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Oct 08

Oct 08

Dishonored: Unleash Supernatural Powers Tomorrow on Blu-ray, PSN

Matt Grandstaff's Avatar Posted by Global Community Lead, Bethesda Softworks

In one day, we will release Dishonored, our new first-person action game developed by the talented team at Arkane Studios. Dishonored puts you in the role of Corvo Attano, bodyguard of the Empress of Dunwall. A pretty good gig… until you’re falsely accused of killing her, kidnapping her daughter, and subsequently imprisoned and tortured by the sinister Lord Regent. Despite this, you remain the best hope for saving Dunwall, where plague is rampant and the city is on the verge of dystopia.

Early in your adventure, you will receive “The Outsider’s Mark” — a mysterious tattoo on your left hand that grants you supernatural abilities. As you progress through the game, this mark will allow you to unlock new abilities, each of which can be upgraded to a second level for improved functionality.

Below is a look at two of the development team’s favorite abilities:

Devouring Swarm

Devouring Swarm summons a vicious swarm of rats that will consume corpses or attack the nearest living thing. Level two summons a larger, more vicious swarm of rats.

Wind Blast

Wind Blast releases a powerful blast of wind, knocking your enemies off their feet. This power will also douse fires, shatter wooden doors, and reflect projectiles back at the enemy who fired them. Level two increases the power of the blast.

Have questions about the game? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re looking to play the game tomorrow, don’t forget it’s available as a PSN Day 1 title!

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Rockwell420 said:

October 9th, 7:37 am

So Ive even contacted sony… refund my money for the pre order, so i can run to wallmart and buy the damn game. Oh sorry sir that refund will take up to 11 days. This is total bull, Sony get your damn head out of your ass. There are hundreds if not thousands of people right now pissed off because you arnt smart enough to reset the store untill 7pm WTH… Do it the day before so by the time you download and install itll almost be midnight anyways.

Cosmos_Man said:

October 9th, 7:47 am


This blog is not a means for complaints. As we all see no one has responded about the release or our issues. They didn’t even have the curtesy to say that it won’t be up at midnight.

When the Day 1 program was announced they said they would have a list of midnight releases soon, yet we have nothing. 2 releases done, Resident Evil 6 and now Dishonored, why did I have to pre-order Doom 3 BFG as well, I will have to go through this same poor service.

Sony, you have a great idea here, but terrible execution.. These should be midnight releases, have decent DLC bonuses, pre loading and more.

Everyone should post the time that they actually finished the download, installed and played tonight, because I have a feeling very few of those posts will be before 12am and thus not Day 1!!!

I also posted a comment with a link to Playstation contact info for complaints and it was rejected by mods. Boooo!

BipolarBeers said:

October 9th, 7:54 am

holy hell you guys complain about absolutely everything. i reserved dishonored as well and i would have loved for this to be up at midnight or even this morning but im not going to lose an arm and a leg that it isn’t up yet. it would be a better program if we had previous download even before midnight or at midnight but it is what it is. all of this complaining about something you’ll eventually play later anyway makes the PlayStation community seem like a bunch of cry babies.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 7:56 am

cosmos_man they don’t care they have not givin an explanation because they think they are entitled and do not have to give anybody an explanation,it’s obvious that this is nothing but a scam, they wan’t our support and treat us as if we owe them for buying stuff off the psn. We could be on the blog the whole day and beleive me they will not respond. They have shown their true intentions with their customers ripping us off they are turning into another microsoft we as a gaming community are doomed.

Cosmos_Man said:

October 9th, 8:00 am


Do you own a PC and use competing digital delivery services?

These complaints aren’t about us complaining about everything. It is simply the standard set in the video game industry by services such s Steam, GMG, etc. that big releases of AAA games through digital distribution is done at midnight, offers pre loading, and more.

It’s simple. This is supposed to be a Day 1 game. Yet the store will update at 7pm my time (if its on time), the game is 8GB in size and will take 1-2 hours to download (9pm), then to install and get the game going (10pm) and suddenly I’m playing with 2 hours left in Day 1.

If you don’t think that’s a poor service then that’s fine, but for those who have had this standard set by other services, it’s poor.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 8:01 am

#102 you are nothing but a fan boy your getting ripped off and fail to realize it. wake up and smell what you are shoveling.no pre-order perks, playing a game thats yours 11 hours after launch and spending money on a game that they decide when you play it, wake up kid you just got robbed.

BipolarBeers said:

October 9th, 8:15 am

@105 im no fan boy nor kid and i didnt just get robbed just because im getting a game later today “bro”

ValenKeyes said:

October 9th, 8:15 am

I’m so glad I didn’t take off work today. I feel for the guy who did. When I bought skyrim at the release party, my brother and I set our TVs up in the same room with our PS3s and spent the rest of the night playing. I took off work the next day and we played the game until our eyes felt like they were going to drop our of our faces. It was ridiculous fun! I didn’t do the same with dishonored because I’m saving my vacation days for the end of the year. Honestly, the only reason I preordered this with sony was because I won’t really have time to play it until the weekend anyway. Had I really wanted first access to the game, I would have gone to the gamestop midnight release party and gotten it with my brother. I have no beef with sony because they didn’t say the game would be available at midnight, but honestly, I feel I was led to believe that. So as a fellow gamer, I feel for those of you who are rightfully pissed off.

Cosmos_Man said:

October 9th, 8:23 am

@108 and 107

The problem is that the very day that Day 1 was announced the community reps said that not all would be midnight releases, but some would be.

Yet we got noting since for two games that have been released (RE6 and Dishonored). It’s poor communication on their part along with the service itself which is in its infancy and is not ready for those who actually want to play new releases on Day 1.


It’s #41 and replied by Morgan Haro. Nothing since has been revealed, even the Brthesda rep in this thread had no idea.

doug21017 said:

October 9th, 8:28 am

Any game i truly want I as a “midnight” release… Walmart is my place from now on. No bells and whistles… just on the shelf and ready to go by @ 12:01am not matter what game it is. No crowd… in and out.

Cosmos_Man said:

October 9th, 8:45 am

I’m enjoying the fact that my posts that call out reps here by name are awaiting moderation approval.

Donnywho said:

October 9th, 8:52 am

I think they’re probably laughing at us at this point. We are the lab rats on this one.

goonmeups said:

October 9th, 9:08 am

#105 you are being nothing but an over entitled gamer, if you want it so bad, go buy it in a shop…if not, then be patient. I’m sure there are better things to be doing than waiting for a game and crying about it like a little girl.

Cosmos_Man said:

October 9th, 9:10 am


Please re-read that post. I am simply stating that this Day 1 service for AAA games is not on par with the competition.

Your attitude simply breeds ignorance and acceptance for poor services. Please see Steam for details.

adolson said:

October 9th, 9:16 am

Arx Fatalis was great! It was the first game I reviewed when I joined the XboxAddict staff way back when, before jumping ship to PlayStation. I’m glad to see Arkane back on their own IP, and I look forward to finishing Borderlands 2 so I can crack open Dishonored. :)

I don’t care what Bethesda does with Elder Scrolls, we’re all still going to buy it. The complaining is pretty annoying.

Lash_Whipwreck said:

October 9th, 9:17 am

ok its almost lunch time where i am and i still havent seen sony answer anyone’s questions about why dishonered wasnt out at midnight. im sorry but if i knew that this would happen , no midnight release , no bonuses dlc like you would get if you bought it from a store and sony come on stop waiting till the end of the day to update the store and btw put the system sharing back to 5 , we pay for the system and game its ours to do what we want. but like i was saying if i knew ahead of time this would happen aging i would of just gone up to microplay and buy the disk copie or rent the game till i got my pre order copie at like 7 at night and can who ever read these posts start answering please.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 9:25 am

@111 i am almost 50 years old and i have been gaming long before you were born. And i do not need some fan boy insulting me when i have not done it to anyone. This pre-order service is a joke i did it to show support for sony and they said they would release a list of the games that would be midnight release. If you would open your eyes we came to the conclusion that pre-orders were the midnight relases, if not why pre-order if we could wait like everyone else for the store update. If i would of purchased this game at gamestop i would have the arkane assasins pack, again i did not do it to show support for sony. But sony dos’nt even address this issue by posting a response to our concerns. And i do have better things to do as i run a home based buisness. Sony needs to stop this pre-order program if there will be no midnight releases.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 9:30 am

@111 PS: i also pre-ordered Doom 3 BFG, did you pre-order anything to support sony and if not stop trolling and defend a company you show no support by buying these games on the psn.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 9:35 am

@114 don’t hold your breath

Chrono1167 said:

October 9th, 9:36 am

day 1 has made me a sad camper >.< more like day 2

JangoFetish said:

October 9th, 10:46 am

Ill never pre-order from the playstation store again! I pre-ordered this game via the day 1 promotion and my digital copy that I paid $53.99 for is still not available and it is 1 pm! If I had bought it from say GameStop or even amazon.com I would not be on here right now. Id be enjoying my new game.

Tommygunnz69 said:

October 9th, 11:03 am

I too thought that day 1 game meant I get the game today. Well this is the last time I use the PSN pre-order. I would have rather spend the extra 10% and get pre-order bonus from gamestop. Well I guess we will enjoy this supposed awesome game tomorrow.
What a waste of a day off!

TheInsaneSamurai said:

October 9th, 11:16 am

The issue is not people feeling “entitled”, the problem is Sony advertising this “pre-order” as a day 1 “fast” thing and it is far from it. Digital copies costing the same as a physical copy is only ok when it has benefits over the physical copy to weigh it out. Usually for digital games that means pre-downloading it and being able to play it immediately upon release without needing a trip to the store or extra hassle.

You guys who say ‘no big deal just wait another 12 hours’ must have no idea what it’s like to have days off and to need to schedule things. I for one planned on using today(my last free day for a while) to play this game, and had Sony explained that buying it from them would’ve made that impossible, I would have bought it elsewhere. They didn’t explain anything however, and thus you get alot of unhappy customers.

TRIPTON_ said:

October 9th, 11:29 am

If it has a ps3 logo and the name Bethesda on it? I won’t be buying it. Too bad for Arkane. Bethesda had their chance with ps3 owners and totally blew it. First a glitched game that didn’t work. Then the DLC fiasco. Sure lets give Bethesda more of our money. To dev’s out there. If your developing a title for ps3? Avoid the name Bethesda. Just wait and watch Dishonored’s ps3 sales suffer because of it.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 11:34 am

Wow sony you just added a post about a game called derrick the deadthfin and there are 16 post’s and 15 replies from you guys, yet we sit here waiting for a simple answer about this so called pre-order deal and we get nothing. It’s 2:30pm and my friend has been enjoying Dishonored for about 3 hours now and i still sit here like an idiot waiting for the store update. I showed support by pre-ordering Dishonored and Doom 3 BFG from psn and this is what i get. Beleive me i will NOT pre-order games on the psn again, and i am shore that alot of people are going to do the same. You had a good idea but i think this idea is dead now after completely blowing off you loyal and long time supporters like myself. GOOD JOB SONY.

Qatsmasher said:

October 9th, 11:36 am

A big issue is the lack of communication.

We were told we would be updated on which games would be available at midnight. Didn’t happen.

Bethesda said they were trying to find out when it would be available to download. Didn’t happen.

They did just lay off their PR team, maybe that’s the problem.

goonmeups said:

October 9th, 11:46 am

@grandpagamer….you’re 50 and something as tiny as this ticks you off? wow….I’m not touching that one with a 50 foot pole.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 11:52 am

My brothers go to PS+ then go to expiring soon and Dishonored is sitting right there ready for download, ENJOY

JohnCarpenterFan said:

October 9th, 11:54 am

It’s out bastardi!

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 11:55 am

@125 yeah im shore you do enough touching but the problem is that you touch yourself. Now shut up and let me enjoy Dishonored bye bye ” KID “

themadmen said:

October 9th, 11:55 am

Everyone at Sony should get fire. thats the way to do things right, this is a business.

xGrandpaGamer said:

October 9th, 11:57 am

@125 love your gamertag or what ever that is “KID “

trew231 said:

October 9th, 12:11 pm

You guys should probably calm down just a bit. This is Day 1. The game came out at a pretty reasonable time. Sony never said it would be out at midnight. I wish it had come out at midnight, but it’s whatever. I’m gonna play it now after it downloads.

Donnywho said:

October 9th, 1:11 pm

Dude, the guy who’s been pretending to be 50 has supplied much entertainment. Don’t ruin a good thing.

ValenKeyes said:

October 10th, 7:08 am

god i hope i’m not still playing video games when i’m 50

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