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Oct 21

Oct 21

PS3 System Software Update (v4.30)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Next Tuesday, October 23rd, we will be releasing a new system software update for PlayStation 3 (version 4.30). With this update we have made several changes to how Trophies are displayed on your PlayStation 3. The Trophy Collection will now reside under PlayStation Network on the XMB. Trophies that you have earned playing PlayStation Vita games are now displayed on your PlayStation 3. You will also be able to see your Trophy level and progress towards the next level while viewing your trophy collection.

PS Vita Trophies on PS3

By the beginning of November 2012, we will retire the services available through the Life with PlayStation application. In conjunction with its retirement, we will stop offering the Life with PlayStation application to new users with the 4.30 update. This includes the conclusion of our participation with Stanford University’s Folding@home, a distributed computing project aimed at understanding protein folding, misfolding and studying the causes of a variety of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s as well as various cancers.

We’d like to thank the more than 15 million users that have participated in the program since it started on PS3 in 2007. PS3 users have donated in total more than 100 million computation hours to the Folding@home project to date, and as a result, contributing greatly to Stanford University’s Alzheimer ’s disease research. Considering the contribution PS3 has made to the project, we decided to retire it as a result of discussions with Stanford University.
Vijay Pande, Folding@home research lead at Stanford University, had this to say about your contributions:

“The PS3 system was a game changer for Folding@home, as it opened the door for new methods and new processors, eventually also leading to the use of GPUs. We have had numerous successes in recent years. Specifically, in a paper just published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, we report on tests of predictions from earlier Folding@home simulations, and how these predictions have led to a new strategy to fight Alzheimer’s disease. The next steps, now underway at Stanford, are to take this lead compound and help push it towards a viable drug. It’s too early to report on our preliminary results there, but I’m very excited that the directions set out in this paper do appear to be bearing fruit in terms of a viable drug (not just a drug candidate).”

Please note, the games shown in the picture above are examples, and do not represent existing PS3 or PS Vita games.

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moogsy77 said:

October 25th, 7:36 am

I dont see what was good about that update.
Only thing i notice is that the trophy section was moved and made slower to work.
So now while im in-game the trophys have to load everytime, which came right away if i was in-game.
Now trophys are just way slower and i think this was a very useless change, just downgrade in my opinion.

Although PSN store is without question a good change, although im waiting to spend money on good deals, package deals sometime. Really hard to find good deals in PSN so i usually dont shop there.
Steam is getting all my money since they have ridiculous amount of good deals all the time.

Shinigami_25 said:

October 25th, 8:38 pm

YEAH!!……. really not liking how i can’t check my trophies anymore on the fly while playing a without it having to sync EVERY SINGLE time i want to check a new trophy i have earned!!! PLZ fix this or whatever…but its not like anyone from sony actually reads any of this so i guess it is what it is……. -_-‘

Shinigami_25 said:

October 25th, 10:57 pm

NVM!!…. figured it out… easy fix… just switch trophy mode from online to offline and you can view your current trophies as before while you play……

Fortified said:

October 25th, 11:36 pm

What’s up? Long time PS gamer, first time poster. I’d like to bring it to your attention that the newest firmware is a bit broken. If I check my trophies during a game, (in this specific case, MW IV) my dualshock 3 controller won’t work properly. It proceedes to scroll left. Never had a firmware issue before on either of my 2 PS3’s so i know you guys are doing things right. Keep up the good work, I’ll wait patiently for the fix.

FORMIK said:

October 26th, 7:59 am

Could you consider the following for the next update:

– Take the “Classic” XMB theme, with just the ribbon, and make a “What’s New” theme with the same ribbon and a black background, and a layer on top of all the latest games and movies. It would cycle through like on the store.
– Do away with the “What’s New” app and PlayStation Store apps in the Game and Video tabs
– Use the globe from Life With PlayStation, the one that was originally intended to be the default dynamic theme, and add it as a default theme.
– Rename the “Original” default theme to “Sparks”, and add one that does the same effect only with the button icons, called “Icons”.
– Allow for any chosen color to fade as the day progresses, not just the default color. Add some more colors.


colts35 said:

October 26th, 4:57 pm

Am I the only one who is seeing that Trophy Collection is now in online mode and saved to server??? Does no one else see this is a BIG problem??? Now we can only see our trophies and have them triggered when achieved if we are connected to the internet?? Boy does that set the stack heavily in Sony’s favor. Hmmm mabye this is their way to force us to have to pay when that day comes that they will start charging for the “privilage” of being online like xbox?? I do not like this at all and neither should anyone else. These trophies where stored on our hard drive and they where ours. Not anymore.

CaptainJames99 said:

October 27th, 12:41 pm

Fortified & colts35, your both right 2 bring those topics up and neither is really new either. Sonys ps3 downgrades have always been buggy and deliberately designed to benifit the corporation at the expense of those who pay their salaries, namely US. Yeah their creeping slowly to a fully paid business model for online gaming, started with psn plus, then online passes. If or when the PS4 hits we shouldn’t be surprised if the phrase “free online play” completely dissapears from the box and the rest of their marketing.

PS_man1984 said:

October 27th, 8:23 pm

I updated to firmware 4.30 and Life With PlayStation is still there.

nanaki85 said:

October 27th, 9:08 pm

The Download List is completely broken, there is no way over 700 titles I downloaded 1-2 years ago should ALL show up as 10/27/2012.

It is now even more frustrating finding a certain title I recently purchased, for example, the last 3 titles I downloaded in order, #1 Dead Space 2 #2 Payday The Heist #3 Doom3 BFG, have been randomly pushed back to numbers like 21, 156, 183.

SONY please fix this, cheers~

Kikmaidog said:

October 27th, 10:46 pm

Sony’s updates go from bad to worse to cataclysmic. Sony systematically destroys every good thing about their PS3 platform one by one ever since the removal of PS2 functionality, then Linux which lead to them being hacked sending them further backwards, a number of others, and now even slower (and mandatory) trophy sync’s than ever before, and no more life with playstation! I’m sure Sony is following the book of “how to proactively destroy your reputation and goodwill with clients”, they are following it to a T.

Even without Folding, Life w/Playstation was one of my favourite parts of my ps3. The background music, world updates, weather and news – watch on a sunday morning during breakfast to see the latest news. I loved Life w/playstation, having Folding in the background was icing on the cake. What on earth does Sony GAIN by removing this app?? Nothing at all! What do they lose? Even more customer goodwill!!

Awe_Some_Ness6 said:

October 28th, 3:54 pm

I have updated my PS3 with this new version and know i am unable to watch any video in the internet although i have the Javascript on. I have even tried turn off the Javascript and resetting the PS3 but i am still unable to watch anything. Can you tell be how to undo the update or when the next update is?

NikiGunn said:

October 28th, 7:55 pm

I despise the change to the trophies. I hate where it was moved to and it is slower than crap now because it defaulted to that stupid online mode. I changed it but still really annoying. If you were going to move anything from the game column, couldn’t you get rid of the dumb Store bag that’s everywhere on the XMB?

chip-head-149 said:

October 29th, 4:16 am

Sony dropping support for folding-at-home on PS3 is really stupid. Earlier this year, Radeon-maker AMD made a huge mistake by dropping support for OpenCL from older platforms like Windows-XP. This only chased protein folders to NVidia (AMD’s main competition in the graphics market)

A few years ago I convinced family (mostly cousins, nieces and nephews) and friends at work to purchase a PS3 console rather than an XBOX-360 because the Sony product could support folding-at-home while the Microsoft Product could not. Now Sony is making the same short-sighted mistake as AMD. If Sony thinks there are not enough people using the folding-at-home client then this is because Sony did a poor job of promoting the client while making it too difficult to install

YummchenCH said:

October 29th, 6:14 am

Since the Update, new Trophies (now I’m playing Assassin’s Creed III) wouldn’t appear in Trophy-List. So all the AC3 Trophies are missing… the whole Game is Missing in the Trophy-List. I hope they’ll fix that… don’t wanna play the game a second time for earn all the trophies i’ve not in the list since friday… :(

Is ist a Update-Problem? A friend of me has the same problem… no AC3 Trophies or Information on the Trophy-List… :(

Jamonek said:

October 30th, 10:09 am

I was expecting way more..

Kikmaidog said:

October 30th, 10:16 am

Agree with chip-head – I convinced a number of my friends also to buy PS3’s because of Life w/Playstation and the folding in the background. I remember lavishing about what a great console it was. It has games, it can play your blurays, you can use it as a media centre with a NAS, you can run Linux on it and have it as a PC on your TV, it has folding@home to help cure diseases for its screen saver, AND while it’s doing it plays excellent relaxing music, and lets you look at weather/temperatures from around the world, while reading the latest news, and also trying out the heritage channel… and finally I went on about how great trophies were. Now, the linux is gone, the life w/playstation has now been also unecessarily removed. The trophies are now a joke – they have been broken ever since the inception of the local-trophies-only on trial games introduction (i think it was patch 2.43 or so?) when the uploads of trophies started taking a REALLY long time.

Kikmaidog said:

October 30th, 10:19 am

It’s a no brainer to make those updates work in the background as updates, rather than force you to wait for a long time when it updates, but after 6 years they’ve only gone backwards on ‘trophy technology’ and now that people have big profiles of games that has benefitted sony in profits for the console, they are being punished by their trophy lists and updates being so slow it’s infuriating. The new system is broken, it’s slow as hell, and you cannot check trophies mid-game, and when you check them and come back out of a game you have to wait for another 30 seconds for some 2nd retarded update!!

Sony’s the market leader in continually downgrading their platform. Nobody can beat them in that competition.. I think Sony had the best console platform, and they’ve now brought it down to on par and quickly getting worse than xbox – which I think was really hard to do, but they have achieved that downgrade with pure skill and dedication to downgrading the user experience.

b00kthree said:

November 6th, 11:39 am

This update was supposed to end support of Life with Playstation for new users. It was still working for me (I have had it for years) until today.

Last night, my Plus “autodownload” feature downloaded an “update” for the app that essentially killed it.

I can’t believe I pay money for that feature. I’m going to go turn it off just in case Sony decides to defeature anything else I use automatically.

TripleR309 said:

November 7th, 7:40 pm

I actually dont like theyre taking life with Playstation away :(
Sure the folding home stuff is done but couldnt they atleast keep that app? Like the whole “Live channel” thing was very convienient for me in my routine for news by cities along with the while earth model with daylight map =( i really liked it. If it were like a $1 app for ps3 in the playstation store id probably buy it, like i said, its great. And I havent found a better earth sunlight map than Life with playstation.
I doubt anyones actually gonna read this but if son, if you are listiing, please, figure something out i ask…


November 18th, 1:35 pm

It’s nice to be able to see Vita trophies.

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