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Oct 29

Oct 29

Assassin’s Creed III, ACIII Liberation Launch Tomorrow with PlayStation Exclusives

Gabriel Graziani's Avatar Posted by Community Developer, Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed III Liberation for PS Vita - box artAssassin's Creed III for PS3 - box art

The time has come, PlayStation Assassins! We are very pleased to announce that both Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed III Liberation will be available tomorrow on PS3 and PS Vita, respectively.

To celebrate, we’d first like to draw your attention to our Assassin’s Creed III launch trailer, which you can watch below!

As an exciting bonus for our PlayStation Assassins, PS3 players will get day-one access to four exclusive missions at no extra cost. The bonus missions cover one of the most dastardly betrayals in American history: the treachery of Benedict Arnold! We don’t want to give too much away, but fortunately we have a trailer that goes over a few key details…

Starting tomorrow afternoon with the PlayStation Store update, PS3 owners will be able to download the four PlayStation-exclusive missions (note: you may have to play up to a certain progress point in the main game in order to actually access them). To redeem the content, access the main menu, select Extras and then Additional content, press Triangle and redeem the voucher code found in the PS3 game case.

If you own both ACIII and ACIII Liberation, you’re in for even more bonus content in the form of bonus Cross Content! For going all-in on ACIII and ACIII Liberation, you’ll instantly earn an exclusive ACIII wallpaper for your PS3! You’ll unlock even more bonuses in Liberation, including:

  • Aveline can use Connor’s trademark Tomahawk
  • Special multiplayer character to give you an edge on PS Vita
  • Instant upgrade to Aveline’s ammunition pouches
  • An entire mission playable as Connor!

To unlock the Cross-Connectivity content on your PS Vita, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on both systems.
  2. Start the game.
  3. In the Main Menu, choose “Extras.”
  4. Tap on “Connect to PS3™ system.”
  5. Wait for the consoles to communicate.
  6. You will be notified that your content is available to use.

Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation: Cross Play ContentAssassin's Creed III Liberation for PS Vita - Connor's Tomahawk

It’s a great time to be a PlayStation Assassin! So what are you still doing here? Get out there and start taking advantage of all of the extra bonus content you get to enjoy just for choosing Sony!

Assassin’s Creed III: Interactive Trailer

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Lylin said:

October 30th, 8:18 am

So I’ve made 22gb of room on my vita and I the option to purchase liberation still isn’t avaible on the ps store. Some help would be nice.

sniper26 said:

October 30th, 8:25 am

It was AC3 I was referring to.

Lylin said:

October 30th, 8:31 am

Thanks for the clarifcation. Does anyone know why I am unable to find liberation on the psn? When I go to the icon all that comes up are trailors. The game itself wont apear.

sniper26 said:

October 30th, 8:36 am

All I’ve seen is the bundle and AC3 standard and gold.

blinkstar17 said:

October 30th, 9:03 am

@123, use the search function from the ps store on your vita. I typed “assassin’s creed” and downloaded it with the midnight update earlier.

d3m0n1c_d0g said:

October 30th, 9:06 am

@123 Lylin I found my Liberation under my download list only on my vita, but I had already started all the downloads on my PS3 for the others.

@everyone complaining about the midnight release
If you paid attention, you would know that the game was most likely coming with the store update just like the others. Also, the game did do a midnight release, but since its digital, sony can’t release it till midnight PST (or 3am EST / 2am CST / 1am Mountain Time) otherwise people would be able to get it before sony is allowed to be giving it out to them! Granted the only reason they probably did a midnight release was cause of everyone wanting one the last few days.

Lylin said:

October 30th, 9:33 am

The Search function worked, thank you.

DaNTi3L said:

October 30th, 11:52 am

yessss i was able to get my limited edition copy of the game and assasin’s creed liberations after a horrible sandy night

Fxstc94 said:

October 30th, 1:24 pm

just got AC III and the game keeps freezing and on two diff. ps3 what up with this cant return cause its open

zas48 said:

October 30th, 5:17 pm

when will i be able to play my psn version of the game if i live in the UK?!?! D:

mona_boehner said:

October 31st, 7:34 am

Ummm, so I did not get a redeem code with my copy of AC:Liberation (nothing inside the case but the game), AND it also won’t let me connect to my PS3, so I dunno wtf is going on with this.

Mutts-NL said:

October 31st, 9:39 am

“Ummm, so I did not get a redeem code with my copy of AC:Liberation (nothing inside the case but the game), AND it also won’t let me connect to my PS3, so I dunno wtf is going on with this.”

Well i got the same problem here.
Can connect to ps3 using the content manager, but if i try it in game it will not connect.
Any help ?

diskape said:

October 31st, 11:27 am

As previous two posters I also am having problems with redeeming extra content for AC Liberation. I followed instructions from your blog post but no matter what I do I’m getting “can’t connect to PS3 system” error. To give you a little bit more information, I am on the same wifi network, signed in to PSN on both my PS3 and VITA, I’ve copied AC Liberation using content manager – so that works fine. I purchased 119$ bundle with season pass.

Thanks in advance for help!

diskape said:

October 31st, 11:34 am

Ok, I figured it out. Turns out, instructions in this blog post are incomplete. Here’s complete version:

Turn on both systems.
Start BOTH games.
In the Main Menu of Assassin’s Creed 3 choose “Extras and select “Connect PlayStation Vita system”.
In the Main Menu of Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation choose “Extras and select “Connect to PS3 system”.
Wait for the consoles to communicate.
You will be notified that your content is available to use.

And voila :)

mona_boehner said:

October 31st, 12:13 pm

yaaaay! It works! Thanks diskape! :)

Twiky said:

November 11th, 4:57 am

Bought AC# and AC3:L gold Edition on Portuguese PS Store and No Benedict Arnold or Online pass Included as they should (in doubt u can even look at the first answer in this thread).

Please resolve your problems and give me what I paid for. Thank you.


November 27th, 8:45 pm

Guess I’ll be missing out on the PlayStation exclusives since I’ll be picking up the PC version. But I will definitely be picking up Assassins’s Creed III: Liberation and a Vita separately.

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