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Sep 18

Sep 18

PlayStation Plus on PS Vita Gets Timing, Set to Launch with Instant Game Collection

Brandon Stander's Avatar Posted by Director of Marketing, PlayStation Network

We announced back at Gamescom that PlayStation Plus would be coming to PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), and today we’re pleased to announce that our premium game membership will make its debut on PS Vita in November, providing an Instant Game Collection to PS Vita owners along with the same features that many of you already enjoy for PlayStation 3 (PS3).

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus member on PS3, you’re in luck—you will automatically be able to also enjoy all the PlayStation Plus features for your PS Vita at no extra cost.

PlayStation Plus features for PS Vita available in November will include:

  • Instant Game Collection: Unlimited access to a regularly refreshed selection of the full versions of games as long as your membership is active.
  • Discounts: Take advantage of exclusive discounts on games and DLC for your PS Vita.
  • Online Game Storage: An additional 1GB of online storage for game saves for PS Vita games and downloaded content.
  • Automatic Updates: PS Vita will automatically start up at a designated time to download and install select game demos and game updates as well as system software updates and start standby mode upon completion.
  • Automatic Trophy sync: Trophy information will be synched to PSN servers automatically via the PS Vita.

If you don’t yet own a PS Vita, there has never been a better time to invest in the most powerful portable entertainment system. In addition to the Instant Game Collection you will be able to tap into through PlayStation Plus, PS Vita also has an arsenal of great and innovative games, like the recent hit Sound Shapes, not to mention some of the hottest upcoming titles like Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.

So tell us–What PlayStation Plus feature are you most looking forward to taking advantage of on your PS Vita?

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willynews said:

September 20th, 4:39 pm

WipeOut 2048, ModNations Racers Road Trip LittlrBigPlanet VITA just to name a few

brujote said:

September 20th, 7:59 pm

just what i needed!!

ruibing said:

September 20th, 8:42 pm

Really looking forward to this. I also think that you should extend this to PSM once it matures.

Nick930930 said:

September 21st, 8:22 am

Glad I didn’t waste money on overpriced Vita games. Can’t wait to get them for free now!!!

Wipeout, Escape Plan, Rayman, etc…

Only game worth money is LittleBigPlanet, mortal kombat, and maybe Uncharted if the price goes down. The other games suck, especially for the big price tags on them.


September 21st, 2:19 pm

cant wait hopefully some great games drop on November : )

IronStorm613 said:

September 21st, 2:19 pm

I have been debating to get PlayStation Plus for a while now. With it coming to PS Vita in November, I can now see getting it and getting my monies worth. Keep the updates on this coming!

kh2fantik said:

September 21st, 2:32 pm

This is great! PS Plus is absolutely THE best value out there… I can’t wait until the PSVita price drop when I can actually afford to buy one. :D

CaptainRadical said:

September 21st, 2:33 pm

If I sign up after it launches in November, do I have to pay extra to have plus on my PS3? Because from the wording it sounds like it’s only a “Before November you’ll have access to both” kind of deal.

WhiteFang408 said:

September 21st, 2:36 pm

Its the decisions like this that remind me why I like Sony over Microsoft. Both good companies however my preference goes to Sony. AWESOME NEWS!

ferfurtado said:

September 21st, 2:49 pm

Whoa, amazing, i really hope they offer good discounts as they do in ps3

Ultrapieguy said:

September 21st, 3:36 pm

I already love the Vita, this just makes it better.

One_Eyed_Trukin said:

September 21st, 3:48 pm

Azure dreams would be an awsome “on the go” game to have for the vita!!!!! please re release it some how!!!

Navyboy2009 said:

September 21st, 9:07 pm

Is this sony attempt to counter the hack thats growing for the system?

Strathmore said:

September 22nd, 1:31 pm

PlayStation. Let me just put a bug in your ear and voice a real concern I have as we move forward with PSV Plus together. As an original day one Plus subscriber I have already accumulated somewhere north of 80 free games that are either PSV compatible or soon will be. Add my existing PSV library of games and apps, and I already have maxed out the number of titles that I can display on my PSV. As more titles become free for downloading with PSV Plus, when will Sony patch the Plus to allow unlimited icons on the home screen? After all, I shelled out w lot of money for a 32GB memory card, and I already feel like a moron for doing so. So give me a reason to feel less like a moron and offer less short-sighted support your console.

Quest1962 said:

September 22nd, 4:56 pm

Strathmore: That is interesting. I bought a 32gb card as well, after trying two 8gb. It is not “icon maxed”, but it could be.
One of my issues is that when swapping cards, the PSV would not remember the locations of icons. Even when they were the same from one card to another.
Sony, is that something you can fix?

Quest1962 said:

September 22nd, 4:58 pm

I almost forgot: Looking forward to the Plus on my Vita! I have had Plus almost since launch. To have it in my pocket too will rock.

EyeBumGaze said:

September 23rd, 3:01 am

New subcriber to Plus , 12 month sub ( I missed the 25% discount by mere hours ) .
Even so , I am sure I have got my £40 worth already…………Just Cause 2 , Double Dragon Neon , Scott pilgrim , Machinarium , Red Dead .

Does anybody know when next months ” Game of the Month ” is anounced ? – pretty hyped for next update , and then the following month we have the Vita Instant Collection .
Amazing Sony , thank you .

Aiiman said:

September 23rd, 6:02 am

Do you have any plans to make The Sly Collection avaible for the PS Vita


September 23rd, 9:48 am

PS+ has been perfect for me, and including the PS+ for vita in my original subscription fee is such a cost saver I just got a vita so I can start receiving benefits on day one. I couldn’t be happier with the vita, btw.

MuttsNuts77 said:

September 23rd, 11:52 am

I’m already a Playstation Plus member which has so many benefits (stick that where the sun don’t shine Microsoft) and this is fantastic news, I can’t wait. I might be looking too much into this but I was contemplating downloading LBP PS Vita, then again, I’ve got a feeling it will be on special offer when Plus is active on Vita.

VR-4nic said:

September 23rd, 6:59 pm

“Automatic Updates: PS Vita will automatically start up at a designated time to download and install select game demos and game updates as well as system software updates and start standby mode upon completion.”

Ok, so auto update for my PS3 is a really cool feature but why does the VITA have to go into STANDBY MODE after the update instead of turning back off like it should? If this is the case and I do not use my Vita for a day or two it will be completely dead when I do go to use it. Right? This feature is pretty much broken upon arrival if I have to remember to turn it off everyday after Sony turns it on! NOT COOL! I really hope this is just a misprint or something!

seaquixote said:

September 24th, 3:51 am

It really feels like Sony is taking the Vita seriously. Guess i can take a breath of relief, this was a good investment afterall. Keep up the good work and please be generous with the Instant Game Collections… Give us lots of classics!

Any word on new apps coming to the device?

jellis2851 said:

September 24th, 8:28 am

Morgan – I deploy to afghanistan in november, is there a way for me to still get all the games on the IGC for my vita while im over there?

Roger-Wesley- said:

September 24th, 3:23 pm

best news of all time for users of the vita!

jade777 said:

September 26th, 2:50 pm

This is a huge selling point that I try to get my friends into in the ps3! I got all systems but stick to ps3 because of the content, ps plus just seems too good not to be talked about! As for what to include? At least one fighter, one retail and one download only game… I want it to have all three arenas been touched and not just one over all. Personally,
Escape Plan
Tales from space, about a blob
lego batman 2
little big planet
mortal kombat
I have some, need others but these specifics are either perfect for evergreen play or to show off the vita!
have fun!!

TrialxError said:

September 29th, 1:59 pm

Will there be a discount for those who only want to partake in the advantages of plus for one system?
In other words, if I wanted plus just for my vita, would I still have to pay the same as if I was getting it for BOTH systems?

Kilo927 said:

September 30th, 2:58 pm

I’m so excited I can’t wait!

Lyzert said:

October 1st, 11:31 am


meisam12 said:

October 1st, 4:20 pm

very good!

systemisdown101 said:

October 2nd, 4:36 am

Very happy that PS+ is coming to Vita.

Have Sony considered making a small selection of music ( a few 1000 tracks) and some tv/movie content available for streaming for subscribers? If you own the copyright anyway and members on a subscription seems like a great revenue stream – this kind of addition would make most ps3/vita owners sign up. It would literally be too good to turn down and as long as it was prominently advertised, the value would speak for itself.

Free games, music and videos for yearly subscribers would seriously boost sales of both systems IMO as having content seems to be the biggest issue people have. This would also mean users no longer would have to use precious memory on music and videos.

You could even offer PS plus on PC and mobile devices (Just music and movies) – and people with no ps3 or vita would also be PS + members!

Think about it.

kaka_campolongo said:

October 2nd, 1:00 pm

JOKE, only I gotta say: is a JOKE

Ralenaii said:

October 3rd, 12:36 pm

Really hoping that the Vita finally picks up pace now Christmas is here. What were you doing, releasing in February? Does not compute. Also, continuation play. Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it. It is the absolute very best potential feature of pretty much any handheld ever. I would buy a Vita on the spot if games started getting PS3/Vita bundle releases.

ry_boy2000 said:

October 11th, 9:11 am

Im buying a PS Vita and PLaystation Plus now!:)))))

Cpt_Ramz said:

October 12th, 5:33 pm

This is great news. I really hope that PSV+ for North America is at least on par with PSV+ EU. As we all know PS+ EU for the PS3 is a FAR better service than what we here in North America have been receiving, especially when you compare the instant game collection. I already know a few people who have not renewed their subscriptions because of this, and two who now have EU PS+ accounts only. Havent concidered not renewing yet, but since i also have a Vita, Ill know for sure by this time next year if I will become a EU account only member. Here’s hoping, support us better in North America and we will continue to support you SCEA.

shady965X said:

October 16th, 9:25 am

Sony I’m in LOVE with you , thank you so much !


October 17th, 5:02 pm

I love that you can share PS + across the platforms. A+++

Gamer18722 said:

October 18th, 6:52 am

Tnx for the great news :)

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