PlayStation Plus Update: NFL Blitz Joins the Plus Roster

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PlayStation Plus Update: NFL Blitz Joins the Plus Roster
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Last week you welcomed Starhawk’s single-player campaign into your gaming collection for free as a PlayStation Plus member. This week we continue to roll out even more content with NFL Blitz, coming free to Plus! Please note that Borderlands will be leaving Plus with this week’s PlayStation Store update, so make sure you grab it while you can.

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October 2nd PlayStation Plus Update

NFL Blitz — Free for PlayStation Plus Members
With football (of the American variety) in full effect, we and our pals at EA thought it right to help you gather some friends and play one of the best arcade sports titles in recent memory, all for free with your Plus membership. NFL Blitz features a combination of the arcade-style gameplay that made the original a hit and the deep, immersive game modes of today; recharged with an energetic, football gaming experience. Pick it up today, free with a Plus membership.
Alex Kidd in Miracle World — 80% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)
You’ll also see an amazing deal on SEGA’s classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Remastered for PSN, this is your chance to meet one of gaming’s original heroes, and get a great deal and a dose of nostalgia in the process. Journey to Miracle World in a search for your long lost brother Prince Egle, and get some Trophies while you’re at it. You can also challenge yourself with all new trial modes.
Spelunker HD — 50% discount (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $5.00) All DLC 50% Off (Regular Price: $1.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)
Spelunker HD is no stranger to Plus members, as earlier last month we had a similar deal for the game. Fans (and to-be-fans) of the game will be excited to note that the new DLC releasing with the October 2nd Store Update (Area EX9 and Area EX10) will be joining the rest of the DLC with a 50% off discount — about $1 per Add-On. The game itself is going back on the 50% off deal as well, so get on it!

Lastly, I wanted to leave you guys with a Plus tip to help manage your benefits as a Plus member. If you’re low on HDD space but don’t want to miss out on any of the content in Plus, you can still click download, but then cancel the download. As long as you’re a Plus member you’ll be entitled to download it in the future, even if it’s not in Plus at that time.

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update, and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share.

Also, we’d love to know your thoughts as to what you enjoyed most about Plus in the month of September. Feel free to explain your vote in the comments, or in the Plus section in the PlayStation Community forums.

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PlayStation Plus Update: 10-2-2012

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32 Author Replies

  • Pixie_Stix_88

    Looks like i won’t be renewing at the end of this month.

    We haven’t gotten anything decent in months. Meanwhile the EU is getting tons of awesome games.

    What ever happened to the free minis, ps1 games? PlayStation Plus was so much better last year then now.

    I don’t even like football.

  • my blitz is not working.the game starts but it just gets stuck on the nfl blitz screen.i tried restarting,it did same thing.i deleted it and re downloaded it and it did same any1 else having this problem?

  • Morgan, I know it seems you get the short end of the stick when it comes to users!! I mean these users who think eu is better than us and then of course you have the eu users who think us is better and some who think jp is better than either one!! I’m frustrated too with the selection sometimes as well but do I get on here call morgan names and what not? No because that isn’t right of any of us to do!!

    Why is it that EU+ can release those full ps3 titles than the US? It all breaks down to money and how much the license is to bring out the title. I mean if you look at what we have and everyone else has, the eu and jp gets boned quite a bit due to content and release issues.

    All in all, we are lucky to have what we have on PS+ and gaming in general!!

  • WiivolutionNow

    I have no idea why “PS Plus for PS Vita ” is a option in a poll that asks “What was the most important Plus content update to you in September?” Especially considering PS Plus for PS Vita is due out until this November. It’s definitely something I’m looking forward to, but why put it as a pull option for September??

    I hope that when PS Plus for PS Vita does arrive that it brings with it some great sales/discounts on games we gamers actually care about (Uncharted Golden Abyss, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Wipeout 2048, Resistance Burning Skies, Rayman Origins, Gravity Rush, Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, etc…).

    I think a lot of gamers are holding out for price drops/discounts on these games before they buy them, myself included.

  • WiivolutionNow


    I would also like to see PS+ discounts on PSP games for the Vita as well as more PSP game compatibility with the Vita, I’d really like to play Silent Hill Shattered Memories on the Vita.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I hope you guys haven’t given up on adding more PSP titles to the PSN’s digital library. There are still so many great PSP games that can only be played with a physical copy (Kingdom Hearts games, FF7 Crisis Core, Ace Combat X Skies of Deception, Ridge Racer 2, Metal Gear Acid 1 & 2, X-Men Legends 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, etc…) its a bit frustrating to say the least. Obviously the more compatibility the Vita has with the PSP (PSOne/PSP Games) the more value is added to it and the greater it’s sales will be.

    And what about remote play with full retail games? This was the feature, that being a PSP Go owner, sold me on the vita and its almost non existent!! With the exception of last month, (GoW Origins/Ico/Shadow) I feel like it’s almost been a complete bait and switch, I mean Killzone 3 still doesn’t offer the feature and that’s the game you guys showcased with it.

  • WiivolutionNow


    Which brings me to my last *want* for the Vita (for right now). PS Vita COMIC APP. Seriously, I’ve over 100 comics on my PSP Go that I would love to see on the PS Vita’s OLED Screen, when is this thing coming? And please tell me right now whether or not my PSP Comic purchases will be compatible (transfer at no cost) with my PS Vita. I’d like to assume they will be, but it’s hard to say with you guys (sony) sometimes.

  • WiivolutionNow


    Anyway, I think you’ve guys have done a pretty good job at adding value to the ownership of the PS Vita in the last few months and I hope you guys continue to invest more time and resources into adding value, apps, cross compatibility/backwards compatibility, remote play to this great handheld. I think you guys really missed a lot of opportunities with the PSP and speaking as a long time PSP owner, I think the fact that you guys largely ignored the system and didn’t invest in a lot of worthwhile new features, applications and functionality is sadly the reason it was so widely hacked. People wanted more than what you were offering in terms of features, apps and functionality and that’s what hackers/developers gave them. Obviously piracy was the negative side effect of that but in the end it was all preventable if Sony would’ve paid more attention to the system. I would absolutely hate for that to happen with this portable. The Vita has so much potential and I hope it lives up to it. And how about some vita themes already?

  • Dijitaal2012

    Bwahahahaha. I had plus for a year and 3 months and decided not to renew a couple months ago because it sucks now. I used to buy every good game they would
    Put on discount. Thats why I had it. They dont give discounts on good games anymore. And the games are crap now too. Even if they put the best game ever on it or a brand new game on day 1 I will not renew. It would just be a ploy to get more people to buy it. Witch is all the igc was in the first place. If they start doing good discounts on good ps3 games again however. And consistently like they ised to. I will renew. I used to love psplus. Now its just lame.

  • I really am thankful for all the games Sony im defiantly gonna keep subscribed to ps+ for a very looooong time but PLEASE bring motorstorm: apocalypse for US users!!

  • I just tried Blitz and didn’t like it…. Maybe its just me, but I don’t like Football. Please give us better full ps3 games next time… no sports because really we’d rather go outside and play.. well except NBA ^_^

  • Why is EU getting better games than us?

  • No one likes NFL Blitz, Its not even like an actual NFL game, its just a really stupid arcade game.

    The fact that Morgan has replied to anyone of the “haters” shows how much he cares. Look at all the people he responded to when they said something like “good list!”. He can only handle a positive outcome, and not the negative outcome of bs games.

    Definitely not recommending anyone to get PS Plus. What a frickin waste.

  • Please think about add Dead island goty to the ps plus for 20$ or for free :)

  • Not Good. It has been bad for a couple of months now.

  • Or to add The game Fuel

  • It seems like you guys need help picking games , HERE IS SOME GAMES FOR NEXT MONTH , UNCHARTED 2 , KILLZONE 3 , GOD OF WAR 3 , GRAND TURISMO 5 , RED DEAD REDEMPTION , GTA IV , BATMAN . SSX , MAFIA 2 , SOCOM !!


  • after that june update playstion plus has sucked !!

  • to anyone saying that their blitz aint working…be glad….if you thought the controls sucked in the 90’s-early 00’s youre going to miss them the controls are the worst ever for even an arcade sports title and the game aint even worth being free…i regret even wasting the 30 minutes to download it

  • morgan i have a reasonable request (in my opinion and probably a few others) how about a community vote for future additions to the igc….that way majority vote can decide i figure that will cut down on bad games and make people feel like their opinions and views are being acknowledged…just a thought

    oh, and instead of a poll of what we liked also have a poll of what wasn’t worth the time…its much easier to fix what is wrong than keep digging deeper





  • Don’t worry, next weeks PS Plus game is going to be the much wanted, Call of duty 1.

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb and do a prediction:

    Next PS+ Update: Resident Evil 5

    The next PS+ Update: Bulletstorm

    Then the PS+ Update after that: a PS1/Mini game + 2 free themes

    Final PS+ Update for October: Machinarium

  • If they don’t do something like that, at least something like that… I think that would be the nail in the coffin.

    For all those new subscribers who keeps saying that we complain for no reason, listen up:

    First, they cancelled Core.

    Then they introduced Instant Game Collection. While the initial offering was good…

    Next, they cancelled Pulse.

    Then the games started to suck. I am not going to list down the month by month comparison between EU and US. You should be able to compare it for yourself.

    And for those who quips that “EU says US is better”, read the comments in their PS+ Updates. No one complains about US PS+ is better than EU PS+. No one. In fact, no one was even complaining. They were all ‘thank you’ ‘great update’ ‘awesome’!

  • But here’s a consolation.

    Think of it this way. The subscription of 49.90 you paid, is for the 12 games in the IGC. Anything that comes after it, consolation prize. That should make you feel better. And stop reading the EU Blog.

  • update for this week already morgan

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