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Oct 15

Oct 15

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Access Begins Tuesday for PS3, PS Vita

Cristian Cardona's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager, Software Marketing

We hope you’ve been keeping track of all the recent updates on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale news, from an in-depth update on the PS Vita version to our behind-the-scenes look at mashing up different worlds, we’ve shown you what this game is shaping up to be…and we think it’s high time you try it out for yourselves!

Today, we’re happy to announce that the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta will kick off for PlayStation Plus members on PS3 tomorrow, October 16th and expand to everyone October 23rd through PlayStation Store! What’s more, as a special treat, PS Vita users will be able dive right into the multiplayer beta starting tomorrow – no Plus subscription required. The Beta will support Cross-Play, so PS3 and PS Vita owners will be able to fight with and against each other.

PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale - Kratos StrategiesPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Sweet Tooth Strategies

PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale - Radec StrategiesPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Sly Cooper Strategies

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - PaRappa StrategiesPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Fat Princess Strategies

So what will be in this limited Beta?

  • You’ll be able to play as Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa, and Fat Princess.
  • You’ll be able to play in both the Metropolis and Hades stages.
  • You’ll be able to try out four-player online tournaments and 2 v 2 online tournaments. For the 2 v 2 games we’ll be supporting friend invites, so you and a friend can fight another team online.

This, of course, is only a tiny fraction of what PlayStation All-Stars has to offer, but we thought you’d love the chance to try it early and see what all the buzz is about. Be sure to hop on quickly as we’ll be ending the Beta on October 30th!

But that’s not all. As you know, we have a pre-order program running right now that unlocks a set of exclusive costumes in the game. Today we’re happy to unveil the rest of the costumes you’ll be getting with your pre-order of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Pre-order bonus skins

Unlocked with your pre-order at participating retailers, these costumes will work for both the PS3 and PS Vita when it releases on November 20th, so be sure to reserve your copy today. And don’t forget: PlayStation All-Stars features Cross-Buy support, so if you purchase the PS3 version, you’ll get a downloadable PS Vita version for no extra cost.

With Beta access beginning tomorrow, we look forward to getting your feedback on the game and seeing what you think of this highly anticipated title. Spread the word and we’ll see you online!

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snakeeyes211 said:

October 15th, 7:03 am

First of all good morning and second of all this late in the stage of development it’s more like a demo

madecrazy said:

October 15th, 7:03 am

Sweet! Been waiting a long time for this!

DJHaole said:

October 15th, 7:05 am

The Private was fun, now the public should be quite epic,…

snakeeyes211 said:

October 15th, 7:05 am

But I’ll be very happy to be playing it again :-)

CaseyTheVA said:

October 15th, 7:07 am

I can’t wait to experience this game!! BRING IT AWN!!!

snakeeyes211 said:

October 15th, 7:08 am

I have this game paid off but in different preorders some say they give me 20 costumes some other one say 10 which one is correct?

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 9:35 am

    You’ll get a, shall I say, a “bevy” of 20 costumes with the Pre-order, and you’ll get all of the costumes pictured above. Astronaut Suit PaRappa is the cutest!

Butters360 said:

October 15th, 7:10 am

Loved the Private Beta! Super excited for the Public Beta. The game is so addictive!

snakeeyes211 said:

October 15th, 7:11 am

I guess it’s 20 from the picture that I’m saying now?
And this is for all retails?

i7Rei said:

October 15th, 7:12 am

Woot early access for the Vita. :)

BiezulbubBill69 said:

October 15th, 7:13 am

Can’t wait to play this on my VITA tomorrow!!!!!

Yull_X said:

October 15th, 7:16 am

is there going to be any digital preorder?

Man-is-Obsolete said:

October 15th, 7:17 am

Awesome! Just don’t forget about Kat, even if she has to be DLC. Make it happen.

tusunami said:

October 15th, 7:19 am

I’ve had the private beta great to be a Ps Plus memmber whoohooo,now i can test this out tommorrow on my Ps Vita yeaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

helbertpina said:

October 15th, 7:19 am

Awesome, I want in! :D

onslaughtree said:

October 15th, 7:20 am

Vita Love is at an all time HIGH !!!

soundandvision77 said:

October 15th, 7:20 am

I have a question about the cross-buy program. If you buy this on Vita, do you also get a free PS3 version of the game, or do you have to buy it on PS3 to get the free game? I assume the PS3 version is $60, so with the $20 price difference I’ve been wondering how this will work with some cross-buy games.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 9:38 am

    Hey there! Cross-Buy will only work if you buy the PS3 version. If you buy a PS3 version, you’ll get the Vita version for free! However, it doesn’t work the other way around. I hope that clears things up for you.

MutePaladin said:

October 15th, 7:23 am

I’m a bit confused. Presumably, I can access the beta from the Vita PS Store starting tomorrow regardless of whether I am a Plus Member. Is this the case, and will it be under the Vita listing for PS All Stars?

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 10:15 am

    This is the case, indeed! And it is a case filled with awesomeness at that.

    Hop on your Vita tomorrow and download it from the Store like normal. Just do a search for PlayStation All-Stars, and happiness will be waiting for you on the other side of the download.

sudoku99 said:

October 15th, 7:28 am

Cristian, could you please once and for all clear the current dilemma everyone has on the character roster – are there going to be more playable characters other than the 20 launch line-up of characters we currently know so far, or is the 20 launch roster all we’re going to get that will make up the whole roster?

I’d appreciate it if you could take the time to ask this query of mine and many others wanting to know this like me as a lot of fans and gamers out there are not very happy with how this is being tackled whenever this question is being asked to an official of Sony/Superbot. Lately, all we keep hearing is that the 20 we know of makes up the launch roster.

IMHO, I think it would benefit for Sony/Superbot in regards to pre-orders and sales if they can clearly state once and for all without beating around the bush whether there are only 20 characters or more, don’t you think?

thunderbear said:

October 15th, 7:28 am

@soundandvision77 Of course it’s only for the PS3 version that you get the Vita version for free. Otherwise everyone would buy the Vita version whether they have a Vita or not since it’s $20 cheaper.

Can’t wait to test it out on both the Vita and PS3!! My only gripe with this game is that you can’t see the progress of how everyone is doing during the game. Why is there ‘no score to show everyone where each player is at? That bothers me as it removes a strategic element to go for the (or stay away from) the current leader.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 9:39 am

    “Of course it’s only for the PS3 version that you get the Vita version for free.”

    What thunderbear said!

RenderMonk said:

October 15th, 7:30 am

When I download something for the Vita, the icon bubble appears on the PS3 after downloading. When I then proceed to move it to my Vita, the only option I am presented with on my Vita before copying, is to delete the file from my PS3 in the process. So if I want to use it on both the PS3 and Vita, am I going to have to re-download it after copying to the VIta? As the Vita deletes the source file from PS3 after copying to the Vita.

Please take a look at this problem as you move forward with teh Cross-Buy promotions. You don’t want this added hassle and frustration of re-downloading to smear the good favor you’re winning with customers through the Cross-Buy Promo.

Christian399 said:

October 15th, 7:31 am

So much yawn. Talk to me when there’s a new Legend of Dragoon or Wild Arms. How about some love for the IPs that formed the PS brand?

DexterP17 said:

October 15th, 7:34 am

Yes, YEs, YES!

FeLiPe_MachiN3 said:

October 15th, 7:34 am

Awesome news! my vita’s been too damn busy lately :L

bobbydharrell said:

October 15th, 7:34 am

Do we have to sign up for the Vita version or will it be just a download from the PSN Store?

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 10:19 am

    You can just download it from the Store. *POUF* It’s like magic!

blakseed said:

October 15th, 7:35 am

Yes, finally. Can’t wait to try it out, even though I’ve already pre-ordered.

Xcaligamer1 said:

October 15th, 7:36 am

was expecting this last week for some reason…this took too long to get to plus…and why wasnt I in private beta.should still be a plus member i think. miss the old ps+ where we’d atleast be in beta for a few weeks not just 2 and so close to launch smh

fk3gnsider said:

October 15th, 7:38 am

This is a really fun game, but I’m disappointed that Ratchet isn’t in the beta. I played for hours and tried many characters but Ratchet is what almost got me to win a Pulse headset…if I had just tried a little harder I wouldn’t have had to pay $150 for one lol. Ratchet has the best level 1 special

Monkee-King_ said:

October 15th, 7:41 am

Watch out for me and Parappa! I won’t hold back! Happy to finally be back in the beta :D

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 9:41 am

    Have you pre-ordered the game yet? Astronaut Suit PaRappa is in the house!

MakoSOLIDER said:

October 15th, 7:42 am

Wudn’t it make more sense to have the beta run through right to release to maximize hype? Anyway, will the preorder costumes be avaible through buying the game on PSN? Will PS All-Stars be a part of Day-1-Digital with a preorder option? Ive been in all the private betas and I’m thrilled. Sadly, my mom took my Vita so I cud study some more but thats ok since Ive had so much time with it already. Great Job guys!

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 10:29 am

    PlayStation All-Stars won’t be available for pre-order on the PSStore, but you can run to your nearest video game store and pre-order now! There are hands on demos available at Gamestop, too, so you get to kill two birds with one stone!

rikardotricolor said:

October 15th, 7:47 am

When will we have more free games this month?

LJPvonzity said:

October 15th, 7:55 am

Will this effect people who has had the beta before or do we have to get a new file of this beta?

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 10:22 am

    This is a whole, brand spankin’ new file, so if you were in on the private beta before, you won’t be precluded from getting in on the public beta.

cusetown313 said:

October 15th, 7:56 am

When will playstation plus usa get some quality games morgan ? playstation plus europe is better !!

Enkei-Xpress said:

October 15th, 7:56 am

“PS Vita users will be able dive right into the multiplayer beta starting tomorrow – no Plus subscription required.”

Wow.. That’s fantastic news :P I assume we’ll be downloading the beta client through the PlayStation Store, right? also.. will this be available in the both the UK & European PSN stores on Wednesday as well? or is this only for the US..?

shdwTBIRD said:

October 15th, 7:59 am

@18 – sudoku99 – they’re now freely stating in interviews and such that this is the full launch roster. However, I’m pretty sure they’ve also hinted at DLC characters, so you will probably be able to buy more characters later. But I think the 20 are it for those available at release (unless they’re going day 1 DLC).


October 15th, 7:59 am

Is there any information on how much space the Vita version will take up?

I have a 4GB card and need to know how much space I need to clear up for this Beta.

aelurio1980 said:

October 15th, 8:00 am

Great news. \o/

RmanX1000 said:

October 15th, 8:00 am

I’ve been waiting for this since this game was announced. Can not wait to try it!

D-Squad3 said:

October 15th, 8:07 am

FINALLY! Love the alt costumes!

MakoSOLIDER said:

October 15th, 8:20 am

oh wth. The new PS3 and the Vita’s OS..interesting

Figboy said:

October 15th, 8:23 am

Can’t wait! I was in the first beta and had a blast! Really looking forward to this one.

Quick question, is this beta going to be the “latest” version of the trade show demo you guys have been showing off (minus the other 14 characters and the stages)? I know the private beta from a few weeks ago was an updated version of that latest version. Is this beta going to be that version?

ASC2175 said:

October 15th, 9:56 am

Yay! Finally after waiting weeks I can finally………is that MGS2 Raiden? …..ok I just squeed a bit.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 10:24 am

    Squee! This is me squeeing along with you. Yes, Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden is Raiden’s Pre-order costume. How ya like them apples!

Godchild1020 said:

October 15th, 9:56 am

I can’t wait. I’ll have enough time to play Silent Hill on my Vita and when the store updates the beta will mine.

Is this just a online Beta or will we be able to play offline with friends on the couch with the PS3 version? I played the Kiosk build at Gamestop and that made me want the game more. I completely paid off both versions. Cross Buy is a great incentive, but I want a physical copy of my games.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Ariel Angelotti said:

    October 15th, 10:26 am

    The public beta is online-only.

KwietStorm said:

October 15th, 10:06 am

So it hasn’t been changed from the current beta then?

somebignasty said:

October 15th, 10:07 am

Do we know what the finalized box art is yet? And I’m pumped for this beta! You guys rock! That’s why LOVE Sony.

Gadirok said:

October 15th, 11:18 am


Godchild1020 said:

October 15th, 11:26 am

Thank you Ariel Angelotti. This month has been real good to PS3 users and Vita users alike.

Tchanku said:

October 15th, 11:49 am

Happy for beta, sad for no news about Spyro.

Logan22 said:

October 15th, 12:00 pm

Will there be anything different in the Vita version? Like additional Vita inputs or exclusive characters/stages?

Talgron said:

October 15th, 12:18 pm

I am somewhat disappointed that not 1 single RPG character made it into the roster, considering the history Playstation has with RPGs. I expected to see at least 1. Well i’ll still try the beta and see how good it is. Big fan of Smash Bros so I have high hopes for this game.

Gadirok said:

October 15th, 12:24 pm

OH YES! KESSLER IS THE SKIN FOR COLE! Too bad evil cole isin’t a reaper, but still satisfied with good cole alone.

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