked combos! Bug-a-boo spike to Bargest uppercut KO!

Both have premade premium costumes too!

Hush-kun said:

August 17th, 10:06 pm

Continuing with the female characters:

FIONA and HEWIE from Haunting Ground

She could lay traps, do some simple melee combos, and of course sick Hewie onto people. It’d be awesome!!

Sonicoverdrive said:

August 19th, 7:31 am

COME ON :( WHEN IS SORA GOING TO MAKE AN A APPARECE HE WAS ON PSP N PS2 3 TIMES AND IT A GREATEST HITS and what about SONIC! please put them no one showing the love to them


August 19th, 5:09 pm

I want Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, Lara Croft, Crash Bandicot, Spy Hunter, a Gran Turismo Car, Hana Tsu-Vachel should be in here. Her role in both Fear Effects really paved the way for female lead characters and she was also a lesbian too. Which I have never really hear of in a game. Not really common during the late 90’s and not even common now; Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts; Leon from Resident Evil 4; Have an Ico or Shadow of the Collasous stage at lease; Agent 47 from Hitman; The guy from Kill Switch, which basically revolutionized cover shooting; And the main character from Grand Theft Auto 3

xXSkullxShotXx said:

August 20th, 6:09 am

The game looks great, I’m completely happy with the characters so far. I would just really like to see Sora from Kingdom Hearts. But, as far as both: Vita & Console. I’d be willing to pay like 80$ for a ps3 & Vita bundle. Being the full 60$ for the console and an extra 20$ for the vita one. PLEASE MAKE THE BUNDLE i dont want to pay full price for both the games. :/

RMegaGamer said:

August 21st, 10:13 pm

Hey, SuperBot im really exciting of this game, its a perfect game and the special system is a fresh smart idea :)
i wanna ask something and hope one of u guys answer me:
if i played 2v2:
Crash and Cloud(final fantasy) VS Spyro and Sora(kingdom hearts),
(CC vs SS)
who would win? or is it balancing fight?

Major_Hoare said:

August 23rd, 8:54 am

Nariko for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale!

hector3 said:

August 24th, 4:50 pm

can you give us a range of how may characters are in the game? example: between 20 and 30. or even the exact number? also will there be cutscenes in story mode or just a beginning, end and rival cinematic?

doctorSTRANG said:

August 30th, 1:19 pm

They should have used the same Ratchet model from All 4 One. Is the best Ratchet. This one dont look very nice. I dont like his looking in the old games and this one totally look like that.
I still dont like this games ideia (I really like fighting games but I aways dislike games like Super Smash Bros) but is really funny to see a monkey killing Kratos by throwing bananas on him.
I wish I had a beta key to actually feel the gameplay…

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