See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

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See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita
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If you’re a PlayStation Vita owner – or if you are a Call of Duty fan looking for an excuse to become one – you’re going to want to see this. The first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified just debuted at the Sony PlayStation press conference in Cologne, Germany, and now it’s on your internets. Look!

See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

If you want to watch it again, I’ll wait. There was a lot to see in there.

Developed by the team at Nihilistic Software, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is what Call of Duty fans have been waiting for: the game they know and love, authentically translated to handheld. “One of Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified’s compelling features is the fact that you can take the established gameplay everyone knows and loves and bring it to the PS Vita,” says the game’s producer at Activision, Neven Dravinski. That means you can look forward to familiar elements like Create-a-Class, Perks, Prestige Levels, and of course, dual analog stick controls.

Black Ops Declassified’s single-player campaign offers covert missions that help bridge the story gap between the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and the soon to be released Call of Duty: Black Ops II, while the multiplayer offers mayhem for up to eight players over Wi-Fi connections. “We’ll have a variety of game modes and maps, including some that are custom made for PS Vita and others that leverage fan favorites from the Black Ops series, but tailor made for PS Vita,” explains Dravinski. Multiplayer game modes include 4v4 Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Drop Zone, but Dravinski says there will be other modes as well.

The dev team is making sure that Declassified takes advantage of key PS Vita features, too. The game will use the touchscreen for melee attacks, and for chucking grenades at your foes, and will even let you share loadouts with your friends via Near technology.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is due out this November, so you don’t have too long to wait to try it yourself. We’re working on a limited-edition PS Vita hardware bundle that comes with the game as well — keep an eye out for details on that! In the meantime, watch the PlayStation.Blog for more info – a deeper look at the game is coming soon.

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29 Author Replies

  • At least some are having fun with this game just seeing my vita rise from its downfall lightens my heart even though I have a feeling that I’m not getting this game.I’ll give you a tip Nihilistic,ask the future-successful devs on vita,Guerrilla Games and Mm.

  • v-X_SHADOW_X-v

    if this game doesn’t have zombie mode just play free for all, because everyone is going to try to kill you but, with guns, knifes, and explosives lol

  • v-X_SHADOW_X-v

    Hey Dan. Do you know any of the guys that made the transformers fall of cybertron game?
    If you do, could you ask them to consider making a PS Vita version in the future? :D

  • DarthDanMan

    @Dan Amrich

    I feel bad for you about having to respond to all thes negative comments Dan. So keep doing the good work you’re doing by actually responding to them unlike some other people on this blog. Besides, we Dans got to support one another. :-)

  • alexrodriguez_6

    looks cool. cant wait 2 give it a try. any info bout a possible release date?

  • WOA! Guys show some maturity for God Sakes…. Dan Always come to this forums and deliver the news for us thats all! dont need to treat him like it was his fault this game dont fulfill our expectations… Dan thanks for the news and sorry for this sometimes ignorant community.

    Dan, Can u ask if this game will have adhoc? will it have a bigger vs match?

  • This announcement is very underwhelming to say the least. This was an opportunity for Sony and Activision to showcase a top-tier game, and while the jury’s still out, both companies have failed to stoke the masses thus far.

    I found the actions leading up to this announcement very suspicious. The game development was a mystery even to Activision’s developers. Now, seeing that the developer has developed primarily for Sony consoles and is not an actual Activision studio, it all makes sense now.

    I don’t hold out much hope for this game, to be honest. Obviously, proof is in the pudding, but I’m one Vita owner who’s definitely not stoked.

  • ChrisMichaels04

    Hey Dan……….i applaud you for being an understanding professional during this hostile forum. But you have to understand where everyone is coming from. Gamers are a passionate group and for too long Playstation COD fans have felt thrown under the bus by Activision in favor of the other console. COD BO2D was supposed to be a good faith game from Activision to the Playstation COD fans for our years of support anyway and unfortunately it seems like we are once again being treated as 2nd class citizens. We appreciate any game support for the Vita right now, but at the same time we dont want to feel insulted with half hearted scraps. If we had to choose between a half hearted game and no game at all, well, we’d rather just not have our hopes raised and times wasted. In any case, I actually enjoyed Resistance Burning Skies and im going to remain hopeful that COD BO2D doesnt suffer the same fate.

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    I came here to watch Dan be awesome. Good work sir.

  • The game looks ok graphically… I was hoping it to be closer to its console counter part, but hopefully the gameplay is on point. Hoping that there will be a demo just before it releases.

  • Also, awesome job Dan! I am always surprised at how much people “hate” the game, but at the end of the day… they still buy it, so why hate it? Help improve it by giving constructive criticism.

  • nathanuc1988

    Probably can’t add more that people haven’t already said… but here is my take. This is very very very early shots of the game. I really hope they polish it up a lot considering the PS Vita sure has enough horsepower to do so. CoD games are usually pretty far behind in the realm of graphics, but this seems a bit too “PSP”ish. 4v4 is perfect amount of players for a portable. All in all, I hope people don’t take the visuals of the current state as a representation of the Vita’s hardware.

  • Was hoping we would be Given Sp Op type missions, ones I can play with my friends, and Zombie Mode since they are the features that have given me the most enjoyment out of the COD Series. From the makers of Resistance Burning Skies, my hype for the game has blown up in my face, Resistance proved they couldn’t make a decent FPS even with A DECENT IP let alone a shallow IP COD. Graphics and info that has been shown doesn’t get me hyped for the game, I wish Sony would stop giving their good IP’s and others to developers that have not got a good track record. Thanks but no purchase from me, waste of time.

  • *Spec Ops

  • Hello everyone (sorry for my english, i’m french)

    I worship the way you answered Dan, referring to the release date (and enduring some revile, sorry for that). You’ve done your job, but today, we all know that this game won’t be what it should.

    I’ve asked myself a few question, after yesterday disapointment, pehraps you can give me some answers:

    -Why didn’t the game development begun right after it’s announcement in january 2011? I can’t believe that what we’ve seen is a two-years work on a such powerful platform.

    -Call of Duty is not only a game, its a name which could have raised vita sales. By missing this game, it means that won’t happen. My question is how Sony manage to give that powerful name to a studio which higher rate on metacritic is 60?

    -It’s not Activision developping the game, and the past few months they seem stranger to it. So what, Activision give up about the Vita?

  • Did Sony truly understand what it means? A lot of people were waiting for this game to buy a vita, they just wanted almost the same graphics (that’s possible on Vita, look Uncharted or Killzone, and Cod engine is old…), the multiplayer (copy/paste) and some news map. But no, this won’t be the game sellers that make the vita a platform to work on for third party developer.

  • R_a_z_i_e_l

    I doubt anyone will answer your questions because they seem to dig alittle too deep in regards to what information Sony would wan’t to provide to the public. Clearly the COD Ps Vita game is not being handled well and is so far from the looks of it, its almost a joke. It seems that Activision didn’t want to develop it themselves, I assume because their busy or frankly don’t care about the Vita. Sony probably said OK we will make it ourselves !, Sony being Sony gave it to a average Developer that funny enough didn’t do so well with the last First Person Shooter IP they gave them.

    This all probably went down just a few months ago when Sony was most likely begging Activision, clearly this game is a afterthought and unless I see a HUGE improvement and added Features like Spec Ops Or Zombies then I pray no one gets this game based on the name Alone because it doesn’t deserve a purchase.

    Tired of Sony giving their IPs to second rate developers, they should keep AND HOLD TIGHT to Studios that can produce decent games like Japan Studios or Sucker Punch (I believe they already bought them) Stop ruining IPs and giving your customers a terrible product Sony.

  • iiGeTMoNeY23

    Nihilistic is developing this game? Oh no! I hope they redeem themselves and make this game a true AAA CoD game, PlayStation Vita really needs it. If it’s not Sony shouldn’t let this game release, it will make Vita bad.

    What’s needed and wanted

    1.Better graphics

    2.More guns, maps, modes, etc.

    3. 10v10, 9v9, 8v8, or 6v6 at least not 4v4

    4. ZOMBIES!!!!!!

  • lisatsunami

    Hi, Dan. Whatever Activision pays you, I’m sure it’s not enough for the abuse you take on EVERY blog post you publish here. Being “passionate” about games does not entitle anyone to be a dooshbag to a spokesman.

    @rubytothemax is a tag I’ve never seen before today & he should be banned. How that crude language made it through the filters is a mystery. That you actually replied civilly to that “makes you a better man than I am, Gunga Dan”

    I’m not a shooter fan but I am interested in learning more about a bundle. If there’s a really cool color Vita then I will switch from my Liberation bundle pre-order.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Gaming is simply too corporate now, companies like Craptivision dont take pride in their work and are OK with the COD name being tarnished like this or making a quality product. If done right this could really move systems, instead they do this………….. Gaming is simply becoming to corporate like music industry.

    Wait for a real shooter like KZ on vita.

    Sony is in a hard place, the system itself is amazing, and contrary to popular belief, there are already a good number of games out and more have been announced. But, people are like sheep, they hear a few people say there are no games and it cost to much and like hive mentality that becomes accepted as fact.

    Sales are low but it needs software to improve that, yet developers are afraid to invest in the system. Sony helped so many developers wioth ps1 and 2 yet now they don’t seem eager to return the favour. Need Ms money I guess, i hope sony turns this around.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    abusing dan from activision is pathetic… it’s not his fault.

  • Guys lets not blame sony, this is all activision. They’d rather have five studios work on one game that guarantees profits than hire one solid studio to develop for a game that might not sell more than 100,000 copies.

    Wolfenstein got the same treatment when raven absolutely murdered the last entry in the series. As far as I see it, after the atrocity that was resistance on vita, nihilistic should follow in raven’s footsteps and at most be developing map packs for the next cod. Sorry, it’s only my opinion. On a positive note, I love my vita and love futurlab for developing a mini that so far has provided the best gaming experience of the year for me. Can’t wait for sliding beats….

  • Meh, looks ok I guess. Resistance for Vita was terrible. I have more fun playing the PSP version. I hope COD on Vita isn’t as bad as it looks.

  • erivera_1994

    Compare this game to Killzone mercenaries… which looks better? which developer actually tried? Dang this may be the first COD i actually dont buy. Plus you guys decide to add on an extra $10 to the price of this game making this Vita game cost $50 just because of the name.

  • Dan I’m on your side, these people are crazy. IT’S JUST A TRAILER! Remember Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time at E3 2011, well look at the graphics now! I think it’s just an early stage for this game

  • honestly i like BS, but lets face it still wasn’t the best FPS game for the vita to start with, hopefully they learn from there mistakes and make these game better, also if u guys really want the game to sell y’all would put zombies…. everyone is asking for them so why not to listen to the fans and give them what they want? =D

  • @pscoolman (174)…you are comparing game footage that had more than a year to mature. BlopsD is due for release in 2-3 months at a premium price of $50 from a team that has yet to prove themselves. Hence the concern.

    Worst part of this? IF/When this game does not do well, Activision will blame it on the Vita and drop support for the device. I am trying to be positive about this whole thing by saying this will be their second Vita game, so improvements will be made…hopefully.

    The good news is that if CoD ends up being Resistance: Burning Skies with a different skin (which it probably is given the short development cycle), we at least have Killzone being developed by a proven team with FPS experience.


    Thanks for putting up with all the B.S. thrown in your face. Any reassurance from Activision that they have a quality control standard for their most beloved IP, regardless of platform, would help sooth the burn from the fan base. Any info showing that Nihilistic is working closely with Treyarch or IW to ensure authenticity of the franchise is always a good marketing thing.


  • Hi Dan. Thanks for answering the questions and keeping your calm.

    We’re just disappointed that Activision did not delegate development duties to its own support studios like Raven or Sledgehammer, but instead outsourced it to Sony’s worst developer. This is a clear message to Vita owners that Activision simply does not care about supporting Sony and Vita. It further reinforces the argument that Activision is mainly concerned with MS and keeping the exclusivity deals up and treats us as second class citizens who will ignore MS preferential treatment and pony up the dough anyways.
    I know, business deals are made to make more money but Activision could have a at least supported Vita with their own talented studios and build a new Vita fan-base. Now it’s more likely that the COD name on PlayStation will suffer even more courtesy of Nihilistic.
    The whole situation is infuriating.

  • ArchAngeL-777

    Hang in there, Dan. haha. Nihilistic just doesnt have a good rep right now. To be fair, Im not sure the Resistance Burning Skies negative reviews will apply to COD. Most people I have heard that own Resistance actually enjoy the multiplayer. I think people expect this COD it to look and feel very close to how COD is on the console. Uncharted GA, Rayman Origins, Wipeout 2048, and others have set that bar pretty high. All those look and feel very close if not exactly like their counterparts on PS3.

  • Quite frankly, it just speaks about Activision if they don’t empower their community manager to have all the information before releasing a trailer and then posting on a very active blog. Clearly there’s a disconnect and all it does is ignite the fans, which is just bad for everyone.

    That said, when you compare this gameplay to the gameplay of Killzone Mercenary, you can clearly see why a studio makes all the difference. Nihilistic is just not up to the task of making a AAA game for the Vita. I did like Resistance, but it wasn’t all it could be and I’m afraid, based on this trailer that they allowed to be released and was approved to be out there, CoD will suffer the same fate.

    Then to follow it up with a community manager that openly professes to know not much more than what we do, it’s just a recipe for failure. And that is just a shame. The potential could have been huge. And to say, “wait for details” is ridiculous. Your biggest splash is your initial. If this is it, game over man…game over.

  • rubytothemax22


    Don’t you guys know who’s developing Classified? It’s Nihilistic Software. Can I say more? The goons ruined the Resistance franchise with Burning Skies and now they got the job at developing CoD? Can somebody please say FAIL?

    What is going on in this world. I spit on you Activision and Nihilistic. I want this game to fail bad, just so that hopefully and ultimately Nihilistic Software closes down for good. Any paraphernalia they sell, I will buy, so that I can go out to my backyard and burn it all.

  • Foot in mouth…I just picked up Resistance Burning Skies for Vita. The controls feel much better than what I recall from the demo. Even with lackluster AI and weak story thus far, it feels better than what many of the reviews claim. What I do like about the game so far is the feel. The FPS experience feels solid on the Vita with Resistance. Shooting feels right from the start, unlike Uncharted and Unit 13. With Uncharted and Unit 13, it took some time to start getting used to the sensitivity and acceleration. On Resistance, I simply turned off acceleration and the controls feel great.

    I don’t expect the same high production sequences from the consoles to all be thrown in with the Vita version, but at least try to “WOW” us.

    So, yeah. Not so bad. Could be much worse.

  • @Dan Amrich The one guy brings up a good point. These graphics are pretty sub-par for what I have seen from the VITA. Not trying to hate, but is this what we can expect on release date?

    Also if you have ONLY watched the trailer why are you writing a blog post and answering questions (that you have no idea the answer to). I mean if you going to bother to take questions can you at least find out the answers?

  • These guys aren’t mad at you Dan, they’re upset with whoever is responsible for what appears to be a pile of crap. You announced a trailer and there is a place for comments. Fitting right? Many of us thought we would finally get a full ‘console’ type call of duty experience on our portable, and clearly this does not look remotely in the same ballpark. Just step out of the way and let their voices be heard.

    Even if the game turns out to run smooth and is totally fun, it’s still a letdown based on 4vs4 and the graphics.

  • First the weapons are very smiler or i can say they are the same to Black ops 1 weapons, the graphics could be better ( look to Uncharted PSVITA GAME) . i saw the Nuke level just a little bit modified and it looked the same as the one in Black ops 1. My Conclusion is:
    1. I was expecting more from Activation and Sony in this game.
    2. This game should be cost from 15 to 20 dollars , not more then that.
    3.Please Sony protect your device, i believe that there are people from Sony who saw this and they are sure it will have many criticisms.
    Last thing, i think PS VITA is perfect device , but it needs more innovated games and games made for it. I am waiting for other trailers to be released soon, they may change my ideas about one of the best FPS in game industry. last thing, i want to pay the right amount of money for games that i really enjoy. Thanks

  • Sony,

    Please shelve this game. It looks awful. Nihilistic Software did not impress me with Resistance and it looks like its doing the same crappy job on COD. The multiplayer in Resistance was horrendous. We want an FPS that is actually good. Hopefully Kill Zone will impress. For the sake of the gamer just cancel this game. I have played better multi-player FPS games on the iOS and Android then Resistance.

    If you read the reactions that gamers have been leaving all over the internet you will understand my point of view.

  • ChrisMichaels04

    Lets be honest people…..PS3 and Vita are just not a top priority for Activision and the COD franchise. Its not Dans fault or SONY’s. Its a business decision by Activision. But the people who are really at fault here are us….the Playstation community. Its not like COD is the ONLY AAA quality shooter on the market these days. Rather than continuing to support this fanchise and be insulted and disappointed every year, how about we show more love to the companies that do care about us and give us incredible games like Resistance 3 and Killzone 3. Those were both fantastic shooters and yet we let them down and threw our money and support instead to a company that obviously doesnt care about us enough to treat us with the same respect they treat Microsoft with. I for one am tired of being treated this way and i am going to let my wallet do the talking for me. You guys will see me on Medal of Honor Warfighter and Killzone Mercenaries instead. Its time we treat Activision the way they have treated us. Like they dont even exist. Its time for Activision to earn our respect and hard earned money.

  • Street_Killaz

    Day one buy for sure!

  • This looks like a PSP game. I’m not a huge CoD fan, but I was really hoping this was going to be decent. CoD was supposed to be a game that sold a ton of Vitas and instead you deliver garbage.

    Giving any major franchise to Nihilistic Software is an insult to the gamers who support your product. Seriously, they have not made a single good game yet. Every single game they’ve made has been poor quality trash that has been both a critical and commercial flop. Thanks for nothing guys.

    I’ll wait for Killzone since that actually looks like an effort was put into the game and it wasn’t handed down to some nobody hacks.

  • ImprisonedTitan

    I don’t care much for multiplayer….I’m hope the campaign lives up to CoD’s standards. No excuses just because it’s on a portable.

  • Personaly Resistance bs was fun shure the graphics werent great but it was fun and this game looks even beter Dan I was wondering will all of the guns from the first black ops be in this game including the G11. I would realy like to know.

  • Oh I almost forgot will being an Elite Member give you anything within the game. let me know when you can. thanks Dan.

  • Realy nice gamplay and graphic, and i played original black ops so i see barely eny difrences, and it says new maps ? ( nuketown ) ..came with something new that non call of duty game had ! and i have few questions, as i saw that smg gun, i know it will be fun, couse i used it most to rush with it and sprint a lot, will that be aveliable..
    and will there be perks and killstreaks ? ( And i am realy into this game )

  • I have every COD game on the PS3 and I love them all. Call of Duty gives me exactly what I personally like from military shooters.

    HOWEVER, I am very concerned about Nihilistic Software developing this. This could have been a legendary game and have truly helped get the Vita going strong. But this does not look good. I buy every COD game sight unseen, but this one I’ll have to wait for the reviews. Please put some more time and resources into this game.

    For goodness sake what a slap in the faces of your COD Playstation faithful.

    Sony or Acitivision step up and lets make a game that’s actually worth $50 … and sell more Vita consoles.

  • Though I am not a Call of Duty fan any longer it boggles my mind at how many people are complaining to Sony about who is making the game!

    The COD IP is owned by Activision and they are the ones who choose who can develop a COD game, not SONY! If you are a true COD fan you would know that! Complaining to Sony about who is making the game and why they are allowing it is pointless. They can’t tell Activision who they can allow to make their games, only Activision has that right.

    Besides, Nihilistic may have failed on Resistance: Burning Skies, but do you not realize that some developers learn from their mistakes and can actually improve the quality of their games. GIVE THEM A CHANCE and leave the criticism for when the game actually releases and you’ve played it!

  • i wonder if Sony will delay the game or move it to a new engine.

    sony cant do that to us.

    we were expecting really awesome COD but now they gave us burning skies with COD skin.

  • DANNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. Hi man. What’s up? Aside from being bored by all the annoying comments of negativity. I mean in my opinion, if they don’t think they will like it, leave it alone and go on to something they do like.

  • Ghost-Rhayne

    Man, I was underwhelmed with the game but some of the reactions here are laughable and pathetic. Rage of the 13 year olds much? Well done for dealing with some of this sniveling snot Dan.

  • Wiil there be microphone use. (Headset use) please answer. For we could communicate with our team since its (4v4). If not they should really add it

  • Motolo123og

    Is there gonna be zombies hope so

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