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Oct 17

Oct 17

Take a Look Inside the New PlayStation Store

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Last week we gave you a sneak peek of the completely redesigned PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3. Along with the re-imagined user interface, we added predictive search and improved filtering to make finding content easier and faster. The new store also offers more in-depth information about games, add-ons and apps, as well as movies and TV shows, letting you browse and discover new types of content effortlessly.

The redesigned PlayStation Store launches in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil on October 23. In the meantime you can get a taste of what’s coming in this walkthrough video:

The new PlayStation Store for PS3 was designed from the ground up to enhance the entire user experience based on the feedback we received from you, our loyal fans.

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

Please note: This video was created using a near-final version of the new PlayStation Store. Some content, categories, or pricing may be different than the Store you’ll experience next week.

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x_NiiGHTMARE_x said:

October 17th, 11:00 am

The store looks great! Can’t wait to navigate through it.

I’m also looking forward to being able to filter the download list. I know it won’t be at launch but hopefully soon.

Something I would like to see added is being able to delete avatars from the list. I have way too many I don’t use and it takes a long time for them to load.

Keep up the good work!

macsmoke84 said:

October 17th, 11:03 am

Have a store on the android/PC/MAC. So if we buy something from there our system will turn on and download it. and so it will be ready to play/watch when we get home.

procion said:

October 17th, 11:05 am

Kia ora tatou, Yup, we have the brand new shiny html 5 Playstation Store here in the New Zealand/Aotearoa Playstation Store and, well teething probs aside, I’m not so sure if I like it. I was surprised when I went to have my weekly squizz in my Kiwi PS Store and was confronted with a 23mb dl’ for a new app. Upon entering, the store kept prompting me to buy PS+ whilst I was trying to buy that new The Tired Swan game(my + runs out on 14/12/2012 so i still have a current PS+ sub). Also Americans don’t moan about game prices. You fellahs get them cheaper than we do The Tired Swan (yawn)was the equivalent to US$22.00 in the Kiwi PS Store… RIIIP. I think I will get used to this new shebang, I’m gunna hafto. Tbh it reminds me of that You Tube app that you guys have already that we are still waiting for. loll :)

(comment continues next post)

procion said:

October 17th, 11:06 am

(cont. from last post)
Before I go I would like to say that most Kiwis are very proud to have Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie which is coming out this December. We hope you enjoy seeing our beautiful country in the movie and going There & back again with Bilbo, Gandalf and 13 nutty dwerrows, I mean dwarves. NZ Post has brought out some very nice and highly collectible stamps and coins for the Hobbit: An Unexpected (Movie?)Journey.Look them up online. Theres one stamp with Gollum doing his wynona Rider pose. Noice. Haere ra…

infamousXX87XX said:

October 17th, 11:07 am


Can we have the ability to change our PSN ID’s? Sony could charge a small fee and it’s pretty much free money

macsmoke84 said:

October 17th, 11:07 am

With this new update to the store will we see more app come to the XMB.

Heavenly_king said:

October 17th, 11:10 am

make it available for the VITA TOO!!!! XD

Also if possible redesign the XMB to look something like the new store PLEASE!!!!!

YungShep said:

October 17th, 11:11 am

epic. looks clean, fresh, quick to navigate, and its BOLD! love it!

GhetoQuran03 said:

October 17th, 11:12 am

Has the downloads list been improved as well I’d love to have a way to organize all my downloads I don’t want to go through 1000+ items :(

Ryumoau said:

October 17th, 11:15 am

@103 i found the original Rings Trilogy very boring (3 hours of people walking through a forest for 3 films) so i doubt i’ll bother with the Hobbit film.

OPS_GEAR107 said:

October 17th, 11:16 am

I can’t wait Sony you are so awesome it just give the PSN Store such an edgy feel and the PS3 overall.


October 17th, 11:17 am

Love the new store. Will we see more app’s come to the XMB when this update comes out. Thank you

LJ94 said:

October 17th, 11:17 am

I really like the new store. When I first read about it I didn’t care for it. Now since you showed off the store in the video it has me really excited to use it when it comes out.

Blkant said:

October 17th, 11:24 am

It would be nice to see a xmb/PS3 os redesign as well honestly. The xmb is very outdated in style, clarity, organization, stability, and functionality/features.

ModestGeek said:

October 17th, 11:25 am

I’m definitely loving the new design for the store. Looks more user-friendly, makes searches more convenient, and really appeals more to the viewer’s eye. Nice job SONY. I’m looking forward to the 23rd.

boomstickbhg said:

October 17th, 11:25 am

Will we still be able to use/select the current/old layout of the store?

This new design looks like a pain in the butt and I’d much rather keep using the old style, unless you finally fixed the download list problems.

Honestly the current store has enough issues, but at least it’s easy to navigate, this new version looks even worse and needlessly complicated like the xbox did with their dashboard.

With all the pretty new layout it also looks like there will be more data to load to get the store, which makes me worry there will be a) longer load times, which can be pretty long already and b) more bandwidth use each visit.

I’m glad you’re trying something to improve the customer experience for the PS3/PSN but you’re trying to fix something that isn’t broken, and as of the release you have no plans to fix what actually needs to be fixed/adjusted (download list navigation, wish list, etc…)

djspinal said:

October 17th, 11:27 am

The store looks amazing!!!

Thank you for acknowledging the download list issues!! FINALLY!!!!!!!! Kind of upset we dont have sortable purchased content lists yet, but i guess I’ve waited THIS long (6yrs) sooo, all in all I cant wait to buy more stuff!!

Any chance of being able to download video purchases more than once yet (i know its a tall order, but if it could also include all previous purchases)? or stream purchases? I noticed we can stream lower quality video rentals. I have not bought a movie in a long time because I h8 the backup procedure and like saving hard drive space for games. I have been buying from other sources, but if I could have better reasons to buy from you (the store), I will!

This is very cool and welcome news! Keep up the most excellent evolution!

RenderMonk said:

October 17th, 11:43 am

As far as feedback goes, I’m sure once I have time to actually navigate the user interface, I’ll be able to provide better more comprehensive feedback. But for now, two stand out to me.

One is the “Wish List”, that has been mentioned previously. I often find myself wanting multiple games at a time, but can’t afford to purchase all that have caught my eye. So being able to add games to a “Wish List” so I can quickly and easily see a list of games that I know I’ve checked out and want to purchase when I can afford it, would be most optimal for consuming.

The second feature I would like to see implemented would be the option to have a customizable interface tuned to my personal taste. Possibly having a check list, if you will, that allows me to immediately filter out content that I never play to use (or at least push that content to the back), and have what’s most important to me specifically, moved to the front. Personally customizable store fronts based on my needs, likes, taste, and interests ensure that I won’t be bogged down with content that don’t appeal to me (even with the new streamlined approach).

Erlaxis said:

October 17th, 11:45 am

Wow. Impresive work, guys. Playstation keeps getting better. =)

austinite04 said:

October 17th, 11:45 am

A very much Appreciated FRESH Looking Store redesign WAY overdue.. I can’t wait to try it out.. I Love the Full pages that are dedicated to a game series. That makes doing everything much easier. The download list should have been a Top priority too, I have been on PSN since April 2007, I have 3,000+ Downloads… most are Closed Beta’s (LBP2,LBP Vita were my favorites) but some were videos I no longer have Access to. I had to go through 2 ps3’s they were Fatty ps3’s, I’m on my 3rd Ps3, and its a 160 GB Slim Model… I want to fet ALL my Video purchases BACK. Can someone From Sony Please explain why I have to re purchase Very expensive movies?? this is why I have sought out Vudu, amazon Prime for Digital movie, I got ripped off. Please help..I’ve had no help from phone reps. anyways Great store GUI.. Love the way it looks, gotta say it’s a heck of a lot better than the garbage store from 2006-2007.. that first store was extremely ugly, slow and crashy.

austinite04 said:

October 17th, 11:48 am

@115, the current store Sucks, does crash on occasion and sometimes doesn’t even load.. I don’t like the current store. the new one isn’t complicated at all…

saab01 said:

October 17th, 11:52 am

The store looks really nice now. Hopefully it will be better than what it is now. The easier it is to use and navigate the better.

boomstickbhg said:

October 17th, 11:59 am

@120 I like the current store it’s simple and easy to use.

This new layout look slow, flashly, overly complicated and annoying.

According to people who’ve used it in other regions already, my above statement isn’t only opinion, but fact.

The new store looks like another version of the Xbox Dashboard. Their updated look (xbox) is a large part of why I stopped using the system. If PS3 goes the same route… well it’s gonna be harder to enjoy and in the longer term could cost customers.

At the very least it will cost money spent on the PSN if all the reports from other regions trying to use the new layout are accurate.

Emerald_Swords said:

October 17th, 12:08 pm

Will the new design make the store updates come out abit more earlier?

gohan16ken said:

October 17th, 12:08 pm

I can search and purchase a content on from my computer and have it download on my X360. Sony should do that for the PS3.

TheLastNinja- said:

October 17th, 12:11 pm

Hopefully the update will fix whatever caused the Wipeout HD Bundle I chose for the “Welcome Back to PSN” promo to disappear from my download list and now denies me access to its page after my PS+ subscription expired.

I really hope that tumble alphabet isn’t the only option for searching. I want to be able to use my keyboard. I don’t even bother with the YouTube app because of it.

Would be nice for the download list to be searchable by name and date.

plaztiksyke said:

October 17th, 12:13 pm

Recommendations need to be minimally better. I want to be recommended games that people who a) similarly rated certain games to me, b) has similar trophies as me, and/or b) logged similar number of hours playing certain games as me. Even something basic along these lines, copied from the Programming Collective Intelligence book, would be a vast improvement. (I really, really wish PS Home would shard users via similar means; finding like-minded people in PS Home is basically impossible now and so I don’t get on or spend any money there any more.)

The Download List would be my next suggestion for improvement, especially on Vita. Scrolling through the Download List to find PS1 games or minis I downloaded on my PS3 a few years ago is excruciatingly slow. Not being able to filter, sort, or search by name, star rating, and trophy % complete, is also really crippling.

Really glad to see forward motion on this, and looking forward to a being navigation experience using the Move. Hopefully voice control isn’t far behind :) Great job!

Cloud_X1 said:

October 17th, 12:21 pm

This looks amazing! I’m constantly on the store purchasing content, so I’ll really enjoy the new look/feel. And hopefully the PS3 and PS Vita gets more APPS in the near future.

tranquility101 said:

October 17th, 12:22 pm

Would be nice to see this team and its resources working on a new version of the PS3 XMB UI instead of Yet Another Store Update.

Big XMB Suggestion #1:
I own like 40+ digital games, all purchased through the PSN Store or free from PS+ membership. How about a GRID VIEW in the XMB so I can see my games as a grid, instead of endlessly scrolling vertically?

Big XMB Suggestion #2:
Please give us the option of turning off the “music” that plays when you are hovering over a game in the XMB. The music is usually pretty loud/surprising (See: God of War 1, Castle Crashers, etc.). I actually find myself going “Uh oh, don’t hover over that game, it’s gonna be hella loud,” then quickly passing the game by in the XMB.

Rodny1024 said:

October 17th, 12:23 pm

WIll we have the option to use PayPal to add fund to our wallet just like in the Europe SEN??


October 17th, 12:27 pm

Really digg it guys! Awesome job. Can’t wait to use it.

tranquility101 said:

October 17th, 12:28 pm

RE: Store

The store has been lacking lately, in terms of ability to look for and find games. We need better organization/search/sorting/grouping functions — functionality should come first before “prettiness” in UI design.

Over the past few months all sorts of new “game categories” have popped up in the PSN Store, but the icons are cryptic and some of the groups seem unnecessary.

How about, when viewing game details in the store, a clearly labeled field dedicated to whether the game has “trophies” or not? Or a more clearly defined visual if the game is “leaderboard online” versus “actual play online.”

These things could be classily defined with icons — a “Leaderboard” icon, a “Multiplayer Ready” icon, or a “Trophy ready” icon.

Jorch01 said:

October 17th, 12:31 pm


Cat_Corye said:

October 17th, 12:32 pm

My only question is this, is it more easy to find what I want from my download list? I have over 2,000 things (mostly games) in my download list and its a pain scrolling to the bottom to find what I want.

ScreamAimFire999 said:

October 17th, 12:33 pm

It would be cool if the Playstation Store showed up on your PSN name like games do when you play them so you can tell who is in the PlayStation Store.

zappajustin said:

October 17th, 12:35 pm

Will there be trophies for using the store????? hehe

Gui-mps said:

October 17th, 12:47 pm

Did you take off the annoying sound that plays while selecting things?

Benmo316 said:

October 17th, 12:53 pm

At the 4:01 mark while talking about filtering the PS3 games catalog to download and there’s a “disc-only” option. If I use that filter will I only be seeing add ons from the disc-only games? That seems like an odd filter option just from what was on this video.


October 17th, 12:54 pm

Great looking store. Now we need a refresh on the xmb. Also day 1 digitals should be alot cheaper and also come with preorder bonuses. I mean preorders from basically any retail purchase gets a bonus, so I think It’s only right that buying direct from the store should come with some added perks.

darknight_2012 said:

October 17th, 1:06 pm

will i be able to search for games that have CO -OP only?

ScouserRedux said:

October 17th, 1:06 pm

I’ve just this moment had an update to the new look PlayStation Store, I don’t know what’s gone on but it’s there, It’s perfect, simple to use but for the life of me I can not figure out how I’ve got the update and it’s not coming out til next week.

ScouserRedux said:

October 17th, 1:14 pm

Here’s a photo to prove that I have the new PlayStation Store up and running.

chev327flatout said:

October 17th, 1:15 pm

Can anyone tell me with certainty that purchases from the first week of next month (30th and 31st are still October) will count towards the October $100/$20 deal?
Basically if I get Assassins Creed Liberation wheb it releases (30th) on PSN instead of at the store will it count even though that week of PSN may be considered part of PSN November?

Kchow23 said:

October 17th, 1:21 pm

Will it be easy to distinguish which content has already been purchased? I don’t like that I have to tap on something on the PS Store to know if I have purchased it or not on the PS Vita. However, it was fine in the previous iteration of the PS Store on the PS3, so I hope it doesn’t change.

Moreover, would be great if we are now able to gift content and if there is an app/website where we can browse and purchase+queue content to download for PS Plus users.

mrpaulryan said:

October 17th, 1:28 pm

Do you still have to click three times just to get something to download? One click – not second click to confirm, no third click to confirm you want it to download in the background. I should click the download button and it should download in the background and then install itself.

Kchow23 said:

October 17th, 1:29 pm

Also hopefully we can get trailers quicker on the PS Store, the PS Vita hardly has any new trailers and it will take weeks or months to see a new trailer for the PS3.

duffyboy1986 said:

October 17th, 1:39 pm

seen the new psn store on my eu account…prepare to be disappointed…low res pics and text…and very…very slow overall its a meh update

t36066 said:

October 17th, 1:40 pm

The new Europe store is straight up garbage.. nothing loads. I hope the new us store will be better..

saskamazon said:

October 17th, 1:41 pm

zappajustin on October 17th, 2012 at 12:35 pm said:

Will there be trophies for using the store????? hehe


lol – this made me chuckle – maybe we could gain the trophies for the amount of digital games we have …. gosh, we’re sitting at over 60 so far, & over the holiday season, that number will grow ….

Ryusennin said:

October 17th, 1:48 pm

I just tried the new European store. This welcome overhaul was long overdue. Nice changes so far.

That said, I hate the tumbler text input. The lack of keyboard support is a real letdown.

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