The Drop: Week of October 8th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of October 8th 2012 New Releases

On PS3 this week, Dishonored is an immersive first-person action game that casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. Creatively eliminate your targets as you combine the supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual gadgets at your disposal. Pursue your enemies under the cover of darkness or ruthlessly attack them head on with weapons drawn. The outcome of each mission plays out based on the choices you make.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown also comes to PS3 this week. Threatened by an unknown enemy, the Earth’s governments unite to form a secret paramilitary organization, known as XCOM, to combat this extraterrestrial attack. As the commander of XCOM, you control the global defense team and its resources in a battle against the terrifying alien invasion.

On PS3 and PS Vita, Retro City Rampage offers a unique parody of the open-world action genre that takes modern game mechanics and mashes them into an authentic 8-bit experience. Tackle over 50 story missions featuring driving, shooting, platforming and more. With over 30 arcade challenges and more than 25 weapons and power-ups to master in Retro City Rampage for the PS3 and PS Vita. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Dishonored (Also on PSN) — Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial whaling city where strange steampunk- inspired technology and otherworldly forces coexist in the shadows. You are the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is besieged by plague and ruled by a corrupt government armed with industrial technologies, dark forces conspire to bestow upon you abilities beyond those of any common man – but at what cost? The truth behind your betrayal is as murky as the waters surrounding the city, and the life you once had is gone forever.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown — XCOM: Enemy Unknown will place you in control of a secret paramilitary organization called XCOM. As the XCOM commander, you will defend against a terrifying global alien invasion by managing resources, advancing technologies, and overseeing combat strategies and individual unit tactics.

The original X-COM is widely regarded as one of the best games ever made and has now been re-imagined by the strategy experts at Firaxis Games. XCOM: Enemy Unknown will expand on that legacy with an entirely new invasion story, enemies and technologies to fight aliens and defend Earth. You will control the fate of the human race through researching alien technologies, creating and managing a fully operational base, planning combat missions and controlling soldier movement in battle.

Just Dance 4 (PS Move Support) — Just Dance 4 is your ticket to the best new music with over 40 tracks from a variety of top artists, popular genres and hot billboard songs like “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida, and Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera. The tracklist also features legendary artists such as Barry White and The B-52’s to get the whole family up and moving.

Port Royale 3 — In Port Royale 3, players will embark upon an epic adventure through the Caribbean during the turbulent 17th century where the naval powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands all fight for supremacy in the colonies. Players take on the role of a young captain trying to build his fortune and reputation in the new world colonies. The campaign consists of two different paths for the young protagonist to follow: adventurer and trader.

PlayStation Network

Retro City Rampage (For PS3 and PS Vita) — Retro City Rampage is an open-world action game parody of the popular crime city genre. The game is designed to represent a classic NES game with a level of carnage and chaos never imagined in the ’80s. 

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (For PS Vita) — In Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, play as the Doctor and River Song as they race to save the universe and time itself. Unravel the mystery of The Eternity Clock and stop its deadly path of destruction before it’s too late.

Equipped with the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, River’s Blaster and other fantastic gadgets, journey through four London time periods and a number of alien locations in search of the answers. Face up to the most fearsome monsters including Silurians, Cybermen, Daleks and the Silence. Outwit and destroy foes, solve puzzles and make the right choices in an epic action-adventure.

Derrick the Deathfin (PSN Exclusive) — Derrick the Deathfin is the world’s very first underwater papercraft game. The action – of which there is plenty – takes place in an irreverent aquatic world full of paper, goofy fish, paper, arcade action, paper, wanton destruction, and paper.* After Derrick’s parents are brutally turned into soup he sets forth on a worldwide rampage of destruction in order to make himself feel a bit better. On his travels he eats all manner of dopey delights for dinner, duels with paper enemies and decimates man-made cardboard monstrosities. Derrick also has a distinct fondness for picking up diamonds and jumping through burning tyres in the sky. Just like a real shark!

Spy Hunter (For PS Vita // Also on Gamecard) — Celebrating 30 years of sleek cars, concealed weapons, and careening car crashes, Spy Hunter races forward on its most thrilling and dangerous ride yet. The player once again takes on the role of the “Agent,” the driver of the high-tech G-6155 Interceptor supercar, armed extensively with advanced weaponry, and ready to take on a global terrorist organization set on world domination.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes — London, 1898. Holmes has just solved a recent case by retrieving a priceless set of jewels that had been stolen. Unfortunately, the jewels’ owner reveals that the necklace Holmes returned to him is a pale imitation… and everything seems to incriminate the detective as the culprit!

Birds of Steel — Birds of Steel offers 20 historical and a wealth of fictitious missions, spanning eight world-famous campaigns, and users are given access to over 100 famous planes from the entire axis and allied forces rosters. A number of planes ideal for each campaign can be selected, and have been faithfully recreated in terms of handling, capabilities and weaponry. The classic Spitfire, P-51D Mustangs, and Messerschmidt 109 are all lined up for combat, as players opt to player opt to fight for the Allies, Japanese or Axis forces.

Devil May Cry: HD Collection — This action-packed set chronicles the complete adventures of Dante, the world’s toughest demon slayer, with Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie — Joe Danger, the world’s most determined stuntman, returns in Joe Danger: The Movie: The Video Game! This sequel will allow players to create their own action film scene by scene, performing every stunt themselves. On the set of the greatest blockbuster “Movie” ever made, create your own action film scene by scene, performing every stunt yourself. Using dozens of stunt vehicles and spanning every action film genre imaginable perfect every stunt to thrill the audience, or crack them up with your failed attempts. Strap on the helmet of Joe Danger, and defy death to impress the Director.

Machinarium — Machinarium is an indie game project created and released by Amanita Design. A puzzle / adventure game, this game focuses on a little robot who’s been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city who must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save his robot-girl friend.

Warlords — Show no mercy and take no prisoners as you fight to the death for title of the almighty Warlord in this multiplayer arcade action game based on the Atari classic. Defend your castle from mischievous minions and ferocious fireballs spun from the mouth of a maniacal dragon in this whimsical reinvention of the beloved classic. In the ultimate battle of speed, strategy and survival, command your troops with shrewdness and skill to capture control points, collect power-ups and destroy the other warring factions!

Worms Revolution — Worms Revolution sticks an exploding sheep under worm-on-worm conflict and blasts it squarely into the 21st century with this revitalization of the acclaimed strategy series. Developed from the ground up on a completely new game-engine Worms Revolution delivers exciting new features and stunning 3D graphics with the classic 2D, turn-based gameplay of everyone’s favorite warring invertebrates. Choose to play the extensive single player mode which features both campaign and puzzle missions or dive straight into multiplayer warfare via online or local play. For the first time ever see the inclusion of dynamic water, physics objects and worm classes! Customize your experience by choosing what classes you play with, what they look like and even how they speak!


  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Joe Danger 2: The Movie
  • Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise
  • Retro City Rampage
  • Sunflowers
  • Warlords

Easter Egg

Fans of the PlayStation.Blog can now play as Sid, Jeff or as me in Retro City Rampage. Make sure to choose me (Rey Gutierrez) as your avatar. My hair looks great in all its retro 8-bit glory!

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • xGrandpaGamer

    Jeff has stated on another blog post that there will be no midnight release for Dishonered so no pre order perks no midnight release thid Day 1 release is totally worth it (yeah right)

  • Diablos2525

    Grandpagamer link please?

  • so is there any more news on Ratchet: Deadlocked?

  • Is XCOM going to be available on PSN day 1? Or is it only going to be in stores?

  • Great update…still u guys need 2 do a way better on releasing ur games a lot earlier on ur PSN Store. I really don’t want 2 wait until the evening 2 download and install Dishonored.

  • thejessmister

    Awesome! How much will Machinarium be? I have been waiting forever for its release on here! So happy! :D

  • xGrandpaGamer

    Well sony i love how on other blog posts there are replies to questions but not on this post. You only amswer question that only is in your interest, like i love the ps+ update for tommorow and praises like that, but when people want to know why we should keep on buying day 1 releases if we do not get pre order perks and why we do not get midnight releases and why we should care on saving 10 bucks if we could start playing our games around 11 hours after launch no answer from you. Stop avoiding real concerns from your customers. I pre ordered Dishonered and Doom 3 BFG to show support to sony, i mean theres a gamestop 15 minutes from my house and being an idiot i pre ordered these games on psn because i truly want to show support and this is how you treat us. Well ill be telling everyone i know NOT to pre order any games on the psn its a waste of money and we get the games alot later than everyone else. THANKS SONY FOR TREATING LIKE WE MEAN NOTHING TO YOU.

  • Lash_Whipwreck

    ok its now 3.30am where i am and im still waiting on anything from sony saying that i can download dishonered that i pre ordered a couple of days ago on psn and im sorry but this isnt the first time this has happen and im getting tired of it. i didnt spend so much money for a game off the ps store to have to wait a hole day for the game. this is stuiped SONY. we paid for our game or games and we should get thoes games at the stroke of midnight and not pst midnight cuz where i am thats like 3 am for me . now ill said it aging and very nice . i want my game.

  • Lash_Whipwreck

    btw can someone tell me why in the world would sony lower the of system sharing from 5 to 2. this mite sound werid i know its just im finding this out today. so if anyone can shed some light on that for me, that would be great.

  • xGrandpaGamer

    #106 they lowered the system sharing to force more people to buy games from the psn, they do not want someone to buy a game and let them do what they want with that game are you kidding. Sony used to be a class act but they are using the same dirty tactics that microsofft uses. This pre order stuff is also a ripp off i pre ordered 2 games from the psn one of them is Dishonored and i still can’t download it, pre orders should be midnight releases. All this are sceames to get our money, gaming is going to hell in a hand basket and we are going to see gaming crash as it did in the early 80’s. Gamers are realy tired of these companies tricking us all the time so they could buy nice homes and cars and be with the ladies and were paying their bills.Ive been gaming since the early 70’s and we must take a stand as we did in the early 80’s and look what happened. We don’t owe them anything they live off us not us of them.

  • colstripcapn

    @97 guitarded77

    You just proved you have no clue what XCOM is, it isn’t a shooter.

    Your doing a fine job of showing how mature you are.

  • Day 1 purchases are not worth your time!

    No midnight release.
    Long download times.
    No preloading
    No DLC bonuses.

    If brick and mortar can beat out a digital delivery service then you’ve got a major problem!


  • Ruiltwolfrick

    I’m with Teflon02;

    Where are the rest of the FF’s ? such as FF5, Crisis Core, KH BYS, etc.
    Where are all these new apps that were announced for the summer? Such as Crackle, Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. ?

    Would also like to see Breath of Fire 3, Digimon 1-3, Dragon Warrior 7, Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, Megaman Legends 1-2, Rhapsody, Saga Frontier 1-2, Suikuden 1-2, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profileand the Tales of Series (destiny 1-2, eternia, phantasia) on the US PSN.

  • xGrandpaGamer

    cosmos_man im with you. We are nothing to these people, sony has shown their true colors hiding from us like a theif in the night. People do not pre-order games on the psn it’s a complete scam. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MONEY HUNGRY SCEAM THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US.

  • xGrandpaGamer

    PS: SONY STOP HIDING AND FACE THE FACTS YOU ARE A BUNCH OF THEIVES AND SCAMERS. Day 1 releases are a joke do not fall in their trap.

  • Looking forward for Dishonored!

  • Morgan here is a suggestion 2 improve Sony’s SECOND RATE PSN STORE. Please make an effort 2 release all your digital games a lot earlier on RELEASE DAY (ie 9AM to 12PM EST),

  • Still waiting for my day one digital release of Dishonored, at this rate it won’t even be day one…. So far not worth the 6 bucks I saved…


    I “Pre-Ordered DISHONORED and it still is not available for download. I’m not sure what, besides the 2 bucks knocked off the price as a plus member, is my incentive for using your “DAY 1 DIGITAL BIG GAME DAY” promotion. The title of the promotion alone implies that you will have the game that you pre-order on the day 1, the day of release. I might as well have walked a few blocks and bought the game at a store. If we have to wait for the store update, which on the East coast is well past 6pm you should have told us instead of misleading us to believe that it will be available. I’m not one to complain as a matter of fact this is my first one ever, I usually get on people for complaining to you guys but this is pretty upsetting.


    I had to correct myself, you actually saved us 6 bucks on the pre-order purchase. I forgot to mention in my last post that I was a button push away from pre-ordering Assassins Creed 3 needless to say that won’t be happening. Not all of your customers are children, I happen to be a father and have a full time job. I luckily didn’t take a day off just to play a game like some people do but I was home and looked forward to getting some time in on DISHONORED before the kids get home from school. This is truly maddening, I’m shocked at how pissed I am this is a matter of principle and false advertising. And sure you’re going to say “well technically it is still a day 1 release” and “We did not promise anything” but you guys should know better. In this community “Gamer Community” there are certain terms that mean very specific things, one being “Day 1 Release” meaning at least Midnight. I didn’t expect a midnight availability but it should have been made available during business hours at least 9-5 maybe.

  • madmaxandrade

    Great week for PSN. Machinarium is a must-have (I own it on Steam and couldn’t recommend it enough), and I’ll definitively check on Retro City Rampage.

  • Will XCOM:EU be available to buy/download on PSN? If so, when?

  • would love Rage Racer, Wipeout XL, Tail of the Sun, No One Can Stop Mr. Domino, Tecmos Decption, and Kings Feild as PSOne Classics soon!

  • Dusk666demon

    Since Xcom for the ps3 is out
    why not next week give us Xcom for the ps1 classic UFO defense

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