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Sep 15

Sep 15

Sackboy Popping Up Early on PS Vita

Eric Levine's Avatar Posted by SCEA PR Manager

Hi everyone – production on LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita was completed earlier than expected, and due to the excitement from our retail partners, some have decided to put it on shelves as soon as the product was received. You’ll still be able to fully enjoy all the offline features of the game, but the servers will not go live until September 18th. We apologize for any confusion this may cause and will keep you posted on any further updates.

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Oisterboy said:

September 15th, 5:33 pm

Awesome mess up lol. I got the text at work Friday and was like whaaaaaat? I’m definitely rushing to Gamestop tomorrow morning. Now I have something extra to do while I wait in line for borderlands!

swweet said:

September 15th, 5:37 pm

…Are you serious.

So, you’re saying that the servers, and the DLC, will be up on 9/18… but not the game?

I… fail to see the logic. Come on, Sony. You already got the game out there, holding it back for digital peeps is just gonna sour things.

But seriously, where is the logic here?

chowder_07 said:

September 15th, 5:43 pm

Eric did you know that the pre-order DLC in LBPV came with the copy,without even pre-ordering it…

DwightSchrute12 said:

September 15th, 5:45 pm

Hi Eric!

Loving the game so far, you guys have outdone yourselves! A couple questions though:

1)you mention the servers going online next tuesday. Do you have any info on when trophies will be able to be synced? Not a huge issue, just curious.

2) if we entered the code insert in our case and it just gave us the online pass (since the pre-order costumes aren’t up yet), will we need to re-enter the code again tuesday to download those?


T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

September 15th, 5:49 pm

Can you release the digital version early too? I really want to play this game, but I’m making it a point to only purchase the digital versions. Will digital customers get the pre-order bonuses too?

swweet said:

September 15th, 5:50 pm

…Please tell me this isn’t happening. This is LBP PSP all over again.

Sony, what are you doing? Release the digital download alongside the freaking DLC and servers!

JesseDylan said:

September 15th, 6:08 pm

If retailers are allowed to break street dates, isn’t Sony kind of shooting itself in the foot by not releasing it on the PSN? If anything, you’d think standard practice would be for all games to come out first, and cheaper, on the PSN, or does Sony prefer retailers?

In the end, I’m just feeling a bit miffed. People are getting to play the game before me, and now they’re even getting to use the on-line features, but I still have to wait until the 25th because I want the PSN version. Shouldn’t Sony be wanting to reward me for buying directly from them, and buying in such a manner that I won’t contribute to the used market and will therefore be getting Sony more money not in just the short- but also long-term? I guess I just don’t get why Sony would be discouraging PSN sales, whether directly or indirectly, accidentally or deliberately. The PSN needs to keep up with retailers, not just on pricing but also on release dates, or no one is going to bother buying the 32GB memory cards or PSN downloads.

chaoyue325 said:

September 15th, 6:09 pm

Hi everyone,

I just bought LBP Vita from gamestop.
In the box, there is a pre-order bonus redemption instuctions card. However, I didn’t pre-ordered it.
I heard that there should be a online pass in the box but I don’t have.
Is there something wrong with my package?
Thank you.

swweet said:

September 15th, 6:10 pm

What JesseDylan said.

Holding the back the game is gonna make things worse, not better.

JesseDylan said:

September 15th, 6:19 pm

I don’t really think it’s fair to punish digital customers. We probably already don’t get the pre-order bonuses. I guess I just don’t understand why Sony wouldn’t do all it could to encourage digital distribution.

Can we have a way to sort our download list as well? :) I don’t understand why there isn’t a section of the PS Store called “my stuff” that shows me everything I’ve purchased (NOT demos I’ve downloaded) and lets me sort it by system.

Sorry, just feeling really annoyed in general right now, like Sony has cheated on me with someone else.

swweet said:

September 15th, 6:23 pm

Yup, totally adding Jesse right now.

Sony… you only get, like, half the profit off game carts that you do for Downloads. Why the hell wouldn’t you try harder to get them out there?

Branity said:

September 15th, 6:25 pm

PlayStation Store pricing on several Vita games (Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, WipEout 2048, etc.) STILL does not reflect the MSRP drops that occurred over a month ago, so expecting digital anything to match up with retail is a little unrealistic considering who we’re dealing with here.

actio1_618 said:

September 15th, 6:29 pm

Aww man please release it digitally soon!

ToxiikxScopes said:

September 15th, 6:42 pm

My friend said this was only released early because it didn’t want compete with Borderlands 2 is this true?

vanwinkle said:

September 15th, 6:50 pm

Game is absolutely amazing. I’ve been loving every second of it.

cecil322 said:

September 15th, 7:06 pm

The trophies are not syncing to the server will that get fix this Tuesday trophies aren’t showing up in the total count

swweet said:

September 15th, 7:09 pm

So, talked to a rep. He said that while the game is “scheduled” for the 25th, he wouldn’t be surprised if because of those choice of words, that they are talking about the issue.

Heatseeker125 said:

September 15th, 7:19 pm

Wahahahahaha, digital people got owned. Why should Sony stop this nonsense when you keep buying games digitally? I don’t feel sorry for you at all. Stop supporting this broken digital system. Keep buying physical games until Sony gets the hint and gets their act together.

Seiven said:

September 15th, 7:21 pm

Loving LBPV guys…picked mine up yesterday and was wondering why online features were not live yet, thanks for the explanation. Another Home Run that keeps me loving media molecule and Sackboy.

swweet said:

September 15th, 7:29 pm

HeatSeeker, I have planned on going digital since day 1. Why? I have friends in Tarsier. I wanted to support them and Sony directly,

R_a_z_i_e_l said:

September 15th, 7:50 pm

Sony can get stuffed I buy Digital games for the convenience yet im punished by expensive memory cards and horrible prices that are not completive with retails. Im buying directly from Sony and not contributing to the used games market yet I get the shorter stick.
No wonder I sold my PS3 years ago in favour of PC gaming, so much freedom and cheaper games don’t have to in a stranglehold by a single company.

swweet said:

September 15th, 7:53 pm

So, SCEA. Are you REALLY sure keeping the digital downloads so strict is worth it?


September 15th, 8:04 pm

Digital version please!
Digital version please!
Digital version please!
Digital version please!
Digital version please! x 10000000000

KGH said:

September 15th, 8:08 pm

I got mine on friday! The game is absolutely amazing on the vita


September 15th, 8:09 pm

Got my copy yesterday, and I love this game!! So great to see LBP on the Vita, with all new charming characters. I am almost done with the story, but will go back to try to ace each one etc. Thank yo so much for this great game. Hope to see a lot of DLC down the road, not just cross control, but maybe more levels etc.

KGH said:

September 15th, 8:15 pm

I preordered mine and got the same thing, but but when I redeemed the code, it was just the online pass. I had different code on my Gamestop Receipt that was actually for the pre-order DLC, so i dont know, maybe you got lucky or theres been some sort of misprint.


September 15th, 8:17 pm

Digital version please! x 10000000000


swweet said:

September 15th, 8:23 pm

You do realize, that having the servers up with the DLC… means that Digital buyers will lose access to one full week of playtime. We don’t even know if we are getting the pre-order costumes!

…I really am being blunt here. Holding back the digital copy when the full game is gonna be out on the 18th? Not cool, especially since digital orders are pretty much twice the profit of retail.

saskamazon said:

September 15th, 8:26 pm

wonderful game guys !! thank you soooo much … just completed the 1st 9 levels & opened arcade mode …. very cool ! love the crisp color & textures …. touch screen implementation is spot on – really something special . ran out tonight & snagged a copy …. still have my preorder as well – for the DLC …. guess I’ll get it too. very pleased with it & so far it’s not even MP online …. this game was the reason I had to buy the Vita – fantastic job Tarsier / Sony …..

Elvick_ said:

September 15th, 8:27 pm

Not sure why people are hating on Sony. They didn’t want any retailers to sell the game ahead of schedule. They took it upon themselves to do it. Sony is just acknowledging that it happened.

Otherwise we all would have had to wait until release for the game. Period.

I got my copy yesterday from EB Games, beat it a few minutes ago. Love it, can’t wait for the servers to be up so I can start trying for the multiplayer prize bubbles among other things.

Digital people, chill out. Blame retailers for breaking street dates. Why would Sony break their own street date? They wouldn’t. Retailers would though, they’re not first hand invested in the game at all.

swweet said:

September 15th, 8:31 pm

Elvick_. I would be fine if the online wasn’t available until the 25th. Instead it is the 18th.

That means digital buyers are basically locked out of a full week of full gameplay.

If they are gonna be adding the DLC and Online on THAT DATE. The digital game should be available at THAT DATE.

How can you not see the problem? All or none, people.

swweet said:

September 15th, 8:33 pm

To specify – I blame the retailers for the initial early release, but I sure as hell am gonna blame SCEA for allowing those copies a full week ahead of Digital… especially when they have the option to release digital alongside the DLC and servers.

gemuvan said:

September 15th, 8:39 pm

One more punch in the face of digital downloaders from SCEA =).

Feisar said:

September 15th, 8:39 pm

“Day and date releases on PSN” promised when this system launched. Glad I forked out 99 bucks for that 32GB card. Get the digital release out TONIGHT. This is bush league.

swweet said:

September 15th, 8:39 pm

I have come to a conclusion. Sony should either upload the digital download alongside the DLC and servers, or wait for the 25th for ALL of them.

It’s the only real way to be fair to everyone, and the former will make people much happier then the latter.


swweet said:

September 15th, 8:44 pm

…Funny how most blog updates don’t go over 70 posts on a good day, but this one is on a roll to the big 100.

Maybe, I dunno, SCEA should LISTEN?

gemuvan said:

September 15th, 8:58 pm


I think that i don’t like LBP. So i don’t care =)))

But also i am happy for everyone who like this game and can play it right now. And Sony must let them to play on-line as soon as possible. It is not fare to make them wait.

But also, i agree that SCEA need to be more active in dd development on Vita =). And to take example from Steam and iTunes Store.

shb23 said:

September 15th, 9:09 pm

While I am not planning on buying LBP-V, I am watching how you handle this situation SCEA, I would hate to think that in the future you would screw me on a game I do intend to buy by letting retail customers get a week head start on me, that would be enough for me to not purchase the game, and since there are only 5 people in the USA who own a Vita, you need every sale you can get.

rego00123 said:

September 15th, 9:09 pm

Jesus guys, its was a show of good will to let retailers sell the game when they received them (or at the very least to help its sales in light of borderlands 2 coming out). they did not try to screw you out of your game…if you wanted it THAT badly you would get off you butts and go to the store to grab a copy and be playing right now, it would save you a gig and a half on you memory card and leave the rest for user creations and dlc.

adding content to severs isn’t as easy as having set shipments already at the store and giving the go ahead to put them out. there is much more to it then “pop its up”

swweet said:

September 15th, 9:13 pm

@rego00123 And on the flipside, it could be seen a show of good will when people buy digitally. After all, more of the money goes to Sony!

No, having the full game out and playable via retail for one full week over digital is just messed up. Now, even if I DIDN’T already have $40 saved on my PSN account, I would be pissed. The fact the money is already there, and basically spent, is just chump for me. I’m not spending $80 on LBP Vita becuase SCEA messed up.

shb23 said:

September 15th, 9:15 pm


they did not “allow reatailers to sell it” so much as retailers decided to break the date, and since the Vita is on shaky ground (I have one and love it, but let’s be really real, it has not sold the way they/we/I expected), they are just gonna smile and nod, rather than flip out and send C&D’s.

rego00123 said:

September 15th, 9:22 pm

you’re missing the part where you are still getting the game. your not losing anything by waiting. just your sanity by obsessing over a the fact its still coming out on its digital release date. stores are not even allowed to sell the boxed copy online until that date.

rego00123 said:

September 15th, 9:27 pm

+ shb23
so there yah go then, if that’s what you believe happened no reason to be angry at sony for retailers mistakes. dont support them with the purchase in store and give them a cut of the pie.

anywho, stay cool people, and have a good night

swweet said:

September 15th, 9:28 pm

And you are missing the point that we are losing a week of the experience. We are being shown, that our opinions don’t matter in SCEA’s scheme of things. I already put $40 on PSN for this, I think I have reason enough to be pissed.

Plus, GameStop IS selling LBP Vita via their website.

shb23 said:

September 15th, 9:28 pm


you’re missing the part where this isn’t a single-player game, and letting some of us have a 10-day headstart on the rest of us on creating levels is actually a pretty big deal.

it’s not as bad as if this was a competitive MP game, where map memorization and weapon unlocks mean EVERYTHING, but to me this is analogous, if they would treat LBP players like this, perhaps they would treat those of us who plan on buying RO or COD the same way.

swweet said:

September 15th, 9:32 pm

Basically, what shb23 said.

Oh, and did you know I’ve been at the launch for LBP, LBP2, and LBP PSP? As well in several BETA’s for the series? Yeah. I’ve been a huge fan and help for this series, and this decision has basically said I don’t matter to them as a digital consumer.

jason_redemption said:

September 15th, 9:44 pm

So the digital version of LBP vita will be out on Tuesday right? You wouldn’t make those of us who prefer digital copies wait until 9/25 would you???!

swweet said:

September 15th, 9:45 pm

They would, Jason. If the current sitaution isn’t making them realize how wrong it is on a business standpoint alone…

jason_redemption said:

September 15th, 9:55 pm

Why do those of us who want digital get shafted? I love Playstation games, but their advertising, marketing and customer relations (aside from the welcome back package thing and Playstation plus) seem to be soo…lousy…which makes me sad because I want SONY TO WIN, to do well, to make their customers happy…come on SONY make digital customers happy!!!!

canadianrogue said:

September 15th, 9:55 pm

The digital version should definitely be uploaded for the 9/18 update. It makes no sense that those who prefer to stay digital on their vita should be cut out of a week’s worth of playing LBP. Come on and let your digital users know that you appreciate them; don’t drive them away to the retailers to buy all their games.

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