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Oct 29

Oct 29

PlayStation Plus Update: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 40% Off, PS3 Plus Bundle

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

October is just about over, but before we say goodbye to this month (which brought Payday: The Heist, NFL Blitz, and King of Fighters XIII free to PS Plus members), we wanted to point out a great new PlayStation 3 Bundle only on that includes one year of PlayStation Plus.

PS3 Plus Bundle

Get the PS3 Bundle with 1 Year of PS Plus

If you know anyone who has yet to dive into PlayStation 3, this might be a great item to recommend (or buy them if you’re feeling generous). With a one year membership of PS Plus included, this bundle will keep anyone plenty busy with great games, awesome discounts, and exclusive access to PS3 features throughout that first year with Plus.

Now then, let’s greet some of those great PS Plus discounts that will help you take your gaming dollar further.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

October 30th PlayStation Plus Update

One Piece: Pirate Warriors

40% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $49.99, PS Plus Price: $29.99)

If you’re fan of the iconic anime One Piece, you won’t want to pass up this extraordinary deal on a PSN exclusive. Take control of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates to battle hordes of enemies from the One Piece universe. With an amazing brawler engine designed to give your character unique abilities to tackle waves of enemies, it captures the look and feel of the anime; complete with the original Japanese VO. It’s only on PSN, so grab it today. It could be just the purchase to put you over the $100 October spend limit to get $20 back in November.

Wonder Boy in Monster World

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)

SEGA keeps reminding us of their amazing classic gaming roots with another $1 PS Plus gem. Wonder Boy in Monster World is the direct follow-up to Wonder Boy in Monster Land, which is leaving the $1 price point for PS Plus members with tomorrow’s PS Store update. Show your support for this classic, which includes 2D action RPG elements, Trophy support and timeless music, and download it for $1 when tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Update arrives.
WWE ’13 Fan Axxess

50% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $19.99, PS Plus Price: $10.00)

WWE ’13 is releasing tomorrow in retail stores everywhere and fans couldn’t be more excited to once again live larger than life through their favorite WWE SuperStars. The WWE ’13 Fan Axxess gets you all the announced DLC coming October through January with more SuperStars, Championship Titles, and moves. Normally priced at $19.99, PS Plus members get all three content packs, exclusive WWE Superstars Diamond Dallas Page and Golddust and more; all for just $10. For more details on the content, check out the full listing on IGN.
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz – Complete DLC Bundle

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $1.99, PS Plus Price: $0.40)

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz released last week on PS Vita. If you like what you’ve played so far, it’s a no-brainer to pick up the Complete DLC Bundle! This bundle includes all 8 pieces of DLC; each of which enhances the Custom Level Creator to create all-new maps using fun pieces with plenty of references to SEGA’s classic games and systems.

Lastly, let’s wrap up with a poll. Remember, polls are important to us, but are only one factor we consider among many when we’re making decisions on the posed questions.

How often do you like to receive your PlayStation Plus news?

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That’s all for this week. Check back next week where we’ll announce a new free PS3 full game coming to Plus and more. Until then, leave your feedback in the comments, and thanks in advance for your feedback.

PlayStation Plus Update 10-29-2012

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nwkultra said:

October 29th, 3:05 pm

Will not be renewing my subscription and will trash this service to everyone that will listen to me. Waste of $50.


October 29th, 3:09 pm

Morgan all I want to know is if the US will get the new store. Can you please tell us when we will get it.

ItaChu said:

October 29th, 3:09 pm

@78 …now that comment makes me think what ps vita owners are getting is ps one games and psp games …. free that would be awesome and discounts on vita games? AMAZING!! Morgan!!! Make it happen buddy

blueshell99 said:

October 29th, 3:11 pm

this november ps plus instant collection game better beat EU’s crysis 2 and all the other EU games for the past months

Andy10003 said:

October 29th, 3:17 pm

No Okami HD discount? :(

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 29th, 4:25 pm

    I haven’t seen anything to that effect.

Tahldon said:

October 29th, 3:18 pm

I understand that some of you are angry about certain aspects of Playstation Plus, but, come on… for only $50 we’ve received a handful of free games (retail and digital) and a large amount of discounts. That $50 has been returned several times over.

I’m fully aware that there will be weeks where nothing in a PS Plus update will appeal to me, but that’s the nature of the industry. Keep in mind that we payed for PS Plus for an entire year, there is plenty of time for more freebies and discounts. Sure, EU players got some things that some of you might have wanted, but whose to say that there aren’t some things in store for NA players too? Either way, I’m not saying that you guys shouldn’t complain, but just don’t automatically condemn the service right off of the bat, claiming that it’s given you nothing when it has. And is it so hard to complain constructively also? Some of you are demanding a response from Morgan on top of being outright irate in your comments to boot. No one will respond to that type of hostility, he’s a person too, you know.

PrinceofXIII said:

October 29th, 3:23 pm

40% One Piece Pirate Warriors?? :D


Daverost said:

October 29th, 3:30 pm

Jeez, Morgan. If this is the kind of whining you put up with every week, you have my sympathy.

Not sure if I’ll pick up One Piece (I’m not a fan of the series, but I do like that kind of game), but it’s a great deal. Definitely going to pick up the $1 game. And most of all, I look forward to future offerings. Glad to see you’re pushing for a game a week. Keep up the good work.


October 29th, 3:39 pm

Morgan I love you man. But I am getting tired of you not ansering me about the new store comming to the US if this keeps up I don’t know if we can keep are relasionshiip going.

dominiumundi said:

October 29th, 3:41 pm

Sony did it again. . . as possible to throw a game off in the first month that goes on sale. . . I can not believe. . . ONE PIECE is a good game for the fans, and if they wanted a lot more people that know what the discount is great, but to us fans betray us because we spend a lot to make the game the first day it comes out. And to show that….on September 23 I bought KOF XIII with the DLC, a week later I get to the plus and felt betrayed.

So I think that information should be handled not only weekly but also releases monthly, to prevent us feel cheated


October 29th, 3:43 pm

Morgan would like to know how long the One Piece’ll be for this special price because I want to buy it, but at the moment I’m almost buying a PS Vita and I’ll be using no money up in a few days ^ _ ^

luismcbo said:

October 29th, 3:43 pm

another slow week, even more if u comapre it with the european PSplus, im really thinking in just import a european card because the difference is HUGE… lets see next week, because this one sucks!!!

GrimlockFan64 said:

October 29th, 3:46 pm

Yeesh, now I kind of wish I held off on getting One Piece a couple weeks. I mean, I’m getting my money’s worth, definitely, but I could’ve saved some money. XD Oh well, could be a lot worse. And the last week of the month is always the weakest IMO, so I’m not too upset, because that means next week will be way better!

So, uh… any Thanksgiving themed games coming out? XD

Tombraider1235 said:

October 29th, 3:47 pm

Omg I should waited i just got wwe 13 fan ascces LOL

gemuvan said:

October 29th, 3:58 pm

Japanese PSN+ members have

PlayStation Vita

Sumioni: Demon Arts


Ape Quest

Crazy Taxi Double Punch


PlayStation 3

Fatal Fury

God of War HD

God of War II HD


LocoRoco Cocoreccho!

Minnya no Putter Golf

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Sonic the Hedgehog

OMG. I want God of War HD. too =))) And Minna no Golf, and Ratchet and Clank Future =)))…

juliosucks3 said:

October 29th, 3:58 pm

I just have a question. Do you know if you are going to include PSP games as freebies for us plus guys? I’m fairly recent and I do not know if any have already been given out…thanks…

plotrobert said:

October 29th, 4:20 pm

Gotta say this One Piece sale is like a punch to the gut. It’s barely a month after the release of a game and then you reduce the price this much? How about offering plus members these kinds of discounts when the game actually comes out?

I could honestly deal with the fact that we get a much worse instant game collection than Europe. Yes it sucks, but maybe we just have licensing issues with those games over here. But this is like spitting in the face of your fans who bought the game day 1.

This makes me glad I didn’t pick up the Unfinished Swan. I’ll just wait for a month or two and then it’ll be $3.


October 29th, 4:23 pm

Hey bring MGS Portable ops to the PSV.-_- ive been waiting for ever!

moveslikethis said:

October 29th, 4:26 pm

You guys you release space channel 5 part 2 for free or lower it. Maybe get Space channel 5 part 1 since the PS2 Special edition brought both games.

PDDollars said:

October 29th, 4:33 pm

I just bought WWE ’13 fan axxess last week too! Will Sony offer any refund to match the difference?

ShinunoKage said:

October 29th, 4:36 pm

Thanks morgan, I greatly appreciate it. I love Sony and wanna help the company anyway I can, thats why I subscribe to ps plus and brought an early release 3g vita, because Sony takes care of its loyal customers. Please email Me or post on this thread any information you find about the fan axxess

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

October 29th, 4:37 pm

Betorro and teh rest of the kids crying
take the knife out of your rectum and be happy you get anything at all.

you could be on xbee-el and just have that magical right to play online and use skype.

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

October 29th, 4:39 pm

262 DaveRost

It really is.

HoroscoNoanma said:

October 29th, 4:43 pm

I voted for both. I like knowing what’s planned for the month. But I know that there are sometimes problems when things just don’t work out the way they were planned. So, what I would like to see, is a hybrid, where we are told what’s planned for the month, then an update every week that includes telling us when things aren’t working out as expected.

And if it could be worked out that each free game that’s available is not in the same genre as any other free game offered at the time will help. Variety is key. It can be disappointing when the free game added one week is of a genre that a user has no interest in, but it can be disheartening when the next week’s game is also in the same disliked genre. Having twelve games all from different genres can make it must less likely that there’s nothing interesting to a particular user.

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

October 29th, 4:45 pm

anyone know what’s the one piece dlc’s file size?

boourns1984 said:

October 29th, 4:46 pm

Why are you people complaining? Xbox live charges the same price as ps+ and you get nothing for free and the majority of their sales are absolute crap. I don’t know what you guys want, there was already some major titles free this month. Wonder boy in monster land for only $1 is a great deal, that game is a classic and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy it. You can’t expect sony to give away everything for free!!

the_super_champ said:

October 29th, 4:51 pm

Hey Morgan Haro. How can be possible that Civilization Revolution and Heavy Rain not be able in PS store? Will be anytime?

xPITS211x said:

October 29th, 4:52 pm

i just read that crysis 2 will be the first free game in november for US.i just renewed my plus today.and will buy it for the year when that runs is deff worth the money.come on guys stop complaining.

heres where i read it at

Georgie_me_boy said:

October 29th, 4:54 pm

We only want what europe got

OtakuJubo said:

October 29th, 5:09 pm

Seriously… I bought One Piece: Pirate Warriors at full price and I have PS+ when released. This really sucks! I hate you PlayStation for this sale…

Astro_BS-AS said:

October 29th, 5:11 pm

Hi everyone. First time posting here.

Please, north-american-teens-with-no-life-at-all STOP complaining about EVERYTHING.

You don´t get 3 free games?… OH… what a waste of time and money….. Isn´t it?

Well… NO ! You still have cloud storage. Auto Updates. A lot of discounts. A ton of (still available) FREE GAMES wich, of course, anybody of you little complainers have finished or maybe even played.

Why? Because you “want” your god-damned Crysis 2 wich, let me tell you, is a PIECE OF S*** . I´ve played, finished it, and sold it (see my trophies list) and believe me, it´s not worth it.

I would want Motorstorm Apocalypse, or BulletStorm, but I won´t complain about October. I´m enjoying KOF XIII a lot.

So please. STOP trolling. You´re not even complaining. You are crying for mommy ´cause you are little a**holes.


Well, GROW UP !


Astro_BS-AS said:

October 29th, 5:12 pm

Pariah_Dark +1000
boourns1984 + 10000
Jisatsu_Kiddo + 1000000

MiNdOfADaRkSoUl said:

October 29th, 5:20 pm




Had to Repost this. This is so true and really does upset me and question plus !!!!!!! You can say November will be a good month, but really, will it be Morgan ? Will it ?

BlueBl1zzard said:

October 29th, 5:32 pm

Had to repost this.


Squirtbot said:

October 29th, 5:37 pm

I only feel disappointed, because of last year’s amazing October Plus updates. I kind of expected Plus to be TREATed, with all the zombie and monster themed games available. But we we’re just TRICKed.

If the entire month is going to be slow, horrible, and empty… I feel like an effort should have been made to at least toss a theme or avatar our way. As far as telling us November will be better, you have really lost our trust with crying wolf too many times.

The games this month have been bad and the AAA instant game collection is a joke now, the people do have a point. Granted, as far as the EU PLUS store goes, everyone has those games already. So, don’t even put those up!

xPITS211x said:

October 29th, 5:38 pm

why did my last comment get takin down morgan?am i not suppose to put links in my posts?

i am #1 overall player on gotham city imposters.

Squirtbot said:

October 29th, 5:39 pm

PS – I just renewed PLUS to get me over the $100 mark.

PDDollars said:

October 29th, 5:43 pm

Any update for those of us that just bought Fan Axxess before this offer?

DCamerica said:

October 29th, 5:45 pm

thanks for letting me know for sure morgan. keep up the good work man you guys are the best.

Heatseeker125 said:

October 29th, 5:45 pm

@280, “I don’t know what you guys want.” We want something comparable to what Europe has been receiving with their PS Plus program. You’re really going to use WB: In Monster Land as your counter argument for free PS3 retail games??? I grew up with those classic games too and they’re fun to play once in a while but c’mon… it’s a 1987 game. We didn’t sign-up for Plus for games from the late 80s updated with trophy gimmicks. “You can’t expect sony to give away everything for free!” I fail to see how 8 PS3 games that Europe received on top of mostly the same E3 IGC games that the USA received is considered “everything.”

So people are not asking for everything for free. Just some more PS3 retail games. Clearly, it can be done because SCEE is doing it right now. Even if those exact 8 PS3 games cannot be done over here, some more comparable PS3 games to bring the # closer to SCEE would be nice. Wonder Boy in Monster Land is NOT comparable to a retail PS3 game so why bring it up??

akimura87 said:

October 29th, 5:53 pm

Urm…. Choose your video to promote. Seeing someone keep destroying the same monster to gain gold doesnt encourage me to buy the game.

xPITS211x said:

October 29th, 5:55 pm

my ps plus wishlist











please take my wish list into consideration.

NewerDCD said:

October 29th, 5:55 pm

I…honestly cannot understand why people are so belligerent regarding PS+. The lineup has been pretty good so far, and I’ve managed to play some games that have become favorites of mine, and which I wouldn’t have given a try otherwise. We get a LOT of good stuff, far more than the price of admission, and yet people complain about it. C’mon, I’m not getting anything this week, but this is a business we’re talking about, here. I’ll admit I was hoping for some survival horror to end October on, but there’s always next year.

But I digress. Anyways, hoping next week blows my socks off. I’m kind of hoping that a series I’ve been meaning to get into for a while now is included in the lineup, what with a new game coming out for it and a compilation of previous games coming to the PS3. It’s a big month for said series, so I’m hoping PS+ sees a game in the series as a sort of advertisement/promotion, like how the first Borderlands was available for free near the release date for Borderlands 2.

NewerDCD said:

October 29th, 6:01 pm



Granted, I can see you saying something like that if you don’t like fighting games, but KoF is freaking awesome if you’re a FGC guy. You’re saying the lineup for this month has been bad, but that’s just subjectively speaking for yourself. Many would disagree.

And Payday is freaking fun to play with bros with voice chat on. It’s by no means a stellar game, but damn is it fun.


Heatseeker125 said:

October 29th, 6:01 pm

@287. You’re doing it wrong. SCEE Plus received Infamous 2 and LBP2 so why is it on your list of USA Plus exclusives? Walking Dead 1-2 isn’t the entire series so you have to pay for the rest and it’s not a PS3 retail game. Payday isn’t a retail PS3 game either. SCEE gives discounts on games and DLC too and cloud saves as well. So why it listed there? Oh that’s right. It’s there to try and make the list look longer so it’s comparable to the SCEE Plus list. Epic fail.

xPITS211x said:

October 29th, 6:01 pm

playstation plus is great no complaints here.

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

October 29th, 6:07 pm

..╚⊙ ⊙╝..

NewerDCD said:

October 29th, 6:08 pm

@298 You’re not considering a very, very important factor regarding bringing games to PS+, and that’s licensing issues.

Chances are European publishers or the European branches of international publishers are much more open to getting their games on the program. I can see that being much, much harder on the US.

Dragun619 said:

October 29th, 6:08 pm

Man, some of these PSBlog comments are terrible. Half of that Psn Plus for Europe already passed and I’m sure the US Psn Plus team have been trying to work out a plan for some good games whether they’re full PS3 games or not. And half of the problem here is the publisher itself (EA, Capcom, etc). They green light it, not Sony I’m assuming. Correct me, If I’m wrong but Sony just presents the opportunity and the Publisher/Developer can either opt into or not. They probably went ahead with Eu territories because games there have been ridiculous expensive or less popular than the US and it seem more reasonable to offer it for free and make profit through DLC.

I appreciate the PS Plus update this week (Is the One PIece DLC on sale too?), but here’s hoping November will be a better month for Psn Plus. ps. Looking for an awesome psn Thanksgiving sale.

mainkster said:

October 29th, 6:29 pm

i voted other , when you posted the updates monthly there was not a lot of sales , but i like to know right away all games for the month , but when u posted weekly there seemed to be more sales

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