Meet the King of The Unfinished Swan

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Meet the King of The Unfinished Swan

Like a lot of other great artists, our King is a little crazy.

He’s the one who created the entire world that players will be exploring in The Unfinished Swan. And I don’t want to give too much away, but the King built a lot of cool stuff. If you like all-white statue gardens, giant labyrinths, or colossal monuments to the King then you’re in luck.

Unfortunately, most people don’t like those things. At least not in their backyard. Turns out living in the middle of a giant labyrinth is pretty inconvenient, which is why just about everyone in the kingdom eventually moved away. But the King is the sort of guy who goes right on building the stuff he wants no matter what other people think about it. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your point of view and — like I said — how you feel about giant labyrinths.

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  • Looks very Artsy Fartsy. I’ll try a demo if it becomes available to see if its actually fun to play, unlike most other indie games on psn.

  • T3DV0L70L1N4

    Nice job, I’m really looking forward to this game. You know what would be great? Cross-play on Vita.

  • Any ETA on this game? I’m really looking forward to it. I love these type of creative works when. Can’t wait!

  • detictiveconan

    Is that the narrator from The tale of Despereaux movie?

  • Awesome, definite buy for me.

  • This isn’t finished yet! :p

  • Games that try fresh things like this is what makes gaming so great. I hope this comes out soon, but not during the holiday time when it would get passed over. Regardless, I’m waiting for this.

  • :)

  • I’m in! Release it.

    (The narrator sounded like Sigourney Weaver, talking too fast.)

  • ModernYorkster

    Day one purchase from this guy.

  • Ian, your post remains unfinished. It doesn’t contain the release date I’ve been anxiously awaiting.

  • angelspawn77

    Game looks awesome, I love that Playstation is a great platform for these types of games and I love how PS supports them. I will definitely be purchasing this.


    That’s because it IS an artsy game, if you can’t truly appreciate art, then this game is not for you. Go back to your killing games.

  • Day 1 for sure. It’s great to see more creative games are coming.

  • Robbie_G_lrish

    I’m refusing to watch this video or anything else on this game. I want to go into it knowing as little as possible like I did with Journey.

  • ThatCarlosGuy

    I like what I see!

    Any word on a release date?

    Late September, early October, late 2012?

    Regardless, I cannot wait. This game looks fantastic!

  • GhostMachine1

    <———–Day 1.

  • Cant wait, it looks unique!

  • looks to boring

  • princess_miwi

    This looks so adorable!

    (And I feel like his mom… starting a lot of new things and never finishing any… heh)

  • brooklynzak

    And this is why I love Sony: always ready to take risks and support a creative vision.

  • SuperPurrKat

    I enjoy creating things & puzzles, so this sounds like fun. :)

  • iiGeTMoNeY23

    PlayStation Vita version with Cross Buy, Cross Saves and if possible, Cross Controller.

  • The game was at PAX and is very difficult to describe. It was one of my more enjoyable experiences at PAX.

    I know I talked to them about release dates, but if I Said one I could be wrong and confused it in my head with the other hundreds of games that were at PAX.

  • The King of Unfinished Swan’s voice sounds like Da Vinci in Little Big Planet, love it

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