New PlayStation 3 + NHL 13 Bundle Coming to Canada September 11th

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New PlayStation 3 + NHL 13 Bundle Coming to Canada September 11th

We’re coming up on a favourite time of year for Canadians – hockey season! But, that’s not the only exciting thing skating your way. This year we’ve partnered with EA to offer a NHL 13 PS3 bundle that will save you $60.00 based on MSRP.

PS3 NHL 13 Bundle for Canada

Available on September 11, this bundle includes a 320GB PlayStation 3 System and EA SPORTS NHL 13 for $299.99 at most major retailers.

Featuring the speed, creativity, and strategy of today’s NHL with revolutionary True Performance Skating, NHL 13 is the biggest innovation for the franchise in six years. New social experiences like GM Connected and NHL Moments Live connects you with your friends and the real world of hockey, making NHL 13 the definitive hockey experience.

This bundle also includes a month trial of PlayStation Plus — our premium subscription service that offers online storage for game saves, free games, huge discounts, great exclusives, early access to demos and priority beta invites, and full game trials. This is a great add-on if you’re new to the PlayStation family.

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  • Emerald_Swords

    Would be even cooler if there was a nice exclusive nhl art design on the ps3

  • Canadians get hockey, huh? Will it also come with a flannel shirt to wear in Home and a delicious poutine avatar? I kid, I kid, only because I know that our neighbors to the north can take well-intentioned ribbing

  • *Throws maple syrup at #2*

    It’s too bad there might not even be hockey this year with a lockout looming :(

  • Can’t even put a player from a Canadian team on the box. I can’t believe the US is being locked out of this deal.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    It should also include an autographed photo of Gary Bettman.

  • PrimeroIncognito


    But Claude Giroux is from Canada… durrr…..

  • Will we ever see a $199 PS3??? I am SURE a $199 PS3 would make the PS3 in the US the top selling games console each month :P I don’t get what SONY are waiting for??? Oh well;)

  • @7 Me
    I meant US & Canada :D

  • Take off, eh! It’s aboot time.

  • Love it!!!!!!! :D

  • lol Sony will you ever learn? take this “Deal” and shove it lol noobs

  • CanadianFuzzy

    It’s the only NHL we might see this season.

  • where is the FIFA 13 bundle???? kinda disappointed =/

  • So, that 3G Vita is never coming out in Canada is it?

    Also, you going to announce details of the Holiday Preview Event soon?


    Wow I suppose this is very cool. Im getting pretty chilled thinking about it. Also, I suppose we didn’t get YouTube APP in Canada because it keeps freezing on PS3’s here. How cold of Google to not give it here. But NHL is just more of what we luv here up in Cold Canada. SONY knows what there doing.

    I’m American :D

  • As an American I’m glad Canada is getting the NHL Bundle. They deserve it. Hockey will always and Forever be Canada’s Game!!!

  • Heavenly_king

    why not a custom PS3 design?

  • Glad to see Playstation Canada is doing something… Could you add 3D movies to Quebec or make the same PSN in Canada available in Quebec too ? Thank you.

  • @17, It’s licensing costs that prevent any sort of special design PS3 here in North America. Based on what I have been told by someone I know who works for Sony , the cost to do any special design or color here nullifies most if not all the profit margin for the PS3 system sold, so for Sony, it’s not worth bringing out here.

    Besides, when I’m playing my PS3, I’m looking at the screen, not the console :)

  • Very cool, I wish we could see some bundles with different colours for PS3 like in Japan . Moreover, are there any updates on PS Vita with 3G for Canada or is that not happening any more?

  • Also, PS Plus cards at retailers would be a great thing to bring over as well… there are PSN cards but no PS Plus.

  • At least you called this what it is. A bundle. Not some “Special Edition”.

  • Bring a hockey game to the Vita!!

  • Bigcalv2002

    @ 21, Facepalm to the highest degree!!

    I hope you realize you can buy PS Plus WITH said PSN card!


  • since this post is geared at Canadians, How about telling us whats going on with a 3g Vita. Im sick of googling 3g + vita + canada once a week for the last 6 months! …..3g vita where?????

  • donkeypunch12312

    I hockey games are lame, if you love them so much why don’t you actually go and play hockey. Its a really good sport to get into but its not yet great for video-games.

  • @2 You call that a ribbing? I call it a fantastic idea!!! How about it Sony – a special flannel shirt in Home and a poutine avatar for account members in Canada!

  • Randinator-_001

    i wish i could visit canada

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