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Nov 02

Nov 02

Persona 4 Golden PS Vita Skin and You: An Application Guide

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

PlayStation(.Blog) Nation,

Did you know that Persona 4 Golden is only 18 days away? That’s 432 hours. 25,920 minutes. 1,555,200 seconds. THAT’S PRACTICALLY NOW, FRIENDS.

Seeing as how P4G’s unique blend of social-life-developing and evil-shadow-defeating roleplaying gameplay is a must-own for PS Vita owners (YEAH, I SAID IT), and it’s arguably reason enough for those pained on-the-fencers (Seriously, it must be getting super uncomfortable by now. We have soothing balm on the PS Vita side, come join us…) to hop off already and snag themselves a sexy new PS Vita, we figured why not pimp out the special pre-order bonus PS Vita skin while we’re at it?

Persona 4 Golden PS Vita Skin

Oh, you haven’t heard of the pre-order bonus? Well, that’s quite a pity, because while supplies last, folks who pre-order Persona 4 Golden from participating retailers will receive a DezaEgg protective skin for PlayStation Vita. Yes, the same DezaEgg skin that’s also included in the completely awesome, completely sold out Solid Gold Premium Edition of the game, which also includes a custom HORI Hard Pouch, HORI Face Cover, and a set of nifty stickers. It’s understated, stylish, and pretty much the best way to tell your friends, “Why yes, I do own Persona 4 Golden and I was cool enough to pre-order it.” You’re also telling them, “Oh, PS Vita? Yes, I have one. Didn’t you know I have excellent taste?” It ALSO happens to be the exact same item given to Japanese customers for the game’s release in that region.

To add even more fuel to this fire of awesomeness, this classy and vibrant PS Vita skin also comes with a selection of Persona 4 Golden wallpapers that seamlessly mesh with the skin’s design. With a wallpaper for each of the main characters, you’ll be able to personalize your Vita even further.

Persona 4 Golden PS Vita Wallpapers

The DezaEgg skin is so darn cool-looking and so easy to apply… Well, we decided to make a handy-dandy video (up above) that shows you exactly how easy the whole process is. Watch former ATLUS PR Manager Aram Jabbari (hey, that’s me!) give you pro tips and walk you through the simple steps to get P-4-G all over your P-S-V.

Persona 4 Golden releases on November 20th, in stores and via PlayStation Network, exclusively for PS Vita. Please note that the pre-order bonus offer only applies to the physical version of the game (available on Amazon for example), seeing as how it’ll be centuries until transporter technology is a real thing (according to Star Trek, anyway). Transparent aluminum, on the other hand, we’ve had for a couple decades. Thanks, Scotty!

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gerneric123 said:

November 2nd, 11:12 am

Someone needs to change Aram’s job title, he works at SCEA now!

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 11:28 am


    This is true, but since I wrote this sucker up before my departure, we figured it would make a nice goodbye post.



jh6269 said:

November 2nd, 11:17 am

I believe I read somewhere that the PS Vita skin can be removed and re-applied–is this true?

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 12:48 pm


    The skin leaves no residue upon removal, but as later posts have surmised, it is not intended to be repeatedly removed and reapplied as it’s close to impossible to keep dust and grime from making their way underneath.

submission44 said:

November 2nd, 11:21 am

This game is MINE!! Put it on the PS store and take my money!!!!!

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 4:23 pm


    Only 18 days left… ARE U AM EXCITE?

shady965X said:

November 2nd, 11:23 am

got the vita only for this game ♥

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 5:13 pm


    Come for the Persona 4 Golden, stay for the Little Big Planet, PS All-Stars, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Sound Shapes… *takes deep breath* …Retro City Rampage, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter X Tekken…

langdon said:

November 2nd, 11:23 am

Definitely kudos for applying the skin at that awkward angle…

Do you know if a participating partner? That’s where I pre-ordered from.

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 11:27 am


    The product page currently lists the game as “Persona 4 Golden w/PS Vita Skin PS Vita Games ATLUS,” an indication that they are indeed participating in the bonus offer.

    Generally, if the retailer’s product page mentions the skin/offer in some capacity or another, you can order with confidence (and maybe take a screengrab to be safe) and know that you’ll receive the bonus.

    Thank you for pre-ordering!!

Ryumoau said:

November 2nd, 11:36 am

Sure would be nice if the psn version had a discount. Not sure i feel comfortable spending the whole $40 on this considering i’ve already beaten it on PS2 twice and there are more pressing new games coming out around that time period.

But i’ll definetly get it at one point or another. Really enjoyed the game, even though i’m not a fan of the main SMT games. Persona 3 and 4 felt more polished and interesting to me than the Nocturne or Digital Devil Saga games.

DarkOne_PR said:

November 2nd, 11:39 am

Got mine fully paid at GS…. :)

anyways… I support the Sony job for aram! He can make me buy a new vita even when i have one already lol!

anyways… im sad i couldnt get the limited edition…. :( i went to pre order it and it was out of stock! the GS employees didnt even knew about it (as always) LOL!

jimmyfoxhound said:

November 2nd, 11:39 am

Don’t go Aram!! :( ATLUS posts won’t be the same w/ out you

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 5:18 pm


    I might have left ATLUS, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t make any more posts on the Blog!

miroku06 said:

November 2nd, 11:49 am

Can we start a poll? Who thinks we should have more of the Vita Skins circulating? I certainly do.

Icetea1228 said:

November 2nd, 11:50 am

when is walking dead game coming to vita ,,also is there going to be calender app and a caluator app

Mobius2525 said:

November 2nd, 11:52 am

Still on the fence with this should i buy it now or wait till Black Friday and get it for $29.99 or less?!

Ryumoau said:

November 2nd, 11:53 am

@11 if you’ve already played the game before, i say wait. But if you haven’t, its worth full price as a first time experience. One of the few good Jrpgs left this generation.

Mobius2525 said:

November 2nd, 11:59 am

@12 I never Play Persona 4 but i did watch the anime, but seeing how i play the crap out of the third game i just might end up buying it at release date.

Pete41608 said:

November 2nd, 12:17 pm

To: Any Blog Team Member

I went to the PS Store and DL a 26MB update. It was for the redesign. but theres no post on the Blog about it. Was this suppose to be rolled out already? Anyway Looks Great!!

bldudas said:

November 2nd, 12:18 pm

I have the Solid Gold Premium Edition on pre-order. This game looks great!

But I already have the Project Diva f pre-order skin on my Vita. Hmmmm.

hla-33 said:

November 2nd, 12:18 pm

hey Mr. Jabbari, i ask before about the AVATARS here in PSN blog , Just have to say I’m playing Persona 4 Arena currently and I absolutely love it!!! Will definitely pick up Persona 4 Golden and am extremely excited for it :)

I do have a question though…any chance we might see the Persona 4 Arena avatars released over PSN soon here in North America? Really want to get them.

Keep up the great work!!!

FearMonkey said:

November 2nd, 12:19 pm

Congrats on the new job, Aram! :D

Can’t wait for P4 Golden. :)

Tahldon said:

November 2nd, 12:33 pm

I have to say that this is likely the MY biggest release of the year. I just jumped on the Persona train and played the first game all the way to the third on my Vita and I am in love with the franchise. I can’t wait to play P4G. Already Pre-ordered and everything.

i_like_toast said:

November 2nd, 12:36 pm

Looks sweet….but a vita isn’t in the budget…you can buy it for me…I’ll totally pay you back for it…next year :D

AutomaticOcelot said:

November 2nd, 12:40 pm

Great job Aram! You need to be on more podcasts.

@2: Even if the adhesive allows for multiple peel-n-stick, the fact that the skin is also a screen cover means that it will get filthy on the underside unless your house is a hermetic clean room. I can pretty much guarantee you will end up slicing out the screen cover window.

onisat said:

November 2nd, 1:04 pm

Hey thanks I was hoping that a video like this was made. Have mine pre ordered for a while now.

Kchow23 said:

November 2nd, 1:07 pm

Umm… I love the video but this probably has to be one of the worst ways to apply a skin since it doesn’t aid you at all. You really are bound to mess it up if that is the way to apply it.. I recently bought a Hori screen protector and even a Sony screen protector and they were pretty good in that they help you apply it.

TXCScorpion said:

November 2nd, 1:37 pm

So yeah, this is officially the best post/video combination I’ve ever seen.

Needless to say I’ll be picking this up.

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 2:10 pm


    That’s nice of you to say. MY EGO APPRECIATES IT.

jh6269 said:

November 2nd, 1:59 pm

Thx Aram and #20. Somehow I thought this was one of those plastic ones that can be peeled off, cleaned with water, and re-stuck. But it’s a great thing to have anyway. I got the limited edition one, so I’ll probably just be using the hard case :)

Can’t wait to play P4G. My first SMT: Persona game was P3P on the PSP. I bought and played through Persona PSP, and now I’m about 75% through Persona 2 Innocent Sin. I managed to track down a copy of the Persona 2 Eternal Punishment for PSOne, so I’ll be playing that one next.

lisatsunami said:

November 2nd, 2:05 pm

Hi, Aram, thanks for the video. I’ll look at it when I pick up my Solid Gold edition.

I did not know you’re working for SCEA now. Congratulations if it’s a good job for you but I hope you aren’t forced to stifle your unique, humorous personality on the blog. You know, like the rest of them. Just kidding. Somewhat.

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 2:28 pm

    Thanks for the kind words, lisatsunami!

Crusader8463 said:

November 2nd, 2:27 pm

Bit of a lack luster collectors edition, but I’m glad that it is at the same time so that I can buy the digital version to not have to deal with annoying carts and not feel bad about missing out on something neat.

halfHOLYpaladin said:

November 2nd, 2:39 pm

Hey Aram, is Atlus going to put Persona Avatars on PSN?

Kchow23 said:

November 2nd, 2:44 pm

@Aram So what was your trick to get your PS Vita so clean? D:

Kchow23 said:

November 2nd, 2:44 pm

Also any chance that you guys make some Personal 4 PSN panels?

Elvick_ said:

November 2nd, 3:02 pm

@26: This is the preorder bonus.

Sevyne said:

November 2nd, 3:34 pm

Man, great video as always from Aram. Also for once I can give props to SCEA. Getting Aram was a genius move (though he’ll be missed on the Atlus side). Good luck Mr. Jabbari with your new job with Sony!

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 5:17 pm

    You’re too kind, Sevyne! :)

RidleysBox said:

November 2nd, 4:30 pm

If only it wasn’t an English only audio option. Ah well…. The skins are not hard to put on, not sure why you needed a guide for it.

Crimson_Buster said:

November 2nd, 4:47 pm

hey Aram I hope you can answer me!
I was wondering if once you apply the skin, can you peel it off to adjust it before the final “rub” to keep it on?

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 2nd, 5:27 pm


    The skin does use an adhesive, albeit a special one that leaves no residue, so while you can probably get it off and back for a quick readjust, doing so repeatedly—particularly the way static cling screen protectors may allow—isn’t as feasible.

    That said, it’s a lot easier to get a clean install than other types of applications, since the majority of the surface area won’t show your grabby marks, and because it’s a bit stiffer than a screen protector, you can easily hold it and get it right before you let it go.

    That was, honestly and truly, the only time I’d ever applied one of the DezaEgg skins, and honestly and truly, the only take we shot of it going on. I was holding it at an uncommon angle and yet got it perfectly aligned, so I’m confident as long as you keep your workspace clean and make sure you’ve rubbed down that Vita front, you’ll have an easy time of it!

DPtheGod said:

November 2nd, 5:09 pm

I am bummed I was on vacation when the solid gold edition was announced, and when I made it back to work and discovered it, it was gone! :( Even though I suck at applying things like these, and I appreciate your video for future reference, I think I am going to keep mine off to the side! Usually do with my Atlus bonus stuff :) Except for my Raihou plushie from DS2. That just had to come out!

GrayFox2510 said:

November 2nd, 5:40 pm

I jumped on the Solid Gold Premium edition the moment it became available. Sadly, for the very same reason, it’s going to take like a week (or three if I’m unlucky) for it to get to me since I’m living outside the States.
It’s going to suck waiting for it to arrive, but hey, I have the Solid Gold Premium edition. =3

Kchow23 said:

November 2nd, 6:24 pm

Will we be able to pre-order Persona 4 on PSN before release? That’d be awesome.

Dragun619 said:

November 2nd, 7:52 pm

Nice, Will we be seeing more videos like unboxing for new PS3 titles on the PS Blog now that your on the SCEA team? Demon’s Souls CE unboxing video is still awesome.

camiwaits_us said:

November 2nd, 8:14 pm

That looks sooooooooooooo cool.

Crimson_Buster said:

November 2nd, 9:51 pm

Thanks a lot for answering Aram!
Best of luck over at SCEA!! We’re going to miss you!

Bloodios said:

November 2nd, 10:24 pm


By the way, does Golden still retain the option to mute the characters’ voices?

Monkey_KING678 said:

November 2nd, 11:29 pm

I bought a Vita exclusively for this game. Can’t wait!!!!!!

RE_Player said:

November 3rd, 12:07 am

Aram this sounds stupid but your videos on the ATLUS Youtube page always brought a smile to my face. PR people can be so dull and boring but you bring so much life and personality to videos where you literally just open a game box or in this case apply a handheld skin. I hope your personality bleeds onto the blog sometimes with your new position at Sony.

lengendaryboss said:

November 3rd, 12:38 am

@4 am i the only one who noticed that Aram said LBP Karting is coming to PS Vita, it didnt take long for you to infiltrate SCEA and tell us. Seriously is that a mistake or true? (please be true) :)

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    November 3rd, 8:01 am



passivefamiliar said:

November 3rd, 1:56 am

Apologies for off topic. Didn’t see a recent blog on the NEW store. Just wanted to rant. Its to slow Sony, it loads crazy slower then before. And i want a bloody SEARCH FOR MY DOWNLOAD HISTORY. I’m plus and i love it. I don’t have any disdain for the company i just really want a search for my download history. 300+ and only going to keep growing.

ichigo-kushima said:

November 3rd, 2:01 am

I already have this game on preorder. I can’t wait. Plus the Vita skin will come in handy, as it is way too easy to see fingerprints on the Vita’s surface.

minameissteve said:

November 3rd, 10:02 am

It’s good to hear that you’re now working for Sony. To think I was gonna write a message saying that I was going to miss seeing your blog posts. :P

franky_boyzz said:

November 3rd, 10:08 am

WOW ! my Amazing PS vita wont get cold with thiss!!! ill have this day one every PS VITA gamee :D BIIG FAAN !!! 1 probleme :
Ps3 is only limited in place ,but not on amout of game you can have in it ….
then why is my Glorious PS VITA is limited to 100 bubble ?? i bought the 32 g and in 10 bubble ill be full with still 17 g left :( im not erasing anything ,i need everything (BIG FANN) please please add 10 more page !!! Save my life ………

DeeBG said:

November 3rd, 10:39 am

Major props Aram, I loved seeing it applied to a real Vita (which you did like a pro of course =p). I’m just wondering how this will look on the white Vita. I can tell it was designed with a black background in mind (and that’s what most people have) but will I still be able to rock this with my AC3 Liberation Bundle Vita (I hope so because even though I just bought a Vita, I ordered this game in mid-August!).

PrinceofXIII said:

November 3rd, 12:24 pm

amazing stuff :)

thebombdrop said:

November 3rd, 12:51 pm

Ive never played p4g can someone please tell me do you need to play the old ones to understand this one or is this one! If someone does ill consider buying it

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