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Oct 15

Oct 15

PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

By now, you should have already tackled NFL Blitz which came in free for Plus members earlier this month. You should also make sure to download one of the best fighters in the genre, King of Fighters XIII, which is also free for Plus members. With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update, you’ll want to get your blueprints out and cover up those fingerprints because you’ll be robbing some banks (in video game form of course) courtesy of PAYDAY: The Heist, coming free to Plus members! You’ll also be able to get Unfinished Swan before anyone else this week. That said, there’s much more so let’s get to it.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

October 16th PlayStation Plus Update

PAYDAY: The Heist

Free for PlayStation Plus Members

Dive full force into six heists of co-op madness, fighting off cops, stealing large sums of money and embarking on the ultimate high-intensity, first-person shooter adventure. You can play all the ‘heists’ solo if you like, or team up with friends on your friends list, or get your matchmaking on and work together as a group to pull off the crime.

The Unfinished Swan

Exclusive Early Release; Price: $14.99

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game that begins in a totally white space; but as you throw globs of paint to explore the world, you’ll discover that the surreal, unfinished world that you inhabit is more than meets the eye. Plus members will get to be the first to discuss what this game is all about with the gaming community; so don’t miss out. The game will be released for all of PSN on 10/23.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Exclusive Beta Access

It’s time! We need your help in getting PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale prepped for showtime when it releases on PS3 and PS Vita on November 20th. Get a taste of the full game with 2v2 and 4 player online tournaments and choose from Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Radec, Sly, PaRappa and Fat Princess as you fight in Metropolis or Hades for victory. You’ll also get to check out the Cross Play functionality since this beta access works for both PS3 and PS Vita! The beta ends at 10/30 at 11:59pm PST, so get in while you can!

007 Legends

10% Discount (Regular Price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)

As part of the door busting Day 1 Digital event, Plus members can snag the lowest price around on this new PS3 Full Game title, releasing the same day on PSN as it is at retail. Gamers and Bond aficionados alike will become James Bond reliving iconic and intense undercover missions from throughout the entire Bond film franchise including ones from the upcoming new Bond movie, “Skyfall”.
Caravan of the Dead – PlayStation Store Halloween Sale

Various (spooky) Games and Add-Ons With Extra Discounts for Plus Members

Time to celebrate Halloween with some of gaming’s most outlandishly ghoulish titles. This sale is for all of PSN, but Plus members will have the best discounts; many from 50% – 75% off the regular price. Find great games like the Costume Quest complete bundle for just $3.75, inFAMOUS Festival of Blood at a steal of a price at $2.50, and Dead Space 2 at $9.79. The sale ends 10/30. Here’s the full breakdown:
Game PSN Sale Price Plus Sale Price
Dead Space 2 $13.99 $9.79
Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection: Content Pack $10.49 $7.34
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record $13.99 $9.79
Plants vs. Zombies PS Vita $10.49 $7.34
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City $34.99 $24.49
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack $5.59 $3.91
The House of the Dead Bundle $21.99 $15.39
Zen Pinball 2 PS Vita Monsters Bundle (The Paranormal, Sorcerer’s Lair and Plants vs. Zombies) $5.99 $4.19
AMY $4.99 $2.50
Costume Quest complete bundle $7.49 $3.75
Dead Nation $7.49 $3.75
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime $2.49 $1.25
inFAMOUS Festival of Blood $4.99 $2.50
Monster World IV (Plus Price: $1.00 – 80% off) and SEGA Rally Arcade (Plus Price $2.99 – 70% off the regular store price of $9.99)

Exclusive Discounts for Plus Members

Our friends at SEGA once again deliver gaming goodness at a price you can’t resist. With the Master System classic Monster World IV and the more recent arcade hit SEGA Rally Arcade seeing deep discounts. I encourage everyone to check out these titles.

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update, and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 10-15-2012

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x--TkA--x said:

October 15th, 10:03 pm

Hi, i liked 215’s comment about SIREN: Blood Curse, i have never played it, but i just tried the ps home space and after reading the comment.. well if they think it’s good, it might be a good game to see in the next 2 weeks, it seems spooky

Lone-Sensei said:

October 15th, 10:04 pm

Apparently people who actually pay for things and get a lacking product below their expectations are entitled brats, who knew.

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 15th, 10:08 pm

I don’t have to be a member to know about the service. Sheesh. Maybe if you researched the program yourself a little more before dropping the cash on it, you might have realized it wasn’t a good fit for you. Then you could have spared us all this silly whining. I probably understand it better than you do.

I’ve had a few trials of Plus though. Got some good discounts from it.

ANNNND, I’m not defending Sony at all. You can attack Sony all you want. They’ll survive. When I address you, my purpose is to help you guys see how silly you’ve been complaining about such a thing. I point out the flaws in your arguments for rationality’s sake. For reason. For sensibility. I can only try to help. Whether or not I’ve helped is another story though. I think you guys just don’t want to stop whining… ever. You must like it.

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 15th, 10:11 pm


“Apparently people who actually pay for things and get a lacking product below their expectations…”

What were you expecting?

You’ve received everything they promised they’d give you!

If you had some delusions of grandeur that convinced you that you’d be getting whatever you wanted when you ask for it, then that’s your own problem.

df2506 said:

October 15th, 10:13 pm

VERY happy about this update because of the Playstation All-Stars beta! I admit to being one of the naysayers about All-Stars, thinking it wouldn’t be good, but the more I saw of it, the more I liked it. So can’t wait to play the beta! Thank you for giving Plus members the beta a week early.

Hoping we have a Halloween game suprise next week. Maybe a Resident Evil. It would be amazing if it was Resident Evil 4 HD. I know some people want RE5, but RE4 would be much cooler imo (or even RE1 & RE2).

I think I heard Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD was added in EU. I’d be extremely happy if that game was added to our Plus. I remember how awesome it was when it came out on that other console-that-shall-not-be-named. lol. :)

Anyway, thanks again for the beta. Here’s hoping the coming weeks bring us even more cool stuff…

nolo451 said:

October 15th, 10:13 pm

PrimerIncognito- I don’t think these simpletons would agree with you even if you gave them helpful advice. Better to just let them ramble on and think someone is going to tell them how right they are, they aren’t going to stop with their nonsense anytime soon.

Would be kind of funny in a way if it weren’t so pathetic.

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 15th, 10:21 pm


I know… and I agree. I used to laugh at all the whining. In the beginning it did strike me as amusing. But I eventually realized just how deep their sense of entitlement runs. I couldn’t stop the feeling of amusement evaporating into thin air, being replaced with equal parts disbelief and disgust after that.

And now, even though I know I’ll probably never get through even one of their thick skulls, there’s always that part of me that hopes and believes I can make a change. Just a habit I have. I have nothing else to do right now anyway so I’m kinda having fun with this back and forth on here. :)

Lone-Sensei said:

October 15th, 10:42 pm

@247 Research doesn’t help anyone predict what random game they’ll decide to give us next, unless we research how to become a Psychic who can predict the future. Research certainly isn’t helpful to anyone who bought a year’s subscription to Plus either, being led to believe this IGC change in the service would be a good thing.

It doesn’t sound like you understand at all.

@248 I was expecting what European Members got.

No I haven’t. I subscribed for good games and deals, which have been few and far between ever since the IGC update.

I don’t see where you’re getting this from. I never asked for anything beyond reason, I just wanted what EU has gotten.

It makes no sense to not want something as good as you can get (and others are getting), I don’t see how giving US worse games is a better business strategy. If you could explain the reasoning and benefit behind Sony’s brilliant US+ plan to us far inferior simpleton beings that would be much appreciated.

I also don’t see a point in just laying back and accepting whatever Sony gives us without telling them we don’t like it, how will their service ever improve without honest feedback?

nolo451 said:

October 15th, 10:43 pm

PrimerIncognito, you have more patience than I ever could ever have here. Some of these comments, even just by their horrible grammar sound like they are 12 or something. I mean I’m no English major, but repeated uses of simple words being horribly misspelled and the entitlement, man that’s the biggest part that gets me.They act like if they don’t get what they want then they are going to cancel and totally ruin Sony, so Sony better cater to their every whim.

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 15th, 10:54 pm

Lone-Sensei: “Research doesn’t help anyone predict what random game they’ll decide to give us next”

Research would have led you to understand that the very nature of Plus offerings is random. You then decide from there whether it’s worth your time and money or not.

Research also would reveal to you that as long as you remain subscribed to Plus, all those games are available to download at any time. Even after they’re rotated out of the IGC. The backlog of games available to you at any time constantly grows. If you’ve been a Plus member since the beginning, you’d have access to every single game they’ve ever offered for free, still, to this day. Tell me that’s not worth your petty little $4.17 per month. It’s such a ridiculous deal that I wonder how they can afford it.

The IGC had 12 games just to start. It was ALWAYS MEANT TO slow down a little after that. With the least popular games being rotated out for fresh content, while retaining more popular titles a little longer in order to keep the program looking worthwhile to potential new subscribers.

You didn’t research enough.

Busca-Cabezas said:

October 15th, 10:56 pm

Ok so… Tell me again… Why would anyone not be PS+ member if they have a PS3?? I mean, it simply gets better and better!! Oh! and the new discount prices for Dead Nation and inFamous Festival of Blood are scary!! PS+ and SEN have done it again!!! Thx!!!! And CHEERS to all PS+ Members! ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )

blakseed said:

October 15th, 11:00 pm

Are people so cheap that they can’t spend a few bucks on RE5? They would rather hope and pray that it comes to plus and complain when it doesn’t. Get over it please.

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 15th, 11:04 pm


Believe me, I feel the same way. The entitlement is definitely the worst part, I agree. That’s what I was talking about when I mentioned my amusement turning into disgust. I’m absolutely appalled by how incredibly demanding some people can be. All over video games. And a program that costs them a whopping $4.17 per month… it’s mindblowing. I can’t comprehend how they were raised. They’d probably cut in line in front of an elderly woman at the market and not care if they knocked her down. It’s the “me first” attitude that’s running rampant these days, and I have no clue how it became so common.

If they could only catch a reflection of themselves, even if just for a split second, they might be able to see how disgusting their behavior is… and that’s what I hoped to accomplish. To just get them to look at themselves from someone else’s perspective for once and not be all about themselves. But, it appears I’ve failed to meet that goal yet again. Tomorrow, the same 50 whiners on this blog will still be whining.

Well, I’m off to go play Shinobi now. Peace.

W-8oRd3rPaTr0l-J said:

October 15th, 11:07 pm

So PSN Play 2011 was useless then. I could’ve just bought the 1 game I actually wanted waited and got Payday for free anyway. I get extremely furious with these “plus deals” that get us a discounts on games, that are later free, some within months of the original deal, some a little later. like plus users save $2.49 buy it, and 2 weeks later its free, its the biggest slap in the face. Almost every title in the PSN Play 2011 has been free now meaning there was no value for me what so ever in Plus when I bought those games. Plus actually cost me $30+ that month, if i would’ve waited, would’ve got those for free. Special offers for plus users should be different from the free games. I’m avoiding all plus deals and just getting the freebies. Well I hope people who haven’t played Payday yet enjoy it, because it is an amazing game. My request isn’t hard, I just want the free games and discounted games to be games that weren’t free or discounted before.

JacobIsHollywood said:

October 15th, 11:15 pm

I love PayDay, but I already bought it on the PSN. I bought it for PC, also. The controls on the PS3 version are terrible though. The aiming is “off”, so it makes heists a lot harder than they are on the PC version. Seriously. Until they fix that, I’m not going back and I’m not getting the DLC.

JacobIsHollywood said:

October 15th, 11:17 pm

I’m very glad to see Dead Space 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for $9.79 though. I’ll be purchasing both. :) Off The Record is what Dead Rising should have been in the first place. Challenges with NO time limits. (I’m referring to Sandbox Mode.)

bamahollis88 said:

October 15th, 11:17 pm

+ nolo451

Are you trolling or just have short term memory?

“Man…was really hoping for something great this week.

Hate to say it, but it really does make me think about not renewing…..I never would have thought I’d say that a month or two ago. :(”

thats funny that you post @45 is the exact opposite of what @251 says. how can you call people “simpletons” when your guilty of the same thing?

W-8oRd3rPaTr0l-J said:

October 15th, 11:25 pm

+ PrimeroIncognito on October 15th, 2012 at 10:11 pm said:

“What were you expecting?
You’ve received everything they promised they’d give you!
If you had some delusions of grandeur that convinced you that you’d be getting whatever you wanted when you ask for it, then that’s your own problem.”

Do your research; your extremely wrong.. people were promised free avatars and themes every month and it was months before people got them. I couldn’t care less about them, but there are people who got plus just for that and never received it. Same thing for ps1 games or something else, can’t remember for sure, but there was a 3 month stretch where people weren’t getting what was promised when they signed up. There is also something else, people have been complaining about for a while that we were supposed to get bi-weekly when people initially signed up for plus that I can’t think of right now, that maybe someone else can help me with. Plus is an awesome service, but it could be a lot better. People have the right to complain, that is the only way it will get better. I hope it succeeds to the point everyone ones it, but first it has to be efficient.

liledawg said:

October 15th, 11:26 pm

I know no one will care and just keep complaining about being unhappy with ps plus, but Plus has been great to me, I see some people complain about buying ps plus discounted games and being free to download for plus members later on. Well at least think about if your not going to renew your playstation plus at least you bought that game so when your plus runs out you can still play it. Now when they first started playstation plus I remember it being getting free games to play why you are subscribed, exclusive betas, discounts. They always put lots of psn games for free on plus and it was always great, thats was not full games as people say. But either way whether it is a game only on psn or a game that was on a disc added to the playstation network they are still a full game no matter what people say. Those ps plus discounts this week are great coming to about $99.98, and If i bought them all id own them forever, and plus be 2 cents off from the $100 mark to get the extra $20, but buying a avatar would help with that or something. Saving money and getting my yearly $50 worth I am.

liledawg said:

October 15th, 11:28 pm

Also I forgot the only thing different now with plus is the Instant Game Collection which we still get a good amount of games each month, and some of them stay on there so new subscribers have lots more to choose from when they subscribe, plus the great discounts and exclusive betas

Tsupi_Az said:

October 15th, 11:41 pm

I agree with @liledawg,
I def have gotten my 50 dollars worth from PS+ and I am getting ready to add another year to my account again.
I may not like every game that comes out but I have downloaded all of them and tried them except for inFAMOUS 2 b/c I plat’d that one.

freshprincepbg said:

October 16th, 12:28 am

Ehhh, not impressed!

Though I’ll actually download Payday: The Heist, I haven’t downloaded a game from Plus since Borderlands.

Only getting a discount for Dead Space 2 is freakin’ weak!

I don’t like getting stuff a week early vs a discount

Monthly updates were wayyy better than weekly updates

Just offer us the same stuff EU is, how is this so hard??

nolo451 said:

October 16th, 12:29 am

@261, Yes, I am disappointed about this week’s content, but nowhere do I state that Sony has some type of agenda where they are trying to give the best games to Europe and leave the crap to the US. I’m not saying they better release a full title or I’ll cancel.

Just thinking I may not renew until something else comes along , I’m quite happy with games like Borderlands 1 and Just Cause.

If I’m guilty of that, then yes. I’m quite happy with what I’ve received so far, and I will admit I’m not too fond of today’s release, the fact is, I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth and I’d be a moron to complain about it week after week like so many do here. Last week’s content and this isn’t my thing, so that’s why I said that.

It was stupid of me to say that, I completely forgot you can’t play these games if you cancel, so I take it back, I would not cancel, at least not until I was tired of the games I do play.

BG808s said:

October 16th, 1:39 am

And, yet again we get a freebie game I have no interest in whatsoever :( How about have some games more people enjoy for once?? Most of the games we’ve been getting lately I’ve never even heard of, or aery niche market games.

If things are going to continue like this, I’m going to have reconsider if the value of Plus is worth it for another year…


October 16th, 2:22 am

PAYDAY FOR FREE ??????!!!!!!!! Are u kidding me ? u milked this game with continuos discounts and bundles , nonetheless being in PLAY Summer promotion, and now it’s free?? Most of the PLAY promotion are now free.




PayneKiller1509 said:

October 16th, 2:27 am

PAYDAY! Hell yeah I’ve been waiting on this. Good thing I kept my trigger finger patient and didn’t purchase it cause now I get it for *free.
Love Plus!

Monterossa said:

October 16th, 2:59 am

seriously? NFL Blitz for October and now Payday for November….

It can’t be helped but I have to say it’s very bad.

PayneKiller1509 said:

October 16th, 3:06 am

Also nice discount on Dead Rising 2 for me. I’ve had it in my wishlist but it’s been at $20 forever and I wasn’t biting. $10 is good and I already had the trial downloaded (the only full game trial I ever downloaded and tried) so I wont need to download it now, just continue playing.

Dead Space 2, Dead Rising and Costume Quest are also excellent buys to those that don’t have them already, I do tho.

Kchow23 said:

October 16th, 3:13 am

Looking forward to playing PAYDAY: The Heist! However, as it has been mentioned, I don’t understand the point of releasing The Unfinished Swan early. It makes sense for exclusive betas and demos, but a discount would’ve been a better deal (even better would’ve been both a discount and releasing early).

Kchow23 said:

October 16th, 3:18 am

I think it would be an interesting idea to have some Plus content where you have the option to redeem 1 out of 3 options and give us the choice of which content we get first. Obviously, Plus would run normally as it has, but a some of the content we would have the choice of picking from. At the end, you will end up getting all three options, but you can choose which one you would like to have first.

Lastly, could you guys please fix the Cloud storage? it keeps displaying 900/1024 mb which makes me think that I have used 900mb, but I have actually used 100 mb.

skyfly47 said:

October 16th, 3:38 am

Good to see a early beta for Playstation all stars now available for European account holders, will try it out to decide on getting it. I may need to get a new HDD with already just downloaded re5 and bulletstorm.

Bacardi_Heart said:

October 16th, 5:27 am

will the payday dlc be on sale for ps plus?
should’ve been for the people who already bought payday :(

TheMadHatter13 said:

October 16th, 5:52 am

Why do so many people complain about ps plus this is my first year using it and i absolutely love it i have all ready picked up so many free games and used discounts its better then microsofts crap thats for sure anyways thanks sony and ps plus good job.

THKillerX said:

October 16th, 5:54 am

please put dead space 1 and infamous 1 with discount on ps +

Strathmore said:

October 16th, 5:57 am

I already own Payday. What a joke. Thanks for nothing. Being a Plus member means getting titles you own already with NO CREDIT whatsoever. Way to stay in the customer service stone ages, Sony.

Betorro said:

October 16th, 6:07 am

Another crappy PSN Game…

really disappointed.


Rum_Geoff said:

October 16th, 6:07 am

Any chance the Costume Quest DLC, Grubbins on Ice can be on sale? I already own Costume Quest, just want the DLC :)

IcedDice777 said:

October 16th, 6:25 am

Payday it’s a pretty good game with lots of stuff to unlock and replay value! Plus (No pun intended) you don’t have to buy the Wolfpack Dlc in order to play the Maps. Just join someone hosting the maps from the menu.
Btw, Overkill software is working on Payday 2. Hope to see more info on the sequel at some point in the Blog.

I’m hoping to see SIREN complete for PS3+ members just in time for halloween…Hint, hint. My .02

DeathGazer said:

October 16th, 6:29 am

Payday’s a lame freebie, but these deals are nice. Dead Rising OTR and Dead Space 2 for under $20 is a hard to pass up.

RampageDeluxe said:

October 16th, 6:57 am

There’s some pretty good discounts this time. Dead Nation for that price is awesome, but Payday is a terrible game. I bought a year subscription because my wife said she wanted to play LBP2, well she hasn’t played it more than once and I have grown quite contempt with the lackluster games. I try not to feel bad because the PS3 is really good as a media player. Also, the brand loyalty people have is quite unbecoming. Why fight for a corporation?

FistFury_ said:

October 16th, 6:58 am

Troll everywhere…! Morgan bro, ignore the trolls, good for Dead Space 2 ! :D

smoothboarder540 said:

October 16th, 6:59 am

Yeah, I think it’s funny also that someone without plus is leaving 30 comments on this post. But I realized that he is actually the troll here. He obviously wasn’t here when this game would have been an extra perk given next to a full ps3 game. This post is rated 3 stars. How can a post that gives away free games be rated 3 stars? Because a lot of us are dissatisfied with the service and are unhappy with the direction it has taken in the past few months. So we let them know and maybe it will be better for us in the future. So PrimeroIncognito, please stop responding to every single complaint, talking down to them, and pretending you are the smartest person here. Don’t even respond to this because I will not be reading it.

CrazyGuy62 said:

October 16th, 7:07 am

You know in all honesty, I would just like it if they would release games like they used to on here!! I think if you would release things like for example:

2 Ps3 games 1 Ps3 game or 2 Psn games or 1 Psn game
1 Ps mini 1 Ps2 classic 1 Ps1 game 1 Ps2 game
1Ps mini 1 Ps mini 1 ps1 game
1 ps mini

I know the emphasis on minis but look at this way: These games I think tend to get ignored by the US+ by in large and if you offered more of them, people could enjoy them. If you did releases like I’ve shown, not only will people be happier with the service but feel as they are getting their money’s worth on the service!! This is no way is coming from a hater of the service nor a sony fanboy, just a fan of the service!!

CrazyGuy62 said:

October 16th, 7:11 am


when I worte them they meant as rows:

1) 2 Ps3 games 1 Ps mini
2) 1 Ps3 game 1 Ps2 classic 1 ps mini
3) 2 psn games 1 ps1 game 1ps mini
4) 1 psn game 1 ps2 classic 1 ps1 game 1 ps mini

DigiSim2 said:

October 16th, 7:17 am

I don’t know about anybody else, but Unfinished Swan has been on my Must Get list for a while now.

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

October 16th, 7:23 am

so many people that think they are special snowflakes.

TwinDad said:

October 16th, 7:39 am


I totally agree with the value that other regions are getting. I also agree that there are numerous people who are complaining. It is however a very vocal few, I’d like a poll too.

I’m totally jealous that EU got Hell Yeah! on PS+ and we got nothing I’m interested in. But I do understand that as far as publishers and laws go we might not be able to have the same PSN games content, let alone what is available for PS.

I’ll add my personal belief that I don’t believe Morgan has an “agenda” what he has is a job. He needs to sell PS Plus on what content is available now, not 3 weeks from now. The NA PS Blog employees have been very tight on giving away content or programs that will be coming to PSN and waiting for their management to give them the green light to talk about it. I worked retail before and I also understand the concept of need to know. It’s a difficult position, however I think that Morgan understands the PS Blog reader desire to get more information and also to have them cut down on the salesmanship.

GT-420 said:

October 16th, 8:05 am

I love plus and subscribed day one, overall very happy. But I have to say., after borderlands.. the last three free games of Blitz, KoF and now Payday have me rather disappointed. I like diversity and trying new things, but these three seem more like throw ins than good games. I know KoF has a large fan base, but I didn’t think it compares well to Virtua Fighter, Tekken or Soul Calibur which I do really like, I deleted it right after trying it.

Really hoping this bad trend turns around soon.

I would have been much happier with Deus Ex and that’s a game I’ve already completed. When I saw Payday for this week, my heart sunk a little.

I hope the next update can turn my frown upside down.

Isidrera said:

October 16th, 8:22 am

Hey, I know its just a beta, but is there a chance to early unlock any trophies?
Great discounts, but, it’s halloween, shouldn’t we some resident evil, I mean, I know we are not gonna get RE5 Gold for free like europe, but at least a discount.

saskamazon said:

October 16th, 8:32 am

I really appreciate the discounts as a plus member …. I’m not sure why so many people complain about them …. I would rather get something at 80% off than free, b/c then I own it – I don’t envision having plus stop, but like the sense that I can keep my games regardless …. I bought Festival of Blood on sale @ $5 some months back – I don’t feel cheated at all to see it is now available for less … I’m not a sports fan or a shooter / war games person, so often games will not be to my personal liking, but that doesn’t mean that other people will not be excited to get them …. when they launched the IGC I already owned LBP2 & others but felt it was great that new people would have a chance to take the game for a test drive for free ….

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