Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise Hits PSN October 9th

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Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise Hits PSN October 9th

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3

October is an exciting time, the leaves are falling, Halloween is coming… and 505 games is bringing Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise to PS3! It seems an appropriate season to launch its stuffing-filled blend of stealth and machete-wielding fun to PSN.

The plot is simple – when all the other bears go on holiday to the fabled Paradise Island resort, they forget to invite Naughty Bear. This is a decision they seriously regret after he finds out about their plans and sets out to get his revenge.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3

Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise has been built using a fully revamped version of our internal engine. A new lighting and shadow system brings a new mood and feel to the world, and allows for a dramatically increased number of bears on screen. It has also allowed us to create much larger levels and, despite all these improvements, run at a smooth framerate.

Combat is fun, furious and downright naughty, featuring a new combo system that allows you to chain different attacks. There are five weapon classes: Fist weapons, Pointy, Slash, Bash, and Smash, all with their own attack animations.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3

There are hundreds of weapons and costumes to collect throughout Paradise Island. To get them you first have to unlock them in the levels. You can unlock a costume by carrying a bear into the woods and tearing off its clothes. You can collect new weapons by grabbing hold of the weapon and performing an ultra kill on another bear.

Naughty can also use his powerful grab. No longer content to wait for bears to do things, he can sneak up behind them and grab hold of them. When in this state, they are lifted off the ground and can be carried to any object that the player wants. The ability to grab and carry means you are never waiting around for bears to go and repair an object, as in the first game. With the grab, it’s always Naughty time!

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for PS3

Much like its hero, Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise has been designed to be to be a different, funny, and deliciously naughty game. We have loved creating this new chapter and the wonderful cast of characters that populate the strange resort of Paradise Island. As our good friend would say, “Go on… be Naughty!”

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  • Freeee for plus as a Halloween surprise? :D

  • The_GreatGeek

    Im going to ask the obvious question, can we see this game on the Playstation Vita?
    I think it would be wise to release more than 1 game a month for it.

  • In-A-GaddaDaVita

    What everyone’s thinking: Pedo bear?

  • @1 god, i hope not. i don’t want a free game slot wasted on this. The first game was an absolute mess. I won’t even think about this new game without a demo of some kind. And even then, i wouldn’t buy it for over $9.99.

  • @ Ryumoau… yeah like chopperlift HD and Bloodrayne weren’t already complete wastes of our free game slots…………

    Only Walking Dead, Infamous, LBP2, Renegade Ops have been good free games. The other ones have just been gathering dust on my HDD

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing this game as a free plus game. Looks like fun. New engine too. I remember the original from my childhood. Fun and silly game i played at my friends house.

  • does this game open world ?
    please reply

  • PainOfSarrow

    can you please tell us the price ?

  • PlayEvoinsec21

    Naaah PLEASE DONT add this to PS+ !

  • Hohohohohoholy hell…..this is gonna be good.

  • REALLY bad game

  • have you played it?

  • Valde_zerocool

    I never played the first one but it looked pretty wicked. Whats the price point going to be? Also will it have a platinum trophy?

  • “You can unlock a costume by carrying a bear into the woods and tearing off its clothes.” LMAO!!!
    Now that’s really naughty. ;-p

    Definitely getting this but was wondering if you would consider releasing the first game on PSN too,
    that would be twice as naughty.

  • It’s clear people haven’t played this game and based their opinion off game critic reviews and not actual player reviews. Game was really fun and a great guilty pleasure. If you’re looking for an amazing story this isn’t that game but if you’re looking for a fun brainless killing of teddy bears, this is it.

  • Every game announcement blog post should include price and download size, especially for games that will be available within a week or two. For games announced months in advance, it’s understandable if they don’t.

  • hey looks very good and cant wait to play this game!
    i love this bear! he looks very angry and awsome! cant wait!

  • hey is there a price for this game?
    also will these be on here when the game comes out!

  • Thinking about getting this looks alot better then the first…now will there be a retail version at gamestop also or only psn??

  • This is a really bad game, so i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be free for us PS+ subscribers.

  • Yay, I was hoping they hadn’t given up on this game! The first game was perfect to kill time with.

  • @20 lol

  • the first one was pretty fun i will keep this in my iron sights

  • : Check it out! The game is pretty fun I got to review it for Don’t sleep on Naughty!

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