PlayStation Canada Bringing the Campus Tour to Ontario

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PlayStation Canada Bringing the Campus Tour to Ontario

Varsity Challenge

We’re packing up some of our favorite games this fall and hitting the road to bring you the PlayStation Varsity Challenge. We want you to come battle it out in a gaming tournament for a chance to win prizes, perks, bragging rights and the chance to compete in our final championship event in Spring 2013.

This year we’re featuring PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and NHL 13. Come out to play with PlayStation and our partners – NOS, Virgin Gaming and EB Games – to prove that you’re the best video game brawler, a first place karting champ or a hot shot hockey star.

Students outside Ontario – we’re sad we can’t visit you this year, but we’re looking forward to expanding our tour next year. Tell us where you are, and we’ll do our best to bring you the chance to compete.

October 16th-17th 23rd-24th York University: Student Centre
October 30th-31st Queen’s University: John Deutsch Student Centre
November 6th-7th University of Ottawa: The Agora
November 13th-14th University of Western Ontario: UCC
November 19th-20th University of Guelph: Centre Courtyard
November 22nd-23rd University of Waterloo: Student Life Centre-Great Hall
November 26th-27th McMaster University: Market Place
December 3rd-4th University of Toronto: Location TBC

For more information check out the PlayStation Varsity Challenge app on our Facebook page.

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  • As stoked as I am that PS North America is finally doing stuff in Canada, all I can say is seriously? Only Ontario? What about the Maritimes, or out west ? Exclusivity sucks, and the fact that a North American Organization is only going to one province kinda sucks. Please start to include the rest of Canada, we are getting lonely. :P

  • Bluejays20012

    its about time something happens in canada. i am from canada

  • Aw. Come to Montreal soon!


    Friggen Universities.

    Do you need student cards to get in? lmao i’ll walk to Western idc

  • No ryerson university?

    I was on a internship anyways.

    ;_; I would have came to check it out though…

  • You guys could have at least hosted it at the playstation lounge at the EB games downtown toronto. I love going up there to play Twisted Metal with my friends and gran turismo (despite already owning them at home, I love playing them at the lounge more).

    I still remember when those guys were going for some guiness world record to break a record for longest time a FPS was played on Resistance 3 at the lounge.

  • XxSpartanGamerxX

    While I think it’s kinda unfair that you guys are only pandering to universities and not colleges as well (I go to Seneca College), I can say that I’ll definitely be coming over and trying out what you have to offer at York U. I’m really excited to test PSABR!

  • Can I atleast get a beta invite to PS: All stars? Or did that already close? With the exception of LBP Vita, its the only beta I wasn’t invited to.

  • XxSpartanGamerxX

    Also, which York University campus will this be held at? Is it the one at Keele and Steeles, or is it at another campus?

  • What! No Wilfrid Laurier!? Fine i’ll just have to walk over to UW then.

  • How about giving the rest of Canada some love… Ontario in general gets all the events.

  • Thank you for this! I go to Carleton which isn’t on the list, but being at Ottawa U is good enough for me! Esspecially considering that my roommates both go to Ottawa U. I can’t express how thankful I am of you giving canada some love (hopefully yo will expand outside of ontario too).

    Can’t wait to go!

  • about time you give canada some love ! you have been treating them like a bald headed stepchild ! good for you canada ! hip hip hurrah !! ok i know going to far ! but why don’t you guys do any thing in chicago ? you treat us bad to ! ok i know we have a killing or two a day ! just wear a bulletproof vest and you’ll be ok !

  • LOL I have most of my exams and essays due December 3-4. Not gonna make it out this year.

  • Wish you guys could make it to Victoria!

  • Why does NOTHING come to Alberta. Ontario is NOT the centre of Canada’s universe!!

    You like $$$$$$ Sony?!?!?!

    Plenty out here in Alberta

    Get a brain, idiots….

  • Vancouver.

  • Lol guys Ontario has by far the largest population. xD Obviously events are gonna show up there before anywhere else.

    Man the complaints here are kind of shocking. Anyway im definitely gonna go to the Western event if i can get in >.>

  • QuantumMercury

    Yeah, November 13th-14th University of Western Ontario: UCC!

    See you fellow mustangs there!

  • Stallone1993


  • Emerald_Swords

    Please make a stop in Montreal!

  • University of Ottawa represent !

  • @Axecution

    We never get anything out here. NEVER

    While you may have more people in Ontario, we have more $. Period

    In fact, it’s rather sickening that most things tend to ignore western Canada as a whole.
    Considering how the rest of the country clutches to Alberta’s oily teet…

  • xD

  • Where are the homes for a variety of Sony game developers? Vancouver. So why is it that we don’t get ANY love from Playstation every once and a while?

  • Because if you are west of Toronto, you DON’T excist!

  • I’ll be at the York University event. Hope I win a prize just for having a crapload of trophies. :)

  • If you guys are expanding next year, you guys need to get to Conestoga college! That would be bad-ass!! It is close to U of Waterloo so I should be able to go down this year anyways!

  • I was really hpoing Texas A&M University would be on the list. Maybe next year?

  • *hoping

  • I was lucky enough to be able to participate in Playstation on Campus when I visited Georgia Tech this past week. I had totally forgotten that they were going to be there!

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