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Oct 08

Oct 08

Sack it to Me: It’s LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Competition Time!

Steven Isbell's Avatar Posted by LittleBigPlanet Community Coordinator

Community Spotlight – LittleBigPlanet Nursery

Following our LittleBigPlanet Cap Challenge last week to tweet @LittleBigPlanet with a screenshot of your Sackperson wearing the Launch Spacesuit in LittleBigPlanet 2 or LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, we put the word out that we would award further LittleBigPlanet Caps for anything tweeted our way that catches our eye.

And @LasseLund did just that! Presenting the LittleBigPlanet Nursery:

Sack it to Me: LBP Nursery

We were so blown away by the sheer awesomeness of this nursery that not only was Lasse awarded the LittleBigPlanet Cap, we also sent a Rare Prize Crown his way to commemorate this wonderful nursery that’s waiting for their new arrival!

To check out even more photos of this LittleBigPlanet room, check out the album here.

Oh, and of course, a big congratulations to Lasse and his family. Their new bundle of joy is due later this week and we already know of a few kids (and a good number of grown-ups) within LittleBigPlanet’s extended family that are rather jealous of the bedroom awaiting the new arrival. ;)

LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks

LittleBigPlanet 2 Logo

We have a new batch of LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks, which include an amazing 2D platforming adventure starring Blobby, a rather calm and serene movie called aRise, platforming fun in Bob’s Heart Shenanigans and a music album by LittleBigPlanet’s very own band within the community, Pandaz.

Sack it to Me: Blobby

Blobby By Art-in-Heart

Sack it to Me: aRise

aRise By puttatittut

Sack it to Me: Bob's Heart Shenaningans

Bob’s Heart Shenanigans[1P Recommended] By tendon119

Sack it to Me: Pandaz 1st Album

Pandaz 1st album “トラベル・デイズ/TRAVEL DAYS” music gallery By Pandaz-LBP

LittleBigLand.com’s Touch & Tilt Rare Prize Crown Competition

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Logo

It’s competition time! Rare Prize Crown competition time to be more precise!

The crew from LittleBigLand.com has set up the very first LittleBigPlanet PS Vita create competition and you have a chance to win a Rare Prize Crown and a super special LittleBigLand pin to stick on your LittleBigPlanet PS Vita profile.

Sack it to Me: Touch and Tilt

As the name suggests, your mission for this competition is to build an awesome level that includes two of the new features of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, Touch and Tilt.

Already got an idea? Then head on over to LittleBigLand.com for all the details on how to enter this competition!

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Nick930930 said:

October 8th, 8:17 am

Loving LBP Vita. I tend to create right before my lectures start. Working on an entry for that contest, looks like fun.

    Steven Isbell's Avatar

    Steven Isbell said:

    October 8th, 8:27 am

    That’s great! I’m looking forward to seeing all the great entries for this competition!

Rootboi_Root said:

October 8th, 8:31 am

Love this game. Been playing and creating daily since it’s release. byyy the way. I hope this weeks PSN Plus update will live up to the European one, since they are gettting TWO new retail games (Resident Evil Gold Edition and Bulletstorm) AND a brand new PSN game. They have been getting so many retail games over the months, it should be our time again, shouldn’t it? XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Worms Revolution would be great free psn games, maybe also Tokyo Jungle! (That game neeeeds a demo at least!). And where is motorstorm apocalypse?

Elvick_ said:

October 8th, 8:43 am

Please do some Gravity Rush costumes. I needs ’em.

FabiHurtz83 said:

October 8th, 8:58 am

This game is so good I even went out and finally got a wireless router so I could play online, and I don’t ever play online. This is worth the price of the Vita.

Ghostx187 said:

October 8th, 9:09 am

Little Big Planet PS Vita is definitely the best of the series. I love it. I wonder when cross-controller will be available for LBP2?

    Steven Isbell's Avatar

    Steven Isbell said:

    October 8th, 9:22 am

    We want to get the LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross Controller DLC to you, as soon as we can! :)

    LittleBigPlanet Karting is due to reach everybody first though.

NinjaMicWZ said:

October 8th, 9:11 am

Wow, that room decoration for the baby-to-be is amazing. That would be part of a perfect life for me, if I was the family man to go with it and I was on some kind of TLC life improvement show :P

Seriously, though. Amazing job on that.

ASC2175 said:

October 8th, 9:13 am

…….well I suddenly feel lazy and won’t be participating in this contest-y thingy…..I’m-a be platyin their levels though…..cause…..eez wat I do..

Busca-Cabezas said:

October 8th, 9:19 am

I have LBP 1 thanks to Sony’s Welcome Back Program and LBP 2 thanks to the awesome PS+ Program. Yes, I have to say buying LBP PSVita has been, by far, my favorite and most anticipated PSVita title. LBP PSVita has got a hold on me and I can say it has become the best LBP title to date. Keep them awesome ideas and events coming!! Of course, they are what make LBP exist!! Woot! :D

    Steven Isbell's Avatar

    Steven Isbell said:

    October 8th, 9:23 am

    Oh, I’m sure that this will be the first of many LittleBigPlanet PS Vita competitions. ;)

spindoktr said:

October 8th, 9:56 am

That’s absolutely adorable. At first I was going to ask where Sackboy was but then I saw them on that shelf on the wall!

dmetz1220 said:

October 8th, 10:08 am

dose anyone know when cross controller is coming to the vita and the ps3 for little big planet

pudgenet said:

October 8th, 10:10 am

Awesome job Lasse!

whoers said:

October 8th, 10:22 am

Will you guys be release more costumes?
I wouldn’t mind getting that turkey and pumpkin head

    Steven Isbell's Avatar

    Steven Isbell said:

    October 9th, 1:43 am

    The Halloween Pumpin and Turkey Head Costumes will be re-released again for one week during the time of their respective holidays.

DarkOne_PR said:

October 8th, 10:59 am

i bought this game day one and i love it as much as i do the 1 and 2! Too bad i suck at creating. the ideas are there but its just too hard to create for me :(

Beetey said:

October 8th, 12:31 pm

Will ad-hoc multiplayer ever be added to LBP Vita?

luiskoelho said:

October 8th, 12:32 pm

Hello :). I’m happy about nursery got his own spotlight :D it deserves ;) . And I’ll try to enter in the contest :) .but I’m rather sad that @LittleBigPlanet keep ignoring my tweets ;( . I preordered lbpv at store but my 2 preorders packs (bioshock and knights of old) aren’t avaible to ps3, neither at my ps store transfer list. I would love help from other psn member or even from @LittleBigPlanet . Thanks…

Teflon02 said:

October 8th, 1:38 pm

I am loving this game, BUT I’m so mad also. I pre-ordered this game 3 weeks before release and my local gamestop/eb games here in Canada. They told me when I went to pick up the game when the streetdate was broken, that the vame won’t get there til the 18th so I went and got it on the 18th, (you can even check my trophy list, and I also have the recipt for proof, even for finishing the preorder). They told me the DLC won’t be there till the game releases and I said okay no problem, and then I went and came back 3 weeks in a row and they told me nothing came, even the manager was confused. Then I hear in the case you were suppose to get a sheer witb the online pass but it says DLC voucher and it should allow you to download it free. BUT, for some reason, even though I preordered AND picked it up a week early my game doesn’t say anything about DLC in the case it literally says online pass. Can you guess please send me a code, this is completely unfair. Someone can add me on PSN and I can send em pics to prove im not lying

hypersk_us said:

October 8th, 1:52 pm

One question about the add-ons for this game.

I got the pre-order “Knights of Old” limited edition costumes. I know that there’s gonna be a “regular” edition with different colors in the future. So the question is:

Since I got the limited costumes, am I entitled to get for free the regular costumes too? Or will I have to buy them separately?


manveer26 said:

October 8th, 2:20 pm

I totally LOVE LBP Vita but I suck at creating :(

EggySong85 said:

October 8th, 5:45 pm

I live in Japan and I bought LBP vita yesterday brand new. It’s got full English support and installs/updates without a hitch on my US account Vita. However there’s no means to input the code to unlock the online features. The game prompts me to buy the Japanese “online play ticket” which I have the code for, but there’s no way for me to download it unless I delete everything else and reset my Vita. Is there a way to fix this?

portablebr said:

October 8th, 5:53 pm

ff3 will release the vita?

Ghostx187 said:

October 8th, 7:38 pm

Thanks for the reply, Steven, I know its difficult to reply to every community member.

saskamazon said:

October 9th, 9:22 am

@16 – I preordered from EB Games (Canada) & at the time of pick up, was provided a seperate DL code for my bonus costumes …. have you spoken to the store manager at the location you purchased from ? keep the receipts & see if you can’t get them to look into it.

Japandaman said:

October 11th, 7:49 pm

:( I still have to buy this game, double :(

Japandaman said:

October 11th, 7:51 pm

@EggySong85 Are you using a Japanese code or US code for your US PSN account?

speedy2233 said:

October 13th, 7:32 am

LBP Ps Vita is a really fun game! I like the idea that you can transfer some of your DLC costumes to the Vita. But I was wondering, when will the other DLC costumes (the ones that had already been bought) be in the store?

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