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Oct 14

Oct 14

The Drop: Week of October 15th 2012 New Releases

Rey Gutierrez's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

On PS Vita, the very first Multiplayer Silent Hill – survive horrific nightmare worlds with your friends in a terrifying co-op experience in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Book of Memories is a macabre celebration of the best that Silent Hill has to offer. Players will encounter items and Creatures culled from over a decade of Silent Hill lore, including a special someone who walks softly and carries a gigantic knife.

On PS3 this week, DOOM 3 BFG Edition is the ultimate collection of groundbreaking games that defined the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. The collection includes DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, as well as the ‘Lost Mission.’ All DOOM 3 content has been re-mastered with upgraded graphics for an even more terrifying FPS experience, and as the subtext to the edition’s name suggests, all the content included feature guns and other weapons of substantial power and size. Enjoy another week of new PS3, PSN and PS Vita releases on The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Doom 3 BFG (Also on PSN) — DOOM 3 BFG Edition features DOOM 3 and the Resurrection of Evil add-on pack, both of which have been completely re-mastered. The package also includes hours of new content – seven new levels entitled “The Lost Mission.”

This genre defining game and its expansion pack offers greatly enhanced graphics, deeply immersing the player in the demonic world of this terrifying horror masterpiece. Players will also experience a never-before-seen single-player story, The Lost Mission, featuring seven heart-pounding levels that will once again have them on the edge of their seats.

007 Legends (Also on PSN) — 007 Legends is the most diverse Bond gaming experience ever created. Gamers and Bond aficionados alike will become James Bond, reliving the world-famous spy’s most iconic and intense undercover missions from throughout the entire Bond film franchise – including this year’s highly anticipated new installment, “SKYFALL.”

Players use their Bond knowledge and quick wit to test their mettle – employing Bond’s full arsenal of gadgets and weaponry, to face notorious villains and their brutal henchmen, perform impressive stunts, and of course, mingle with gorgeous Bond women.

PlayStation Network

Silent Hills: Book of Memories (For PS Vita // Also on Gamecard) — A departure for the series, with a focus on co-operative multiplayer action rather than traditional Psychological Horror. Players can work together as they explore several different Otherworlds, solving puzzles and defeating creatures to advance through the Nightmares and uncover the truth behind the Book of Memories. Scare rooms, limited resources, and dark atmosphere all return – but in a gameplay package specifically designed to take advantage of the PlayStation Vita.

Dokuro (For PS Vita) — With a captivating chalk-drawn setting and adorable fairytale themes, Dokuro provides a unique platform-puzzle experience that will flex your mind and heart!This game tells the story of charming skeletal hero Dokuro, the great and powerful Dark Lord who is Dokuro’s boss, and the beautiful princess that the Dark Lord , returns to his castle with one day. From the moment he lays his eyes on her, Dokuro is love-struck and resolves to save her from his master’s treacherous castle.

Arkedo Series 03 Pixel! — Douse your console in a colorful world and get ready for some serious old-school action! In this 2D platformer, you’ll direct Pix the Cat through his nocturnal wanderings in a pixilated world. You may already have met Pix the Cat in Pix’n Love Rush. Instead of the short scoring-oriented sessions of the Pix’s previous game, however, 03 — Pixel! is more in line with traditional platform adventure, offering a fully HD adventure for classically-styled gaming fans!

Of Orcs and Men — Play as Arkaïl, an elite Orc soldier of the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, a league of warriors devoted to victory in the war against Humankind. As a veteran group of warriors who have seen the most brutal of battles, the Bloodjaws are appointed to complete a mission that could change the course of the war: kill the one man responsible for all of the bloodshed, the one who has, for years, exhorted the human masses to loath and fight the green-skinned people… the Emperor himself.

Jeopardy! — Jimmy and Sarah will join Kelly to complete the JEOPARDY! Clue Crew and bring the clues to life for the first time in game format Vibrant HD graphics, improved menu interface and fresh in-game features! Play with your friends online and earn bragging rights among your buddies. Compare earnings and progress on the post game leaderboards.

Wheel of Fortune — Wheel. Of. Fortune!! Spin the wheel along with Pat Sajak and Vanna White on the virtual version of America’s game! Vibrant HD graphics, improved menu interface and fresh in-game features! Voice Overs by Pat Sajak, Vanna White and Jim Thornton will make you feel like you’re on the set of Wheel of Fortune! New animated videos and a mini game add variety to your Wheel of Fortune experience. Play with your friends online and earn bragging rights among your buddies. Compare earnings and progress on the post game leaderboards.


  • Breakquest: Extra Evolution

PlayStation 2 Classic

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe — Players enter the world of Narnia, a land frozen in eternal winter by the evil powers of the malevolent and evil White Witch. In order to end this frigid captivity and free his people, the mighty lion Aslan, true ruler of Narnia, invokes an ancient prophecy. It will become the destiny of four young siblings from our world: Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie to work together and use their unique combat skills, weaponry and abilities to defeat the Witch and her armies and save Narnia. These four unlikely heroes must battle the evil forces of the White Witch by waging war against a vast variety of creatures, including Centaurs, Minotaurs, Minoboars, Cyclops, Werewolves, Wraiths, Ankleslicers, Wolves, Satyrs, Boggles and more.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 4:06 pm

Its not the week of October 8th, 2012. More like the week of October 15, 2012.

The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 4:07 pm

While I’m here, might as well ask if Doom 1 & 2 will come to PSN separately without needing to buy Doom 3 BFG edition.

Bruno_Helghast said:

October 14th, 4:07 pm

Maybe I’ll try James Bons Legends. By the way, I’m anxious for the next week update!

SHINOBI_3 said:

October 14th, 4:07 pm

so glad my suspension ended a little before doom comes out. that games awesome, part 2 is alot harder then part 1, never tried 3, hope its good.

KwietStorm said:

October 14th, 4:10 pm

PSOne classics Die Hard Trilogy, MDK, Soul Blade, Return Fire, Tenchu please thanks.

WilHiteWarrior said:

October 14th, 4:11 pm

Okay PS2 classics are nice and all but you guys have omitted the PS1 classics way too long

The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 4:12 pm

@4 Doom 3 came out for PC & original Xbox years ago.
Doom 3 BFG brings Doom 1, 2, 3, Resurrection of Evil to PS3 for the first time.
Doom 1 for PS1 had its levels edited and thus not on the store.

Atari77 said:

October 14th, 4:14 pm

Where’s Jet Set Radio this week? I could have sworn it was supposed to release for Vita…

magikstm said:

October 14th, 4:15 pm

Where is Mugen Souls?

It’s coming out on october 17th.


Edzo04ps said:

October 14th, 4:15 pm

So is the vita release of Jet Set Radio delayed/canceled? I had a really strong feeling it would not release on time.

jawara said:

October 14th, 4:15 pm

Ok so i see dokuro up there for vita just like i said. Don’t know how you guys missed it on the blogcast. But where is jet set radio for ps vita? Sega announced right here on the blog that the vita version would be out oct 16th. Please clarify someone…. I really want it.

Elvick_ said:

October 14th, 4:17 pm

I thought the entire Arkedo series was packed together… (Jump, Swap and Pixel)

Sevyne said:

October 14th, 4:19 pm

Kind of a weak drop, but I kind of expected that after last week’s excellent one. For me at least, I am not interested in any of this stuff. All good though; Tight budget this week anyway for me.

onslaughtree said:

October 14th, 4:20 pm

Dokuro for me this week. Damb, my Vita is on fire lately. Too many games. LBP was awesome also.

Gamescook said:

October 14th, 4:20 pm

What demographics are they even polling to think converting franchise tie-in PS2 games like Spongebob and The Chronicles of Narnia for the PSN is a good idea?

Berae said:

October 14th, 4:25 pm

Its all about Unfinished Swan this week!

aelurio1980 said:

October 14th, 4:27 pm

I’m waiting anxiously for dokuro.

Vince47 said:

October 14th, 4:34 pm

severely lame,,,BOOOOOOOO

Beast780 said:

October 14th, 4:42 pm

Grabbing Silent Hill to support Wayforward as well as Dokuru.

divineLite said:

October 14th, 4:43 pm

Well silent hill is for me, where is jet set radio. I’ve spared 10$ just for this from end of september neglecting all awesome psones…

Anyway next week and the last week of October will be very great. Just think this week is a calm before storm

Atari77 said:

October 14th, 4:46 pm

Isn’t Mugen Souls releasing this week as well… Has there been a delay?

gohan16ken said:

October 14th, 4:47 pm

Please release on PSN

Street Fighter EX Plus α
Street Fighter EX2 Plus
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Capcom vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro
Street Fighter The Movie
Street Fighter Collection
Street Fighter Collection 2
Street Fighter EX3
Capcom vs. SNK 2 Mark of the Millennium 2001
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Street Fighter X Tekken


bmart008 said:

October 14th, 4:48 pm

Looking for Jet Set Radio on Vita please. It was supposed to be released this week.

B-Badd said:

October 14th, 4:56 pm

Nice drop for Vita owner with Silent Hill (dungeon crawler in Silent Hill universe, with co-op), and Dokuro cool action puzzle game. Also Bond and Doom3 for PS3 what to get?

The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 4:57 pm

@22 It’ll be released this week.

Elvick_ said:

October 14th, 4:58 pm

Sony, drop the price of LocoRoco and Patapon games to make sense with the prices of the other games in the same series.

@21: Go to Capcom Unity.

@20: The drop always misses stuff.

The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 4:59 pm

@23 Doom 3 BFG comes with 4 games and a new mission. Doom 1, 2, 3, ROE and The Lost Mission

The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 5:12 pm

The reason why I say 4 games is that Doom 3 ROE didn’t require Doom 3 original to play on xbox.

DuoMaxwell007 said:

October 14th, 5:15 pm

when will you people learn the drop doesnt announce EVERYTHING that comes out tuesday.. just because you dont see jet set radio there doesnt mean it WONT be there tuesday… gawd

userchris296 said:

October 14th, 5:20 pm

I’m soo excited to get Doom 3 DFG edition for PS3 and Silent Hill: Book of Memories for ps vita as i already pre-ordered it on amazon website few days ago. I been waiting long time for Doom game for PS3 and also been waited for silent hill book of memories to come out after I got the ps vita system when the ps vita system came out. However, I had no idea there’s doom part 1, 2, 3, doom 3 resurrection of evil and the lost missions until i saw the drop just now. I’m also already going to get littlebigplanet for vita as soon as i get it in the mail.

The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 5:24 pm

@29 Doom 1 did come out for PS1 years ago, but it was edited from the PC version.

MisterC20XX said:

October 14th, 5:28 pm

What about Unfinished Swan and JSR for Vita?

JerOue said:

October 14th, 5:29 pm

I hope PSN could add tekken 6 to the ps store for the ps3, and some DLC character avatars for SFxTK. thanks if you can.

stulec52 said:

October 14th, 5:38 pm

I’ll get Silent Hill just to show support for the vita
I bought spy hunter, LBP and FIFA13 in the last few weeks. Only 1 of them was actually worth owning though.

boxmyth said:

October 14th, 5:46 pm

I’ll take one Dokuro, please.

JesterScott said:

October 14th, 5:49 pm

There are so many awesome PS2 title out there, why would Sony release a game based on a movie? Why not Suikoden V or Disgaea?

letherclad said:

October 14th, 5:52 pm

I thought the trailers and previews made Silent Hill book of memories look terrible but I really enjoyed the demo, and I’m lookong forward to it

Zerbog said:

October 14th, 5:54 pm

@31 The Unfinished Swan will be released on the 16th for playstation plus members and on the 23rd for everyone else.

Superstone said:

October 14th, 5:59 pm

I would love to play wheel of fortune and jeopardy on my vita!!!!!!!!! More psone classics please. Where is Wrestlefest? Price drop on PSP games already!!

altair04 said:

October 14th, 6:00 pm

Im sorry but that”s NOT! a silent hill game. Not even closes! Its really sad to
see the silent hill name used to sell this piece of garbage!

Elvick_ said:

October 14th, 6:08 pm

@35: I highly doubt we’ll see Suikoden… it’s been forever and we don’t even have Suikoden II and no explanation as to why. Konami just doesn’t seem to care about Suikoden fans. I understand legally it can’t always work out, but they should say so. Like Capcom said with Mega Man Legends 1 & 2.

I could see NIS America eventually releasing their games though.

smelltherot said:

October 14th, 6:12 pm

Will Doom 3:BFG be available at midnight?

DeadKillersRevng said:

October 14th, 6:33 pm

DAT 2 at the end of the URL ;d

Ryumoau said:

October 14th, 6:37 pm

Wow…..terrible update this week. The only things even relatively interesting are Of Orcs and Men (which is overpriced and with no demo) and 007 Legends (which i plan to rent from gamefly because psn is overcharging).

I would say that i’m hopeful for the PS Plus free game but i’d be lying considering how crappy the last couple weeks of games have been.

I bet European Plus members will be treated nicely at least. :/

The_Dukenator said:

October 14th, 6:45 pm

@42 They did post it with the wrong date by mistake.

Dusk666demon said:

October 14th, 6:51 pm

Oh comeone a movie based ps2 classic
they always suck

give us some Megaman X, or WildArms, hell give us some tonyhawk for the ps2

(just asking, is the reason you don;t post the games we want on because of licencing reasons)

Smert_ said:

October 14th, 6:58 pm

Of Orcs and Men looks awesome. Anxious to see the price- it looks (according to the trailer) like a huge retail release. This is a great drop- content all around for PS3 and Vita!

Ninjaslice64 said:

October 14th, 7:08 pm

when is the playstation all stars battle royale beta coming out.. ive been waiting for months

Ryumoau said:

October 14th, 7:09 pm

@46 its $40 according to the producer of the game. Theres details about it on an article for this game posted two days ago on this website.

no demo or gameplay footage posted though. :(

ArchAngelMai said:

October 14th, 7:14 pm

Yay Dokuro is coming out before RO :) I hope it’s $14.99 with a PS+ incentive!
@35, NISA said on Facebook that Mugen Souls was delayed till October 17th for retail. And yeah, I doubt Suikoden II will ever come out on PSN :( We didn’t even the compilation of SK I and II on PSP.

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