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Aug 31

Aug 31

PlayStation All-Stars: Nariko and Sir Daniel Join The Fight

Daniel Maniago's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, SuperBot Entertainment

The doors to the PAX convention center are officially open here in Seattle. The show is now in full swing, and so are our character reveals! We already unveiled Evil Cole and Raiden this week, and now we have two more characters that we’re announcing at the show today.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Nariko

Heavenly Sword’s Nariko has joined the cast of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! Heavenly Sword’s cinematic experience and engaging gameplay dazzled gamers in 2007, an experience we wish to re-create for those playing as Nariko in PlayStation All-Stars. Nariko has proven to be a strong female lead, and was a prime candidate for inclusion in the roster.

During Nariko’s combo attacks, players can trigger different actions during key poses within her offense. This opens up defensive options such as dodging, jumping, or parrying mid-combo, or offensive options such as continued combo attacks or juggle starters. She also has several projectile attacks to harass opponents with from a distance. During her level 3 super, Nariko uses the full power of the Goddess to devastate the battlefield with attacks inspired from her Level 3 Super Style attacks from Heavenly Sword.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Sir Daniel

For all the old-school PlayStation fans out there, we’ve included Sir Daniel Fortesque in our roster! The older crowd might remember this skeletal knight from SCE Cambridge Studios’ MediEvil series, widely regarded as a PlayStation classic and praised for its quirky style and fun gameplay. It’s been 14 years since Sir Daniel’s video game debut, and he’s ready to shake the rust off his armor to do battle with the rest of the PlayStation All-Stars cast.

Sir Daniel is a crowd-control character who is able to build heavy amounts of AP while in the middle of the action. He brings several weapons to the battle including his axe, chicken drumstick, bow, and even his various skeletal appendages, all taken directly from the MediEvil series. He also has his trusty broadsword and shield, the latter which can be equipped during battle to absorb damage and strengthen his charge attacks. His super attacks are more magical in nature, summoning the power of his lightning orb, Golden Chalice, and even Zarok’s Anubis Stone to KO opponents.

We invite you all to stop by the PlayStation booth over the next few days to go hands-on with all four of our new characters. They will all be playable at the booth for the very first time. We’ll also have some cross-play PS3 / PS Vita matches happening, so you’ll want to check those out as well! SuperBot’s Creative Director, Omar Kendall, will be at PAX this weekend too, so if you see him around the show floor let him know what you think of the game! We always look forward to meeting you and hearing your feedback. Enjoy the show!

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crowzx said:

September 3rd, 2:17 am

what happened with tomba is a game only for playstation, legend of dragoon, gex, there are more inside of classic raiden bloodrayne raiden shinoby syphon filter and parasite eve are awesome player that can be a playabeable character…(my opinion) but keep going is getting crazy the game. hope that do not come with gleach like ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

crowzx said:

September 3rd, 2:19 am


saab01 said:

September 3rd, 7:13 pm

I am happy that Nariko has joined the cast. Hopefully we will hear of more characters soon.

Elvick_ said:

September 4th, 12:19 am

@28: Lips must be tasting pretty nasty about now.

Alxpowrs said:

September 4th, 1:34 am

i really really hope that Sora or Roxas are included in the game :)

Carlos23 said:

September 4th, 7:31 pm

Hey GUYS!!! I was just wondering if we will get to see some Final Fantasy characters on PS Allstars Battle Royale…such as CLOUD, SEPHIROTH, LEON, TIDUS… I think that would be EPIC Sick and they were Playstations Exclusives on PS1 and PS2!!!!

A lot of Fans are Hoping for Final Fantasy Characters (please NOT!!! FF13) PLEASEE SONY MAKE THIS HAPPEND…..IS’nt that supposed to be SONY.MAKE.BELIEVE. We BELIEVE. SONY :,)

GateOfFire said:

September 7th, 3:45 pm

Awesome awesome to see Sir Dan in this. Very happy with PSone characters, just please give us Crash and Snake, (or Big Boss) and this game will be perfect!

Phillakied said:

September 8th, 2:10 pm

It looks like Nintendo might need a bit more characters for their next one. This really looks amazing :D

Zero_666 said:

September 11th, 10:31 pm

Why not bring some Castlevania love to the party with Ricter Belmont and Alucard from SoTN? Crash and Spyro are also needed if they really want to make this game have all the classic characters, and also bring some FF love with Squall Leonhart, Cloud Strife, and Zidane Tribal.

Oh and btw.. Where are Kain and Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series. one of my favorite game series of all time has been MIA for far too long.

star-killer48 said:

September 15th, 9:10 am

OMG I love how the game is coming so far. There are but only 4 characters left to make this game PERFECT. Crash & Spyro I BEG OFF YOU. They must be in the game. And also War from Darksiders, and another PS1 classic Bushido.

Rigglie said:

September 18th, 9:19 am

I have a suggestion. Y Narukami from Persona 4 can be in this game. This would give you guys alot of support from Japan because Persona is very popular over there. This would also increase the popularity of Persona 4 Golden, The newest Persona game, that is coming out later in America. This would also help the vita alot. This is just a suggestion and I make it because Iwish the best fo your company and the playstation community. Thank you for bringing us this game is the last thing I want to say.

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