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Sep 11

Sep 11

Online Game Save Storage Increase Coming with PS3 System Software Update (v4.25)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

At this year’s Gamescom press conference, we announced that Online Game Save Storage will be upgraded to 1GB for PlayStation Plus members, and I’m happy to report that the increase will be available soon with PS3 system software update (v4.25)!

PlayStation Plus

To sign up for PlayStation Plus, go to PlayStation Store on your PS3, or click here.

After you’ve installed the update, simply go to the Saved Data Utility under the Game column of the XMB. From there you can access the Online Storage folder and find any existing game saves already uploaded, as well as the increase in space to 1GB. So set your automatic download to upload every game save for every compatible game you play and enjoy the additional breathing room. You can also continue to use this feature to selectively upload game saves you specify.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for the latest info on future updates.

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viceforce said:

September 11th, 8:54 pm

@146 that may not be the case for some people. I did manual update but that didn’t change anything. So I waited and the next time checked it then loaded for a little bit and there it was.

Fearse said:

September 11th, 8:58 pm

How do i save my progress to the cloud storage well i mean so it can auto save

Irishboy3173 said:

September 11th, 8:59 pm

i got my 1gig i added 1 save to the storage and it went to 1024mb

ALLmightYGODthor said:

September 11th, 9:02 pm

I don’t is this all I mean it’s great and all but come on -_-

da_boy_27 said:

September 11th, 9:03 pm

Lol all you have to do is click on it.Showed up as soon as i clicked on the online storage folder!

EricY33 said:

September 11th, 9:07 pm

I don’t have plus yet so I don’t have that option. I’m guessing If I don’t have it I’m gonna have to wait a little longer. Maybe only till tomorrow. Hope thats the case. I am planning on getting plus now that they have added all the storage. Just wait till ps4 comes out. Probably gonna need more like 500 gigs lol.

BrownBear206 said:

September 11th, 9:08 pm

My update worked. It shows I have a total of 1024MB for online storage

Tufcat said:

September 11th, 9:11 pm

wtf? so non-PS plus users have to use up their space with some update that doesn’t even remotely help them? we had an optional update like a week ago. couldnt you guys just do that?

Linklex7 said:

September 11th, 9:18 pm

Ever since this update, now every time I go to my trophies list it keeps syncing them up, even if I haven’t played anything. If I try to hit the circle button to cancel out of it it freezes up for 4-5mins. Is there a way I can get it back to the way it was, where it only synced the trophies up after I played a game?

lonewhitewolf1 said:

September 11th, 9:23 pm

so how come its for the ones that pay for 1 year? what about the people that only do 3 months?

MarkakaJin said:

September 11th, 9:33 pm

Looks like syncing trophies is back again. Every time I want to view my trophies list, my profile, or someone else’s, it keeps updating when I already updated.

StealthReborn-- said:

September 11th, 9:58 pm

I think that’ll be enough storage for awhile. =P

cnada401 said:

September 11th, 11:00 pm

@everybody having problems with trophies
This has to do with Double Dragon Neon.

pudgenet said:

September 11th, 11:08 pm

SO earlier, several manual game save attempts left me still at 150MB. This was after a full shut down / restart.

I booted up again, still says 150MB. Did another manual save — this time overwriting, which the others were not overwrites — and now I am at 1024MB.

MEGAEX said:

September 11th, 11:19 pm

Hi has any1 been geting stuck at 99% download ? if so is there a way to fix this problem?

Brently238173 said:

September 11th, 11:20 pm

Is this all the update changed?

Linklex7 said:

September 11th, 11:24 pm

The trophy problem has to do with Double Dragon Neon? I didn’t know that. I tried deleting the game but it still kept syncing up afterwards. Hope it gets fixed soon. I’m sure Sony will. They always seem to be good about fixing these little problems.

Josef217 said:

September 11th, 11:27 pm

i updated and well. when we had the 150 store capacity, i had like 50 or so mbs of saves, but i got the update. it still showed i had 150 mbs of storage so i said. “what gives?” i clicked on the storage thingy :P and then i pressed O to go back and boom, it said i had 1024 but one thing bothered me and is still bothering me…… it says


so i’m like LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is going on!………… i didn’t even have 60/150mbs when we had 150 of max capacity. so wth is going on? xD

Josef217 said:

September 11th, 11:28 pm

unless it shows i have 928mb free. lol srry me being stupid hahahaha

Josef217 said:

September 11th, 11:31 pm

anything else coming with the 4.25 patch? or just the cloud save storage increase cap?

Kchow23 said:

September 12th, 12:25 am

It is extremely odd that the storage is displayed by 1024/1024mb and decreases when you add a save instead of being displayed as 0/1024 mb and increase every time you add a save… please change that back to normal.

Kchow23 said:

September 12th, 12:25 am

Also I find it annoying that we get warned about locked saves every time, could give us the option to disable the warning.

snakeeyes211 said:

September 12th, 2:57 am

Now the trophies don’t sync properly come on you guys:-( test your update before releasing it to the public :-/

taurus82 said:

September 12th, 3:32 am

Will the PS3 ever get a new music visualisation?
Just ask SoundSpectrum, Abstract Birds, Peter Sperl (ProjectM) or ApexVJ to make one or a bunch of MVs.

Xanthus179 said:

September 12th, 5:20 am

Good grief! I knew this was coming, but I still don’t know what to do with it. I have a bunch of saves already uploaded, including a few from Skyrim, and I’ve barely scratched the 150MB limit. I’m not complaining, I’m sure I will put it to good use.

I will suggest, however, that a way to sort through previous purchases and downloads in the PSN store would be really nice.

WalkinPneumonia said:

September 12th, 5:56 am

I applied the update, but it still shows 150MB of cloud storage. :(

HypnoticMonkey said:

September 12th, 6:37 am

Great update, thanks.


It’ll show 150MB until you click on it, then it’ll change to 1024MB.

Ramski34 said:

September 12th, 6:59 am

Thanks for the Update

BoltZilla said:

September 12th, 7:06 am

Just did the update but it still showing just 150mb of space on the cloud…

MRGamer01 said:

September 12th, 8:33 am

What about those of us who don’t want to pay up for the PS+ service? Could it be set to where we get maybe 150mb or 300mb? Find it fairly annoying I HAVE to update my system for this update, which I get nothing out of, just to be able to sign in and play games.

SphereTubeBox said:

September 12th, 9:05 am

Future update suggestions:

Part 1

-Change system dialogues of “Yes” “No” (like under “Quit Game”) to be on “Yes” by default
-Add “snap to” current activity in XMB by pressing square (set default to the Game/Blu-Ray disc if nothing currently running); also create a new XMB row (to the right of the “friends” row) only seen when accessing the XMB menu as an overlay (aka in-game, video playback, etc.) that would allow users to hold either up or down to either quit (hold up for 3 seconds) or return to current activity (hold down for 3 seconds)
-Ability to delete internet search history from “Internet Search” under “Network’ in XMB
-Add L3 and R3 (“clicking in the sticks”) video playback shortcuts for skip back (L3) and skip forward (R3)
-Ability to turn off notifications during video playback
-Better on screen keyboard; One that would be easy to use with the DualShock controller, similar to what is available in Steam for the PC in “Big Picture Mode”

SphereTubeBox said:

September 12th, 9:08 am

Future update suggestions:

Part 2

-Move “delete complete” and “install complete” dialogs (from game un-installation and message deletion) to the upper corner notification area where these messages would persist (perhaps even be highlighted by darkening the rest the screen except for the notification area) until the user presses a button, whereupon the darkening effect would lift and user would have access to XMB again; if this would not be possible then please remove these messages entirely
-Ability to select one visual theme and sounds from another theme
-Ability to delete trophies
-Ability to reorder downloads in download manager
-The browser should auto-zoom the text field when entering text
-Ability to easily add files to a album grouping in XMB… presently you have to type in album title for each individual file to have it show up in a group
-Friend requests messages should be automatically deleted after responded to unless they contain a message
-Friends games played history
-Ability to join friends game sessions from XMB
-Ability to send voice messages

SphereTubeBox said:

September 12th, 9:08 am

Future update suggestions:

Part 3

-XMB nitpicks… Please change default XMB icons for “Turn Off System” (aka, shorten the length of the vertical line to not go above the outer edge of the circle, “Online Instruction Manuals” (to a book), “What’s New”, “Playstation Plus”, “Block List”, “Add A Friend”, “Players Met”, and “Chat Room (Text Only)” (to simply a keyboard and text bubble without a folder)
-Playstation Store nitpicks… please move all vertical selection menus to the left side, instead of having larger tiles sometimes appear on the left of the screen and having to press right to get to smaller tiles; And when the selection border is on a large tile they should not cycle or change
-Playstation Home nitpicks… please change the “WWW”, and “HDD” access indicator icons

MerricK1313 said:

September 12th, 9:20 am

Does anyone know if the Plus for Vita will merge with our PS3 Plus, or will it be a separate service?

WCKidRock said:

September 12th, 9:38 am

if you look at comment #6 it shows a reply stating all you need is a Playstation Plus membership. Meaning it isn’t separate. Of course I would like to know some more details…..I am assuming that it will include access to the cloud save feature?

BTW this makes PSN+ a must IMHO!

ilovesalvador said:

September 12th, 9:40 am

Sweet!!! hahah now my brothers cant erase all of my game files. It really pissed me off the broke most of my games and erased all of my ps2 data!

Emerald_Swords said:

September 12th, 10:30 am

Love it! I can’t to hear the deeeets for ps+ on vita

MerricK1313 said:

September 12th, 10:33 am


That’s odd. I just looked at comment 6 and it has nothing to do with my question. hummmmm

Aikidou said:

September 12th, 10:54 am

This is great. Games like Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Skyrim really eats up the storage space with thier huge save files after you’ve played them for several hundred hours.

Bo-Rican said:

September 12th, 11:10 am

man i didnt get the 1gb cloud storage wen i updated my ps3 slim man whats up with that sony you fail to deliver again or you just tell your pay ps plus customers think goodness i bought a flash drive over the weekend but i love you sony just be truth full wen you post somthing and then it to come up to be has the blog its like a big let down -_-

MerricK1313 said:

September 12th, 11:21 am


Some people have stated a number of solutions to seeing the correct amount of storage.

1. Restart the PS3 system.
2. Click on the Cloud Save folder and let it update.
3. Actually save a game file to the Cloud to see your 1024 MB of storage.

I believe the storage is there just not displayed right away. Hope this helps! :)

TheTrainJob said:

September 12th, 12:07 pm


Stop using your daddy’s PS3 account. Alternatively, stop acting like a child.

The storage is there, you just have to open your cloud storage so your PS3 accesses it and sees that it has more now. Use some common sense; how would it know that it has more storage before accessing it?

Before freaking out and calling people failures, maybe make sure you know what you’re talking about next time. Also, this “question” was answered already ON THIS VERY PAGE.

TheTrainJob said:

September 12th, 12:14 pm


I doubt it has anything to do with the update. It sounds like your trophies just aren’t syncing completely. When you exit out before they’re done, it still finishes syncing; been like that for a very long time.

Sync and don’t exit out, so you can actually see what’s happening.

Wanderlust2000 said:

September 12th, 1:08 pm

Meh. Whooopie. I’ll see your 1 GB cloud space, and raise u a 4GB $5 flash drive. Its faster, cheaper, and I had it 3 yrs ago.

raydbest06 said:

September 12th, 2:26 pm

Since i updated my ps3 to the new version everytime i play a game it dosnt let me move at all, anything that can help me resolve the problem?

ChameleonX said:

September 12th, 2:32 pm

Thank you! PS+ keeps getting better and better.

siriusbee said:

September 12th, 2:50 pm

@195 Wanderlust2000 Good luck with all those games that don’t let you backup saves to a usb drive! =)

TheTrainJob said:

September 12th, 2:56 pm


Good for you. Since you’re pretending not to want the feature, why don’t you pretend to not be here posting inane comments. Everyone wins.

tigerlange said:

September 12th, 3:18 pm

I updated my console, Sept. 11 to version 4.25, but when checking the space available for storage, the console is still showing that I have only 150 mb of storage, what is the problem ? please.

MerricK1313 said:

September 12th, 3:53 pm

@ tigerlange

Some people have stated a number of solutions to seeing the correct amount of storage.
1. Restart the PS3 system.
2. Click on the Cloud Save folder and let it update.
3. Actually save a game file to the Cloud to see your 1024 MB of storage.
I believe the storage is there just not displayed right away. Hope this helps! :)

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