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Aug 20

Aug 20

New NIS RPG Legasista Coming to PSN Tomorrow

Ryan Phillips's Avatar Posted by Marketing Coordinator, NIS America

Howdy, doods! I hope everyone has been having a great summer! Ryan from NISA here, dropping by to talk about Legasista’s release tomorrow exclusively on PlayStation Network! For those unfamiliar with Legasista, it’s an action/survival RPG developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. and System Prisma (ClaDun and ClaDun x2). We wanted to talk a bit more in-depth about some of the game characters, features, and more – so here we go!

First off, I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about the origins of the name Legasista. Well, the name is derived from combining the words legacy and sister.

You see, the main character, Alto, is looking for a way to save his sister, who was turned into a crystal by a curse. He discovers that the artifact that can do it lies in a ruin called the Ivy Tower. While searching the tower, he meets Melize (an ancient weapon), Leina and Shout (a witch and another ancient weapon that was rebuilt from junk parts), Mimily (a dragon-human hybrid), and Volks (a justice-loving thief).

Now that we’ve covered some of the characters, let’s jump right into a few of the noteworthy game features. Legasista utilizes a roguelike dungeon-crawling action/survival RPG battle system. You make your way through dungeons floor by floor, killing monsters and grabbing loot. Beware the poison traps, though, as there are a full dozen different symptoms you can come down with! There’s also a Ran-geon (Random Dungeon) system where you can get better equipment drops and fight stronger enemies to level up faster, but the dungeons delve deeper and you have a higher risk of dying. However, dying isn’t all that bad. Sure, you lose all the equipment that you would’ve looted from that dungeon, but you still get to keep half of the experience you earned from fighting. And you can try again, only you’ll be slightly stronger this time!

Legasista on PSNLegasista on PSN

One of the awesome points about the game is how much character customization is available. You can create your own characters by choosing their Name, Job, Personality, Voice, what they look like, and more. Once you create your character, you can head into Edit Mode to personalize them even more! You can also export your character’s graphic template, load it into your favorite image editing software on your computer, draw your character precisely how you want it to look, and then import it back into the game (digital photos are fair game too). You can even edit your weapons’ appearances! Not only that, you can trade your characters with your friends to spread the madness! Whew, I got a little excited there…

We’re definitely stoked for Legasista to launch tomorrow on PSN, and our European fans will be happy to know that Legasista will be available for download on PSN in Europe this Wednesday! With a ton of customization, loads of dungeons to crawl through, and awesome action-RPG elements, we really hope RPG fans all over the world will really enjoy what Legasista has to offer!

Before I leave today, I also wanted to provide everyone here on the PS.Blog with an exclusive battle trailer for our upcoming PS3 title Mugen Souls! Hitting store shelves soon, Mugen Souls is a turn-based RPG that touts the ability to do billions of points of damage, has tons of quirky characters bent on world dominance, and features the beautiful art of Takehito Harada (Disgaea series).

This trailer should help you get acquainted with the flow of battle, which plays out in a turn-based fashion and with free movement on the battlefield. Notice how you can knock your enemies around the battlefield like sentient pinballs to break item crystals and get extra items!? You’ll also see the awesome “Moe Kill” command in action, where Chou-Chou turns her enemies into subservient peons. Did we mention the gigantic spaceship battles!? We just did, dood! Thank you for reading and be on the lookout tomorrow on PSN, as Legasista will be available for purchase! We’ll be back in about a month to go a bit more in-depth on Mugen Souls! Later, doods!

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ArchAngelMai said:

August 20th, 6:34 pm

@49 Ryumoau
Glad some of us agree on this, I said something similar but my comment is awaiting moderation. I basically spilled the beans on what they cut. And a hot springs scene where you scrub 10 year old’s with a loofah should be removed completely.

furystylee said:

August 20th, 6:52 pm

These games look amazing and I can’t wait!

    Ryan Phillips's Avatar

    Ryan Phillips said:

    August 20th, 6:59 pm

    Thanks furystylee!

    Awesome! I really hope you enjoy the game!

    Again thanks, dood!


bryan12112 said:

August 20th, 6:52 pm

Hadn’t heard about this one, but I like RPGs with lots of customization. I will have to keep an eye on this one, for sure.

    Ryan Phillips's Avatar

    Ryan Phillips said:

    August 20th, 6:58 pm

    Hi bryan12112,

    There’s a bunch of cool customization videos from reviews of Legasista posted on Youtube. You should check them out!

    All the best,


cano74 said:

August 20th, 6:59 pm

PLEASE give us a way to play Mugen Souls UNCENSORED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to play it in english, but I also want the game uncensored. I don’t get why you had to censore it, seriously it’s comepletly unnecesary. When you censore a game because of its content which they still have in Japan it tells us that we are not are not mature enough to handle that kind of content. I will still buy the game but I’m disappointed.

ArchAngelMai said:

August 20th, 7:29 pm

@54 cano74
What is censored is illegal in the US, and not illegal in Japan. Lolicon is a Japanese portmanteau of the phrase “Lolita complex”. In Japan, the term describes an attraction to underage girls (whether prepubescent, pubescent, or post-pubescent) or an individual with such an attraction…I think it is quite clear why it should be censored since they look like 10-12 year old girls. I support NISA’s decision to censor it! It’s wrong, and gross, and just because Japan is accepting of it, does not make it right.

Yohmaru_EX said:

August 20th, 8:06 pm

Free for plus? xD

Nates4Christ said:

August 20th, 8:08 pm

Why wasn’t this in the drop article? Also will the story be more interesting than that of the first cladun? Will there be any voice acting?

SHINOBI_3 said:

August 20th, 8:40 pm

im not into these kinds of games, but this looks kinda interestin, will there be a demo of this game?

poodude said:

August 20th, 8:55 pm

Thanks for the reply, Ryan!

God-Of-Lyf said:

August 20th, 9:46 pm

In my perception a game that offers no demo is a game that has something to hide. My wallet is staying closed on this one as something doesn’t smell right.. The rest of you “gotta get it day one/boy was I wrong/I paid too much” people can play Lab Rat for the rest of us! More times than not a game that drops price before launch is a game to stay clear of.

detictiveconan said:

August 20th, 10:06 pm

I think $30 is a fair price all things considered and is the price I was expecting but It does make it a bit of a tough sell for me without a demo.Hopefully I can convince myself to buy it or a good sale comes up.

Gamedreamer99 said:

August 20th, 11:08 pm

All of these titles look fantastic and look as though so much work and dedication went into making them. Congratulations to all staff and supporters creating these great games. ^_^

SNORLAXex said:

August 21st, 12:53 am

@59 lol, you must like to miss out on good games then.

Elvick_ said:

August 21st, 2:23 am

$30 is steep for digital only in my eyes. I wouldn’t even buy Sumioni by Xseed because it came over at $20 digital only. Would have gladly paid $30 or even $40 retail for that.

Definitely would have bought this at retail, but understand why it wasn’t at retail. I just can’t justify $30 for a digital game. Even if I really wanted it, and love to support NIS America.

Guess I’ll be waiting for MS, can’t wait to get my LE.

Elvick_ said:

August 21st, 2:24 am

@59: Journey didn’t have a demo at launch. WHAT WERE THEY HIDING?!?

Flower didn’t either. Plenty of amazing games don’t have demos before or at launch… some never get a demo.

iiGeTMoNeY23 said:

August 21st, 3:59 am

I love RPGs so I was really excited when I read the title and saw a new RPG was coming to PS3 but $30 seems to be overpriced for Legasista, I could be wrong though, but from the videos and reviews I have seen this game seems to be more a $15 game. I’ll buy it when it’s $15 if there aren’t any other RPGs released after that I prefer playing.

NIS keep on releasing great RPGs! I haven’t played all your RPGs so I don’t if they are all good but I really like your Disgaea games. Keep releasing really good RPGs with great quality and content without any current dirty practices, for example, online pass, day one DLC, overpriced DLC, disc locked content, content being kept from games to sell it later as DLC or releasing DLC that should be free for a price just to name some, and I will purchase them.

Do Cross Buy with Disgaea 3, it’s a perfect opportunity for more Disgaea 3 sales and to get more Disgaea fans, for future Disgaea titles! The games are great I highly recommend them!

AsahiSeth said:

August 21st, 6:38 am

Hey NIS,

Love how this looks. Speaking of bringing retail titles to PSN, are you guys planning on bringing any PS2 titles via the PS2 Classics system? I’d love to see your old titles on there and I’ll wager many others would too. Atelier Iris in particular. You guys have a ton of fans here in the US.

Enasepth said:

August 21st, 6:53 am

Hi Ryan,

I know that Legasista is supposed to be launched today, but do you have an exact time?


AsahiSeth said:

August 21st, 7:26 am

Elvick, if you paid $40 retail you’re essentially paying GameStop $10 in mark-up along with a $1 case and 75 cent Blu Ray disc. You’re not getting a better deal. Trust me, $30 if fair for a new release. Especially one like this.

FearMonkey said:

August 21st, 9:00 am

Ryan, could you guys figure out a way we can pre-order PSN titles from your store so we can get physical goodies with our pre-orders like we do with your games on physical media?

Thanks. :)

FearMonkey said:

August 21st, 9:02 am

Also, I second the idea of Prinny in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! That is an awesome idea. ^_^

And it makes more sense than DmC Dante or Big Daddy who aren’t even exclusive to PlayStation.

SeanStrange said:

August 21st, 9:59 am

Dang! I wasted my moolah on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other stuff…

RyanJPorava said:

August 21st, 10:50 am

I was just scrolling through this page to find the price so I could pick myself up a PSN cash card, when I saw this game is not dubbed in English. I will no longer be purchasing this game.

Ryumoau said:

August 21st, 12:07 pm

^ i agree the lack of dubbing is abit off putting. I just find japanese voices incredibly annoying most of the time.

IPlayNexon said:

August 21st, 12:16 pm

For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, the game is now available. I’ve already bought it because I love all of NISAmerica’s game and I expect this to be a very fun grindfest.

InternatlGamer1 said:

August 21st, 12:26 pm

Does the game have a level cap of 9999. I sure as hell hope so. I’ve wanted this game. It’s times like these that i’m glad that PS3 is getting JRPG’s. Will there be any news of “The Witch and The Hundred Knights” soon, it’s supposed to come out early 2013 Right?

Elvick_ said:

August 21st, 1:23 pm

@68: Dude, that’s not even close to my point. I value physical goods. I’m willing to pay much more to get a game in the format I want.

It’s my money and I spend it how I want, and I just won’t be buying this game for anything more than $15. Just telling NIS America how I, as a day 1 supporter of nearly everything they do, like to buy my games. So they know for the future.

I’d rather import the game from Japan and get a physical copy then be forced to pay $30 for a digital only game. No thank you.

PrinceofXIII said:

August 21st, 3:30 pm

will definitely check out legasista :D

looks ace :P


seriously are you really that dense???

guess it’s okay to see blood splatter, head explodes, guts being spilled, profanity all over the place??

since it’s only aesthetics they should censor those as well

lol double standards much???

not to mention coming from a dub only lover XD


i guess it’s normal to see heads and guts all over the place??

since this game is made in point of view in japan, according to you, this game should doesn’t fit you at all.

why are you even playing this game in the first place???

soo many hypocrites *sigh

i don’t mind the censorship(like Nazi’s symbols in Persona 2) but with something small like this yet games in pure violence get’s away with it??

NO just NO.

they should have at least have a toggle option for those who don’t like it, but pure censorship is just bad.

mattybwbafc said:

August 21st, 4:25 pm

Hello I live in the Uk and really want to play this game, but before i do i have two questions.
1, will there be an option in the game that allows me to turn off the voice acting so that i can just read the text?
2, roughly how much will it cost on the UK PlayStation store?

Also will your upcoming title Mugen Souls be dubbed in English?

otaku_player said:

August 28th, 5:30 am

@78 I totally agree with you, its unfair :/. Also to the people that was talking about it.. I’v seen people that “LOOK” like kids but there adults. So does that mean getting in a relationship with them is bad? NO!. So just because in jrpgs/anime the characters make LOOK like kids it doesnt mean they are. You people are just over reacting >.>. As long as the character is 18+/21+ its perfectly ok.

@Ryan I will definetly get this game ASAP ^^. I also think 30$ is a perfectly fair price. Digital Content is just as important as Physical Content ^^ No reason to disgriminate ^^. Now i just need some psn cards!

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