Killzone Trilogy joins PlayStation Collection on October 23rd

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Killzone Trilogy joins PlayStation Collection on October 23rd
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Killzone Trilogy joins PlayStation Collection on October 23rd

Lock and load: the newest addition to the ever-growing PlayStation Collection library will be Killzone Trilogy — hitting stores on October 23rd, 2012 for $39.99 (MSRP).

Killzone Trilogy on PS3

Like the Collection line-up so far, the original Killzone has been treated with the signature 720p HD makeover, along with full Trophy support.

Killzone Trilogy on PS3Killzone Trilogy on PS3

In addition to Killzone HD, the Trilogy also includes Killzone 2. Act 2 in the series brought an even more ambitious sense of scale, storytelling and action to the franchise. Finally, the breathtaking last installment — Killzone 3 — rounds out the set. It’s an endless cinematic warfare experience in one jam-packed bundle.

Killzone Trilogy on PS3Killzone Trilogy on PS3

Not only will the Trilogy include the three games, but it will also include all the Killzone 2 and 3 multiplayer map packs free of charge. The full map package is as follows:

Killzone 2 Map Pack Bundle
  • Steel & Titanium Map Pack
  • Flash & Thunder Map Pack
  • Napalm & Cordite Map Pack
Killzone 3 Map Pack Bundle
  • Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 From The Ashes Map Pack

Check back often — there will be more news as we march toward launch, and you’ll find it here on PS.Blog.

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4 Author Replies

  • Oh, and I have one question I feel is kind of important, and I’m hoping I can get an answer.

    Will servers be put up so Killzone 1’s online can be played by the slew of new fans this HD remake will have over the original, not to mention that there’s just FAR more online PlayStation players now? And will offline Battlefields still be split-screen?

    You guys would really be doing a dis-service to yourselves, the fans, and the game itself if you don’t have the online up and running. The game had an absolutely amazing online. Great modes, and fantastic maps. Beach Head, Park Terminal, Canyon Crossing, CORE and the Jungle map of which I can’t remember the name. Great maps, my only let down was not every mode was availible on every map.

    (Well my other let-down was that there wasn’t an online level based on the campaign “University”level, the one that’s totally covered in the white and pink cherry blosson like leaves. That level was visually stunning, and I alsways wished there was a MP level based on it)

    Will Killzone HD have online?

  • Awesome that Killzone 1 is getting a revitalization! I played a bit of it on PS2 but never got through it.

    Still want to see Guerrilla come back around and look at PSP title Killzone Liberation as a PSN or HD Remastering release though, it’s still my favorite game in the series and deserves to get out there again.

  • Oh wow, does this mean that the game got its glitches from the original PS2 release sorted out? If so, looking forward to it.

  • PainOfSarrow

    MP_is_for_Chumps wish that was on ps3 aswell. i dont own a psp

  • PlatinumAura

    wow I’m selling Killzone 3 and buying this day one!!!! I can finally enjoy the trilogy on my ps3 DOn’t care if physical or digital am getting this the moment it hits the shelves for $40 it’s a steal

  • Please release Killzone HD as a separate PSN download. I have 2 and 3. Just need that HD :)

  • Man these new box arts rock… I think they are all far better than their original iterations :)

  • To anyone wanting more info on the HD remake, Michiel van der Leeuw gave an interview to someone. There’s a link on N4G, and the source is The Examiner. Here are the talking points.

    Killzone HD will be on it’s own disc as part of the Trilogy Collection. But will only be available seperately on PSN

    Killzone 1’s controls have been tweaked a bit to match the rest of the series, and to take advantage of the superior analog sticks of the dual shock 3 over the dual shock 2’s sticks.

    No remote play via Vita, sorry. (though we all know this can be changed with a patch)

    Killzone HD’s visual specs match the rest of the series: Native 720p at a locked 30fps

    Killzone HD will not support 3-D

    There will be no online multi-player, but the offline multi-player against bots is still there, as well as the split-screen feature of that offline multi-player.

    There are trophies related to the off-line multi-player against bots

    All the audio assets have been recompressed at a higher quality

    Hopefully that answers some people’s questions. I know it answered a couple of mine. I’m a little down about no online, but otherwise I’m still excited.

  • @Darth-Krayt:

    Updated controls was what I was looking for, second to info about a PSN download version of Killzone HD. Shortly before Killzone 3’s release, I popped in Killzone and had a tough time acclimating to the old control scheme. So thanks for the update! :D

  • Finally I will get a chance to play killzone. I never played the 1st one but I enjoyed playing through the 2nd and 3rd installments.

  • SpaceGerbil1

    Congrats to the 16 people who wanted a Killzone HD trilogy.

    Meanwhile, millions of Socom fans raise their collective hands in the air, wondering why Sony hates them and the series that MADE online console gaming and the PSN.

  • TriangleOffense

    Will Killzone remake be a voucher or on disc ? Voucher = No Buy, Disc = Buy

  • xDarkPhoenix

    All these HD collections being release and soon keeps ignoring us SOCOM fans. Now that the PS2 SOCOM servers have been shut down we are left with what you guys labeled as SOCOM for the PS3. The day SOCOM 1 2 &3 get thrown together like this in an HD Trilogy is the day you guys get my money on one of these bundles.

  • xDarkPhoenix

    Released* Sony*
    man i should really spell check.

  • I am so stoke I have KZ2 and 3 but just because KZ1 is there I am going to buy this never had a chance to play part one Sony u must of been peeking in while i have been dreaming because everything is coming true!!!!!!

  • Wow, you guys outdid yourselves! When you said they’re was going to be future collections a few weeks back, Killzone, Uncharted, and Resistance collections came to mind. I thought Killzone would just include a code for the PS2 digital download that’s already on the store. This is above and beyond! Thanks for putting some effort into this.

    I own Killzone 2 and 3 already, but I’ll probably sell them and buy this instead. Good job.

    Next. Resistance collection with Resistance 1 trophies right?

  • freshprincepbg

    I wish Killzone 1 had Multi-Player also, but finally a collection I don’t own, will buy.

  • How about a SOCOM HD Collection. Come on $ony, open your eyes and deliver what the fan really want!

  • This is the cat’s pajamas.

    A super deal for anyone who has never tried the series. Killzone 2 & 3 multiplayer are still hanging tough too :) I will be looking for Killzone HD since I never played the first one. Really excited about that.

    This and Killzone: Mercenary should keep me at ease until Killzone 4 is released!

  • @32: Um, that means nothing. KZ3 has all of that. So those labels could only apply to it. Like how Sly Collection’s “Move Enabled” was only for minigames, not the Sly games. Or like how not all God of War games are in 3D. inFamous 1 has no Move Support either. Yet it’s on that box too.

    If one game has those things, it’s on the box. Doesn’t mean the entire collection has them.

  • Killzone 1 HD?

    *in helghast voice*


    I’ve been hoping for this. I tried going back to KZ1 before KZ2’s release but couldn’t get past the graphics, and so I never finished it.

    Anyone every thought about bringing Liberation to PSN or Vita? Great game, but it would have been even better if it had dual analog controls, similar to Dead Nation. I’d love to see an HD version of that.

  • Inuboykendo1000

    With the last batch of collections I was sort of disappointed (God of War: Saga) because of the lack of digital love. Literally you can get all the Infamous games on PSN (have Infamous 1), I think there’s a Complete Edition of I2. And you can get the R&C games on PSN. So God of War 3 isn’t available separately on PSN. These new batch of collections are sort of disappointing for me personally (opinion) because it means I have to go to Gamestop and buy a new retail copy of it. Which honestly I hate because digital for me is the future and I’d rather support that. I usually don’t buy games these days as physical copies because I prefer paying the developer up front. God of War 3 never did come to PSN. Will all the Killzone games be on one disc, will they be available for download on PSN?

  • helbertpina

    @122 God of War 3 won’t come to PSN any time soon. All games that are double-density bluray discs (God of War 3, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Metal Gear Solid 4) are too large for a digital release… They are about 35-50 GB in size… :/

  • Excalibur0123

    Are there more Collections coming soon that we don’t know about?

  • You bastards I knew it as soon as killzone 1 was pulled from the PS2 classics lineup ,that I would have to buy all these 3 games…again . Kill zone HD did not surprise me… Hakah and Templar will find redemption once more

  • this is so cool!
    This is the first collection of these new releases that I’m interested in. I want to see that story from beginning to end.

  • There are are a few questions that I would like to be answered:

    1- Who is responsible for the HD remastering of Killzone? (Guerrilla Games? Bluepoint Games? )
    2- Will there be stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move support for Killzone HD and Killzone 2?
    3- What is the native resolution of Killzone HD and will it run at 60 or 30fps?

    These questions will determine whether or not I will actually purchase the collection so I would appreciate it if you would answer them as soon as possible.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    @ 99 Darth-Krayt

    Thanks for the info on what Killzone 1 was like dude. I never played the original but from what you’re saying, if i had, i’d probably be REALLY pissed now that Sony & GG turned the franchise into a poor-man’s wannabe CoD in space :/

  • Theworldoftonyy

    Where is my Uncharted collection??!!

  • Sangetsu-II

    Let us see how many Sony Collections we have so far: 1) Jak and Daxter Collection, 2) Sly Copper Collection, 3) Rachet and Clank Collection, 4) God of War Saga, 5) Infamous Collection. The only Collections that are missing are 6) Uncharted Collection, 7) Resistance Collection, 8) Little Big Planet Collection, 9) Gran Turismo Saga, 10) Motorstorm Saga. Please make it happen & I hope my suggestions and ideas are good enough to be taken into consideration.

  • Sangetsu-II

    @130 I forgot to add the Killzone Trilogy…My bad xD

  • OPS_GEAR107

    Looks like i’ll be playing KZ1 for the first time.I will be ready for October 23,2012.thanks for the info PS Blog.

  • Robbie_G_lrish

    @ MP_is_for_Chumps

    Killzone 2 couldn’t possibly be further from Call Of Duty. Know what you’re talking about.

  • shadysaiyanz

    I love that cover!!!

  • At first I thought this was because I asked for this on PS Share, but now it seems like it never got out. I am so glad this is happening, I was so wishing for this, I even asked for it on share.


    I guess you guys get no sale from me then. I’m starting to really grow tired of sony NOT putting ps3 games and deals the same as the disc versions on psn. I’m a digital buying ONLY so once again we get screwed. I’m about done with gaming by now. Its known they love stupid disc distribution than digital. I guess I should jump in a time capsule untill you dumb developers get this disc ONLY laser burning out crap out your system. No need for stupid disc anymore. Its called HARDDRIVES is the future. Digital is the future. So many games I would buy but sinse stupid disc distribution is your hot pants way I guess I save my money and my bluray laser from going out in a year as they burn out FAST.

  • I want to get the Killzone Collection but it all depends on the inside coverart.

    Seriously, if there is inside cover art for Canadians again that looks amazing like the ones in the Journey Collectors edition, Infamous Collection, and Ratchet and Clank Collection, I will buy this **** day one again. Because for me, the coverart means everything.

    Yes I prefer physical copies. And yes I hate the ugly red packaging of the greatest hits on PS3. Sony this is the best money making, giving back to the fans thing you have done, and I seriously appreciate you for it, for the fact that new PS3 owners like me can catch up on all the older amazing PS3 titles that I missed out on for affordable pricing and amazing coverart.


    I bet sony and the developers have a deal to mostly stick to disc cause bluray lasers are junk and never last which means they make money off you buying new ps3’s to replace the one ehere your laser went out. See on disc you have just one single copy of your game and if you want to play with your family off another ps3 you have to go buy ANOTHER copy but digital we get 2 copies to put that game you payed for digital on 2 different ps3s saving money and your laser. If you have digital games on psn you bought before Nov 18th 2011 you still have 5 activations on them to put on 5 different ps3’s. You paid the same price as a disc copy but got 4 more copies of it to put on 4 more ps3’s to play at the same time but now sony limited us to 2 activations since developers whined about it and ps3’s were lasting way longer since harddrives last way longer than its unstable bluray laser. If a harddrive goes bad its a simple fix of buying a new harddrive and swapping it out. If a laser goes out its a send to sony and getting someone elses refurbished back. I prefer always keeping MY PS3. I prefer more than only one copy of my games thank you. I prefer my ps3 lasting years and not months sticking with disc only.

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    this is to comment #1….. i’m very sorry if i come off rude but are you blind? :P because the album art states its PlayStation Move. & 3D compatible.

    and BTW… THANK YOU SONY XD when i bought my ps3 slim i got the killzone 3 bundle and i beat it and sold it and now i can get all 3 and all the dlcs :P

  • @LIGHTNING_FEARI hope this will clear up the
    @#139ToKKeNbL00dMoNeYSorry, but you are

  • thank you awsome! hey any word of when this will be on psn network? need to know thanaks! also will threr be a digital downloadf of the games ? need to know thanks!

  • @#142 Bcrazyman
    They say that the PSN release will be announced at a later time. However, only Killzone HD will be offered digitally, the other two will still be disc-only:
    By the way, Killzone HD does not support online multiplayer, only offline multiplayer against bots.

    You should keep track of updates here:

  • i’ve never played killzone :D this will be a great chance for me to try them


    Wow awesome… Sony ignores the SOCOM community again! Where is SOCOM 1 HD? 2 HD? 3 HD ? CA HD ?

  • Nice. For $40, I would sell my Killzone 3 and buy this one. I just hope it gets remote play support like God of War Collection.

  • Can the maps be on the disk please? I really don’t want to input a 21-digit code and wait for a download just to unlock some maps that can easily be put on the disk.

  • When will the Killzone Trilogy, along with the God of War Saga and inFamous Collections be coming to Europe/Australia?

  • This is awesome!!! A friend of mine loves Killzone and I had never really played it, except when I went to his house and played online. Now I can experience the series in its entirety!!!

  • sackboygundam

    and Sony will just let this awesome trilogy slip to the market just like it did not exist… nice marketing and sales move Sony

  • Not sure if this is a sad fact of where gaming has gone in recent years or something totally different but…. in all honesty these remasters have been about the only games I’ve been looking forward to lately. R&C, DMC, Okami, now Killzone…. Definitely looking forward to playing KZ remastered. Haven’t gone through that campaign since release…

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