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Oct 19

Oct 19

Update on the New PlayStation Store

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

New PlayStation Store

As you may know, we launched the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 earlier this week in Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe. Although the new PS Store is operating smoothly in most countries, there have been some issues that caused inconvenience for users.

While we’ve already solved many of these issues, we’ve decided to postpone the October 23rd launch of the new store in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. We want to be certain that you have an exceptional experience with the new store, so we appreciate your patience as we complete the final phases before launch.

We’ll update you as soon as a new release date has been set. Until then, the existing PS Store will be fully operational with the game, movie and TV content that you enjoy today.

Thanks again for your patience.

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passivefamiliar said:

October 23rd, 3:08 pm

All i want is a SEARCH FUNCTION IN MY DOWNLOAD HISTORY. Everything else just has to work, i don’t spend my free time browsing the store much. But no download search. Why? Why? Seems a simple task to add.

Maximum_Ride_XII said:

October 23rd, 3:16 pm

So wait why do you need to Update the store in order for us non-Playstation Plus users to wait to play Playstation All Stars? I say if this take longer then usual you should give us more time to play the game or let us play at another time with 3 additional characters. Because literally i have been waiting all week to play this game.

Uncharted_Lord22 said:

October 24th, 12:15 am

OK this is BS still no new update

lostfanatic6 said:

October 24th, 5:03 am

Dang…I was really looking forward to this update. I set an alarm on my phone for it and everything :$

When is the new release date? I’ve gotta set my alarm, ya know :D

ViperKing32 said:

October 24th, 8:52 am

i just want grand theft auto 5 to come out.

Evil_Reverend said:

October 24th, 10:22 am

I like the people touting the better XBox 360 store. The interface may currently be better, but after the new store launch , I’m thinking Sony will prevail.

Let’s not forget though that it’s all about the content offered. And, the last time Xbox released a day 1 digital game, was never.

TSTina said:

October 24th, 11:40 am

Don’t forget to include my previous suggestions/requests/demands:

1) Wishlist

2) PRICE ALERTS on wishlist items so I know when things go on sale or drop in price. Have checkboxes to select if I want these alerts sent to my PSN account, my email address, and/or SMS text to my phone.

3) More competitive pricing. Digital downloads should ALWAYS be at least 20% LESS than the current price of a physical copy on Amazon and Newegg, otherwise what’s the point? Downloads can’t be traded in.

4) Plus members should be exempt from advertising.

5) The vertical alphabet data entry is slow and sucks. Keep USB keyboard support and let us press SELECT to bring up the on-screen keyboard.

6) Keep an option for the alphabetical list view for store items. It’s much more natural for me and I hate the tiled grid view.

7) Make every published PS3 game available as a PSN download, priced lower than Amazon, Newegg, and Steam.

TayCoop1 said:

October 24th, 12:53 pm

How long will this delay take? Because I want to use this redesign as soon as possible please, cause it look SO AWSOME!

Ivan_anrf said:

October 24th, 2:42 pm

Will Brazilians be able to have PS Plus? :<

NamelessXIJ said:

October 24th, 7:06 pm

This new design looks awesome! Please, update now…

ZombieCracka said:

October 25th, 2:37 pm

So when is our release date? To bad it just a picture and plus member arent getting RE 5 Gold… That would be nice.

ZombieCracka said:

October 25th, 8:50 pm

P.S: It would be cool if we could reply to each other. (or atleast the plus members)

Jozz2007 said:

October 26th, 3:15 pm

The new update to the store is crap it’s slower than before and it’s no way better than it was before sort your self’s out psn.

Armen100 said:

October 28th, 5:29 am

Aw I want to surf the playstation store! But I can’t wait till it comes out!

Draconian31 said:

October 28th, 6:10 am

Canada got nothing yet ,and yesss you should add Paypal and put trophie image as avatar ,exemple:if i finish the game to platinum i could downloads the trophy icon as my avatar

iHeartTuesdays said:

October 29th, 4:45 pm

This will be cool if this was coming to Vita and will the PS Vita Store will also get this update of a different one?

stargate55555 said:

October 30th, 2:26 pm

I only wish they reverse this update all together with the exception of the VITA trophies being viewed.

I hate the new spot Sony chose for the TROPHIES. I hate the new Offline/Online feature added to the trophies. I am a super moderator on a site dedicated to playstation and a lot of our members are pretty upset about it.

So here is a formal request:

Please put the Trophies back under the Games Section on the XMB. There are arguments for both sides but remember this:

“Don’t fix what ain’t broke”

The_Dukenator said:

October 30th, 5:29 pm


3) Depends on the game itself. Besides would you rather download a 20GB file vs owning it on retail disc? Sometimes the disc is cheaper than the download, not always the other way around.

4) Xbox Live Gold users aren’t exempt from ads either and yes, they also want no ads.

7) No dice.

axinthevoid said:

October 31st, 5:29 pm

Please while you’re at it, redo the view download list. Currently it just clumps every single thing I have ever bought into one list… demos, games, dlc, addons, apps, backgrounds, etc.. No way to organize, no categories to sort them, its not even in alphabetical order.

Lets fix this obvious problem.

CaptnBrainslide said:

November 1st, 8:26 pm

Now that I’ve seen the new store layed out for Europe… I really hope the update to make it that way in North America is delayed indefinitely. It’s prettier, and having the content for a given game all on one page more consistently is useful, but that’s about it for improvements, everything else makes it a worse experience.

It’s incredibly slow to start and to get anywhere, the search function using a radial alpha-dial instead of the keypad everything else on PS3 uses is terrible and clunky, and it can take many clicks to back up through menus where it used to take one. The large space taken up by each item, while they make for better-looking large adverts for avatars and such, means that the text describing things is obscured past about 20 words and you have to go into each individual item then right and down and click to find more. The download history is not only not enabled with any search or sort functionality but it takes even longer to find anything (larger icons = fewer items on screen and longer load times before you see what you need to see). You can’t alter the way icons are displayed to get more of them onscreen at once like you could with the old store.

CaptnBrainslide said:

November 1st, 9:03 pm

Given the lag time and larger graphics and more pages to get anywhere it must also be wasting more bandwidth as well as time, which matters to those who have a cap on it. You can’t find what’s gone on sale that week easily or in one place. Things are just plain harder to buy, with more clicks/movements before the transaction is done. Some pages seem to not load at all no matter how long you wait. For items already bought, it no longer tells you the price anywhere (frustrating), simply saying “purchased” where the price once was instead of having that red icon which didn’t obscure anything meaningful. Even the sound played when you enter the store sounds like electronics dying.

Overall the problems are bad enough that it probably can’t be fixed very easily, so I would hope that it either isn’t rolled out here at all, or we can opt in to the new store for pretty graphics sometimes but keep the old version of the store around so we can actually get things done without wasting way too much time and pulling hair out in frustration. I abandoned Xbox to avoid this sort of thing when they discarded their functional blades interface for flashy crap, please don’t make me want to abandon Sony’s online services too.

davecomprep said:

November 2nd, 1:58 am

Hate this layout. I can’t finds sh… Stuff. Worst search input! If I want to find a game that’s not features ALL GAMES are just smashed into one list. F that. Give me A-C, D-F. folders. Also TV shows… Why can’t I short by network anymore? BTW Mythbusters SSN 13 (current) is completely missing!!!! This new store is a pile of crap. bring back the old store. I’d rather have a store where I can find what I want that stupid graphics to make it “look cool”

D-Squad3 said:

November 2nd, 10:47 am

Finally experienced the new store and it sucks

Where are the tabs for new releases? New avatars? New themes?

The loading is horrendous. It stutters, the framerate isn’t stable. OMFG

Vyrastas said:

November 2nd, 1:00 pm

I like the new store… but seriously, why is there no searching or filtering on the download list? Every other page in the store has an option for search and filter. Our downloads are a list like everything else, could you not have displayed it the same as every other page with the same search/filter options? It’s basic database design. Really not understanding how that was missed, or if it was deliberately, the logic behind that decision. Some people have a lot of content in their download list. I have over 500 items, it’s going to take forever to find something old if I have to re-download it.

Kiyaris said:

November 2nd, 1:31 pm

This store is bloody horrible. It’s just moronic to navigate through add-ons. Why can’t we browse through add-ons the old way as an option? One of the ways I’ve bought various games in the past was by thumbing through the add-on list and looking at what add-ons various games had before purchasing them. Now I have to search every game individually to see what extra content they may have, or suffer through a heading like “Vehicle add-ons” just to try and figure out what games are out there with vehicles. Really, what kind of browsing system is that even supposed to be?! Even just trying to thumb through the add-ons for a game after searching for it is tedious. They don’t seem to have any sort of order or sub headings like they used too, and instead are just one giant scrolling list.

The loading time is horrible all around, and I’m hoping this is just due to it being new… The actual search process is horrendous. Every time I punch in a letter the list has to refresh itself, which while I can see what you were aiming for, is very poorly executed. Not to mention actually having to scroll up and down to even type anything in.

jlawdog said:

November 2nd, 4:46 pm

This new store is just terrible, piss poor navigation. Quit trying to mimic the Xbox dashboard, I loved and had zero troubles with the last store config.

lrepear98 said:

November 2nd, 9:56 pm

i downloaded InFamous back on to my PS3 and when i tried to install it told it could be played on the vita and since i don’t have a Vita i said i don’t want to move it to the Vita and it just exits me out of the install process. It won’t even install. Sony, please fix this. I want to play InFamous. If u want to say it is playable on PSP just make it a separate thing so this won’t happen.

Ano0toko said:

November 4th, 7:52 pm

Not to intentionally reiterate anything anyone may have said, but the new store is altogether horrific. The loading time, the new search function, the over-convoluted menus, the way everything is arranged, everything about the new store makes the opposite of what it should be and used to be, when buying/ browsing/ downloading was simple, quick, intuitive, not a hassle. The store was almost perfect the way it was, at least in my experience.

passivefamiliar said:

November 6th, 4:53 pm

This new store is a f’ing disaster! I’m sorry to be so rash here, but come on! I have to go through some 5 windows, to the checkout screen to download A DEMO!. Sony, you screwed the pooch on this one. Also, still don’t have my $20 credit for spending $100 last month. Some poor customer service rep will be getting a call tomorrow. Also, again i say. Why such a bloody late update every tuesday? Listen. Sooner is better.

ffejrxx said:

November 12th, 1:57 pm

is there a way to disable sounds in the ps3 store
the classic store was silent, the new one always makes scroll/cancel/accept sounds even if they are disabled in xmb

tempus03 said:

November 12th, 3:50 pm

Yeah the new playstation store sucks big time. can’t find anything. gotta go type in the title and hope that you can find the add-ons. sony lose this new store because it is horrible. go back to the old one. much easier to find things and isn’t so horrible.

Ryu-Sama- said:

November 15th, 1:10 pm

Please give us back the old store if we want it, AT LEAST GIVE IT TO US PLUS MEMBERS!! I have bought over 450 pieces of content on psn, it’s much harder to find the stuff I want to buy D: please Sony, just give us to choice to switch between stores. Pretty pretty please.


November 16th, 8:27 pm

the new store is a pathetic attempt at copying XBOX’s dashboard. Put a team of monkey’s in a room and they’ll eventually create shakespear. Let’s hope sony has a team of monkey’s to fix this nightmare because if their software writers put their heads together it would make a rock pile

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