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Oct 22

Oct 22

PlayStation Plus Update: Pre-Launch Discount on Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

What a month it’s been for PlayStation Plus in October. With NFL Blitz, King of Fighters XIII and PAYDAY: The Heist all free to download for Plus members, there’s a lot to play. You also got early access to The Unfinished Swan as well as an exclusive PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Beta on PS3 and PS Vita, and an assortment of discounts to boot. This week, we want to remind you of some of the great perks you’ll see in Plus, along with a bit of news on additional discounts.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

October 23rd PlayStation Plus Update

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Pre-Launch Week Discount (Regular price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)

It’s not often you get to save some cash on new releases, but with your Plus membership you can nab Need for Speed: Most Wanted for $53.99, as opposed to the usual new release price point. The discount is only applicable on preorders for Plus members, so get ready for its release on 10/30 next week and make sure your preorder is in to get the Limited Edition version of the game. (Note: Non-PS Plus members can still preorder to get the Limited Edition and exclusive theme, it just won’t have the 10% discount.)

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Exclusive Timed Trial

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set to deliver an aggressive, gritty and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of today’s most precise warrior, the Tier 1 Operator. Plus members will get to have their hands on the full game for 1 hour and get an enhanced peek into the action they can download when it releases at retail and on the PlayStation Store as part of the Day 1 Digital event with the 10/23 update.

Hell Yeah! – Pimp My Rabbit and Virtual Rabbit Missions

20% off for PlayStation Plus Members

If you snagged Hell Yeah! Wrath of the White Rabbit with a launch week discount thanks to your Plus membership, you can now save on the Add-Ons! The Pimp My Rabbit DLC comes with 50 new masks for Ash, plus 11 new driller skins and even some familiar SEGA faces. The Virtual Rabbit Missions will test your action and shooting skills while adding more than three hours of gameplay. If you dug Hell Yeah! get this new DLC at a steal of a price with Plus.
Wonder Boy in Monster Land

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)

SEGA shows off its old school gaming roots once again with the Master System classic action RPG Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Getting the PS Plus special price at $1 means you may not be able to pass up this sequel to the original Wonder Boy. Highly regarded as one of the best titles on the Master System library and playable on PS3, you owe it to yourself to check it out. And with nostalgic boxart like this, how can you resist?

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update. Thanks for reading, and as always, I’ll see you in the comments.

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ItaChu said:

October 22nd, 7:48 pm

*plays Donkey Kong Country lost a life music*

Come on guys!!!! Better deals!!! ….Morgan the halloween sale doesnt end tomorrow does it?! :O i need Dead Rising Off the record so please update the store LATE tomorrow lol

LOM_General said:

October 22nd, 8:16 pm

i never thought bout being a plus member until i seen these great deals they can help you save lots of money :)

LOM_General said:

October 22nd, 8:18 pm

anymore plus deals

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 22nd, 10:05 pm

    all the time

StupidPunk420 said:

October 22nd, 8:31 pm

I love reading all these complaints week after week. “wheres my free games”, “i expect free games every week”. Ive had plus for awhile now, before the instant game collection thing started and they never used to give free games all the time. I work at 7-11 and i’ve noticed its similar to me giving away old donuts for free. It starts out as me trying to be nice and then these people start expecting it every night and then get mad at me when i don’t give them anything. Sony shouldn’t have given away that many games at once cause now all these people that signed up in June feel entitled to new full PS3 games every week. Ive read other old school PLUS members say this but i’m completely happy with my PLUS. The majority of the people complaining are new people that signed up in June. and also when my subscription ended a little bit ago and i re sub’d i noticed all my plus games got moved to the top of my download list. i counted them I’ve gotten at least 80 free games from PLUS in just a year. plus lots more with discounts. So quit your griping don’t renew your subscriptions so you’ll stop checking these posts and then we don’t have to hear your crap week after week.

StupidPunk420 said:

October 22nd, 8:34 pm

Keep doin what your doin Morgan.

Moofboy said:

October 22nd, 8:44 pm

@Morgan: I was hoping for more with your previous weeks comments! I figure something fell through… like an update? No worries though… my backlog is big enough as is. Besides, it can’t rain all the time. One question though: How often do you actually get to game? You seem rather busy.

hlhbk said:

October 22nd, 8:48 pm

I know this is a bit unrelated but I haven’t seen an update on this and want an update. Has there been a decision yet if Assassins Creed 3 will be available at midnight on 10/30 on PSN? I want to preorder but will do so from gamestop if there is no midnight releease on PSN.

smushums said:

October 22nd, 9:06 pm

I have been a PS+ member for quite awhile now . I am suppose to renew next month , but am seriously considering not doing so . The PS+ updates that have been crappy and amount of free content or lack there of and the discounts on games that don’t interest me is enough to make me seriously rethink renewing . Not to mention Halloweens coming up and there has been nothing for PS+ members like last year . I mean seriously if Sony expects to keep it’s loyal consumer base where PS+ is concerned they better step it up and make it worth the money .

ForeverGreen2652 said:

October 22nd, 9:07 pm

@204, I agree. I dont know what people are complaing about. Its like they think that $4.19 a month entitles them to free AAA blockbuster games each week. Now I understand plus EU is getting some spectacular games, and I would much rather have had Hell Yeah then Blitz, but we still get a ton of awesome stuff. I’ve gotten over $350 worth of games since I signed up 2 months ago. Plus we do get incredible full ps3 games every once in awhile. We got Warhammer, Borderlands, Saints Row 2, and Just Cause 2 to name a few. I personally am a very open minded gamer and enjoy every game I ever play, especially when it’s free:) I love every game I’ve gotten from plus. Im a huge fan of PSN games, especially indie games, and plus has been overloading me with them. I just dont see how people can be upset with the service is all. Im in love with plus and will be a member till the day I die.

ForeverGreen2652 said:

October 22nd, 9:09 pm

I hope that comment doesnt sound rude, I dont mean to be at all. I just really dont get the complaints.

saskamazon said:

October 22nd, 9:18 pm

@187 Expired Windex …. I’m in Canada & the beta has been working for me since last weeks update ….so I don’t think your difficulty relates to location …. btw, it’s a blast – can hardly wait for the full game !

windscare007 said:

October 22nd, 11:00 pm

Hey Morgan,
Just wanted to get heard. I am buying plus as soon as its available on vita. I just hope that all the ps3 goodies can also be added to my download list via vita because otherwise I and many other vita owners will be unable to take full advantage of plus.

df2506 said:

October 22nd, 11:26 pm

Disappointing update this week. And next week sounds bad too. I was really hoping we’d see a free Halloween themed game (Resident Evil, Silent HIll, something). :(

I have to say that this whole month has been bad for Plus. The only thing I downloaded from Plus was the Playstation All-Stars beta…

If November isn’t better games wise, I doubt I’ll be renewing Plus in December…

dorkgeniuz21 said:

October 22nd, 11:28 pm

Do you have any word on if sony plans to to enable cross-controller to work more as a wireless blue tooth with the ps3 instead of waiting for devs to release full integrations with interfaces like the littlebigpanet 2 update or sf x tk vita/ps3 as well as sly cooper tit.Its a cool feature but waiting for devs to release these things is making me loose interest especially sense there will be only about 2 games so far that will use it.Why cant cross controller default mode mimic features of remote play while allowing us to map certain buttons to touch screen etc.Then if a dev chooses to make there own features and interface, they can.

TooLVolta said:

October 22nd, 11:45 pm

another crappy nfs game, why did EA have to license porshe? if porshe should be in any game, it should be GT5.

MP_oolong said:

October 23rd, 4:11 am

Morgan, I won’t complain, as others have, that games like Dead Space 2 have not been free for US PS+ subscribers. My question is whether having a PS+ discount for such games means that they won’t be offered for free in the future. I personally would not buy the game unless I know I won’t be getting it for free, even if I have to wait some months. Thanks for your reply.

JeffsonP_US said:

October 23rd, 4:46 am

Hey Morgan, the stuff bought from PlayStation Mobile counts towards the total of $100 to get $20 next month? Thanks in advance!

Superstone said:

October 23rd, 5:13 am

I love PS+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raidensrevenge said:

October 23rd, 6:23 am

e only thing that I’m remotely interested in is the MoH trial. Everything else is just lame.

BShornock said:

October 23rd, 6:55 am

Playstation Plus is worth it even if it was merely for backing up game saves(Which was useful when my fat died), and automatic updating. The free games are merely a bonus, as are the themes, avatars, and some DLC(Like when Uncharted 2 got a ton of DLC for free). It will be awesome giving Playstation Vita the same treatment because backing up data from a PS3 sucks.

Here’s a much bigger issue than the free games, when will LiveArea allow more than 110 bubbles, or allow you to sort PSONe, Mini, PSP, and physical/Digital PSVita games to unclutter LiveArea, kinda like the XMB on the PS3 and PSP have no limits? Not hard to do, even if you use some space on the memory card to REMEMBER WHERE THE BUBBLES ARE WHEN YOU SWITCH MEMORY CARDS would be a good feature as well so I can keep PSP/PS1/Mini games on a different card and not get annoyed when my organized bubbles all get thrown around.

saab01 said:

October 23rd, 7:34 am

I hope next week we get an extra game or some themes or avatars they seem to have not been awarded to us this month. The themes and avatars that is.

deezmfg88 said:

October 23rd, 8:07 am

Whait you said if we spend 100 bucks in this month we’ll get 20 back in November? I bought the ac3gold+ liberation, am I good?

IIL0YDII said:

October 23rd, 8:23 am

Europe gets “Heall Yeah” for free,are you offering us discount on DLC for that game just slap PLUS users in the face?

CigarelloFiend said:

October 23rd, 9:15 am


D3m0n__89 said:

October 23rd, 9:27 am



If i buy the Medal Of Honor Game On PSN.. Does it come with Access to play Multiplayer online… Or Do i need to purchase the Online Pass???


Hayterfan said:

October 23rd, 9:37 am

Question will the Store redesign update (when ever it is now) fix the install issue from the store (forgot its error code right now) but its the issue where stuff downloaded from the store will install up to 14% then say the data is corrupt.

GT_5_PR said:

October 23rd, 10:34 am

Need for Speed​​: Most Wanted Limited Edition comes with the two cars Gamestop

ElektroDragon said:

October 23rd, 11:58 am

I’m glad Sony is starting to realize that digital only HAS to be cheaper than retail because you can’t resell it. Once you buy digital, its intrinsic value is $0 aside from your entertainment. The intrinsic value of a retail copy is whatever price you can later get from Gamestop or eBay, plus entertainment value.

Not to mention collectors like physical goods. So who is really interested in Day 1 Digital anyway? I mean if its not the collectors, and its not the people who resell their games, then who in their right mind would buy digital over retail? People with deep pockets for huge hard drives who don’t resell their games ever, and don’t value physical collectibles either? What kind of demographic is that?

WarGolem2011 said:

October 23rd, 12:21 pm

Mr. Haro, Im a part of a small gamer community and we have been waiting for playstation store to up date most of the day. We are waiting on The DLC for Dark Souls. Honestly Im a little worried that maybe we got the wrong release date for the DLC or somthing like that. I was wondeing if it is going to update to day at all? I heard from someone that the store updates between 3Pm – 9Pm, but they didnt give a timezone. Also i’ve been unable to google this information to confirm it. It would be great to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

deCarvalho7 said:

October 23rd, 12:21 pm

Wondering IF need for speed will support cross buy?

ovelhachata said:

October 23rd, 12:27 pm

what this game is your avatar?

WarGolem2011 said:

October 23rd, 12:31 pm

An awesome game.


October 23rd, 12:41 pm

Morgan we need to get better games not a mortal kombat knock off give us the real deal. I hate to sound this way but you said this month will be better when is the the better coming please give us some real ps3 games

YoungDavid77 said:

October 23rd, 1:54 pm

No update on the store, they most have the update at 3pm EST gut Sony have to give us a time when the new store update is

l33tfr33k said:

October 23rd, 2:38 pm

5pm est and still no update….what gives?

xK3Vx89 said:

October 23rd, 3:26 pm

Soo I live to Quebec.
I have pre-ordered NFS Most Wanted, September 28.

But I have a big deception, Just read I can’t have the game next tuesday midnight… To what hour exactly (time of Quebec) I can download the game and play?

And I guess it’s a download of 2-3 hours… pfffff

Big deception cause the tuesday is only day of the week I don’t work…

passivefamiliar said:

October 23rd, 4:11 pm

So. Why is it that the store updates on tuesday, but its always very late in the evening tuesday. Might as well say wednesday considering its past 7pm and no update. I know its not a big deal, nothing i’ll lose sleep over but it always bugs me how LATE in the day they do the update.

xK3Vx89 said:

October 23rd, 4:31 pm

@237 I’m with you on this… TOO LATE UPDATES!!!

ImTweakinOut420 said:

October 23rd, 4:35 pm

Trophy Sync Error (80022D05). Can anybody please help me with this. My trophies have not been able to load for about 2 months. This is very frustrating and I am finally on the blog to ask for some help. Does anybody know a fix?

I know most of us on the blogs are pretty savy PS fans. Thanks for the help any and everyone.

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 23rd, 5:08 pm

@ ElektroDragon:

It’s one of those things that if you have to ask, you’ll never know.

TeRO-rr-BLaDE said:

October 24th, 7:46 am

what is the next fee game for plus morgen ?

Pixie_Stix_88 said:

October 24th, 12:43 pm

No free games this week or next.

Guess i will wait to renew. *sigh* here i was hoping for a good free Halloween game. I mean last year we got Costume Quest!

Jahki1 said:

October 24th, 2:41 pm

Would be great to have Deus Ex or another MMORPG-type of thing.
PayDay was alright.. too short though. And the trophies are ridiculous.

I’m currently playing: Two Worlds II, DARK SOULS, and Record of Agarest War 2.

Add me ^_^

Head_Down85 said:

October 25th, 11:16 am

Dear Morgan,
I have a playsation 3 aswell as the vita. If i preorder NFS now, will i get it for free aswell for the vita the same day? And how does the crossbuy function work in general, would appreciate it if you could give me some infos since i am still abit confused :P
kind regards

sparepart said:

October 25th, 4:17 pm

What day in November will Vita Plus go live? Also will we be getting a heads up on any of the IGC vita titles we are getting?

dodgedoors said:

October 25th, 4:56 pm

I have never complained on what EU gets, but I just read that they’re getting huge discounts on the old AC games and we’re getting NOTHING.

xK3Vx89 said:

October 27th, 4:36 pm


I have pre-ordered NFS Most Wanted on Sept. 28 and Assassin’s Creed III on October 26. For a Total of 114.98$
So I’m eligible for the 20$ credit in November?

Thanks! (:

pers1m0ny said:

October 28th, 2:09 pm

@78: This Update sucks!

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

In fact this update is not really an update. We got *nothing*.

It may seem like weekly updates are nice to look forward to…
But if it means we get updates like this then maybe weekly updates are not such a good idea at all.

I gather you do this to create more ‘buzz’ every week rather than once a month.

The best way to get a buzz is to give out some great free games. The kind of non-update we got this week just creates disappointment. I guess that’s kind of ‘buzz’ too… if you count people venting their disappointment as ‘buzz’.

pers1m0ny said:

October 28th, 2:55 pm


StupidPunk said: “Sony shouldn’t have given away that many games at once cause now all these people that signed up in June feel entitled to new full PS3 games every week.”

I see your point… but actaully, yes that is precisely the point. I was one of the people who signed up in June. You can guess why. Exactly: That initial boost of free games. That was what made it worth my $.

I don’t feel cheated even though we haven’t really gotten much worth talking about since June. If I look back and see which are the games I’ve actually been excited about and spent a reasonable amount of time playing… most of them, with the exception of one (Borderlands) where from this initial drop.

I was afraid this might happen and the June about was a bit of one-off.

I still don’t feel cheated, I already got my money’s worth in June.

The question is though, come next June, why should I stay with plus?

After all, I could just keep my 50$ instead and shop around a bit. I bet I could get at least 3 or 4 discounted / used / old games that I am actually interested in. They gave me good reason to signup initially, but so far they haven’t given me a reason to want to renew next June.

Toddimus144 said:

October 28th, 3:05 pm

the game Limbo would be a great addition to the Halloween lineup , and chance this would be released this week at least for a discounted price?

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