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Sep 27

Sep 27

Party with PlayStation Canada on October 3rd

Janine Smith's Avatar Posted by PR Specialist, PlayStation Canada

Here it is, Canadian PlayStation fans – your invite to come party and play with us at our Annual Holiday Preview Event!

Party with PlayStation Canada

Join us on Wednesday, October 3rd at Palais Royale from 5:30pm to 9:00pm and play this year’s hottest holiday titles before they hit retail shelves.

This year some of the fun includes brawling with your friends in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, chasing an Elephantaur in God of War: Ascension, racing with Sackboy in LittleBigPlanet Karting and making some magic happen with Book of Spells.

We’ve invited third party developers to come out and play too, including Activision, KONAMI, EA, Ubisoft, Warner, Capcom, 2K and ATLUS.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again this year – head on over to our Facebook page to send your RSVP.

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SalMoriarty said:

September 27th, 11:05 am

I can’t believe Canada always gets the cool events. The US always gets shafted.

RE_Player said:

September 27th, 11:07 am

I might go if I can convince some buddies for a ride :P

krae_man said:

September 27th, 11:07 am

We’re still waiting for an answer on why it took you so long to release the 3G Vita.

Also why you thought it was a good idea to include download vouchers for 2 games, but no memory card.

Also why the packaging showed retail boxes for the game despite them being download codes.

Arjmand said:

September 27th, 11:09 am

Noooo I have an exam at 7 that day!!!! Noooo!!!!

FluxWaveZ said:

September 27th, 11:15 am

U.S. often has great events, so I’m glad that one’s coming our way. Though, Montreal never gets anything, so I’ll continue envying those who get them.

boomstickbhg said:

September 27th, 11:16 am

Canada is a pretty big country, want to narrow down the location for us?

Maybe tell us what prov, or what coast it’s on?

I don’t know what a Palais Royale is, would be nice to know what city it’s in.

    Janine Smith's Avatar

    Janine Smith said:

    September 27th, 2:01 pm

    We’ve updated the post – it’s in Toronto, Ontario

krae_man said:

September 27th, 11:17 am

I’ll be there again. The poor notice should make for small lines again.

krae_man said:

September 27th, 11:23 am

Wow, yeah @boomstickbhg That was a terribly written blog post. That’s bad even for SCEC standards.

The event is in Toronto.

Xcaligamer1 said:

September 27th, 11:24 am

blog.canada,,,,yea someone should get to making that lol

krae_man said:

September 27th, 11:24 am

Sunnyside Park area. They keep booking the events further and further away from downtown.

ASC2175 said:

September 27th, 11:25 am

……CaaannaaaaAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAA! (Shakes fist at sky)

barkingspace said:

September 27th, 11:26 am

Given the amount of whine on this comment thread I’m surprised there’s no cheese basket.


September 27th, 11:36 am

@6 Lakeshore Blvd is in Toronto, Ontario. PlayStation holds most of their Canada events in Toronto.

Zackman said:

September 27th, 11:55 am

If you’re genuinely upset about the 3G Vita coming late to Canada or you’re too dumb to click through to the Facebook RSVP to figure out where this is taking place, you’ve got bigger problems in your life than whether or not mommy can drive to this event.

Man up, whiners. How can you even see your screen through all your tears?

boomstickbhg said:

September 27th, 11:58 am

I did click the RSVP and there was no more info than the exact post here.

Also I don’t use facebook.

Kchow23 said:

September 27th, 12:05 pm

Awesome! would be great if some of these events made their way to Vancouver :P

redemptivefrog said:

September 27th, 12:35 pm


Guess I’ll be leaving class a little early… sorry, Nietzsche :(

Hahaha :D

crazy_kracker1 said:

September 27th, 12:58 pm

@ 1 explain how we get shafted when we get all the top events…………..

MrBendel said:

September 27th, 1:10 pm

8 hour drive from NYC, road trip anyone?

D-Squad3 said:

September 27th, 1:21 pm

Okay, will SuperBot be at this event and will they finally revealing anything new i.e. new characters, stages, etc. for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?!!

Their lack of communication with their fans is very disturbing, especially from what happened at TGS.

fam_varela said:

September 27th, 1:24 pm

why playstation never organize some cool events on south-america?

QuantumMercury said:

September 27th, 1:35 pm

Maybe it would help if they posted the city it was in. Not everyone knows this street/place is in Toronto…

Synchrotronator said:

September 27th, 1:46 pm

Apparently Canada=Toronto.

LumarQQ said:

September 27th, 2:46 pm

@19 MrBendel,

I honestly wouldn’t lol. The last one was okay, but it really isn’t anything to road trip over. Long lineups to timed demos of games you’ll be playing in a month’s time isn’t really worth the gas or flight money. For all of us in Toronto though, this is a welcome event. Next time, make it a 19 and up event with a cash bar like the ones in Cali I’ve been to :)

Heatseeker125 said:

September 27th, 3:09 pm

lol at some of these comments. Too lazy (or too stupid??) to use Google Maps before they edited “Toronto” into the image. LOL!

Zezzler said:

September 27th, 3:30 pm

I’m really glad to see the continued events for us Canadians, even though I don’t live in Toronto anymore, I’m really just happy that I was able to go to one of them. And I’m happy that more people will be able to go as well!

Thanks for listening to the Canadian pleas!

Elvick_ said:

September 27th, 5:28 pm

Stop saying “Canada” when its just Toronto. Just say Toronto. Sheesh.

Charlz4 said:

September 27th, 5:34 pm

Wow! Think PSN could finally update their debit card database and accept Visa debit cards from Canada too (RBC, TD and more)? That way we’ll party with you, you’ll respect your own policies AND finally get our money!

Ain’t life just beautiful?

QuebecSuperstar said:

September 27th, 5:54 pm

Chartz4, I’m totally with you on that. My Visa debit card is there, waiting to get used on the PSN store.

DopeMunky3 said:

September 27th, 6:31 pm

Damn, you guys should really host one in either Edmonton or Vancouver sometime, i’m sure lots of people would go

C_Y_P_H_E_R said:

September 27th, 6:50 pm

Nothing against Canada but don’t they have their own PS Blog?

dcskinz21 said:

September 27th, 6:52 pm

is dragon ball z budokai hd collection part of the titles? XD

redemptivefrog said:

September 27th, 7:11 pm

@ C_Y_P_H_E_R

Nope, we do not.

That1CrazyPanda said:

September 27th, 8:46 pm

*sniff* No fair, I wanted to be Jak & Daxter in Playstation All-Stars. Oh, if only I want the cash to travel to Canada.

Elvick_ said:

September 27th, 8:54 pm

@31: We have a website (a crappy one), but no blog. There’s no reason for one.

ImprisonedTitan said:

September 28th, 5:02 am

Is it important for me to be there at the beginning of the event (5:30pm) or is it okay if I come in later? I’ve never attended something like this before, this will be my first. SO EXCITED!!!!

Kepp83 said:

September 28th, 9:40 am

@ the comment about Canada always getting the cool events; being from the US I had to mention that the US gets more community events than Canada hands down. I am glad to see that they are getting this and hope that they are able to participate in more in the future. Peace!

Doppelgangergang said:

September 29th, 7:04 am

What about for people who don’t have Facebook??

I’m in Toronto and might be able to drop by.

Senjutsu_Dav said:

September 29th, 3:04 pm

Nice, would be nice in Montréal, Québec too one day! ^_^

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