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Aug 31

Aug 31

Double Dragon Neon Lighting up PSN in September — New Gameplay Video

Pete Rosky's Avatar Posted by Assistant Product Manager, Majesco Entertainment

After 25 years, the original beat ‘em up is bringing pure over-the-top baditude to PSN. In Double Dragon Neon, Billy and Jimmy are kicking butts and taking names as they search for their girlfriend Marian (she seems to have a habit of getting kidnapped). This time, her disappearance is at the hands of the supernatural scourge, Skullmageddon! Face off against a gaggle of goons, some familiar (Williams, Linda, and Abobo, of course!) and some that are absolutely out of this world.

Double Dragon Neon on PSN

DDN also features 2 player “Bro-Op”, so grab a bro and bring the true power of the Double Dragon to the evil forces that have once again incurred your wrath. Don’t forget to pick up songs along the way for your Mix-Tape, which holds your special powers and upgrades. There are also killer team-up moves, enemy juggling… and some secrets that I won’t spoil here.

Pick up Double Dragon Neon on PSN for $9.99. Oh, and if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll be able to grab the game for free until January! Pretty sweet, huh?

Double Dragon Neon on PSNDouble Dragon Neon on PSN

Push it to the limit in this fresh take on the classic Double Dragon series, coming this September!

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boomstickbhg said:

August 31st, 1:10 pm

Nice stuff!

Even though it’s not my typical genre, I’m definately curious/interested in this game. If I’m still a Plus member it’s nice to know it will be free. Pretty sweet indeed.

Might even buy it if I let my Plus lapse, looks fun. (I can just barely remember the old game)

Thank you!

IIL0YDII said:

August 31st, 1:14 pm

I’ve got a feeling that it would be just as bad as TMNT Re-Shelled

favian said:

August 31st, 1:20 pm

finally the return of bimmy and jimmy ;) #insidejoke

favian said:

August 31st, 1:22 pm

Just watched the trailer, love the cheesy 80s vibe.

guitarded77 said:

August 31st, 1:22 pm

Free for PS+… THANK YOU!!! I loved DD back in the day, and have been waiting for this game to release. Getting it for free sweetens it even more. You made my Friday.

Major_Hoare said:

August 31st, 1:24 pm


Re-shelled was a fun trip down memory lane and–I suspect–this DD game will be fun too. Count me in!

ijustw1n said:

August 31st, 1:26 pm

Free? Awesome!

CrusaderForever said:

August 31st, 1:27 pm

Looks great and very classy to offer to PS+ members for free!

Question, is there a grab mechanic like in Super Double Dragon? Where once you grab them you do different attacks against them depending on which button you press?

    Pete Rosky's Avatar

    Pete Rosky said:

    August 31st, 1:36 pm

    There is a grab mechanic. It’s slightly different, but a blast to use. There are some crazy bro-op combos/juggles/special attacks you can pull off once you’ve mastered them.

Major_Hoare said:

August 31st, 1:27 pm


Xcaligamer1 said:

August 31st, 1:29 pm

double dragon ftw

Wayndawind said:

August 31st, 1:35 pm

AW Man! D.D. remake thats the BEEF. Im digging how everyone is dusting off the vintage games. Lets just hope Ps vita team will realize people would rather play games like this and newer games like rock band blitz on a Vita. due to the fact there isnt much diff in the games just smooth looking, no new stages, bosses and in game dlc’s. Just dont over price. remember most had theses games when little and it was the start of the gaming age. please dont charge 15-20 bucks for a 27+ year old game.

cosmis_chaos said:

August 31st, 1:36 pm

I have had a bad feeling about this game since I first saw it. I love Double Dragon too but why is everything moving so stiffly and as if is going in slow motion? It looks all wrong. The kicks and punches are connecting way to slowly and are almost clumsy. I hope I am wrong since i love DD since the NES days but something just doesn’t feel right about it

    Pete Rosky's Avatar

    Pete Rosky said:

    August 31st, 1:48 pm

    Have no fear. Wait until you get your hands on the demo and you’ll be relieved. Clumsy it is not.

Monterossa said:

August 31st, 1:39 pm

need more game like this, 2D side action. I played them a lot when I was a kid. Captain Commando, Final Fight, Ninja Turtles, etc. play with friends, have a lot of fun.

bkmelendez said:

August 31st, 1:41 pm

This game looks kinda cheap but beggars can’t be choosers I guess considering it’s free for PS+ members.

MushThePainter said:

August 31st, 1:47 pm


chamuco71192 said:

August 31st, 2:07 pm

This is going to be one of the freebies in September for Plus members? Right? Looks good, I’m not complaining but I’m still hoping + members get some discount regarding Tokyo Jungle coming next month.

PrimeroIncognito said:

August 31st, 2:14 pm

Been waiting for a long time for this! Finally it’s here.

Sept. 11 is the release date, right?


I wouldn’t call it cheesy, I’d call it beautiful. :)

Superstone said:

August 31st, 2:17 pm

Looking forward to this. It would make a great Vita title.

Nithorias said:

August 31st, 2:27 pm

I’m a plus member and I’m excited about this news woot :D

SPOOKULA209 said:

August 31st, 2:31 pm

I used to love the original games but the name Neon doesn’t fit imo. Unless it has something to do with the game I hope you would change the name. It would be more marketable, Neon and DD don’t seem like they go together

    Pete Rosky's Avatar

    Pete Rosky said:

    August 31st, 2:36 pm

    Check out the demo when it comes out. It’s a match made in heaven.

The_1_of_Deth said:

August 31st, 2:37 pm

THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!!! nuff said lol

DuoMaxwell007 said:

August 31st, 3:04 pm

by “free until January” does that mean from Sept – JAn it will be free for PS+ to download (then after JAN the plus members who got it sept-jan will still have it for free but everyone else who gets it after that point (including plus members) will have to pay for it.

or does that mean Plus members get it for free during that time frame and after Jan if the plus members who got it before then want to continue to have access to it theyll have to buy it? thus they were really only given a 4 month free trial/rental?

Crusher201 said:

August 31st, 3:11 pm

Ever free-for-Plus game is playable even after it leaves the Instant Game Collection, as long as you’re still subscribed. January is when it leaves the store.

Crusher201 said:

August 31st, 3:12 pm

I meant Insant Game Collection, not store…

cinnamonpirate said:

August 31st, 3:17 pm

In anticipation of this game, I am going to watch Double Dragon the movie on Netflix Instant Watch! Choice quote Abobo utters in the movie: “It’s the Lee brothers, Ug and Home.”

MarinoBrea said:

August 31st, 3:25 pm

Uh, the 1987 game looks a lot more fun than this.

snakeeyes211 said:

August 31st, 3:32 pm

Game looks awesome. music sounds amazing and the gameplay looks perfectly fine. I’m going to pick it up!

Manifest37 said:

August 31st, 3:58 pm

I wanna like this game and the music is a nice touch, but the animations are just so slow.
It looks like it needs to be 50% faster.

I hope there’s at least an option to up the speed of the game.

Heavenly_king said:

August 31st, 4:00 pm

PS Plus?? :)

blakseed said:

August 31st, 4:24 pm

You guys are soooo awesome for this. Thank you.

Yohmaru_EX said:

August 31st, 4:26 pm

woooooow Awesome!!! Thanks Sony!!

SHINOBI_3 said:

August 31st, 4:31 pm

ive been waitin for this for so long!

detictiveconan said:

August 31st, 4:54 pm

I’m glad this is free because honestly, it doesn’t look very good and I would not have bought it. (sorry but it’s the truth)

Naobear said:

August 31st, 5:11 pm

Kinda worried about this game, because it looks very sluggish. Guess I’ll have to try the demo.

Jesszman said:

August 31st, 5:14 pm

Will this have online co-op

GhostMachine1 said:

August 31st, 5:16 pm

The music absolutely kicks ass! Day 1 buy for me.

helbertpina said:

August 31st, 6:24 pm

This is great! I love local co-op beat’em ups, and for the amazing price of *free*, just wow! Thanks a bunch!

xRedxViolence said:

August 31st, 6:39 pm

it’s bittersweet for me.

Was glad to hear DD is back but at the same time was disappointed to find out it’s a new game and not Super Double Dragon brought back in HD.

davionwalker22 said:

August 31st, 8:43 pm

omg!!! thank you i remember playing this game on nintendo

SolduNuts said:

August 31st, 9:08 pm

Another game for Plus. I’ll take it thanks a bunch guys.


CaptenMidnite said:

August 31st, 10:05 pm

ewww..i dont like it. why cant you just release the mame version? that one is a whole lot better. atleast the snes version

Elvick_ said:

August 31st, 11:16 pm

That animation is sloooooooow.

Not interested.


August 31st, 11:20 pm

First, I’m a die hard Beat’em up fan, so as a result i became a fan of your works after Blood Rayne, which i pre ordered and what a great game it is.
Second , i admire bringing Double Dragon Classic by this fascinating modern way won me over since first announcement.
So keep up the good work, and as long as you make wonderful beat’em ups like that, i are having a fan like me addicted.

Finally, i want to clarify something, what do you mean by “Free until January”, u mean i can Play it for free until Jan, or i can grab it for Free Until Jan ??

hartbrek310 said:

September 1st, 4:49 am

Looking forward to DD, was one of my favorite games back in the day. So the big question is, are we getting any new “retail” games or just 2 PSN games this month??? Not complaining just curious. Have to say PS+ has been great since signing up 5 months ago, only a couple bad games so far. It’s nice getting free games when I really don’t have the spending money to pick up anything new right now. Keeps the PS3 from becoming a dust collector.

AizawaYuuichi said:

September 1st, 5:33 am

@ DuoMaxwell007 and AKAKAIZER: The text in the blog specifically says “grab the game for free until January”. That means it will be free to download for PS+, “until” January. Once it’s downloaded, it’s downloaded. As long as you’re a + subscriber, you’ll still be able to play it. I don’t understand how that could be confusing… x.x

This looks fun and I was planning to buy it as long as it was $10 or less, or had a PS+ discount that got it close. Getting it completely free? I won’t complain about that!

Guyper said:

September 1st, 9:51 am

Please answer this question. It’s quite important.

Will the game be released in Asia PSN stores? (X-Men the Arcade was never released)

If yes, how long will it take?


PublicSudoku said:

September 1st, 10:23 am

Dat soundtrack… Stan Bush would be proud.

HorrorGod said:

September 1st, 11:38 am

“Pick up Double Dragon Neon on PSN for $9.99. Oh, and if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll be able to grab the game for free until January! Pretty sweet, huh?”

Sweet indeed! Money has been a little tight and I’ve been looking forward to getting this. SO happy to be a PS+ member :-) Thank you!

n-TaKe-y-NoTeZ-c said:

September 1st, 1:48 pm

Looks cool, I definitely wanna play it.

SNAKE-EYES73 said:

September 1st, 5:20 pm

Sorry but this is so cheesy I rather play my own music because this music is over 20 years ago! Seriously Sony and Majesco this is out dated! Heck sure its ok you brought DD back from the dead but the animation is a joke! Trade-west’s version along Acclaim and Data East version eats this game alive sorry but if your going to bring back a classic at least don’t screw it up the music is cheesy as well Custom sound tracks would’ve been a better idea you morons! Just think before you bring out an old school game from my generation! Yes this was one of my favorites back in the 80’s!! That’s lets see 1987-1992! Wow crazy the way you gamer developers screw up an old school favorite! Old schooler’s avoid at all costs obviously they haven’t learned from there mistakes yet!! When are you going to learn that we want more variety by being able to play our own music in our games SNEA you bunch of morons working for Rubenstein, Jack Tretton, etc etc They haven’t done jack for the PSN seems like there a bunch Biased Slacker’s to me!

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